19 Gray And Teal Living Room Ideas For Different Styles

different gray and teal living room designs

Craving a tranquil and stimulating living space that breathes personality? Look no further than the irresistible duet of gray and teal living room ideas shared below! Instill life into your abode with vibrant teal walls, striking furniture pieces – not to mention stylish curtains to add tender touches of color. Exploring this dynamic duo delivers endless chances for you to be artistic!

Combining gray and teal could be the perfect way to give your home a classy, cozy vibe that really reflects your own style. Whether you’re into traditional, contemporary, modern or coastal designs – we’ve got tons of concept designs to help you create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Ask the designer: We asked interior designer Danielle Porter for her tips on working with gray and teal living room designs and here’s her best tips.

When it comes to designing your living room, identifying the style, aesthetic and color palette is always the first step.  Sometimes this comes from inspiration photos or it can be based on an antique piece of furniture that has sentimental value. Sometimes, it’s purely because you just love a particular color pairing or style – like the teal and gray combo we’re going to cover here.  

The most important takeaway is that you can create a cohesive and sophisticated space from just about any starting point – and it’s all about balance and proportion. 

First things first – if teal and gray are your jam – you’ll want to make sure you’re selecting the right shades to avoid a space that feels either too dull or overwhelming.  It’s easier than you think to end up on one side of the spectrum! Teal is a naturally cool color since the undertones are some balance of green and blue – to pair it properly – go with a cool gray that mirrors the undertones.

Some of my favorite cool grays to use are Sherwin Williams ‘Repose Gray’ and Benjamin Moore’s ‘Silver Chain’.  If you want the gray to feel a little brighter, ‘Silver Strand’ by Sherwin Williams or ‘Revere Pewter’ by Benjamin Moore are great alternatives. 

When it comes to teal – don’t be afraid to go bold, ‘Adriatic Sea ‘by Sherwin Williams or ‘Casco Bay’ by Benjamin Moore are unapologetic, and when used in moderation create an elegant, fun statement that can work in any home.

Now, the real key with a color combo like this is balance, finding the right proportions of these colors to create the desired vibe in the space. First, bring in your base palette – think whites and creams – something to balance the more saturated color tones. 

Designer Tip: When balancing your color palette, I like to go by the 3:2:1 method.  3 parts base palette (whites or neutrals), 2 parts your primary accent color (Teal and Gray combined), 1 part any accent color (accent colors). 

If you’re looking for a bolder space, like the room idea below, try for 3 parts grey, 2 parts neutral, and 1 part teal. It’s a bit like when you’re cooking – sometimes you need to measure with your heart!

If you’re looking to bring in additional accent colors, I suggest keeping it to tonal values (a few shades lighter or darker) of the selected colors with this particular palette; think charcoal and pale blue for a start.  But you can always bring in a small pop of contrasting color in small doses for a bit of vibrancy – think yellows, golds, or even plums.

Once you have the colors and proportions nailed down, it’s time to layer with texture and pattern at a variety of scales.  Starting out with the largest surfaces always provides an organized approach – for example, if your walls are highly patterned with wallpaper, you’ll want to integrate a sleeker single-tone upholstery on your furniture to balance it out.   

Room Idea: Try painting your walls a mid-tone gray, with crisp white trim.  You can bring in a glossy white tile to clad your fireplace that both reflect light and brighten the space.   A teal sofa or sectional could play nicely with some patterned armchairs that integrate gray, white, and teal to tie it all together.  From there, pillows and accents can be teal, gray, and even integrate any accents that you like.

Remember – sometimes less is more when it comes to these gray and teal living room ideas.  Particularly if you’re new to design, start small and add elements in once you’ve had time to live with it.  Another tip to keep in mind is to make the most permanent items neutral until you’re absolutely sure.

It’s a lot easier and more cost-effective to change a teal paint than it is to change a teal tile on your fireplace! If you want to test the limits, try using paint as a ‘placeholder’ until you know you love it.  

To tie everything together, harness the power of wood tones and metallics to create depth, balance, and character.  Even different textures like charcoal-toned leather on sectional sofas and velvet armchairs in a neutral tone can create a really interesting aesthetic.  Pillows are a great way to layer in pattern, texture, and color to get the most out of your space as well.

At the end of the day – the key is to keep the colors, aesthetics, and proportions in balance.  A few well-chosen pieces with the right color and texture will go a long way in creating a space that you’ll want to be in for years to come.

