39 Fireplace Tile Ideas (Unique Designs)

Do you have a fireplace that needs improvement, or are you looking for new ideas and inspiration? To breathe new life into this structure, you can transform it into one made from tiles.

Living room with modern fireplace tile

If you don’t know how and what to do with it, here are some fireplaces and interior designs you can check out. [toc] 

Fireplace with Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is one of the most affordable and practical types of tiles you can use for home construction and renovation. Here are some ways that the material is used as fireplace tiles. 

Beautiful living room with couches, chairs, fireplace, and a high ceiling

The living area in this luxurious home features a ceramic fireplace tile, where a giant flatscreen TV is mounted. The ceramic tile wall is in white, matching the color of the space’s design and extending from the floor to the ceiling. 

fireplace with ceramic tile design and two built-ins

This minimalist living space has an indoor fireplace style with tiles, making it appear more elegant and structured. The tile design matches the color of the brown rug underneath the coffee table, while the gray pillows match the color of the cushions and the gray cabinets lined up along the hearth.  

There are different tile types; you can use many of them in this structure. Here are some of the different types and some ideas to check out.

room with wood wall fireplace and tile cladding

The ceramic design in this trendy space stands out because it’s different from the wooden walls and flooring in the area.

The gray ceramic tile wall matches the color of the couch and chairs in the living area. And the glass-top coffee table adds elegance to the entire room.

Gray tile fireplace that looks like stone

This elegant layout showcases a contemporary style hearth with gray ceramic tiles amidst white walls, ceiling, rug, and couch.

The two single couches, on the other hand, match the color of the hardwood flooring. This matching of colors helps round up the look of the area. 

Simple room with fireplace and cobbletone tile

In this particular layout, the ceramic hearth has an eye-catching geometric design yet fits the space when it comes to colors and vibes. The materials have this gold hue that adds a luxurious feel to the structure and the room.

If you want to design your own, you can read more about popular fireplace dimensions here.

Fireplace with Stone Tile

Another type to consider is stone tile. While they can be more expensive, they also have higher quality and have this authentic feel to them.

Here are some stone tile ideas and designs you can use for inspiration.

Pale yellow antique paint color of room with brown sofa, chair, rug, fireplace, bookcase, and lamp

This elegant and luxurious space has an interior design with a stone tile wall, matching the accent on its left side. The color palette of the tile wall also matches the rug’s palette, having one powerful style. 

room with stone fireplace, and mantel

This comfy and homey design features stone tiles with neutral colors ranging from light beige to dark tan. It also has dark brown couches with a small wooden center table that showcases a bit of a rustic appeal. 

Modern living space with sintered stone fireplace

This space has a linear fireplace with stone cladding extending to the high ceiling, further emphasizing its height.

The gray stone tile design matches the color palette of the couch and some parts of the wall, making it look like home in the current style of the living area.

Mid century modern room with linear fireplace

This modern living room features a wide linear hearth structured and enclosed in a stone wall, turning it entirely into a fireplace accent wall.

It is filled with neutral colors, brown, tan, and beige, from the flooring to the different types of furniture styles and save. Save for a couple of white accents in the ceiling, pillows, and lampshades. 

Fireplace with Mosaic Tile 

Mosaic tiles are another consideration. Mosaic is a quirky and fun style, and if this is what you’re going for, then it’s worth a try.

Here are some mosaic ideas you can view for inspiration.  

fireplace with mantel and mosaic tile

This idea is lined with a mosaic tile layout in the form of repeated light-colored hexagon shapes. 

extending fireplace with mosaic design tile, and orange paint

While the stack of firewood can definitely be a show-stopping element in this area, the unique design of the hearth is also notable.

The see-through glass on the two sides of the pillar displays the fire inside, and the mosaic tiles serve as the border. 

Simple fireplace with mosaic tiling

This elegant natural gas fireplace has a glass surface that displays the fire and wood inside. The mosaic tiles bordering the glass surface add to the aesthetic. 

Fireplace featuring glass tile with wood flooring

This luxury home showcases an elegant hearth, with a mosaic design bordering the area and adding to the extravagant appeal of the room. 

Brick Tile Fireplace

room showcasing brick tile fireplace

If you want a more rustic style, you can also design it using bricks. This trendy living room is contained using gray bricks patterned on top of each other.

The gray color matches the gray rug beneath the coffee table at the center of this chic living room.   

Fireplace With Unique Design Tiles

If you want to design your hearth in a unique way, there are quirky tile designs you can check out and use. Besides the tile designs, you can also creatively arrange the tiles in a unique way.

Here are some unique design tiles you can do.

fireplace in room with intricate tile

This modern design showcases a sleek and large mantel and hearth. The unique look of the tiles gives this hearth additional texture, upping its aesthetic. 

Brown accent wall fireplace with distressed stone

This luxurious living room showcases a brown accent wall integrated with a modern hearth. It is further structured with white and brown tiles that match its design with the accent wall and the rug. 

Large wall of tile for fireplace with quartz veining

This luxurious living room features an extra large size hearth structured with black granite and natural white travertine stone in big tiles.

The white tiles contrast magnificently with the dark wood floor, while the white stone coffee table contrasts the dark brown rug, giving the room a more rounded look. The yellow couch and chairs provide an additional texture to the mix. 

Fireplace Wall Tile Ideas

If you want to cover an entire wall to improve on the looks of your hearth, you can do that too using tiles. Here are some of the options that you may also consider as accent wall ideas in the room where they are installed.  

Black large format tile for surround of fireplace

This luxury living room features a black-and-white color scheme, where the hues are divided within the room through a striped rug, wall colors, furniture, and the hearth.

On the left is the white couch, and on the right is the contrasting black hearth with large format tiles.  

