55 Window Seat Ideas (Benches, Storage & Cushions)

These window seat ideas can help transform the space under your window in to a wonderful spot for relaxing, reading, stargazing or napping. Until recently window seats were only found in the occasional older home with extending dormers.

Bay window seat with comfy cushions and wood table

However, as the trend has taken off many homeowners are finding creative ways to add a custom window seat design to get just the look they want. In the picture above a spacious and cozy window bench placed on a bay window are with French casement windows offers a casual and relaxing space, great for small gatherings and lounging.

The large windows provide not only natural light, but also a gorgeous view to match the warm neutral theme of the space. The built-in benches have loose seat cushions, variously sized pillows, and a couple of throws and knits for a more laid-back feel.

Window Seat Bench

Bedroom with gray seat benches, yellow Roman shades and colorful cushions

There’s no denying a window seat can add a lot of personality to your interior design. Here are a few of the best reasons to add a window seat bench to your room:

Adds character to your room – A window seat can really add a lot of visual interest to a room. You can even accent it with your own personal touch with your favorite soft cushions or throw pillows.

Architectural design – Your window seat design can be matched with your home’s interior aesthetic. They can be constructed with the same materials as existing molding or cabinets to match existing architecture to create a cohesive design.

Extra seating – A window seat makes a great welcoming spot for visitors. It can be back-up seating if you’re entertaining for a lot of guests.

Reading nook – The window seat can become a cozy spot to curl up with a book and enjoy the natural light from the comfort of your home. You can enjoy the feeling of being outdoors and reading in total comfort. Many window seats are placed between built-in bookshelves to give easy access to your favorite reading materials.

Storage space – The cabinets under a window seat make a great spot for extra storage. Many benches has a hinged top that can stow blankets, linens, toys or accessories. A bench with drawers is another option that provides you with extra space for anything you want out of sight.

Enjoy the views – Many places are cold for a large portion of the year. With a window seat you can enjoy the outdoors a little more often which can raise the mood and overall well-being.

Easy to build – Using kitchen cabinets or even a portable bench one can create an attractive bay nook. Top it with comfortable cushions and pillows and you’ve got a place the whole family can enjoy.

A few steps from the kitchen, the breakfast nook doubled as our dining area and family room. It functioned as the heart of our home, despite its drab appearance and small size. – Ivy Lodge: A Memoir of Translation and Discovery, Linda Murphy Marshall

Kitchen breakfast nook – A bay bay nook in the kitchen is the perfect spot to enjoy your morning coffee. Just pull up a small table to create a breakfast nook and you’ve got a spot to set your drink or morning pastry.

Spot for sleeping or napping – Large bay nook benches can be arranged to become a bed to accommodate an overnight guest. It also can become your favorite spot in the house for an afternoon nap in the warm sunlight.

Custom Bench with Colorful Cushions

Bench with panel details, blue cushions and table top accessories

Going for a more boxy, masculine look, this bay nook is comprised of a built-in bench with classic panel details, blue seat cushions and a variety of throw pillows in different shades of blue and gray. The half octagonal shape of the area provides a spacious center, enough to fit the large round solid Mahogany dining table at the center.

Built In Bench Seat with Storage

Seat bed for two with under cabinet storage

Window seat ideas that utilize the area under the bench for storage can be very useful for keeping extra blankets and pillows out of sight.

This wall-sized bay nook area demonstrates space-saving techniques and excellent multi-purposing of spaces. This bench has built-in drawers for additional storage, and instead of using normal loose seat cushions, it instead uses two single bed mattresses to serve as the seat, which also makes it ideal for lounging, and as an extra sleeping area for two people.

Sunroom seat in room with wainscoting

Greeted right when you enter this home’s foyer is a bright sunroom with bay nook bench. Natural light from the picture windows and an assortment of comfortable bay nook cushions keeps this spot inviting for any guests.

For more ideas see our gallery of the different types of windows available for the home on this page.

Entryway with bench, bulb chandelier, white door and coat clost

A home’s entryway can be a great spot for a bay nook bench. This is an ideal place for guests to wait or for kids to remove and store shoes before entering the main part of the home.