Dark Gray And Teal 

living room with coffee table pillows and lamps

Get the wow factor in your living room by rocking these dark gray and teal living room ideas. This stylish mix of colors will inject some well-deserved vibrancy into any space – prompting loads of compliments from guests in no time.

Make it even more lush by adding a few colorful pillows, curtains, and other accessories. Get ready to bask in the glory of seeing your living room go from drab to fab overnight!

This gorgeous living room stuns with its luxurious and refined palette of dark gray and teal. The walls sport a dramatic, deep hue that is simply divine – the icing on the cake being the jaw-dropping gray and teal painting. Sheer perfection!

The dark gray sofa is comfier than it looks, with its teal throw pillows serving up a colorful contrast that really stands out. Plus, the two matching gray and teal armchairs are just as stylish, offering cozy yet fashion-forward seating for when you want to catch up or get comfy. Now that’s a snug set-up!

Light Gray With Teal 

living area with couch artwork on wall and indoor plant

Looking to spruce up your living space? Check out these light gray and teal living room ideas! From vibrant walls to bold accents, you’re sure to find something that fits with your style. So let’s dive in and get inspired!

This light gray and teal living room is a savvy combination of modernity and class! The pale gray walls provide the perfect backdrop for the chic teal sofa styles and armchairs, all adorned with a mix of light gray and teal cushions giving texture, depth, and dynamism.

The light gray carpet really ties the room together, creating a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. Plus, the abstract painting, with its stunning teal and gray hues, is truly a sight for sore eyes! It’s definitely the star of the show, adding an air of sophistication that can’t be beat.

contemporary room with sofa rug and curtains

This minimalist light-gray living room creates a peaceful atmosphere. Its walls serve as a neutral backdrop for the cozy pale-teal sofa, stylishly adorned with a mix of teal and light-gray throw pillows. Oh, what an inviting space!

The light gray carpet really adds some texture and depth to the room, while the three stunning pieces in different shades of gray ooze subtle grandeur. Cleverly understated and absolutely beautiful.

luxury room with ottoman poufs sofas and chandelier

This living room is simply stunning, with its teal walls providing an eye-catching backdrop for the light gray sofa! A mix of light gray and teal throw pillows add lovely texture and contrast; truly a vision to behold.

The gray carpet serves as a neutral base, laying down the foundation for its light gray plush ottoman type. Abstract artworks with teal and light gray accents breathe life into the decor, lending an expressive touch to this cozy setup.

luxury living space with mirror on wall and glass coffee table

This living room in light gray exudes subtle luxury with its simple yet sophisticated design. An eye-catching light gray sofa—festooned with teal and light gray throw pillows—really pops against the soft, neutral walls, creating a soothing atmosphere. Talk about elegance!

Mirrors bounce the light around, giving the illusion that the living room is bigger than it actually is. Meanwhile, those light gray curtains add a touch of sophistication to the space. The dove gray carpet ties everything together and lends a luxurious, plush feel. 

Brown Gray With Teal 

minimalist room with teal wall and carpet floor

These brown gray and teal living room ideas come together in such a beautiful and sophisticated way. The teal curtains bring a real vibrancy to the room while the calming tones of the gray walls give it an incredibly peaceful atmosphere. 

The soft throws of teal and white draped over the chocolate-hued and steel-gray sofa gives it a touch of cozy elegance – not to mention adding a spot of much-needed invitingness. Snugly settled alongside is an armchair all dressed up in teal ‘n’ white, too – its hues echoing the hue beside it. 

The ottoman, with its gorgeous geometric pattern in brown and beige, really ups the ante on this living room – it serves as a versatile coffee table and adds an amazing degree of intricacy. Plus, the light brown gray carpet creates an inviting atmosphere. On top of that, the gray-toned photos give it a lively vibe – it’s truly stunning!

Gray Black And Teal 

dark gray living room with teal pillows

Those dark gray walls instantly create an air of drama and sophistication, and the gray sofas are just perfect for adding a touch of luxury. And then there’s that shimmering teal and silver magic – those throw pillows really know how to bring the vibrancy and sparkle without overpowering everything else. Yup, this space is undoubtedly a masterclass in blending dark hues with bright hues by using these gray and teal living room ideas.

