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Colors That Help You Sleep (Bedroom Decorating)

Here we discuss colors that help you sleep, promote relaxation and help relieve anxiety.
Master bedroom with blue paint and window seatA good night’s sleep can be affected by your surroundings just as much as it can be affected by your physical being. Providing the correct colors in the room is an important factor when looking to increase sleep quality.

Most bedroom paint colors, if used correctly, can be a great addition to a restful room. Some of the best colors to promote sleeping are listed below, as well as tips on how to use them to their full potential.


Master bedroom with blue paint and four post bedBlue is one of the best choices for an area of rest. Blue is best known for promoting calming and soothing feelings. Using blue in a bedroom is known to contribute to a longer and more peaceful sleep.

A light or pastel blue is a great base color to paint walls while including some secondary colors as accents. With the color blue being so inviting and friendly different shades could also be used if no accent color is desired. See more blue and white bedroom designs on this page.


Bedroom with yellow paint and gray decorYellow is another good choice for a restful nights sleep as it is an upbeat and pleasant color. Yellow is meant for good vibes and happy energy. This causes a better sleep as it gives a positive spin to dreams and relaxation periods.

Paler and lighter colors yellows are suggested and are recommended in moderation, as they are on the warm color palette and have the potential to warm up the room if not careful.- interior designer Savannah.

Pairing yellows with grays is a popular combination as they compliment each other and are both colors that help you sleep.


Contemporary master bedroom with orange accent wallThough one may think orange is an aggressive or louder color, it is actually used to promote relaxation, specifically for the muscles. As blue and orange are complementary colors and pair great together, they can be used together to promote both relaxation and tranquility, making for a great area of rest.

Though orange is good for relaxation and ease of muscle tension, it is important to not overuse the color in the space, it is much better used as an accent. It is also best to stick to true oranges, and yellow oranges and farther from anything getting near the red color.

Silver (and Grays)

Master bedroom with light gray paint color gray decorSilver and gray colors are a fantastic neutral to choice in rooms of rest. This neutral color gives off a cooler aesthetic compared to the other options of beiges. When sleeping the body temperature is working its way down, having a cool space with a bunch of comfy blankets helps promote rest and sleep.

Additionally, the colors of silver and gray can help mimic moonlight, which signals to the body that it is time to sleep. To let that body signal work, it is important to keep places of rest for primarily that.

Spending too much time in bed or the bedroom while doing other things (like watching tv, playing video games, or eating) can confuse the body into thinking the room is for activities other than sleeping, whether it is the color of the moonlight or not. Incorporating cooler silvers and grays with any of the other mentioned colors make for a well rounded space all focused on rest.


Bedroom with pink paint and white wainscotingPink has similar qualities to that of yellow. Pink is used to create a positive and happy environment, which promotes good dreams and feelings. This contributes to the quality sleep that is commonly desired.

As other colors that include the color red in the making, it is important to stay away from any pink that is too deep, or anything that gets closer to red on the color wheel. It is better to stick with paler and lighter shades to keep the room soft and inviting.


Bedroom with purple paint wallA deep purple can promote deep relaxation. It also gives a feeling of luxury that can promote sleep in the sense of safety and security. You have met all physical needs and now lay in a luxurious space lessening worry and tension. Purple is a cool color that can help cool down a space when paired with colors like pink.

Purple is also a great addition to blue schemes as they partner well together. Using a deeper purple can also bring a heaviness to the space which can act similar to a weighted blanket in the sense that it promotes the safety and deeper sleep.

Pairing with a gray or silver color can make the purple not so overwhelmingly heavy, while still keeping a cool, safe area. Additionally, the darkness of the color can help remind the body that when it is dark it is time to sleep. As mentioned previously, this only helps if you keep a sleeping area for just sleeping versus a multi function space. See more purple bedroom ideas here.