You can bring in your own personality and design touches by coordinating the cushions to get the style you want. In the picture above the seat cushions were matched to the wall paint and curtains with great results.

Corner area with bench and small window

There are different techniques in maximizing small, dead spaces such as this example. This corner area is small and narrow, but is quite deep enough to allow a built-in bench.

The bench was fashioned to blend in with the interior detailing, so it also has a paneling detail in the same white finish as the walls. To match the gray wall paint, the loose seat cushions and pillows are in gray, with various patterns and fabrics for added texture.

Built-in bench placed by a double casement window

A very simple built-in window bench placed by a double casement window serves as a multi-purpose area. Placed beside built-in book shelves, the window seat becomes an ideal place for reading with its natural illumination. The bench also has 2 large drawers underneath for additional storage.

Seating area between two white doors in the foyer

This area between the two doors and underneath a large casement window is considered a dead space, but is given more function by adding a built-in bench with a loose red seat cushion on level with the window sill. This window seat is an ideal reading lounge, or simply an additional sitting area.

Window with seat near a walkin closet

Window seat ideas with storage can be a big plus. This window seat is placed in the walk-in closet area, which makes it very useful, especially when you are fitting shoes. The built-in bench also maximizes the space by placing two large drawers underneath, providing extra storage to the closet.

Bench with upholstererd cushions with city views

This window seat spans the whole wall of the space, with large frame-less windows, making it an ideal public or commercial space, as it allows more space for seating. To complement the modern look of the building, the bench also gives a modern retro vibe with this dark upholstery combined with vertically-striped backrest cushions, adding a more fun element in the other wise plain space.

Seats with Storage

Many homes need every bit of storage they can find. With a window bench its possible to create cabinet storage for tucking away toys and linens.

Kids playroom with alcove seats with two bookshelves

This small kids room window seat offers two drawers underneath for storage of games and toys. Additional built-in storage shelves sit on either side of the window seat to create an efficient child’s playroom.

Corner space with seat cushions and picture window

This built-in storage bench goes for a more vintage look, combining different colors and patterns, creating a sort of shabby chic feel. The loose seat cushions are upholstered in a violet floral fabric, while the throw pillows used are in gray and red, with heavy tapestry fabric and frills.

Upholstered storage bench

Window seat ideas don’t need to be complicated or difficult to add to your interior design. This inexpensive portable window seat with under cushion storage has a contemporary style that can match many different room styles. The bench has a solid wood construction with a flip top storage space. The bench is available in several colors such as gray, blue, print or ivory.

L-shaped bench with green textile uphostery and exposed wood beams

The sloped ceiling of this attic space could be quite limiting, but this design manages to fit in a rather large L-shaped bench to serve as the seat for this small media room. The natural teak wood finish of the storage bench matches the wood finish of the windows, and is given a more refreshing look with the use of mint green loose seat and back cushions with turquoise patterns.

Circular seat with under seat storage and wall alcoves

This unique circular shaped window seat offers open cubbie style storage underneath. This design would be ideal for a kids playroom where toys could be easily accessible and stowed away when not in use.

Custom Living Room Window Seats

Two seating alcoves with oar decor above window

A great way to showcase the amazing ocean views in this living room space is by the addition of two custom window seats. Both benches are designed to provide maximum exposure to the views and are perfect for entertaining friends and family.

Rustic craftsman style corner sitting area and round table

This corner sitting area definitely gives off a classic charm with its solid Mahogany windows and matching L-shaped built-in bench. The area has large windows, making the space look brighter. The L-shape of the area also allows space for a large wengue dining table and two movable armchairs for accent.

Tufted bedroom bench with traditional wooden legs

An easy way to create the feel of a window seat is to pull up this tufted Lark Manor Ambrine Bench. With a plush button tufted cushion top and traditional style wood legs this bench is attractive and sophisticated. The six leg bench gives it more stability and could be a beautiful addition under a living room, hall or bedroom window.

