Outdoor Furniture On Grass (Seating Area Ideas)

The greatest part about your outdoor area is that you can freely customize it. There are no limitations to your imagination; all you need to do is consider your budget as well as the quantity of space available. However, if you have a large grass-covered garden, you might think about investing a significant amount of money to construct a hard floor on which to put the outdoor furniture.

Outdoor grassy area with wood chairs, table, trees, and flowers

Nonetheless, have you considered placing the outdoor furniture directly on top of the grass? There are numerous reasons why you should consider placing outdoor furniture straight on grass. Simply put, this is possible under the right conditions.

Can You Put Furniture On Grass? 

White adirondack chairs and side table placed on grass near hedge plants and flowers

Generally speaking, the answer would be yes, but as long as you have other options to protect your grass, then the answer would be no. Not all homeowners and designers would confidently say “yes” to this question, and they all have identical reasons.

For example, they believe that putting chairs can damage the grass, which is reasonable. Placing heavy items will pressurize it, causing the lawn to be eventually destroyed and bald spots to form across the garden. Nevertheless, as aforementioned, you can freely customize your outdoor space.

You can always try to put furniture on grass, but should only under the following conditions:

Your outdoor space is flat, dry, and substantial.

You are using chairs and tables with wide feet.

However, these conditions will not be followed 80% to 90% of the time. Hardly any grassy outdoor space will be level enough to properly seat and accommodate household members and guests. That is why using the right types of outdoor furniture and choosing the right space can more efficiently make an outdoor seating area.

How To Make An Outdoor Seating Area On Grass 

Backyard with plants, table and cushioned couch on grass

You can buy affordable patio pavers to help strengthen the turf sitting area. Once you have them, you can start laying them beneath each of the chair legs. At the very least, this will make the pieces of furniture, particularly the types of tables you’re using, stable enough.

Unfortunately, the seating area will likely be difficult to deal with. We recommend that you go around the day beforehand, and observe and mark the uneven surface. You must also fill in the low spots with more dirt or fine gravel.

If you are not conscious of the appearance, you may also buy sheets of plywood and make temporary flooring above the lawn. Put them in the areas where you will put the outdoor seats. Nevertheless, you want this to be a short-term solution only so that you will not damage the surface.

Patio Furniture Over Grass Ideas 

Cushioned chairs and small table on faux turf in a backyard with stone raised bed and plants

Outdoor tables and chairs with wide feet, lightweight patio furnishings, as well as plastic garden seating are some of the most ideal products that may be used on grass.

You can use one of the available patio furniture layout tools if you need help visualizing the space you want before doing any buying or moving things around.

Best Furniture For Grass 

Here are the best outdoor seating elements that you can safely put on grassy surfaces:

Wide-Footed Furniture for Outdoors

Outdoor grassy area with wide footed lounge chairs made of wood

The furniture’s wide feet keep it from burying itself in the ground. They can lessen the harm done to the lawn as well. The table and chairs must have wide feet. Additionally, they increase stability on unlevel ground.

Lightweight And Portable Garden Furniture

Lightweight table and chair used as outdoor furniture on grass

The less stress the lawn will endure, the better. Because of this, you should refrain from setting any heavy furniture, no matter what kind of feet it has, on top.

The weight of the table, as well as the chairs, should be taken into account whether you choose rattan, aluminum, PVC, or wood. If you decide to use wood, you have to pick something lightweight such as cedar.

Portable outdoor tables and chairs are wonderful options since they are easy to relocate. The reason for this is that before they can harm the surface, you will be able to move them effortlessly to another location in your garden.

Plastic-Made Furniture

Plastic chairs and table on outdoor grass

Plastic is among the greatest types of outdoor furniture to use since it is lightweight and does not decay or corrode. It is indeed simple to set up and transfer as well. Look for plastic feet that have larger footprints to avoid sinking.

Inflatable Furniture

Inflatable furniture for the outdoors next to poolSee this inflatable sofa chair at Amazon [sponsored link]

Inflatable patio chairs and air couches might not be the most attractive pick, but they are ideal for children. And unfortunately, they can occupy a lot of space.

