Enclosed Patio Ideas (Design Pictures)

Gallery of enclosed patio ideas including cost, popular features and design styles.
Enclosed patio design with sliding doors and screened walls Entertaining is all about making people feel comfortable and having a place in your home where for everyone to have a wonderful time and thought-provoking conversations. But what do you do when you do not have enough space and you do not want to commit to a huge construction project?

Try considering the addition of a patio enclosure – it is an ideal choice that will allow you to entertain anytime of the year and still feel connected to the outdoors.

There are wonderful ways to enclose your covered patio which we will discuss in this article and still create a warm and welcoming indoor space, perfect for entertaining guests, family, and friends no matter the weather is, outside.

A well-designed patio will provide some control over the environment around you and at the same time, can add value to your home and give you a better return on your investment.

Enclosed Patio Designs

Modern enclosed pool patio with sliding doors glass windows dining table Need some extra space for dining, entertaining or just a place to relax after a day’s work? Are you thinking of extending your home into your backyard?

Here are some popular types of patios  with enclosed designs which will make your outdoor living space more comfortable, help better utilize this space, and at the same time look attractive.

Glass Enclosed Patio

Glass enclosed patio with slanted roof A glass enclosed patio is one of the most popular types of design especially for patios because they allow you to feel like you are outdoors any time of year.

You can choose between single or double-pane glass depending on your needs and budget. A framed-in double-pane insulated glass window and door rolling panels which enclosed your patio will create a place that is weather-resistant that you can enjoy all year long.

Lattice Enclosed Patios

Lattice enclosed patio Using a latticework screen enclosure lets you see the outdoor but at the same time gives you the privacy you need. Lattice screen made from cedar or vinyl are the most conventional material to use.

Enclosed Patio Windows

Enclosed patio windows around swimming pool There are a variety of window enclosure to choose from for your patio, one of them is the acrylic pane which come with a sturdy aluminum frame – great for viewing, lighting and at the same time allows gentle breeze to come in.

Another is the glass pane which is a great way to let natural light into your enclosed patio. If you want an innovative alternative to glass, choose a vinyl pane, they are light weight, durable and the best of all it cost a fraction of the price for glass pane.

Tropical Design

Tropical design patio enclosure with outdoor furniture and tiki bar Turn your patio into a fun and relaxing tropical retreat. To enclose your tropical theme patio for a more private sanctuary to unwind, try using a long window shade made from bamboo or wood. These type of shades or blinds will keep the sun out and can also be rolled up when the weather is rough.

Use lighter furniture pieces such as light wicker or wire pieces, simulate flowing water with a fountain or waterfall simulator and use it as a centerpiece or a wall feature.

Add tiki torches for a romantic and inviting light at night, include tropical plants such as bamboo, lush palm trees, orchids, and stones to create a variety of texture around your patio.

Screened in Patio

Small screened in patio The old-fashioned screened-in patio allows enough airflow and gives you that outdoor feel without allowing bugs, insects, and rain to get in.

Screened in patio can be created by installing a specially engineered screen frame and rolling screen panels. It can block off glare from the sun and it is easy to maintain and very affordable.

Fence Enclosure

Covered patio with privacy fence Installing a fence enclosure for your patio is mainly for privacy reasons. Usually, building codes dictates that fence enclosure cannot extend past six feet in height, but do check your local building codes as there might be a difference in requirements in your area.

Fence enclosure are usually built with wood which allows you to customize according to your need and design. Reclaimed wood can also be used for a unique and rustic look. There is also vinyl fence enclosure that are available in the market. See more privacy fence ideas here.

Three Season Patio

Three season patio enclosure attached to house It’s recommended to consider a three-season patio for homeowners seeking to extend their living space while enjoying the outdoors. By enclosing the area with glass or acrylic panels, these patios provide a barrier against weather elements and offer enhanced insulation compared to their screened-in counterparts.

Ideal for spring, summer, and autumn use, a three-season patio may not be the best choice for extreme winter climates.


Sunroom patio enclosure with paver flooring Sunrooms have rigid frames with many windows and usually constructed as an additional room of the house rather than a separate structure. Sunroom roof may be made of glass and will give you a floor-to-ceiling views of the outdoors. See more sunroom designs here.

Garden Patio

Covered garden patio with outdoor furniture tile flooring Surround your patio with evergreen foliage to serve as a living privacy fence and can turn your patio into a secluded retreat. Among the popular and favorite hedges are arborvitae, bamboo, skip laurel, privet, holly, boxwood, hicks yew, red twig dogwood, chocolate vine, and euonymus.

