24 Types Of Desks (Features & Design Options)

Here are our types of desks guide, including the different design options, materials, features, sizes, and important details about buying an office desk.
Types of desks

Traditionally, desks are originally designed for writing and storing documents and other paperwork. They can offer a plethora of functions, as you will discover after reading this article.

They are some of the ideal pieces of furniture for both work and games and both office and home. A pretty good writing surface can be the focal point of any room designated for a particular activity, whether a creative outlet, a school-related task, office work, or simply an entertainment activity. 

Desk structure is divided into several categories, ranging from traditional, luxurious wood models to high-tech, minimalist, and modern steel and glass layouts.

Each type of desk focuses on a particular usage. Each style, material, and finish adds a distinct touch to the space in which it is located. Hence, selecting the right model entails weighing both appearance and function. Let us now discuss all the types of desks.

Quicklist: Different Kinds of Desks

  • Computer Desktop
  • Writing Desk
  • Executive Office Table
  • Standing Desktop
  • Credenza 
  • Built-In Desktop
  • Corner Writing
  • Secretary Desk
  • Kitchen Writing Nook
  • Floating Desk
  • Workstation Table
  • Double Workstation Table
  • Roll-Top Desktop
  • Gaming Desk
  • Lap Work Tray
  • Trestle Work Table
  • Treadmill Workstation
  • Carrel CubicleDesks
  • Peninsula Worktable
  • Murphy Workdesk
  • Circular Table
  • Ladder Writing Stand
  • Lectern 
  • Partners Writing Table

Computer Desk

Black desk chair

Computer desks are the most convenient and functional household office tables in a contemporary interior workplace. 

These table types have enough room for a computer system and monitor and storage for any computer extras, connectors, and external devices you might need for your work.

Like a writing desk, a computer worktable is designed for reliability and convenience but with additional space for hardware elements. 

Some of its important features are a specific surface designed for the keyboard and large storage space for the CPU. 

Having said so, an increasing number of users are abandoning large desktop computers in favor of laptops and tablets, which have more than enough computational power to handle everything digitally.

Since lots of people do not need standard computer worktable features like a keyboard tray and a CPU storage component, this might make the computer table outdated. 

Nonetheless, you could still obtain a computer table for your home for some other necessary purposes.

Writing Desk

Writing table with yellow legs

Writing desks are normally open, understated desks with little storage space and a sizable desktop. These are ideal for positioning against a wall or in the center of a home workspace.

This layout is best suited for a laptop than a desktop computer for office work—the straightforward, traditionalist aesthetic works well in almost any setting.

You could contend that any surface, including a dining table or furniture, can serve writing desks. However, a writing table offers a more stabilized and convenient working atmosphere for writing a letter or book. 

It is also adaptable and can be utilized for other hobbies, such as working on art projects and crafts. It can also serve as the focal point of your workstation.

With its smooth surface, a writing office furniture provides a fundamental and disturbance-free space for writing several notes and typing on your computer. The dimensions of these tables vary, but most are about 24 inches in depth and 36 inches in width. 

The styles vary as well, from stylish modern to the rustic wood. Moreover, most writing desks have slim types of table legs since they are not designed to hold a lot of huge objects.

Executive Desk

Wooden executive desk

The executive desk reigns supreme when talking about the world of home offices. With plenty of drawer capacity, surface zone, and a large footprint, these carved wood desks exude a hint of grandeur and ageless appeal that distinguishes them from other desk styles.

These tables are classified into three types: L-shaped, U-shaped, and open-plan. The L-shaped desk is ideal for use in edges and huge spaces. It is linked by a perpendicular wing known as the bridge. 

Furthermore, it has plenty of surface space to perform multiple tasks simultaneously and store different office strategies.

An L-shaped worktable has the benefit of providing adequate space for your home or office interior. It can hold publications, picture frames, and even small plants. 

Aside from that, it offers additional file cabinets in which you can keep and organize your documents. You could even incorporate a keyboard tray to create room for other items like pen holders.

Nevertheless, the U-shaped desk is comparable to the L-shaped worktable because its bridge links two desks to establish a wrap-around layout. It is designed for huge areas and has sufficient household or office equipment space

The U-shaped desk’s layout also lets you keep your belongings within arm’s reach, increasing productivity.

Open-plan desks, on the other hand, are rows of tables with no dividers. Unlike the other two types of desks, this comprises a single desktop with no associated furniture

However, it has gained popularity in business since many business owners genuinely think an open-plantable configuration promotes team spirit and improves cooperation among staff members.

