What’s Your Outdoor Living Space Style? Quiz

Every wonder what’s your outdoor living space style? Take the quiz to find out which elements and design suits your personality best.

Discover Your Outdoor Living Space Style

How the Outdoor Design Space Quiz Works

Taking the quiz is easy and fun! It consists of quick questions about your ideal outdoor living space. For each question, you’ll see four options to pick from that best matches your taste. Click your choice, then hit “Next” to move forward. A progress bar at the top keeps track of how far along you are.

Once you’ve answered all the questions, you’ll get your personalized outdoor living space style result, which includes: a style name description, representative image, key elements, and complementary styles that pair well.

There are no right or wrong answers here – this quiz helps uncover your unique style preferences. You can take it multiple times to compare different results.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started and explore some outdoor design ideas! The quiz is fast and simple. Just answer from the heart about what appeals most to you. At the end, you’ll see your ideal outdoor oasis come to life!

How To Design Your Patio According To Your Outdoor Style

Want to really get the patio style right? Here’s some tips to help you capture the feeling you want in your outdoor space.

Entertainer’s Paradise – Entertain guests in luxury with a spacious dining set-up, outdoor kitchen, well-stocked bar area, string lighting for ambiance, and an audio system to set the mood. Durable, easy-to-clean surfaces stand up to frequent use and the occasional spills. A bar area is great for those who want a more casual gathering. Add bar stools overlooking an outdoor kitchen with a large grill that can accommodate all the food you’ll need to cook.

Zen Retreat – Create a peaceful zen retreat with a fountain, pond, lush greenery, neutral earth tones, stone, wood and bamboo design elements, cozy lounge seating, rock garden accents, and warm, calming light features. A water feature can provide soothing background white noise that can help elevate the peaceful feelings. Don’t forget an overhang cover or enclosure to provide shade. Add in neutral tones and an earthy color palette for a soothing feel combined with soft, warm lighting overhead.

Green Oasis – Build a lush green oasis with a variety of plants, vegetables, herbs, vertical gardens, eco-paths, and wildlife feeders and baths. Compost leftover plant matter to nourish your garden. If you need extra privacy add a trellis and bring in some vining plants like bougainvillea, morning glory, jasmine, Virginia creeper, evergreen clematis or grapevines.

Active Living – Construct an active recreation zone with open fitness spaces, sports equipment like balls and hoops, non-slip surfaces, a pool or hot tub, gear storage, and ample lighting. Make sure you have durable flooring like rubber mats to cover any slippery surfaces. Consider adding a hot tub or sauna to the area to soothe sore muscles after workouts.

Modern Minimalist – Embrace sleek modern minimalism with streamlined geometric furniture, monochromatic colors, tech-savvy smart home features, and structural greenery for clean lines. Make sure to keep the decor pieces to a minimum and be purposeful in what you use to fit the style.

Rustic Charm – Rustic charm exudes natural warmth with wood furnishing, stonework, a glowing fire pit, antique accents, earthy tones, and string lighting for evenings full of cozy ambiance. Stone can be used for the patio work, pathways and surrounding the planters to give an organic feel.

Cozy Cottage – Cottage comforts feature plush seating, soft cushions, floral patterns, pastels, repurposed vintage decor, strung lighting, intimate conversation nooks, and cheerful flower boxes. Don’t be afraid to repurpose old vintage items or garage sale finds as decor pieces or furniture. Add in some string lights for a warm cozy vibe.

Family-Friendly – Accommodate family fun with durable, easily cleaned furniture, distinct adult relaxation and kids activity zones, safety elements like rounded corners, storage solutions for toys/gear, a chalkboard, and games galore. Games like cornhole, horsehoes, darts, or giant jenga are all great options for family fun.

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