You may also incorporate planter boxes and plant them with flowers like roses, daisies, bee balm, zinnias, and vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, peppers, and herbs.

Creative use of trellises with climbing plants such as trumpet vines gives you a dramatic, warm, rich, and cozy feel for your garden patio.

Outdoor Dining

Backyard patio enclosure with outdoor kitchen and dining table The love and fun for grilling while entertaining family members and friends is one of life’s simple pleasures which is why homeowners look for backyard patios that accommodate outdoor dining. An outdoor dining area can help you better utilize your backyard patio and improve your home’s resale value.

Enclosed Patio Kits

Wall mounted patio sunroom kit See this wall mounted sunroom kit at Amazon

There are inexpensive pre-manufactured screen-room backyard netted gazebos available which could easily enclose an area of 10 by 10 feet or 10 by 12 feet, or a pre-fabricated canvas-covered gazebos are good options, perfect for that extra space you need for entertainment and relaxation on a budget.

How To Enclose A Patio

Small enclosed patio kit Materials for the Patio Enclosure

There are a variety of materials which can give your enclosed patio its own unique look and reflects your own personal preference and taste.

Some factors to consider when choosing materials for your enclosed patio are location of your patio, size of your outdoor enclosed patio, budget, and availability of the materials in your area.

By tailoring your patio enclosure to your exact needs and with the right materials, you can bring your patio to life and make it your own private and comfortable haven.

Types of patio enclosure materials

Material Pros Cons
Aluminum Lightweight, durable, low-maintenance, rust-resistant Can be less insulating than other materials
Vinyl (PVC) Cost-effective, low-maintenance, rot and insect-resistant Less strong compared to other materials
Wood Natural, traditional look Requires regular maintenance
Steel Strong, durable, suitable for high-wind areas Prone to rust, requires maintenance
Fiberglass Lightweight, low-maintenance, versatile May be less insulating than other materials
Polycarbonate Durable, lightweight, UV protection May scratch more easily than glass
Glass Clear view, insulating options available Can be heavy, potentially fragile
Screen Fresh air, natural light, insect protection No solid barrier or insulation
Acrylic Lightweight, cost-effective, insulating, UV protection Less durable than glass
Combination Customizable, suits personal needs and preferences May require more planning and design considerations

Patio Flooring

For your enclosed patio flooring there are many choices. Typically with an outdoor patio you will want a material that holds up well under adverse weather conditions. However, with an enclosure you can have a little more leeway in what you select.


Enclosed patio with concrete flooring Concrete is durable and very low maintenance. You can opt to choose which type of finish to be applied for your concrete flooring, such as a smooth concrete finish, stamped, brushed, scored, patterned, painted, or with inlay designs using pebbles.


Enclosed brick patio with rolling screens for sunshade Brick is sturdy, versatile and has a neat and classy look which goes well with any patio enclosure style. Bricks can be laid in different pattern design, such as herringbone pattern, running bond or jack-on-jack.


Enclosed patio with flagstone flooring and retractable screens The roughened surface of flagstones provides excellent traction especially when wet. Flagstone are available in various type of stone, color, irregular shapes and usually are one to three inches thick. Most common flagstone are sandstone, limestone, bluestone, and quartzite.


Large enclosed glass patio with interlocking pavers flooring Interlocking pavers fit together like puzzle pieces which can be made to look like brick, cobblestone or cut stone.


Patio enclosure with ceramic floor tile retractable screen walls and gas fireplace The best tiles to use for your enclosed patio are the unglazed ceramic tiles. Porcelain unglazed tile are heavy duty and stain resistant.

For a rustic look, terracotta tiles are best especially for mild climates. If you prefer patio flooring with traction, best to go with quarry tiles. We recommend applying sealers and coating to your tiles for additional protection from stains and moisture; as well as to enhance their natural color.

Cut stones

Covered patio with limestone tile flooring These are natural stones cut into square or rectangular shapes used for more formal design treatments such as granite, marble, slate, travertine, limestone, blue stone, phyllite and sandstone.

Wood tiles & wood flooring

Enclosed patio with porcelain wood look floor tile Wood tiles can be laid directly over your patio to create a warmer ambiance. Wood tiles don’t have to be constructed from real hardwood. There are many ceramic wood-look wood tiles on the market that can give you a similar design style with superior durability and cost.

Loose materials – These materials are best in dry regions as alternative for lawns; such materials include crushed stone, aggregate stone, bark mulch, rubber mulch, decomposed granite, and sand.