Standing Desk (Adjustable Height)

White standing desk and lamp

In the past few years, there has been a lot of talk about how undesirable it is to sit for long durations. As a result of the potential health benefits of working part-time at a standing desk with adjustable height, the popularity of this type of workspace furniture has grown.

This is nearly identical to treadmill desks, requiring an individual to keep standing while working or drafting. The standing desk is one of the most appropriate alternatives to sitting for extended periods at work. 

This does not, meanwhile, imply that you can only use this while standing.

You might also sit while using this table because standing for a long time does not appear beneficial for your health; therefore, having an office chair nearby is still recommended.

For height adjustment, you can choose between manual and electric writing stands. This adjustable work table allows a person to find the ideal height so that he or she does not have to slouch. 

However, you will be surprised at how many other outstanding features standing desks have. Certain models include a sit-down/stand-up notification, alerting users when it is time to sit or stand. Some have an LED display that displays the actual height of the work table.

A standing desk converter is a prevalent variant of this desk. It is simple to install on your current home office setup and could be adjusted to allow you to work in a standing or sitting position.

Credenza Desk

Credenza with multiple compartments

Credenza desks, as the appellation suggests, merge a desk with a cabinet-filled credenza. This furniture is typically designated for dining or living rooms, and it is appreciated for its style and functionality. 

This is an advanced type of working surface that is frequently placed against a wall. In a standard office, it functions as a backup surface to another worktable.

When integrated with a desk, you get the advantages of both pieces of furniture, as long as you have enough room for one. These pieces of furniture typically have several drawers for storing paperwork, pens, and other office supplies. 

Furthermore, just like conventional ones, this type has adequate knee space and legroom.

Built-In Desk

Built-in desk with drawers

A built-in desk is normally attached permanently to your wall. It can be placed in most types of rooms in a house. It is more than just a dorm room accessory; it is an aesthetically elegant and remarkably functional addition to any modern house. 

Beautiful and functional, this office furniture reduces clutter in small spaces while adding a touch of modern chic to larger homes.

Depending on your needs, various built-in designs can include many drawers, racks, and top-space compartments, as well as increased storage units and hideaway shelving spaces for all those excess documents.

The built-in desks showcased in today’s top design recommendations are intended to keep you working in unrivaled comfort and serenity. 

Furthermore, with every conceivable material obtainable, from marble to refurbished wood, you can be confident that your deck will seamlessly blend with the interior of your home year after year.

Corner Desk (L-Shaped)

L-shaped workstation

As the appellation implies, a corner office furniture is intended to be placed in a corner. 

Numerous users prefer these L-shaped desks because they provide an expansive working environment where one can easily position a few computer screens and memos on both sides without extending too far.

Indeed, corner desks could be a practical solution to space issues in their most condensed form or a grand suite of surface area in their more intricate forms. 

Depending on your desired dimensions, they can provide more desktop space in a narrower area or a huge L-shaped spread. Another great feature of a corner worktable is its ability to provide additional legroom.

Secretary Desk

Wooden secretary writing table

This is a desk with a movable desktop surface topped by a shelving unit normally closed with doors or drawers. 

Typically, it is a solitary, tall, and heavy piece of ornamental furniture. Secretary desks were primarily designed for individuals who preferred an exquisite worktable but did not have the space for a structured roll-top model.

A secretary office table is a way to go if you need a work area to keep many documents and other office supplies. This type has undergone several transformations over the years. 

The conventional secretary bureau resembles hybrid desks and dressers. It has compartments, cubby holes, and drawers hidden behind a board or tucked under-desk that open to reveal a desktop.

Advanced secretary desks are narrower and more compact than their previous versions. Numerous models include hidden cubbies and drop-down covers in the front. 

However, the appearance of covers in the front renders the secretary office fuirniture unsuitable for using or storing desktop computers and printers. On the other hand, smaller ones might have enough room for a laptop and a mouse.

Kitchen Desk

Kitchen table beside an accent chair

A kitchen writing nook is a small designated space to work or pay bills. This work table does not occupy too much space. It is usually found in a kitchen, as the name suggests. Inside a home, storage is something you can never have enough of. This can also transform into a baker’s table space for kneading and resting dough is not enough.

While most homeowners plan for storage for objects such as dishes, towels, and other kitchen materials, they do not often consider miscellaneous items. The good thing is a kitchen writing station is an excellent workbench to hold letters, billing information, and a computer.

