How to Measure A Sofa (Interior Design Guide)

Welcome to our guide on how to measure a sofa for your interior design, including how to easily tell if your furniture will fit.
Contemporary living room with two sofas and tile fireplace

The sofa is the anchor piece and has become a benchmark in home decoration. It is the most used piece of furniture and one of the most comfortable spots in the room – where you entertain guests, where your kids spend most of their time, and if you have pets, it is most likely to be a territorial area in itself.

The sofa also reflects your personal stylish impression and suggests a decorative style for the room and your home. Having a couch not only in the living room but in other rooms of your home aims to provide not only comfort and convenience but also functionality and practicality, such as by offering extra storage space.

Once you have found the perfect design and sofa style, you need to consider and ensure that your chosen furniture will fit within your space and that it is the same scale as your other furniture. There are measurements which are essential and need to be considered when getting sofa dimensions.[toc]

Proper Measuring Method for a Sofa

How to measure a sofa

Measuring the Sofa Width

When you measure a sofa, determine the width from arm to arm since this is the widest part. If, in case, the armrest has rolled arms, measure from the widest part of the arm to the other arm.

A standardsize sofa has a width that usually measures 6 to 8 feet long, and a standard loveseat is usually 4 to 6 feet long. Read more about sofa arm styles here.

Measuring the Sofa Height

When getting the dimensions for the height of the couch, measure the highest point of the sofa’s backrest. For camel-back sofas, make sure you measure from the center of the backrest, where it is the highest point to the floor.

Measuring the Sofa Depth

One of the most important measurements to take is the sofa’s depth. Measure from the outside or front edge of the seat to the back. Measuring it from the sides will be best.

The standardsize sofa has a depth of usually 32 to 40 inches, while a loveseat is 28 to 30 inches deep.

Measuring the Seat Width

In measuring the seat width, take note that it is the distance between the armrests. So, you need to get the measurement of one side to the other side of the seating space. For armless sofas, the seat width corresponds with the sofa’s length.

Measuring the Seat Height

To get the dimension for the sofa’s seat height, measure from the floor up to the top edge of the seat cushion.

Measuring the Seat Depth

In order to get the seat depth, measure from the front edge of the seat cushion up to the point where the back cushion starts.

How to Measure Sectional Sofa

5 seat sectional

There are three different size types of sectional sofas you can choose from to find the perfect fit for your space.

• The small two-piece sectional sofas are usually L-shaped and have a combination of two sofas, or a loveseat and chaise.

Sectional sofas with a chaise lounge have an average length of 195 to 215 inches and an average depth of 37 to 40 inches.

• The mid-sized three-piece sectional sofas are usually U-shaped and combine a sofa, loveseat, and chaise lounge.

The average length of a three-seater sectional is 78 to 88 inches, with an average total depth of 70 inches.

• The large sectional sofas are usually four-piece / five-piece and six-piece seats.

A five-piece seat sectional with equal sides has an average dimension of 95 by 95 inches.

When measuring a sectional with a wedge length, use the distance between the left and right-most back leg. When measuring the depth, start from the front-facing edge to the backside of the sectional.

How to Know If a Sofa/Sectional Will Fit?

Sectional sofa in brick loft living room

To make sure that your couch or sectional seat will fit, you also need to measure the dimensions of your living space by noting down the height, length, and width of the room where you want your furniture to be placed.

Consider the measurements of all passages, such as the front door, hallways, and stairways. If your furniture is placed in front of a window, measure the window height from the floor, making sure that the top cushion is not higher than your windowsill.

How to Measure a Sofa Cover

Measure a sofa cover

When you want to update and cover an outdated upholstery pattern or protect your sofas, the easiest way is to put on a slip or sofa cover. We will give you a few tips to help you measure and ensure your cover will fit perfectly. You will need a tape measure and a paper and pen.

Measure the Cover Length

To determine the longest length of the cover, measure your couch from the outside of one arm to the outside of the other arm.

Measure the Seat Cushion

Measure the length from one side to the other, making sure that you take it from the widest part. Just below the armrest, measure the cushion depth.

Measure the Width of the Sofa

Measure the outside edge and depth, starting by measuring at the front and outside edge of one arm and continuing to the back corner and around the sofa’s backrest. Complete your measurement by measuring at the front and outer edge of the opposite arm.

Measure the Cushion Height

To determine the height of the cushion, get the height measurements of the cushion seat by measuring from the floor to the top of the seat cushion.

Measure the Full Sofa Height

Measure the sofa from the floor to the top back edge. Some sofas can vary in height depending on where you are measuring. Make sure you are measuring to the highest point from the floor.

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