However, if you want something portable and easy to transport, they can be useful. They can be paired with a low plastic table and placed on grass without causing too much disturbance.

How To Make A Temporary Patio On Grass 

Small deck with wood table and chairs on grass with plants

Alternatively, you might decide to remove all of the grass from the area and replace it with temporary outdoor flooring. Various manufacturers offer rubber patio tiles that are designed to be laid down directly on the soil. They offer a wonderful middle ground between setting up a full-fledged patio and placing your patio chairs straight on top.

To create a temporary yet ideal patio, you can also purchase something as uncomplicated as gravel or small stones to use within a perimeter. You may place and move your different types of seating as you want by employing these little rocks. For stones to function, the ground must still be level and clear, though this would be a simple operation.

Moreover, incorporating a wooden deck or floating deck may be practical if your finances allow it. You can achieve the solidity and weatherproofing you want by establishing a wooden deck. However, you must construct it on a level platform and use pressure-treated wood.

Thus, you must guarantee that the ground is level to produce a flat deck surface. Aside from these techniques, you can also try the following ways how to make a temporary patio on grass.

Temporary Interlocking Floor Tiles

Temporary interlocking floor tiles for deck See this interlocking floor tile set at Amazon [sponsored link]

You can also put interlocking teak or acacia floor tiles on your lawn to protect it from being damaged by your sofa or chairs. Without the expenditure of a deck or paved surface, interlocking teak or acacia wood flooring can offer increased sturdiness to your chairs and table.

The interlocking teak outdoor flooring option is both attractive and long-lasting. Because this is made out of genuine teak, you will be confident that it is long-lasting. You can simply place these interlocking teak tiles beneath your patio furniture and you are already done.

On the other hand, the acacia wood outdoor flooring is also very appealing. It is nearly as durable as teak and available in a variety of hues. This is normally recommended to many households since it is less expensive and has more color selections.

How To Keep Chairs from Sinking in Grass 

Outdoor cushioned sofa on grass with hedge plants behind it

You have a few options to prevent your outdoor furniture from sinking into the grass. First, look for chairs with shorter legs. You might also try inserting something under the chairs’ legs, such as stones or bricks. This may assist in equally distributing the weight of the chair and keep it from sinking.

Second, be careful when pushing the chairs into the ground to prevent excessive movement. Third, incorporating chair leg coverings can prevent your chairs from sinking. The last option is to purchase or construct customized outdoor chairs that are designed for use on lawns.

How To Protect Your Grass 

Outdoor lounge with white chairs, fake grass, small table, wood fence and plants

Directly placing chairs on top will end up damaging it. However, without that protective layer, you will encounter the presence of mud, and no one likes to have a dirty outdoor space with lots of muck.

The following are some rapid and simple ways to protect your grass.

Every week at the very least, you should regularly move your chairs. This guarantees that your lawn receives adequate water and sunlight.

Once you observe brown or bald patches appearing, relocate the outdoor seating immediately and administer treatment to the damaged area.

Rehydrate the area frequently because continuous foot traffic can compact the dirt as this will impede the ability of the turf to receive adequate water.

Can You Put Furniture On Artificial Grass?

Backyard with outdoor table, chairs, plants, grassy area, and hanging shelves

Artificial grass is a practical and appealing alternative to natural turf. It is less difficult to maintain and lasts far longer than real grass. And yes!  The greatest thing is that you can place garden furniture on artificial grass effortlessly and safely.

All you need to do is make sure the furniture does not have any sharp corners that could pierce or tear the artificial turf. Putting seating on an artificial grass patio is the same as putting it on a regular carpet.

Nevertheless, extremely heavy furniture left on the artificial turf for an extended duration may leave an indelible mark. If sufficient maintenance is not followed, this mark may be unable to be removed. Relocating heavy pieces around every several weeks can help avoid dents and imprints on the artificial surface.

It is preferable to choose sturdy and dense artificial turf if you intend to place heavy chairs. Because it is more adapted to holding weight than thinner artificial turf, this style lasts far longer under the furniture’s weight. The thick artificial lawn will also help keep the outdoor chairs level and solid at all times, preventing them from sinking.

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