Even though it eats up a lot of space, a desk in a kitchen is easy to justify when you really think about it. A writing station allows you to multitask, keeping an eye on dinner while paying bulls or finishing up business.” – Udo Schmidt, Building Kitchen Cabinets

Most finances and bills are now handled digitally. This signifies that the times of sitting down and writing things down are numbered. However, this does not entail that a kitchen worktable is pointless. 

Numerous people are converting kitchen desks into specialized charging stations for their home gadgets. It can be a useful place to assemble the kids’ smartphones and tablets at night’s end. See our gallery of kitchen office nook ideas for more designs.

Floating Office Worktable  (Wall Mounted)

Floating desk set against a blue wall

A floating desk is intended to be used and installed in small spaces such as bedrooms or living rooms. It has no legs as it is attached or fitted to the wall. It is also known as an on-wall desk. 

Furthermore, it allows you to write or type on your computer. You can fold it up and store it whenever you are finished working.

In addition, since this type of table is directly mounted to a wall, you can maximize all the usable floor space. These furniture pieces are frequently mounted with shelving and cubby holes to enjoy the benefits of the vertical frame.

Workstation Desk

Workstation desks

Workstation desks seem to be comparable to writing tables, and they are frequently confused. The former, generally speaking, are designed for a particular type of work, including typing or calling customers. 

They frequently have built-in sides or screens and provide personal space for the individual sitting at them.

A workstation table is a great pick in an open-plan office since it allows those working to focus without being distracted by those sitting around them. 

It typically has one computer terminal, but there might be space for small items, including an in-tray, a pen pot, etc.

Double Workstation Desk

Double workstation tables

If you want to optimize the space in your home office, a double workstation or 2-person tables would be the ideal solution. A decent home officewriting station for two must be durable, functional, and have a great deal of storage to fulfill the storage requirements of a busy office. 

Furthermore, sufficient horizontal space must be on the top of the double workstation table to accommodate several individuals.

Double workstation desks enable you to work alongside a co-worker. That makes the process easier for you and the individual working with you. 

When two individuals work in your office or need to collaborate with co-workers, you should consider purchasing double workstation desks.

Roll-Top Desk

Vintage rolltop worktable

Decades ago, some of our parents probably had beautiful antique roll-top desks in their living rooms that they had completely remodeled after purchasing them at an antique shop. 

You do not, nevertheless, have to buy a vintage one; you can still buy them brand new nowadays at some furniture stores.

A roll-top desk has a hood that slides down over the work surface to keep all contents safe. While it is not the most convenient desk, particularly for computing, it can be a lovely addition to any office, living room, or main bedroom.

Gaming Desk

Gaming station with chair

A gaming desk has been ergonomically engineered to make gaming easy. Such work tables provide all of the space required for multiple screens. 

This type allows gamers to shift from one keyboard to another quickly. Furthermore, it allows players to feel extremely relaxed for long durations while fully engaging in the next virtual gaming task.

What distinguishes a gaming desk is that each has the peculiarities that suit it for specialized gaming necessities. There are desks, for instance, where the whole surface top is one sizable mouse pad. 

You can move your mouse across any working surface area and function as a smooth-working mouse pad.

Other positive peculiarities include zones for hiding cables and storing snacks during lengthy gaming sessions. Aside from that, there are glass-made ones and those with fastened cushions for maximum comfort and elegant design.

There are many designs to choose from based on your gaming requirements. Certain gaming desks are L-shaped to accommodate whatever you desire in terms of gaming. Others are intended to be placed above your lap while sitting in your favorite chair.

Several gaming desks are made of tinted windows, adding a unique charm to your gaming environment. Almost every gamer’s way of life can be accommodated by design. Your table will rely heavily on your exact needs.

Lap Desk

Lap desk with a laptop

A lap desk would be ideal if you enjoy working on the sofa or in bed.  A lap table provides a sturdy surface and height that allows you to work from your living room sofa, bed, or any other location in your home office.

The lap desk’s height is customizable. Thus you will not strain your neck or back while working. Several lap desks include a drawer for storing other office supplies. Most modern lap desks now entail features such as padding and ventilation.

If you want to keep your phone or tablet close to you while working, a lap desk with storage space would be a great idea.

Trestle Desk

Computer monitor on top of a trestle desk

The trestle desk is a more advanced and compact version of a conventional writing desk. It has a large work surface and a modern, lightweight, and space-saving design. 

Its interesting, popular, and futuristic appearance has made it an absolute favorite in millions of European families.