Artificial grass / Artificial grass tiles – easy to maintain, great for kids and pets, soft and does not attract insects the same way natural grass does and eliminates all allergens caused by real grass.

If you have a large area, you can have a mix of the materials mentioned above to create more visual interest or to break up your patio into smaller entertainment area or to design a focal point for your enclosed patio.

Features of an Enclosed Patio

Covered patio with outdoor living room stacked stone fireplace Wall material – using reclaimed storm door is one way to enclose patios creating a solid wall of windows while maintaining an open feel of the outdoor space. You may keep one door on its hinges to function as entryway.

Frame material – popular choices for a patio frame enclosure are aluminum and vinyl. Aluminum is preferred for its strength and durability, but it tends to get hot causing the entire patio to become warm. Vinyl on the other hand, requires less maintenance and it is not prone to scratches and dents.

Enclosed patio with fireplace, tv and ceiling fan Pre-constructed window wall system – this window wall system is customized and fabricated to fit openings of your patio which you want enclosed.

There are several window panels designs to choose from such as sliding panel or swing to open panel; each type allows maximum air flow to the enclosed patio area.

Outdoor curtains and drapes – porch outdoor curtains and drapes add elegance and creates a whimsical and welcoming atmosphere.

A very specific type of a porch curtain is the mosquito netting curtains which keeps the mosquitos and other insects away; plus, this costs less to install than screen enclosure.

Benefits Of An Enclosed Patio

Screened in patio enclosure with stone flooring The ideal enclosed patio provides a place outside the main home for sitting, socializing and relaxation. Here’s a couple more benefits.

Privacy and extra security – Enclosing your patio will give you an additional privacy and enhance the security for your home. You can enjoy the outdoor beauty and tranquility of your surrounding without having to compromise privacy.

You can relax and be at ease while keeping out mosquitos and unwanted insects which can ruin a lovely evening outside and can help protect your health and well-being.

Increase in property value – An enclosed patio is a great option to get more value for your money and a better return on your home investment.

Adding an enclosed patio is much more practical in time and cost and will provide an aesthetic appeal for your home, adding more recreation space which can help sell your property quicker on the market.

Extra storage space – Enclosed patio can also be very functional as it can be used to store large furniture, yard work tools, gardening supplies and a place to store firewood.

So for the next outdoor project to add to your home, building an enclosed patio might be exactly what you need for that additional place to entertain, or that extra space you need for storage; and maybe one of our design ideas might be just the one which will interest you.

Patio Enclosure Cost

Enclosed patio with sloped roof There are certain factors to consider and understand which can affect the total cost of enclosing your patio. These include the types of materials used, such as whether it has windows and insulation.

The average range to build a custom patio enclosure is around US$ 8,000 to US$ 15,000 and may go as high as US$ 35,000 if installing electricity or adding custom features to the room.

A 200 square foot screened in patio will cost about $5.25 per sq ft for a total of $1050. You can buy a 10′ x 16′ enclosed patio kit for under $4000. for

The cost will depend on these following factors:

Size or the square footage of the patio

The major cost factor to be considered in enclosing a patio is the size of the patio space to be enclosed. Smaller patio space will be much affordable to enclose than a larger square footage due to the materials needed to install the enclosure and the length of time in building the enclosure.

Type of enclosure to be used

The choice of enclosure to be utilized proves to be another factor that determines the cost of enclosing a patio. The most popular and common choice is installing a conventional roof enclosure.

But if you are on a budget, installing an awning with screens to cover the sides will be cheaper than a conventional roof enclosure with actual walls.


Enclosed patio with windows When enclosing a patio, installing a double-glazed window especially if you are living in a cold climate or an area where you experience heavy winds provides a better insulation; but usually will be more expensive.

Design and Décor

Enclosed screen patio with white plank ceiling string lights and dining table Patio enclosure design and upgrades for functionality will contribute much to the cost of the project; as well as all additional décor such as skylights, hanging lights and window treatments will add to your total patio enclosure cost.


There will be cities which will require you to secure permits for patio enclosure with the local building department. The process of securing permits will certainly add up to your project cost.

You should contact your local city directory for more information regarding building permits and to determine whether one is required for your area.

Many cities will have an online database where you can get more information, as well as provide the ability to fill out documentation online for application and approval.

Glass Patio Enclosure Cost

Patio 4 season room with fan and lighting For a glass patio enclosure such as a three season room or a patio sunroom the cost can average around $15,000. For those who want a 4 season sunroom space the cost can run between $25,000 to $35,000.

For more related designs check out our gallery of backyard pavilion ideas.


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