7 Best Living Room Arrangements With A TV

Arranging your television set in your living room among the rest of your furniture might seem like quite a task. It works best to dedicate a separate room for your TV set while creating a seating space around it. But since many people don’t have the luxury of space, the living room is often doubled up for both television entertainment and seating.

Living room arrangement with tv and fireplace

Most layouts for living rooms have their furniture pointing toward the television set. No matter how much we try, the TV often tends to be the central attraction, while everything is arranged around it. But if you are looking forward to re-arranging your floor plan setup not to make the TV dominate its presence over everything else, then you are reading this just in time.

Read on to find some refreshing ways of arranging your TV with your living room furniture. To see more ideas for decorating around a TV, visit this page. [toc]

The Corner Spot – TV in the Corner

Living room arrangement with tv in corner

That’s right! To set up your living room differently, the first way of arranging your TV is by placing it in the corner. While the most common way of placing the TV is on the largest wall so that you can sit and watch your favorite shows, placing it in a corner immediately makes your space feel less TV-oriented.

While the TV set can occupy the corner, hang artwork on the adjacent wall with the sofa right opposite it. This setup ensures that you watch the TV usually while reducing the presence of the TV.

Living room with corner tv placement on entertainment center

In this example you can see a living room with TV corner placement using an entertainment center rather than using a wall mount.

Create a Corner Entertainment Center

Living room with corner tv media center layout

To create a dual-purpose living room layout for watching TV as well as socializing, consider creating a corner media area. This floor plan features a corner TV positioned above a media cabinet, emphasizing the beautiful fireplace.

Arrangements with TV and Fireplace

Family room fireplace with stone wall and tv

What can be more attention-seeking than a TV in your living room? Whether it is a textured wall or any other decorative element, a TV placed among something that steals more attention makes your design standout.

For example, a fireplace could be a great option to warm your home and keep things casual and conversational. Place your sofa set facing the fireplace, while the TV set can be mounted above it with great results.

TV in a Built-In Cabinet

Beautifully decorated living room with built-in cabinet with TV

This beautifully furnished area features a large built-in cabinet that accommodates a large TV, with the furniture positioned around it as the focal point. This setup is ideal for those who can designate a room solely for the purpose of watching TV. A low-positioned TV is great for eye-level viewing, and the built-in cabinet helps bring some custom style to the space.

L-Shaped Arrangement

Stylish room with two sofas in an l-shape design layout

This arrangement is a classic setup that positions a sofa and loveseat or another couch in a layout that looks like an L-shape. The TV is placed where the two seating areas meet to create a cohesive design that encourages communication and entertainment.

Spacious Distance from Couch to TV

Living room with spacious layout for tv and couch

For homes with much more space, the room’s setup can be spaced out to seem elegant and luxe. Arrange your sofa set while leaving enough space between it and the wall on which the TV is mounted. This arrangement gives quite a lot of space to move around and also creates a seating area away from the TV.

Conversational Area

Living room with tv above fireplace and armchairs

A Living room is meant to be a comfortable spot to sit and talk to your family & friends. But electronics like TV have become such a prominent part of our lives that the design ends up losing its charm. If you are looking forward to giving your furniture arrangement a quick update then creating a cozy conversational spot with your furniture is the way to go.

While the TV can be mounted on the wall, ensure that your sofa set and coffee table sits opposite, facing it. Place the accent chairs right below the TV facing inward towards the sofa. This arrangement is perfect for all those who want to create a relaxing living room setup that doesn’t have the TV set as its main focal point.

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