Moreover, the trestle desk is made of a plank of wood supported by two trestles. This table form is suitable for small homes because it is portable and functional. It is frequently matched with a short, moving filing cabinet for storage. It’s also a great spot to do some hobbies like sewing or painting.

Treadmill Desk

Treadmill with space for books See this treadmill laptop stand at Amazon [sponsored link]

Some people misinterpret treadmill desks as a passing craze that will be phased out over time. However, with so many health-conscious individuals these days, it is tough to anticipate that the treadmill desk will soon be abandoned.

A treadmill desk, as the name implies, integrates a treadmill and a desk. This type of working table is typically a height-adjustable standing type. 

The treadmill, on the other hand, is located beneath the desk. This configuration or arrangement allows you to exercise while working on your computer, whether sending emails or creating written documents.

Nevertheless, a treadmill desk can help you spend less time sitting at work. Research findings have shown that using a treadmill table on a constant schedule can boost your productivity and concentration while working.

Carrel Desk

Library with carrel desks

Carrel desks are particularly popular in university libraries. The chair is sometimes combined with the carrel desk. They might include a shelf, built-in lighting, power outlets, or Ethernet ports. 

Carrel desks, unlike cubicle desks, typically lack file drawers and other amenities. They are intended to stand alone or in groups, with or without closely associated sides or walls.

The term carrel can also pertain to a small secluded “study room” in academic libraries and on college campuses.

The room might have a lockable door to which the user can only enter upon request. Carriers typically include a desk, shelving, and a lamp.

Peninsula Desk

Peninsula desk and black chairs

Peninsula desks are ideal for those who require a conference space at their desk. Unlike a bow front desk, which creates a proper meeting space for attendees, a peninsula desk provides a more relaxed meeting space with less restriction between you and a client or staff member to discuss a marketing campaign, for example.

Furthermore, peninsulas are typically added to a plain table to form an L-shape desk or incorporated into another L-shape tableto form a U-shape desk. 

There are numerous alternatives for adding your peninsula meeting space with personalized laminate desks. It can all be done smoothly where the peninsula component complements your desk wonderfully along with other furniture in your workplace.

Murphy Desk

Murphy desk with laptop

When not in use, a Murphy desk is a pull-down or fold-down desk that could be folded away. This provides you with all the advantages of having a specialized workstation without taking up significant space in your home. Some Murphy desks can turn into a bookshelf when they are folded.

This folding desk is best suited for anyone who works from home. It usually has a vast work surface and built-in storage for publications, directories, and other materials you might need while working. 

When you are done for the day, you can easily fold the desk against your wall to store everything orderly and give you further space in your room.

Circular Desk

Meeting room with round desk

A stylish collection of circular or round desks in various dimensions and finishing touches, with or without cord management, to help deliver a solution for various settings. 

Every circular desk serves a variety of purposes. It allows the user to work independently and in teams but in a more relaxed setting or reception than a workstation or huge meeting table.

Ladder Desk

Ladder type desk See this ladder stand at Amazon [sponsored link]

A ladder desk is a useful type of table that is formed like a ladder, has plenty of accessible storage, and utilizes the height of your room rather than the thickness or depth. They are ideal for small spaces such as homes or offices.

Aside from that, a ladder desk resembles a ladder bookcase. It has a huge space for writing or using a computer. There is enough room for a laptop and a keyboard. On top of the desk, you can also keep documents, a card box, a writing pad, and a pen holder.

Lectern Desk

Speaker using a lectern desk See this lectern at Amazon [sponsored link]

Unlike other types of desks, the lectern working table is not frequently seen in homes or offices. It is specially designed for individuals delivering public speeches or demonstrations. 

This is a narrow, raised writing table that can hold manuscripts or outlines while the participant stands in front of a crowd. A laptop or display mount is frequently included in a lectern table nowadays.

Aside from its compact design, mobility is one of the greatest features of a lectern desk. Several models can be folded and stored in a case for convenient transportation and handling, while others have collapsible legs. 

Lecterns with specific carrying bags are also available. Furthermore, lecterns have easily accessible shelves for storing presenters’ belongings, such as reference points, publications, and laptops.

Partners Writing Table (Kneehole Desk)

Partners or kneehole desk

A partner’s desk is a classic style consisting of a large wooden platform designed and engineered for two individuals to work while facing each other. 

A profound top, two pairs of drawers, one at each end of the pedestal, and the lack of a modesty panel are the distinguishing attributes of a partner’s desk.