The black leather coffee table in the center is a real show-stopper – a stark contrast to the light-colored throw pillows and gray carpet with its black shades, creating an undeniable depth to the room. With its teal, gray, and brown tones, landscape-oriented artwork gives an organic vibe that ties everything together in one cohesive and eye-catching style!

Gray, Teal And Cream

cream colored sofa in room with teal accent chair

Gray, teal and cream – the perfect combo for a cozy living room! From majestic grays evoking a sense of sophistication to cheerful teals that put a pep in your step and creamy hues that create an inviting atmosphere; this trifecta of colors can bring life to any dull space. Get ready to spice up your space with these gray and teal living room ideas!

This gray, teal, and cream living room concept just screams subtle luxury! The muted gray walls provide the perfect backdrop for the plush cream sofa with its stylish throw pillows – adding a touch of texture to make the space simply irresistible. Tying it all together is a comfy little teal armchair, which gives any onlooker that touch of visual flair they hadn’t realized was missing!

Furthermore, the two minimalist artworks with botanical themes add a serene element to the living room, introducing an organic beauty. Teal and cream curtains offer depth while harmonizing the colors of the room. The cream carpets that echo slightly in print to the artwork generate a sense of cohesion and balance, tying everything together in harmony. It’s like putting together a beautiful puzzle.

Gray, Teal And Mustard

room with gray walls and mustard pouf

This living room is positively inspiring! Gray walls set a cool, calm stage for the show-stopping dark gray sofa. Add pops of color and texture with plain mustard and teal accessories, then jazz it up even more with delightful mini throw pillows in teal and mustard. Perfectly balanced to create a cozy yet sophisticated space.

Adding to the room’s beauty, the two paintings really give it a zing! A vase of yellow flowers graces one wall, while the abstract one filling the opposite brings out yellow, teal and white that complete the color scheme. Standing out in all its mustard glory is the ottoman, doubling up as a coffee table too — tying together all the amazing mustard accents with these gray and teal living room ideas.

Teal, Gray, And Yellow

room with ottoman table and yellow flowers

Talk about striking a perfect balance; this living room has it all. The dark gray walls make a bold statement and serve as the ideal backdrop for the focal point of the room: an impressive artwork, with its bright splashes of yellow, teal and gray. It’s so chic!

What a cozy spot to kick back and relax! The light gray sofa is suddenly spruced up with bright yellow and teal throw pillows for a cheery, inviting vibe. And adding the perfect touch of sophistication are the two black armchairs. But that’s not all… The ottoman with its glass top acts as a handy center table, while pops of summery yellow really give the area an extra burst of life.

Teal, Gray And Orange

room with accent chair and orange pillows

This totally awesome living room’s got it all: modern and vintage, light gray, teal, and orange! Not to mention two inviting three-seaters in the light gray sofa family for plenty of seating space. Now who doesn’t love a lively pop of excitement with these gray and teal living room ideas? That’s right – the orange throw pillows bring a cheerful splash of color that has everyone smiling!

The plush light gray carpet – so inviting and comfy! It’s just what you need for that hospitable atmosphere. And then there’s the teal single armchair to provide a nice contrast. But wait, there’s more! The massive abstract painting in varying shades of teal, gray and orange is a real show-stopper. 

These tiny orange candles really light up the room and bring out the beauty of this minimalist center table. It’s amazing how something so small can make a big impact – even transforming a previously dull-looking table!

Gray Living Room With Teal Curtains

room with teal curtains

These stunning light gray walls create a remarkable setting for these striking teal curtains. They not only add a vibrant splash of color, but they also draw in the eye with their intriguing dimension. And, to tie it all up, the matching teal throws on the sofas provide an extra cozy touch that truly pulls the room together!

Gray Room With Teal Blinds

room with teal blinds and side table

Those teal blinds really take the cake in this living room- they’re definitely a bold and luxurious addition to the light gray walls and sofas! You can’t miss them when you walk in; they offer such a splash of color that you’re sure to be instantly impressed. They certainly add an elegant ambiance and make for a truly relaxing atmosphere.

The first thing many women want to do when they move into a new home or apartment is install blinds in their windows. They’re not just for privacy anymore; blinds are often used as a fashion statement now. – Marie’s Home Improvement Guide, Marie L Leonard

The teal window blinds provide the perfect balance of privacy and light control, while also making a bold statement in the room. They stand out in their own unique way, boasting a sleek and unconventional aesthetic that further accentuates the clean lines of the furniture and decor. 

