Curtain Size Calculator: Measure Up for Stylish Windows

The curtain size calculator helps you determine the ideal measurements for your window treatments. Simply enter a few details about your window and preferred curtain style to receive custom length and width calculations.

Curtain Calculator Tool

Curtain Style Choose the desired curtain style.
Curtain Fullness Standard: 2x width, Deluxe: 2.5x width, Ultra: 3x width.
Window Dimensions

How the Curtain Calculator Works:

To get started, choose whether you want standard sill length, longer apron length, floor length or café style curtains that cover just the bottom portion of the window. Next, pick a fullness level – standard for a neat look, deluxe for subtle gathers or ultra fullness for major drama.

Then, measure your exact window height and width and enter those dimensions. For floor length, also measure and input the height where your curtain rod will sit above the window frame.

Based on your selections, the calculator determines the perfect curtain length, from the top of the rod down, with an extra 6 inches for optimal stacking and movement. It also multiplies your window width by the fullness factor you picked to suggest an ideal curtain width.

Curtain Length Options:

  • Sill, Apron, or Floor – The sill style stops at that location, apron extends slightly below the window sill, and the floor will go all the way down to the bottom.
  • Café – Covers only the lower half of window.
  • Extra Long – Add some extra height with a floor-length style.

Curtain Fullness Options

  • Standard (2x): Provides a stylish look with minimal gathers.
  • Deluxe (2.5x): Offers a fuller appearance with more fabric.
  • Ultra (3x): Creates a luxurious, heavily gathered look.

Measuring For Window Dimensions:

  • Window Height (inches): Measure the height of your window from top to bottom.
  • Window Width (inches): Measure the width of your window from one side to the other. 

Enter Rod Height (Only for Extra Long Curtains):

  • Rod Height (inches): Measure the distance from the top of the window to where the curtain rod will be hung.

For the most accurate measurements:

– Carefully measure window height and width with a tape measure
– For floor length, precisely measure distance from window top to rod
– Consider room decor when picking fullness and style
– Position rod 4-6 inches above window frame for best effect

The calculator makes customizing curtains easy. Just plug in your specifics and instantly receive length and width calculations tailored to your space and style preferences. (*This is provided for entertainment purposes only. Make sure to double check your sizes before ordering custom curtains.)

Where To Use Each Curtain Type

Stylish living room with beige floor length curtains

Choosing the right curtain length can make a big impact on how a room looks and feels. Here’s an overview of sill, apron, and floor length curtain options and when to use each:

Sill Length – These curtains just brush the window sill, offering a tidy, casual look. They work well for small windows, kitchens, bathrooms, and rooms where you need furniture close by.

Apron curtains – Apron length curtains extend 4-6 inches below the window sill. They offer a bit more coverage for medium-sized windows while avoiding floor contact. Apron length works nicely in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms – spaces aiming for versatile style. They can be a great option hung above a wall heater or furniture piece.

Floor Length – Floor length styles puddle softly on the floor, lending an elegant finish. They complement tall windows and formal spaces like master bedrooms. The long lines create a polished, luxury look.

Choose extra long curtains that puddle on the floor for formal spaces like dining rooms. The flowing fabric is elegant and draws the eye up to highlight lofty ceilings.

Mix and match lengths as needed. Tailor your curtains to complement the room’s existing style. Floor length curtains add drama, while sill length keeps the aesthetic light and airy. Determine the mood you want to set and select lengths to match.

Some examples:

  • For a kitchen, go for sill length to keep the space neat and functional.
  • In a living room, apron length offers balanced style.
  • Floor length curtains boost the elegance of a bedroom or dining space.

In summary, match the curtain length to the room, window size, and overall aesthetic you want. Play with different styles – sill length for casual spaces, apron for subtle polish, floor length for drama. See what flatters your home best and don’t forget to leave your comments below to let us know what you think.

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