Most partners’ desks are made of wood like oak, mahogany, or walnut. They are normally finished with tooled leather additives on top and brass fittings.

Worktable Materials

Green chair with small office table

Your worktable should be able to withstand a reasonable quantity of weight and complement the overall aesthetic of your home office.  

We have considered all the important factors, including performance features, visual appeal, and usability of each type of wood used in desks.

Oak: You cannot beat oak. It is a persistent classic for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, oak is a tough and long-lasting material. This is critical for a piece of furniture that will support the weight of your office supplies. 

Furthermore, oak works well with screws, nails, and cutting power tools, which is extremely important if you plan to conduct a do-it-yourself project soon. However, we must say that oak is in the middle of the price spectrum. 

There are less costly options as well as more expensive lumber. Luckily, you cannot go wrong with oak regarding dependability and aesthetic value.

Walnut: Walnut is well-known for its beautiful grain, color, extreme hardness, and pattern. The creamy brown to chocolate brown tones distinguishing species such as American Black Walnut may look good in a darker, sleeker home office setting.

The exceptional decorative presence of this hardwood is combined with excellent performance characteristics, implying that your office furniture will be able to withstand a lot of use over a long duration. 

Remember that walnut, due to their lavish, ornamental appearance and scarcity, demands a very expensive price.

Cherry: Cherry can be found in various office settings with its smooth grain and white to reddish-brown sapwood (sometimes creamy pink). 

Cherry is a woodworker’s ideal type of wood as well. It is extremely easy to work with by hand and machine tools and has superb bonding, nailing, screwing, and refinishing properties.

Maple: Maple is another excellent option for a desk. It has a winning combination of properties: durable and attractive. 

The wood’s creamy white sapwood and subtle pinkish-brown undertone make it an appealing and modern option. 

Unfortunately, maple can be a little difficult to work with. Extra care must be taken when cutting it with machine or hand tools.

Best Type Of Wood For Desks

Regarding durability, maple would be the best type of wood for a desk. It is almost unbreakable and will last for decades. However, the drawback is it is hard to maintain and remodel. 

Hence, if you want a type of wood that is easy to work with and inexpensive, it would be safe to choose oak. However, it would not last as long as maple.

Desktop Materials

Wooden office desk

The desktop is where you will directly make persistent contact with the table and engage with the furniture the most. 

The desktop material has the biggest influence on how the table appears and feels when in use.

Wood: The most conventional type of desktop is made of wood. These are frequently found on top of all-wood desks but can also be installed on steel frames.

Glass: Any workstation with glass surfaces will seem strikingly modern. Glasswhen combined with wood or steel design, increases visual space and enlivens the entire piece of furniture

Glass desktops come in various sizes and combinations and are frequently detachable for cleaning, repair, or relocation.

Metal: A metal desktop is the epitome of functional design. It is another trendy material typically combined with a modern design workstation such as glass because it resists stains and scratches while keeping cool to the touch. 

Metal desktops may be combined with classic wood-constructed desks for a high-contrast design.

Laminate: On top of the wood construction, laminate surfaces cover it with a protective covering. This coating is often made of plastic and is intended to keep the workstation stain and warp-resistant. 

These are not the most elegant desktops, but they give functionality, variety, and inner peace, knowing that your surface is resistant to various elements.

Best Material For Desktop 

However, wood might be the best desktop material option for being easy to work with. 

Regarding visual appeal and ease of cleaning, glassand laminate would be the best materials for a desktop. In the end, it will still depend on your needs and preferences.

Desk Features

Home or study area with cabinets

Desk with Storage: If your desktop is designed for computer use, it will most likely include a tall, narrow storage compartment on the bottom. 

This enables you to place your CPU upright in the computer station hollow instead of on the floor, where it might obstruct legroom or get pushed.

In certain situations, the CPU storage compartment includes a door that shuts like a cabinet in front but is open in the rear to allow for ventilation; you do not want to confine electronic equipment because they might overheat totally. 

This storage area is usually reserved for CPUs on most desktops. However, some people store other items in it, such as their bags and briefcases, especially if they only use laptops, which do not need CPUs to function.

Desk with Drawers: You may have shelves or drawers that stretch nearly to the floor on either side of your legroom space. To cover the contents of the shelves, a cabinet door might be installed at the front.

Most writing desks have a small central drawer for pens, pencils, and other small items. When selecting a desk, determine what to use and store in that area. You must have enough necessary items in the drawers or shelves to reach whatever you will regularly need easily.

