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40 Beautiful Sunroom Designs (Pictures)

different sunroom designs and ideasWelcome to our gallery of beautiful sunroom designs featuring a wide range of room styles. A sunroom can help enhance your home and allow you to enjoy the outdoor areas for much longer from the comfort of indoors. As a combination between a living room and a patio a sunroom addition can be a great way to increase the resale value of your house as well as create a spot you and your family will enjoy.

Most people just can’t get enough of the sun. It uplifts spirits, help us get that glowing sun-kissed tan, and can make even the bleakest of home spaces feel roomy and bright. In interior home design, using natural light – the term most commonly used is “daylighting” – not only has numerous aesthetic benefits. Research has also proven that daylighting has a surprising amount of health benefits as well.

The Benefits of Sunrooms. Sunrooms are structures that are integrated into or separate from a main building that primarily have two uses – sunlight and views. They’re most often found in homes, but, as we’ll be covering later on, they’re also integral parts of many offices, restaurants, and other buildings.

The 1960s saw a sharp spike in construction companies offering enclosure systems for patios and decks. As building technologies advanced, the sunroom as we know it today slowly emerged. The contemporary sunroom now comes with different forms of framing systems, glass types, wall and flooring materials, and choices of stylish furnishings.

Sunroom Cost

Bright sunroom design with doors and great viewsThe price of a Sunroom varies depending on several factors. They are going to set you back a reasonable $360 per square foot. This is working under the assumption that carpenters will charge $70 an hour, electricians will charge at the $65 – $90 per hour range, while painters will charge around $20 to $40 per hour.

For more complex structures, you might need to hire other professionals such as interior designers, architects, or engineers. Keep in mind that more hires also means a higher cost. Some states or cities will also require you to secure certain building permits for construction, so there’s also that to consider.

Average prices for full-enclosure sunroom structures will cost upwards of $15,000. Of course, as with all construction jobs, a big part of will depend on the types of materials and construction systems you might prefer. Going for a wooden framing and glazing system will have vastly different price ranges than say, PVC or aluminum framing.

You could also go with pre-fabricated sunroom additions that, although initially more pricey, will ensure quality, straight from the factory, and state-of-the-art building materials and will have a shorter installation time. With all the savings from possible man hours and construction and labor costs, pre-fabrication might be a more economical solution. This is going to cost around $22,000.

Other factors to consider are whether or not you’ll be adding the sunroom as an attached structure to an existing wall or as an addition to an already existing porch or deck. Wall demolitions and subsequent retrofitting will cost time and money, but might just provide you with the sunroom that will be worth that extra effort.

For a clearer view of your options, a good rule of thumb would be to always ask for estimates. Ask from your local laborers, designers, suppliers, and hardware stores.

A good understanding of all your possible cost options would help you prioritize what you would really want from this room, which will in turn, save you a lot of money in the long run.

4 season sunroom with dining room and high ceilings3-Season Sunrooms vs. 4-Season Sunrooms

Sunrooms can generally be grouped according to their intended usage throughout the year.

Some homeowners would prefer using their these rooms in three of the four main climatic seasons. Winter is generally too harsh of a season for their use of the sunroom, and so they’re fine with utilizing the space during the spring, summer, and fall months. Sunrooms used during those three more comfortable months are called 3-season sunrooms.

Other designs, on the other hand, have employed sufficient weatherproofing strategies and active and passive HVAC systems to make it so that they can be used by homeowners and their guests all year round. These are called 4 season sunrooms.

The main differences between these two types lie in their climate control – the types of glazing they use, insulation (or lack thereof) in the ceilings and walls, as well as HVAC systems.

3-season designs, depending on their size and complexity, will cost about $10,000 to $70,000. 4-season types, with their more stringent weatherproofing design considerations, will cost a bit extra at $20,000 to $100,000.

Indoor Sunroom Furniture Ideas

Sunroom with wood paneling, shiplap ceiling and plush tufted furnitureThe choice of furniture for sunrooms will, as with all designed spaces, depend on its intended use.

Typically, these rooms are used as hospitable accommodation spaces for home guests. In cases like that, sofas and lounge chairs, side tables and coffee tables are usually what can be seen decorating the room – the typical fanfare for contemporary living areas.

