How High Should A Fireplace Mantel Be 

Below we answer how high should a fireplace mantel be including ways to determine the best mantel height and design ideas.
Beautiful living room fireplace mantel rug wood floor windows curtain leather sofa chairs recessed lightingDo you have a fireplace at home? You can actually spruce it up just by adding a mantel! And while you may think that it doesn’t really need more accessories since the fireplace is a luxury on its own, a simple mantel can transform it into a different vibe. There’s a downside to this though. 

When it comes to home interior decorating, nothing is free-size or one-size-fits-all. This is the same thing with a fireplace mantel. 

Installing a mantel in a different size can make the fireplace look messy and unfinished. This is the reason why it is important to know the size of the fireplace mantel. [toc]

How High Is A Fireplace Mantel Above The Fireplace

Fireplace depth and mantel heightTo know the optimal mantel height positioning above the fireplace, here are the considerations:

Distance between bottom of the mantel and top of the firebox (the National Fire Protection Agency or NFPA recommend at least 12 inches above the top of the firebox)

Mantel projection distance from the wall (NFPA dictates that the deeper the mantel is, the higher the mounting measurement):

Fireplace Depth and Mantel Height

Fireplace Depth Recommended Mantel Height
10 inches 19 inches
8 inches 17 inches
6 inches 15 inches
4 inches 13 inches

These recommended mantel heights should be followed to be allowed clearance to actually install the mantel above the fireplace. 

What Is the Best Mantel Height Above the Floor

Fireplace mantel height above the floorThe typical height for a mantel is approximately 54 inches or 4.5 feet from the floor. However, the optimal height can vary depending on the specific fireplace design and dimensions.

If you have a larger fireplace opening for instance you will want to make sure your mantel is not too close to become an obstruction. The right height of the mantel is vital in its installation above the fireplace.

Even the dimensions of the room, such as the size of the bedroom, or  living room should be considered when deciding on the mantel’s height. 

Living room stone fireplace mantel indoor potted plants leather couch windowsAnd this is just the start of the rough computation when considering the optimal height of your fireplace mantel.

Fireplace Mantel Placement Tips

There are other factors that should be included in your consideration of how high to hang a mantel. Some of which include the following:

Classic living room brick fireplace mantel hanging light leather chair television shelves cabinets glass doors windows

Height of the ceiling:  the standard mantel height is around 54 inches or 4.5 feet due to the consideration of the standard ceiling height, which is at 9 feet. 

Decor items/accessories of the room: make sure to remember that all decor you plan to install must be 3 feet above your fireplace mantel

TV mount near the fireplace: you can mount a TV above your fireplace but make sure that it tilts slightly downward to make the viewing experience clearer and easier

Fireplace dimensions: the general rule is to add six inches of measurement to both sides of your fireplace 

Mantel Pre-Installation Tips

Modern farmhouse with fireplace and wood mantleAfter you make the necessary computations for your own fireplace, skim through the following pre-installation tips that can be useful for you.

Check your area’s housing regulations and the area’s NFPA fire codes before installing anything 

Always consider the dimensions of the room where the fireplace is installed

While not ideal, if you don’t want to compute your optimal mantel height, you can always settle for the standard mantel height, which is between 4 to 5 feet.

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