Laundry Room Curtains (15 Types & Fabric Designs)

Everyone appreciates the appearance and comfort of clean clothes, but the reality is that most people despise handling laundry. It is quite understandable if their existing laundry room is gloomy and unappealing. This is exactly why I believe every laundry room must have both gorgeous and efficient curtains. By doing this, you will improve the decor of your room as well as your mood while doing your laundry.

Laundry room with dryer and washing machine, windows with curtains and farmhouse sink

Below I’ll share my favorite tips for choosing laundry room curtains including different types, fabrics, best room colors, and curtain panel designs.

Types of Curtains for Laundry Room

Laundry with quartz tile backsplash, potted plants, curtains, and panoramic windows

If you are thinking about the types of curtains needed to enhance the aesthetics of your laundry room, you have come to the ideal place. Choosing the correct curtain types for your laundry space can be a challenge.

However, once you have considered the different curtain styles and colors that are often used in laundry rooms, choosing the correct ones for your preferences will be much easier. To get started here is a breakdown of the most popular styles used. 

Traditional Curtain Panels

Traditional curtain panels attached to a rod

A traditional single-panel curtain completely covers the window in your laundry room. This traditional curtain panel opens on either side and may be tied back for a modern and complex design. These are both trendy and classic curtain styles, which makes them suitable for practically any type of laundry room decor.

Traditional curtain panels add a splash of color to a drab laundry room. They can immediately brighten up the décor, regardless of the size of the window. A single curtain panel is a far more attractive solution for compact laundry rooms in which a double curtain would be too large.

Furthermore, single curtain panels can be installed with the wrap on the right or left side of the laundry room window. They can be Roman shades or directly positioned down from the counter, and they should be paired with two windows to direct the eye to the middle of the wall. 

Curtain Panel With Lining

Curtain panel with lining

Curtain panels with lining include an extra layer of dense and efficiently insulating fabric on the backside that can be linked to the curtain or put on a different track underneath.

The lining can be a coordinating or complementing fabric, and it can be a standard curtain fabric like white or beige. This type of curtain is very much ideal for minimalist laundry room designs.

Along with lining, interlining is a choice. This refers to the fabric that sits between the primary fabric as well as the lining. The interlining could help improve the insulation and dimming effects of laundry room curtains. Plus, the layered style contributes to the body and richness of the draperies when they are hung.

Furthermore, curtain panels with lining are an inexpensive method of safeguarding your fabric from sun fading while also adding insulation to your laundry room. They are also a terrific way to add support to your curtains and make a clean-looking drape.

Noise Reducing Curtain Panels

Noise cancelling curtain panel See this noise-reducing curtain panels at Amazon [sponsored link]

Laundry rooms often have washing machines that make a lot of noise. As a result, noise-reducing curtain fabrics are a must-have in urban areas or for individuals who are easily disturbed by noise.

Such curtains are useful in any space that needs to be kept as quiet as possible. The thought of a curtain being capable of minimizing outdoor noise might sound a little far-fetched, but you would be astonished at how much noise the noise-reducing curtains will capture.

Several manufacturers are also experimenting with new materials with improved noise-reduction qualities. Aside from noise-absorbing curtains, you may also buy conventional window treatments and then add a curtain liner behind them to boost their ability to suppress noise in your laundry room.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains

Sheer curtains, as the name implies, are see-through and do not provide considerable privacy in your laundry area. However, because of their lightweight nature, sheer curtains also provide a lovely flow. Since they allow so much light in, they can likewise cast a lovely, exquisite glow around the room.

Moreover, sheer curtains are made of delicate and semi-transparent fabrics. Whenever these curtains are closed, they can provide maximum illumination in utility rooms. Unfortunately, sheers also supply the least degree of privacy and have no other purpose other than decoration.

Many interior designers line sheer curtains. A layered curtain design allows you to enjoy the attractiveness of your sheers while simultaneously benefiting from enhanced privacy and functionality.

The majority of sheer curtains are composed of polyester, which is a very environmentally friendly and cost-effective fabric. Polyester fabrics are particularly simple to clean due to their artificial composition.

Ordinary dust can be swept out, and most stains can be removed with water and a little detergent. Because of their simplicity of maintenance, these window treatments are ideal for busy indoor areas.

Tier Curtains

Window tier curtain and white walls

Tier window curtains are typically utilized in spaces anywhere you want isolation while still allowing light in. They cover the bottom half of the window but leave the upper half exposed. The term comes from the fact that these curtains can be produced with either one panel or numerous panels suspended in tiers.

What you want to accomplish and the sort of window you use in your utility nook will determine how tiered curtains operate. If you want isolation while still allowing light into the room, you can choose a single tier curtains that conceal your whole window starting from top to bottom. 

Furthermore, you can use various levels of tiers with thicker content on the outside and lighter material as they move closer to the interior of your home for optimal sunlight shielding and warmth during the winter season.

Roman Shades

Gray Roman shades

Roman shades are delicate fabric window coverings that lie flat against a window when lowered but fold up beautifully and stylishly into horizontal folds when lifted. A motorized version is always offered and generally suggested for optimal convenience. A standard Roman shade merely emerges in horizontal folds of equal size descending toward the window.

Roman shades are often made of a sequence of horizontal bars that make soft folds, with eyelets and strings on the opposing path to pull the shade upward. If you would like to add depth to your nook décor, consider flat Roman shades. They provide a clean and streamlined style, while the attractiveness of a soft fabric provides a complexity of the layout. 