Bathroom with fireplace and matching tile flooring

The master bathroom is installed with a hearth with a black border and neutral-colored tiles. The finishes have the same color and flooring as the shower tiles. 

Minimalist room with black couches, fireplace, and floor rug

This rectangular natural gas fireplace features neutral-colored tiles that match the general appeal of the living room. The rug beneath the glass coffee table adds a certain charm to the room. 


Outdoor space with limestone fireplace, chairs, small table, and tile patio

This minimalist hearth is installed in this cozy outdoor living room with a wooden center table and chairs. It is located near the chairs and table set up to give warmth to people who will sit on the chairs.

It has beige tiles housing the structure that make the entire area look bright and lighter. 

Fireplace Floor To Ceiling Tile

Besides covering an entire wall, another style you can follow is to have the tiles run from the floor to the ceiling. Here are some ideas worth checking out. 

open layout room with black stone clad fireplace with white veining

This homey living room has a hearth with solid black tiles that run from the floor to the ceiling.

While the leather couches and furniture are in neutral tones, the color of the fixture pops in this light-colored room. The bold color somehow adds vibrancy to the room. 

floor to ceiling fireplace in tan tile

This large open-concept room has a structure strategically installed in the middle of the gigantic space. Despite the tall height of the ceiling, its design runs from the floor of this gigantic room towards the ceiling. 

Covered patio with gas fireplace, vaulted wood ceiling, and recessed lights

To give a twist to this rustic living room, this rectangular hearth is housed in white tiles that extend from the floor to the wooden ceiling.

The black accent wall contrasts with the white flooring and wall feature, creating a beautiful color combination. 

room with cathedral style ceiling, fireplace, couch, and television

This luxury living room houses an elegant couch set-up with a modern hearth with yellow tiles that start from the floor towards the high ceiling. The same yellow tiles are used in the walls in the entire room. 

black accent tile design with linear position fireplace

If you want a minimalist yet modern style living room, you might want to consider this stylish hearth.

This modern design is housed in elegant, bold black tiles that run from the floor to the ceiling, adding a luxurious charm despite a minimalist appeal. 

Contemporary Tile

You may want to choose a contemporary-style fixture if you have a contemporary-style home. And you can use tiles to establish this style.

Here are some contemporary ideas you can use for your own home. 


Cozy room with arm chairs and fireplace with whitewashed tiles

This living room features a modern fireplace in the middle of the room, with a black and glass window and light gray brick tiles housing it.

The whitewashed style fireplace tile color matches beautifully the color of the chairs and the rug beneath the wooden coffee table. 


Fireplace and yellow tile

This chic living room showcases a rectangular gas-type structure housed within chartreuse green tiles. The green color of the tiles stands out in this room, giving it a brighter and cheerier vibe. 

slate fireplace in mid century modern room

In this living room, a contemporary design stands out because of its creative tile color and styling. While the room is dominant in neutral colors, the tiles add the color blue to the mix, which makes it different and adds texture to the room’s design. 

Modern Tile Designs

Besides a contemporary style, you can also skim through modern ideas so that you will have more options to consider. Here are some choices you can check out.

corner positioned fireplace with modern look

This luxurious living room has a modern fireplace housed in dark gray to black tiles reaching from the floor to the ceiling. It delivers an elegant addition to the room that contrasts with the color of beige walls and rug. 

Outdoor area with slate fireplace, and chairs

The modern fireplace in this luxurious covered patio extends from the wooden flooring to the wooden ceiling. The tiles have orange and black colors that wonderfully imitate the colors of fire and coals. 

small finger tiles stacked pattern fireplace

This luxurious living room shows a burning natural gas hearth with a black border and is housed inside a dark grey brick design.

This dark-colored idea also serves as a shelf where frames, indoor plants, and small decor are displayed on top. 

Spacious room with oversized fireplace and massive quartz slab feature wall

This spacious and elegant living room uses neutral colors, from the gray rug and couches to the beige flooring and tan walls.

The modern idea is wide but not tall and has brown tiles covering most of the fixtures. The white marble tile accent adds elegance to the room. 

luxury room designed with large focal point fireplace

This contemporary-style living room features a modern gas hearth housed entirely inside gray tile walls. The gray tiles are a bit lighter compared to the gray rug and couch, having a monochrome color combination.

The black accent in the lamps, pillow, fireplace, and table decor provides a popping color in the room.  

Best Tile For Fireplace

Admittedly, there is a variety of tile options you can use for your fireplace. The best tile would be the one that can offer you good quality and aesthetic yet at the same time won’t rob you blind because of its price.

And, of course, the style of the tile must match what you have going in your home and room. Here are some of the best tiles applied in the fireplace you can check out. 

Simple space with wood grain panel fireplace

This modern home office features a fireplace with stone tiles and walnut veneer, offering two different looks for the room.

The walnut veneer wall has lights mounted on it, adding lighting to the room and oversized windows that reach the ceiling. The walnut veneer wall matches the wood flooring and table, unifying the style of the room. 

Bathroom with tub and fireplace, hanging light, and mirror

This luxurious bathroom showcases a modern fireplace housed inside light gray tiles, matching the color of the walls inside the room and allowing the white porcelain tub to pop out and stand out. 

Built-in bookcase and media center next to fireplace

This beautiful living room showcases a rustic fireplace with a golden border and is housed inside the white wall. The gold color provides both the rustic and luxury appeal for the room and, at the same time, matches the color of the hardwood flooring and wooden shelves. 

Cladded fireplace in a light brown material with armchairs and cream couch

The modern fireplace in the living room is settled inside a brown accent wall that runs from the floor to the ceiling. The color of the accent wall matches the dark brown of the couches.

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