For office sunrooms, tasteful choices of arm chairs and work desks will be expected. For play or lounge rooms, day beds and carpeted floor areas are often used as well.

Whatever the choice of furniture may be, extra care should be taken in ensuring that furniture materials can take the constant exposure to sunlight in a sunroom. Try to avoid any woods, paints, or other materials that might have an adverse reaction to constant sunlight exposure.

At times, discoloration and material deterioration occur due to UV radiation. A good workaround for these types of materials are effective UV coating finishes or windows that have UV-protection capabilities.

Coastal sunroom with sofa and decorative pillowsCoastal style sunroom design with sofa and decorative pillows

Sunroom furnishings give an extra bit of accent to the space by providing it with character and aesthetic style. This coastal sunroom design uses weave sofas and lounge chairs as well as bright splashes of red and rich orange on the throw pillows and sofa blanket cover.

Sunroom Flooring Ideas

As an interior space but also, in a sense, an outdoor space, sunrooms have the unique privilege of being one of the select few spaces which can accommodate almost any type of flooring finish. Depending on the type of subfloor system and construction, one could choose to use stone tiles, ceramic tiles, wooden flooring, or carpeting.

For simple flooring needs, these additions will need minimal site preparation before construction. For more complex or structurally demanding flooring such as heavy or dense stone tiles or solid wood floor boards, foundation slabs or flooring joist systems might be needed.

As with the furniture choices, keep in mind the copious amounts of heat and UV rays the room will be getting from the sunlight.

Sunroom Additions

For most homeowners with home-improvement ambitions, sunroom additions are a popular choice for really upgrading the value of a living space.

Typically, additions such as these are added to already existing decks, porches, or lanais. However, it is not uncommon to see these additions made from the ground up.

Granted, there will be extra cost considerations for flooring systems, possible wall demolitions, and renovations to the existing adjacent spaces, but for the most part, the extra comfort and space from a new sunroom is well worth the extra budget.

Beautiful sunroom with glass windows and ceiling and tile floorsThis addition design takes full advantage of its amazing background scenery by choosing to go with full glass glazing on all its walls and a part of its roof.

The prolific use of greenery can also be seen in the room itself, with shrubs, potted flowers, and indoor plants being used to decorate the space.

Sunroom add-on with large windows and swinging loveseatSunroom additions can be used as closed and covered wooden decks, with all the amenities any outdoor wooden deck would have. Here we have a freestanding swing sofa, perfect for lounging around on a beautiful lazy Sunday afternoon with family.

Without sacrificing the amazing views, covered deck keep out any unwanted natural elements or insects from spoiling your day.

Large sunroom attachment with brown lounge chairs and white curtainsOne could opt for the more contemporary look by going for sleeker, more modern furniture choices and somber color palettes. This black and white sunroom addition also employs flowing white drapery for sufficient amounts of privacy when needed.

Sunroom construction with wood siding and wood slat ceilingRoller blinds also work wonders for sunrooms. This cozy, more personal take on additions has sheer rollers that still take in plenty of natural sunlight even when fully rolled down.

Small room with white and aqua colors, cottage theme and ocean viewsSunrooms can be added adjacent to already existing home spaces. This particular example opens up to a large veranda overlooking a breath-taking view of the city and sea horizon.

Small room addition porch with yellow and white colors and cottage themeEmploying bright, neutral colors really serves to complement the natural light in terms of making a sunroom feel open and spacious.

This homey sunroom space uses subdued yellow tones with white and earthy brown highlights on its furniture, walls, and windows.

Sunroom with white trim doors and brick wall with sky lightsSunroofs are great additions to any sunroom design. This space uses beautiful french doors and windows, a cathedral ceiling with symmetrical sunroofs for extra sunlight, and a nice brick wall accent at the further side of the room.

Room addition with white wainscotingHomes in heavily wooded or forested areas benefit a great deal from sunrooms. They get the nice view while taking advantage of the forest’s natural shade to regulate the amount of sunlight coming into the home.

Sunroom Kits

For ground up sunroom constructions, a popular choice is the use of prefabricated kits. Although a bit more pricey than on-site construction, sunroom kits offer all the best, factory-tested materials and enclosure systems, as well as boasting significantly less installation times than on-site builds.