Teal Combined With Gray Furniture Pieces

modern room with teal and gray color scheme

Check out the hottest new pieces in town: gray and teal furniture! We’re talking sleek lines, chic design and cozy comfort – it’s a winning combo! Whether you’re looking for a timeless classic, an inviting accent piece or something totally unique, these super-chic furnishing options will liven up any space in a snap. Let the eye-catching hues of gray and teal transport you away to an oasis of calm – so why wait? Get shopping for your perfect piece today.

This technique is indeed a fab way to up the style stakes in any house. Whether you’re into minimal modern or more classic elegance, infusing these two hues into your furniture will create a gorgeous unified look.

You’ll be spoilt for choice with the many fashionable furnishings available to suit your individual style. Whether you opt for chic and luxurious gray sofas, stylish teal accent chairs or an elegant coffee table, the timeless combination of these two shades is sure to add a splash of life and vibrancy to your living room – not to mention give it a complete makeover that lasts.

What Design Styles Work With Teal Hues And Gray?

spacious room with gray sofa and lamps

Teal and gray are a totally flexible match made in heaven! This awesome combo works for practically any design style. Just to name a few:

 Traditional: Incorporating teal and gray is easy: add patterned fabrics like carpets or curtains, and team them up with some classic grayish wooden furniture.

 Contemporary: For a modern, chic style, go all out with a teal accent wall: guaranteed to make a splash! Give it a unique touch with light gray furniture and accessories – must-haves for giving your space some serious contemporary vibes.

 Modern: Think light, gray furniture and decorations, spiced up with a few pop-of-color teal statement pieces – minimalism at its best.

 Coastal: The peace and tranquility of being by the coast! To bring a touch of that calming atmosphere to your home, you can opt for a combination of soothing gray and teal with rustic elements like rattan or driftwood.

Traditional Design

traditional living room design

This classic gray and teal living room is a timeless beauty that’ll take you back! The gray walls create the perfect backdrop for cream and teal patterned blinds, which throw a little oomph into the room. Bringing life inside are some greenery: houseplants and flower pots, while comfy teal sofas complemented with light gray pillows offer maximum relaxation for family & friends.

What’s cozier than a cream-colored coffee table with wooden legs adding warmth to the room? Plus, the light teal ottoman with cream accents doesn’t just provide comfortable seating – it can also double as a comfy footrest! Then there’s the final piece of the puzzle: a gray armchair that makes it perfect for kicking back and reading a good book.

Contemporary Design

contemporary space with gray teal scheme

Give your living space a modern twist with this contemporary gray and teal combo! Who says design needs to be boring? This on-trend look is sure to add a pop of pizzazz to any room. Be bold and embrace the beauty of gray and teal – an intriguing pairing that is sure to make heads turn! Whether you’re searching for something subtle or something truly unique, this dynamic duo has got you covered.

This modern gray and teal living room décor is ideal for those seeking a trendy atmosphere. The dark gray walls provide an oh-so intriguing backdrop for the space, while the massive, abstract painting boasting a combination of teal, gray and black adds that certain je ne sais quoi; adding an extra helping of unique flair!

Modern Design

modern living area with gray teal colors

The gray sofa with those silver and teal throw pillows is a real treat – you can just melt into the comfy cushions! But wait, the contrast of black single armchairs and then those same teal throw pillows really adds a splash of vibrancy to the room. And don’t get me started on that modern-style glass center table – what an eye-catcher! Functional meets stylish – it’s perfect for showing off your favorite pieces of décor.

Coastal Look 

coastal room with teal pillows

Ready to dial up the drama in your living room? Try a coastal look with grays and teals – it’ll be sure to wow! Incorporate soothing blues, statement-making grays and some coastal elements, like seashells or jute rugs. With this mix of colors and textures, you’ll create a tranquil yet vibrant atmosphere.

This coastal gray and teal living room design oozes tranquility! The walls are a calming teal hue, with wistful wall artworks of sky and botanical themes – creating a pleasing coastal vibe. The paint for the walls and ceiling is kept a lighter shade to keep the ambiance light and bright.

The gray armchairs look great with teal and white throw pillows and some geometric-patterned ones dotted around – plus, the huge mirrors with their antique wooden frames really bounce the light from those white blinds, making it feel so much bigger. This light gray ottoman offers a stylish spot to set books or snacks – it really ties the coastal-themed room together! And with added houseplants, it’s like a breath of fresh air.

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