Bench withe blue pillows and lighting fixture

This long bench window seat is tucked away in small room with a built-in bookshelf and small table. The ark wood floors compliment the bright woodwork and large window that lets in an abundance of natural light. Colorful pillows can be added to brighten things up and contrast against the light wood color of the window bench.

Long bench seat with orange cushion

This corner window seat is unique in itself as it is made to stand out rather than blend in with the interior details. The bench keeps a natural pine finish which definitely stands out against the light gray walls of the interiors.

It also does away with a seat cushion, and simply adds a variety of throw pillows for comfort. It also has two ways to access the storage inside the bench: from the front via the cabinet doors and from the top via the awning doors with stay-up hinges.

Bay Window

Built-in bay seat with shades and statement coffee table

This cozy bay seat bench is a built-in feature. The extra sitting corner is an ideal space for reading and casual lounging, although its seat height doesn’t make it an ideal seat substitute.

Going for a cool, refreshing feel, the area is painted with a cool sage green color with matching mint green furniture pieces and warm white lighting. The yellow upholstery of the bay seat cushion complements the color scheme well.

Sliding windows with red cushioned seats

A modern interior with large sliding windows with wood framing and a matching built-in seat makes an ideal area for lounging and viewing the landscape.

Instead of putting a large seat cushion for added comfort, 4 pieces of zabuton (or Japanese seat cushions) were laid across the length of the window seat. This design makes the space more flexible, so you can easily remove them and place them on the floors if you feel like using the bench as a display table, or want to highlight the wood finish of the bench.

Window with floral cushions and flower vase

Because this bay window area is quite deep, it was not only used as a window seat, but also adds a layer of display table right behind the bench, which also follows the shape of the bay window. The narrow display table serves as a low backrest so you don’t have to lean directly on the windows and a surface where you can place decorations and other items.

White walls, dark cabinet and white cushions

Unlike the previous examples, this window seat is not built-in or fixed onto the walls, but is a loose piece of furniture, matching the other furniture pieces in the room. The L-shaped bench was placed on a room corner with two adjacent windows affording the space a gorgeous outdoor scenery. The L-shape bench has a charcoal gray finish with storage drawers and light gray loose seat cushion.

Kitchen area with medium colored floors and cabinets with dark base

From this vantage point one can see how this window seat in located just off the kitchen area. With seating in the kitchen one can appreciate the beautiful outdoor landscape while still being able to eat and socialize with the cook.

Seats for Bedroom Bay Windows

Bedroom window with grey curtains and cozy white pillows

This bay window seat in the bedroom provides a nice place to enjoy the views from the comfort of your room. With the addition of some cozy pillows this could become a relaxing spot or even be used for getting dressed or putting on shoes.

Curved corner seat area with tufted red cushions and white base

Going for a rustic/vintage look, this corner bay window seat keeps the weathered paint finish of the built-in bench to give it that authentic vintage feel. For added comfort, and a pop of color, red seat cushions were placed on the bench, with matching red pillows.

Dining Room Seats for Window Nooks

Open living space with checkered sofa dining chairs and chandeliers

This dining room window seat is jam packed with tons of comfortable pillows and has a neutral color theme to match the rest of the rooms decor. With an open plan layout this window seat is a great place to relax with a book, but still be part what’s going on in the adjoined living area.

White floor lamp, acrylic chairs, laminate table and wall mirror accent

This small window seat corner bench makes the perfect dining nook. Add a round table and pull up a couple of chairs to create a cozy spot for a morning cup of coffee and enjoy the views outside.

White gray walls, wingback chairs and rectangular table

This L-shaped banquette/window seat is a great dining room idea, giving it a casual feel, while providing more seating space. This gorgeous dining area has white and light gray walls paired with large picture windows, making the space look very bright.

The built-in L-shaped seat matches the wall paneling design and finish, and has added zabuton cushions for comfort. The plain look of the bench allows the use of a rustic finish dining table and an elegant pair of dining chairs.

Moss green accent wall, wrought iron console table amnd

This bay window are in this formal dining room seems to have anticipated the need of a bay window seat, therefore creating a built-in bench which blends with the moss-green walls. For added comfort, a 4″ thick cushion with gold patterns was placed on the surface.