Most of these kits are DIY, giving you an option of building it up yourself to save on labor costs.

Ease-of-construction is a big factor in the design of these kits. They use easily handled glazing and framing materials such as PVC or aluminum frames.

These lightweight framing materials are a breeze to build up and install but also provide durable and low-maintenance structural support to the windows and roof of the sunroom.

Addition exterior view of homeQuick building time and light weight but effective framing construction are the few reasons homeowners might consider going for pre-fabricated sunroom kits.

Sunroom kit with greenhouse windowsSunroom kit with greenhouse windows – Source

Most kits can be installed onto already existing terraces, balconies, or verandas to great effect. Their glazing and the types of glass the use often create greenhouse effects and can be utilized as passive heating systems for the home.

Greenhouse sunroom kit addition for homeThese sunroom kits come in various sizes – from small 8′ by 8′ additions to medium and larger scale spaces. Their modular characters are not only convenient, but amazingly versatile for almost all types of sunroom needs.

Home Sunrooms

The most common uses of sunrooms are as entertainment or lounge spaces for homeowners and their guests. As such, the uses vary from living areas to small dining spaces, lounge areas to view decks, and even playrooms to cozy reading nooks.

Fireplace and comfortable brown furnitureLarger and more lavish sunrooms serve as the main living rooms or accommodating spaces for house guests. This example even has a fireplace in the space.

Coastal style room with blue and white furnitureCoastal sunroom design with blue and white furniture – Source

Homeowners and designers can choose to go creative with the style or taste of aesthetics in home sunrooms. Coastal style chic with navy blue and white color palettes are popular choices for many sunroom living rooms.

Bright room with wraparound windows and lake viewsFor lakeside abodes, it would be a shame not to take advantage of the amazing views of the lake and surrounding forests. Large sunrooms next to such good vistas do well to use large view windows and clerestories to really take in the surrounding landscape.

Circular sunroom with high ceilingDuring wintertime, all-season or 4-season sunrooms are used to take in warmth and light from the sun as well as giving you good views of the beautiful snowfall all around.

Cozy sunroom with brick fireplace More tropical climates give even better warmth and light for home sunrooms such as this. The choice of using wicker weave furniture and rustic wooden tables also add a nice touch to the room.

Contemporary sunroom design with comfortable furnitureContemporary sunroom design with sofa and occasional chairs

Modern living room stylings can be used in many contemporary living room sunrooms. The modern and comfortable furniture in this stylish room really make the space.

Sliding glass doors in room with carpetCarpeted flooring can be a nice touch to sunrooms. It makes for a cozy and welcoming atmosphere and the addition of wicker furniture complements the general homey feel of the space.

Wood sunroom with beamStrong, rich wooden finishes can add a lively glow to any home sunroom. The white frames of the french windows and doors as well as the stark rectangular pattern of the white tile floor also offer a good contrast to the browns and tans of the room.

Yellow sunroom with white window trimClean, white accents will forever go well with strong wooden tones. The wicker lounge chairs and the central accent table are oriented in a conversationally conducive radial layout, making this sunroom an ideal location for conversation with friends.

Cottage style sunroom with wood slat ceilingPoolside patios can be made even more usable by adding the extra benefit of them being covered sunrooms. It also offers homeowners a space to dry off after a nice dip in the pool.

Cozy room with views of backyard landscapingExtra ceiling space added in these rooms helps regulate the temperature of the room by letting warmer air rise up to the top. This particular setup, with large french windows and a gable clerestory window set lets in ample amounts of warmth and light.

Country sunroom with wicker chairs and area rugCountry style sunroom design with rattan furniture – Source

One can choose to let sunrooms act as entrance vestibules for side or back entrances of the house. It serves as a nice transition space between the outdoors and the interior private spaces of an abode.

Room with light blue paint L-shaped couch and laminate wooden flooringDesigns can also be side-wing additions to main house areas; they can serve as comfortable lounge spaces and viewing decks. The style of this particular example, with the large L-shaped sectional couch as well as the central accent ottoman, really makes it feel upscale and well-designed.

Tall ceiling sunroom playroom with toys Tall ceiling sunroom for kids playroom – Source

Other than as living rooms, home sunrooms can also serve as spaces that cater to the younger members of the household. Letting children play in a sunroom playroom with their toys and rubber floor mats help them soak in a healthy amount of sunlight and help the children feel relaxed and be in high spirits.