The distinctive folds of Roman shades continue to tuck in firmly at the upper end of the shade, leading to those delicate curves at the window stack and giving the appearance of a valance. Aside from that, flat Roman shades contain additional fabric that darkens the space, and its small form is ideal for doors and narrow windows.

Cafe Curtains 

Cafe curtainsSee this cafe curtain set at Amazon [sponsored link]

When a curtain is just partially draped over the washing room window, it is known as a cafe curtain. They can be positioned midway up the window, nearly at the upper end, or towards the bottom. Most commonly, the height of the cafe curtain is chosen to fit an existing separating line in the window.

Cafe curtains are composed of cloth, which can be translucent or semi-opaque as well as lined or unlined. If you want to add some flair to your utility space, you are in luck since they could be fashioned with pinch pleats or any variety of drapery heading structures, depending on the aesthetic you want.


Valance curtain attached to a black rodSee this window valance set at Amazon [sponsored link]

A valance has a gentle appearance that can be informal or professional, depending on the type you choose. Valances, with their free-hanging fabric at the highest point of the window, add instant complexity when matched with other home decors.

Valances for any taste are available, ranging from delicate florals to immense pastels in both vivid solids and dramatic patterns, ensuring that the specific space will not look dull.

Farmhouse-Style Curtains

Farmhouse style laundry with yellow curtains, wallpaper, sink and machine

Your utility nook must be as spotless as the linens you wash. This is particularly the case if you have a farmhouse-style curtain in your house, which promotes light, airy, and pleasant surroundings.

Farmhouse curtains, like café curtains, embody the charm of farmhouse style with their pleasant, breezy atmosphere, allowing in plenty of natural sunlight while providing partial seclusion. Read more about farmhouse colors and styles here.

Vintage Drapes

Laundry with vintage valance, powder blue colored cabinets and pale yellow walls

Vintage-style curtains are typically made from fabrics like muslin and dimity. Vintage fabric materials also include the lightweight components we might currently classify as net-type curtains.

Furthermore, brass curtain attachments are commonly employed with elaborate brass hold backs and brass or carved wooden curtain rods.

Themed Window Treatments

Laundry with concrete tile floors, shiplap walls and curtains

Themed curtains are an easy way of bringing more intricacy and excitement to an otherwise monotonous space with a dryer and washing machine, from providing an extra layer of appeal to your window coverings to improving a view of the outdoors.

Some themed ideas include country-style lettering with laundry-related phrases. Zen-like phrases or even products with pictures of clothing hanging up to dry.

Laundry room-themed curtains enhance decorated walls and offer additional natural color and dimension to the space by covering the windows in rooms where you have your linens and washing machine.

What Fabric to Use for Laundry Curtains 

Laundry with open shelving, white cabinetry and white solid surface countertops

Linen: Linen drapery panels are indeed an excellent choice. The traditional linen fabric curtain will elegantly enclose your windows and assist in brightening the space. This is the pinnacle of minimalist design.

Tabiiy: Tabiiy is a lovely combination of tightly woven cream and beige. This cotton-based curtain fabric is natural and calming yet sophisticated and will blend in seamlessly with your wash area décor. Tabiiy is the ideal choice for your laundry area if you want to achieve exquisite simplicity.

Polyester: Polyester is a popular fabric for washing space drapery since it is long-lasting, strong, and inexpensive. Polyester is low-maintenance and resistant to creasing, wrinkling, and sagging. These are ideal for curtain beginners due to their simple upkeep.

Velvet: Because velvet is among the weighty types of curtain fabrics that draw the cold out of the utility nook, these window treatments make excellent insulators. Velvet draperies provide more seclusion and help block noise and light because of their thickness.

What Color Curtains Make a Laundry Look Bigger?

Cabinet that houses the washer and dryer with view of wood vanity table with mirror

You can choose draperies in the following colors to make the room appear spacious and airy:



 Light Gray

 Any vibrant colors


Additionally, the texture of the curtain has the power to either enclose or expand your living areas. In fact, the curtain color you choose should be influenced by the remainder of the décor. Light colors can make your washing nook look bigger.

Light-colored window treatments do not seem to become the center of attention in a space. Your attention is able to take in the entire room instead of just one aspect. Take note, darker shades absorb light, while light-colored ones reflect it, making the laundry rooms appear more spacious.

Curtains for Laundry Doors

Washing machine space with shelving, clothes on rack and storage boxes

Lace is composed of an extremely thin fabric, thus, this material tends to distribute natural sunlight and provide an open, breezy impression.

Lace window treatments can be used to provide a dreamy element to your utility space and can be hung over your doors to create privacy without completely obstructing your source of outdoor illumination.

Curtain to Hide Laundry Area

Dryer and washer with white laundry tray and stacked folded towels

If you have an open utility room without a door, you can hang a curtain rod with a curtain size wide enough to hide the opening. Blackout window shades are suitable to hide these spaces as they are heavier and may help suppress some noise. 

These window dressings often have an opaque fabric supported by a cushion, making them an efficient element to hide your laundry space. The thick fabric of blackout shades, similar to thermal shades, will boost the seclusion of your home.

Hide Washer And Dryer With Curtains

Kitchen with area for laundry, white drawers and windows with panels

One of the most practical pleasures is a functional washing and dryer in your house. However, regardless of how bright and beautifully built your washing machines are, you might not want them as part of your regular décor.

Shower curtains provide simple concealment without limiting access or spending a lot of money. Holdbacks can be attached to either side of the alcove to keep your window treatments open when using the washing and drying machine. 

If the alcove includes cabinets and thereby appears finished, you can cut a shower curtain in half horizontally and hang the parts side-by-side to hide just the washer and dryer instead of covering the entire alcove.

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