Alcove seart with paneling and molding, chandelier and stairs

Another window seat on a dining room, this example blends with the wall panelings and has molding details and white paint finish. The long bench does not have a seat cushion, but it has a variety of colorful pillows for added comfort.

Cat Bench

Rattan cat bench with cat

We all know indoor house cats love to look outside, and what could be better for them than a cat overlook bench. This cat sized rattan cat bench has a top with comfortable pillows and a cozy inside cat bed. The cozy house has a pillow inside where cats can curl up and rest. The top also has a comfy washable pillow to give them a nice vantage point in the room or to the outside.

Seats for Dogs

Faux leather dog seat with black dog lying on it

This comfortable dog bay nook is made of faux leather material with a microvelvet seat cushion. The dog couch is the perfect spot for your best friend to relax in comfort. The dog seat has legs to give it a little elevation off of the floor and there is even a storage pocket in the back for keeping toys or treats.Window seat ideas for pets can range from simple crates to wash tubs or practically anything you can imagine.

DIY Seats 

Seat with teakwood base, green and orange cushions with side table

This is a great and easy DIY idea to maximize the space on bay windows. A thick slab of solid teak wood was placed on the bay window corner and is fixed with hairpin legs for a mid-century modern look. This also has a loose seat cushion with plain white upholstery to match the walls and has bright green and orange pillows to add a pop of color to the space.

Seat Dimensions

When creating bay nooks it’s important to provide the proper dimensions for comfort. Typically, a window seat size should by between 16 to 20 inches high with around 18 to 22 inches in depth. The height off of the floor should be at least 17 inches with no more than 19 inches high, as a general rule of thumb.

Room with built-in bookshelves with books and toys

This DIY bay nook is integrated to match the built-in bookshelves and features beadboard siding and a simple wood bench. DIY bay nook ideas that tie in the same paint or finishes as those found throughout the room can create a cohesive design.

This is a great example of how to build a basic bay nook which is composed of a fixed bench/base with panel details and white paint finish, a removable seat cushion and a few colorful/patterned pillows to finish the look.

White couch, graphic floor mat, television and storage cabinets

This is a great idea for a multi-function bay nook that easily blends in with the rest of the interior finishes and furniture pieces. This modern space have teak wood-framed windows, bringing in much natural illumination into the space.

The bay seats are not actually benches, but are low storage shelves in teak wood finish placed by the windows and fixed with a thin seat cushion. This can easily serve as additional seating space, or additional table surface once you remove the cushions.

Bedroom Window Alcove

Bedroom seat with yellow cushions and printed curtains

This gorgeous bedroom has a mustard yellow and blue color scheme, creating a very elegant and refreshing look to the space. The bay nook area is just opposite the queen size bed, and has a loose seat cushion which matches the yellow fabric used on the bed covers.

The short blue curtains of the window also matches the other blue fabrics in the space, creating a very cohesive look.

Four poster bed, mahogany chairs and walls with patterned wall paper

This French-inspired bedroom space definitely exudes elegance, yet still manages to keep a fairly simple set of finishes to keep it looking clean and bright. The sitting area of the room has a built-in window bench with fixed white base and matching white seat cushion and throw pillows.

Master bedroom with window blinds

This nicely decorated master bedroom takes advantage of the window views with a long bay nook bench. The white bench offers under seat storage that matches the fitted bookshelves and wardrobe in the corner of the room.

Seats with Drawers

Room with sloped ceiling, lilac walls and wide doors

Feel cool and relaxed with the simple color scheme of white, blue and natural teak in the gorgeous attic bedroom. The space is maximized by creating built-in storage pieces fitted even on odd corners of the room.

The bay nook with drawers has a built-in storage bench matching the other built-in storage spaces in the room, which stands out against the sky blue paint of the walls.

White bed with fur duvet and leather arm chairs

This modern bedroom space ads a little more spice to its look by using warm orange tones for accent. You will see that the room widely uses white as its major finish, but adds a touch of orange-toned elements like the teak wood trusses, the orange leather chairs and the faux fur throw.