Tables with Hutch (Back Panel): A hutch is a piece of furniture that sits on top of a workdesk and provides storage above the working surface and the monitor. 

These can be of any shape and size. Incorporating a hutch raises a desk’s price significantly since it adds an extra piece of furniture to complete a set. It also multiplies the amount of storage space you have.

You may put anything on a hutch, such as books, documents, program disks, and other office materials. 

A hutch can be attached to desks, resting on the desktop without being attached, or in freestanding position. When buying a worktable with a hutch, be certain that the hutch is sturdy and durable enough to stay in position.

Desks That Look Like Furniture: When not in use, some desks, commonly called wall desks, resemble a display shelf, but when the wooden piece is pulled out, it transforms into wall-mounted desks

Some desks appear to be other types of furniture styles, yet are desks. It might be a great option as well.

Height Adjustable: Some desktop variations allow you to work while standing in front of your conventional desks

However, several work tables allow you to raise and lower them depending on your preference. Working tables with this feature would be a great option, especially if both adults and children are the ones who will use them.

Roll-Down Hoods: Some desks with hoods can be rolled down over the desktop surface to cover all the items.

Monitor Stands: If your desktop is too low and hurting your back, you can consider placing a monitor stand to elevate your monitor or laptop and level it with your eyes.

Portable: Some desks have rolling castors or slides that make them easier to move about the office space. To operate properly, those with rolling wheels need specific types of office flooring, such as wood or laminate.

Ergonomics: You may have a flat tray on your desks to slide in and out of. Well, this is where you will put your keyboard and mouse. 

For ergonomic reasons, it is lower than the top of the working table. Typing on a keyboard that is aligned with your stomach is usually more ergonomic for your arms as well as your wrists.

Foldable: Several desks can be folded to optimize your room’s overall space. The foldable table is quite ideal for small home offices and bedrooms. They can be folded once you are done working or studying.

Desk Sizes

work space in monochromatic white

Generally, desks are around 30 inches tall, which is ideal. Typically, the width varies from 48 to 72 inches. The depth ranges from 30 to 36 inches.

Type of Desks Width Range (inches) Depth Range (inches) Height Range (inches)
Standard 48-72 24-36 Standard
Executive 60-72 30-36 Standard
Compact/Mobile 40-48 20-30 Standard
L-Shaped 50-72 20-30 Standard
U-Shaped 60-100+ Varies Standard
Conference Table 72+ Varies Standard
Standing/Adjustable Varies Varies 22-48 (Adjustable)

These are the most usual measurements, although this office table design may differ from these estimations in some cases. See our guide to desk sizes on this page.

How Do I Choose A Good Work Counter?

Multiple tables for work

Choose a computer table that is specifically built for computer use. If you use a personal computer, ensure the this furniture has room or a compartment for the CPU below. 

For electrical connections, look for desks with built-in wiring openings or channels as this provides a secure way to keep those cords organized. Ensure that the materials used are durable and the desk legs are stable.

What Do You Call an Office Table That Opens Up?

A secretary desk, also known as an escritoire, is a type of office table that must be opened up first before it can be used. 

It consists of a base of large drawers topped by a table with a movable desktop surface covered by a bookcase. It is normally closed with a pair of doors, sometimes constructed of glass. 

What Are The Small Desks Called?

Lap, bedside, and Bargueño desks are some of the smallest types

What Is A Two-Person Desktop Called?

A double workstation table is the most popular term for two-person desks.

What Is A Pedenza?

Office station with pedenza

A pedenza is a type of office table extension frequently used as side storage in conjunction with a worktable. It usually has two drawers, one filer with centralized locking, and a shelf with a lockable sliding door.

Executive Desks Vs Computer-Style Desks 

Executive desks are designed for workers who perform multiple tasks at once. They are frequently found in offices more than in houses. 

White desk against a large window

Executive desks are normally made up of a single working surface in the center of the office. These are also available in L-shape and U-shape, which are designed for individuals requiring extra room.

Computer desks are normally found in houses more than in offices. They are particularly designed to accommodate one monitor, CPU, and additional shelves for several office supplies. They are normally smaller than executive desks.

Office Desks Vs Writing Desktops

Minimalist work area with white work table

Computer desks offer more storage capacity than writing desks. They can also hold a computer monitor as they are far sturdier. 

Writing desks are primarily for studying and writing purposes. It does not have a designated space for CPUs. However, you can use a laptop conveniently on a writing desk.

See more related content in our article about setting up a home office for remote work on this page.

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