Sunroom with views of garden White sunroom with garden views – Source

This space serves as a nice view deck of the backyard garden. It opens up directly onto the outdoor hallway which really gives you a nice vista of the surrounding flowers and landscaping.

Room with blue and white sofasCoastal style sunroom with blue and white sofas – Source

Coastal style sunrooms feel at home, as the name implies, in coast-side houses. The ever-popular navy blue and white color palettes have complementing hues with the picturesque views of the beach and sea.

Small sunroom with corner window seat with comfy pillowsSmall sunroom with corner window seat – Source

A small sunroom with corner window seat is perfect for one that might prefer to use it as a cozy spot for reading nooks or as an intimate lounge space. These seats give you nice views of the outdoors and are perfect for quite evenings alone with your thoughts.

Gray sunroom with crown moldingHome sunrooms can very well function as dining spaces as well. This is perfect for families that prefer a nice surrounding view of the outdoors when they’re having their breakfast or dinners.

Patio Sunrooms

Patio sunrooms are dedicated spaces for lounging or accommodating guests. These come in the form of either separate structures from the house altogether or side wing extensions with large floor spaces.

Also, like an addition, a sunroom can have a big impact on both the interior and exterior architecture of the home, and if planned properly, can improve the quality and function of nearby rooms – Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Room Additions, Chris Peterson

These types typically have more complex ceiling and roof designs. A lot of them use obscured or low-E glass panels to let in as much light as possible while keeping out UV radiation. Others employ high vaulted or paneled ceilings for aesthetic value and air space.

Patio sunroom with sky light windows and green furnitureGarden patio sunrooms are an amazing way to entertain and accommodate guests or intimate social gatherings. The place itself is a nice conversation piece for any homeowner.

Sunroom with terracotta floor tiles and cathedral ceiling with frosted glassObscured glass are commonly used for any patio sunroom designs that might want to use glazing as their roofing material. It lets in just the right amount of light and warmth according to your home’s needs.

Sunroom with high ceiling, stone fireplace and slate floors Sunroom with wicker furniture and wood table – Source

Vaulted ceilings, slate floors, and stone fireplaces are perfect for 4-season designs. These serve as cozy little respites from the harsh colds of winter, while giving you amazing view all around.

Enclosed back patio with glass windows and Spanish tile floorsSingle-slope shed type roofs with transparent glass panes as roofing materials are perfect for patio sunrooms that are fronting beautifully forested areas or gardens. With the additional shade that the surrounding vegetation provides, taking in too much sunlight should seldom be a problem.

Sunroom with tall cathedral ceiling and white furnitureSunroom with white furniture

Tall cathedral ceilings, bright and rosy furniture and furnishings, and picturesque views from surrounding picture windows are always an amazing combination for any patio sunroom.

Enclosed back porch sunroom with chandelierMost sunroom designs do well to be directly connected to outdoor lounge or dining areas. The proximity of related spaces is integral in designing a good layout for any home.

Sunroom Office

Although typically used as living spaces, sunrooms are also often used for working or office rooms. They are especially useful for desk work that might need plenty of natural light. On the other hand, good outdoor views and an open, airy feel does wonders for any office worker’s productivity and well-being.

Another great benefit of a sunroom home office is the ability to quickly transform it in to a double office. These designs typically have a floorplan that allows one to set up a working area on either one or two of the free walls. This layout is ideal for couples who share an office or desire an fresh space for contemplation or creative work.

Bright office sunroom with wood plank floors white chairs and modern deskOpen, daylight-utilizing sun room offices are perfect for accommodating any office visitors when comfort and relaxation are key. A welcoming environment is always a good idea when discussing business prospects.

Rustic sunroom with plywood walls and built in window benchMost creative types absolutely adore a good helping of the outdoors when working. Large open plans used for sunroom offices such as this one are also amazingly conducive for creative work and really lets artists bring out their best.

Contemporary office with sunroom windowsSubdued, minimalist layouts are also quite useful for home offices set up as sunroom designs. It’s always nice to have a small nook in a space with plenty of sunlight for desk work that requires focus and attention.

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