It also has a built-in bench with orange and yellow batik-upholstered seat cushion to add a little more texture and pattern in the design.

Bedroom with red oak hardwood floors, flush light and wood headboard

This bedroom with white bay nook has different mismatched cushions in a variety of colors. The large windows of this room provide plenty of opportunities to take in the outdoors from the comfort of the bedroom. The red oak floors, colorful decor and natural light help keep this space bright and inviting.

Bedroom with drum pendant light, TV above the mantle and fireplace

Bay nook ideas in the bedroom are useful for more than just relaxing, they can also be used for extra storage and even sitting to put on your shoes. This simple classic bedroom window seat is situated between gorgeous picture windows.

Opposite the bed the window seat has a built in wall shelf, making the bay nook an ideal reading nook. The bench has a fixed gray seat cushion and a couple of colorful throw pillows for added comfort.The room is detailed with paneling and molding, adding depth and dimension to the wall surfaces.

Window Day Bed

Guest bedroom with day bed

A guest bedroom can be complimented with a built-in bay nook bed. Bed bay nook ideas can provide an extra space to relax in an office space, when not in use as a guest bedroom. Large functional drawers underneath provide extra storage capacity and who doesn’t need more of that?

Home Office with Window Nook

Home office with blue walls, rattan chair and round wall clock

There are many ways to come up with beneficial bay nook ideas that can enhance your home office. Not only do they provide another vantage point away from the desk, they also provide a place for a family member or friend to sit in the space.

Kitchen Window Seating Ideas

Building a bay nook in your kitchen is a creative way to add utilize your room’s floor plan to accommodate guests. A dining table with a bench can often be positioned under a window with great results. To find room for even more visitors you can try adding a kitchen island with bench seating or breakfast bar with bar stools.

Kitchen with patterned tile backsplash, lamp pendant lights and marble countertop

This kitchen perch alcove is perfect for enjoying the view from the bay window. The all white theme of this kitchen with white cabinets, marble counters and bay nook keep things bright and luxurious.

White cafe style chairs, black table with blackboard wall

This kitchen features a large window seat bench with rectangular dining table offering plenty of room to enjoy a meal together with friends and family. The table and chairs used in this design give it a classic cafe style ambiance.

Kitchen with bar and stools

This beautiful open concept kitchen with casement nook dining table provides plenty of room to enjoy the large windows with an abundance of natural light. Guests can dine at the bay nook with round wood table or at the carrara marble breakfast bar island.

Country style kitchen with slat back chairs, table and white cabinets

A country kitchen with casement nook makes a great place to enjoy a meal. The rustic wood dining table can sit up to four people on chairs and squeeze in a few more sitting at the casement nook bench. Colorful green and gold cushions brighten the space and help keep guests comfy.

Kitchen with breakfast bar island and peninsula, draped curtains and white kitchen hood

This traditional white cabinet kitchen with bay nook offers a place for visitors to relax while enjoying the views from the large picture window. Additional seating for two is available from the kitchen’s breakfast bar island.

Kitchen with sofa style seats, black counter top and chrom refrigerator

Kitchens are often great for bay nook ideas since they are a place where one can enjoy their meal while appreciating the outdoor surroundings. This kitchen’s window seat offers plenty of seating around a small wood table. Those who want to eat at the kitchen island breakfast bar can also do that from one of the two bar stools.

Kitchen with blue island and granite counters with open shelving

This beautiful kitchen found an effective way to utilize the space below this large picture window by adding a custom bay nook with drawer. This design adds a lot of character to the interior design without adding a lot of cost.

Rustic kitchen with coffered ceiling and cafe curtains

This rustic country style kitchen with bay nook bench has plenty of room accommodate plenty of guests around the wooden table. The kitchen’s rustic style with exposed beams, distressed wood cabinetry and wood counter island provides an inviting and warm ambiance. Take a look at this gallery for more kitchen island seating ideas.

We hope you enjoyed out gallery of bay nook ideas. Please let us know which one is your favorite in the comment section below.

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