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Gray Granite Countertops (Matching Cabinets & Paint)

Find out all about gray granite countertops including matching it with cabinets & paint colors, best paint to use and the different types of gray granite kitchen countertops.

different types of gray granite countertopsGray granite countertops are among the most popular kitchen countertop options. They provide a classic design that can match any kitchen layout. Gray is also a flexible neutral color that can be paired with a wide range of cabinet colors as well as other kitchen supplies.

Whether utilized for kitchen or bathroom countertops, the many forms of gray granite make a great impression. The additional benefits granite provides in addition to its beauty are just remarkable and most of them are even long-lasting and low-maintenance. It is indeed easy to see why so many homeowners prefer gray granite.

Furthermore, gray granite worktops can help to brighten up a gloomy kitchen and make it seem larger. Gray granite countertops have unequaled dimensionality in a kitchen; they may completely transform your kitchen area!

In this article, we will provide you with a full overview of our best-loved gray granite countertops and why they remain so popular. We will also show you the different types of gray granite and paint suggestions for combining these countertops with the interior of your kitchen.

Types of Gray Granite Countertops 

Kitchen with bi-level island counterSelecting the ideal type of gray granite for your kitchen can make your home genuinely unique and classic. Below you’ll find the different types of gray granite countertops as well as their characteristics, cost, country of origin, and pattern variation.

Dark Gray

Starting with dark gray granite, here’s a few of the most popular choices.

Charcoal Gray

Kitchen with dark charcoal countertop, and white cabinetsCharacteristics: Charcoal gray granite uses light gray specks to counterbalance the dark gray backdrop. It is extremely slip-resistant, rendering it a great option for non-slip countertop surfaces. Its cool tones provide a modern aesthetic that architects and designers prefer.

Granite slab sizes are cut neatly, and are easy to lay. Certain dark gray granite might have a slight white veining that adds aesthetic appeal.

Cost: $20 to $70 per square foot (3 cm thick)

Country of Origin: United States

Pattern Variation: Medium

Steel Gray

Kitchen with steel gray countertop and wood cabinets Characteristics: Steel gray granite is a medium-variation countertop stone option with hues of gray, black, and browns, as well as blues interspersed and specks of light grays.

This type of gray granite is a tough stone that works well for both interior and exterior applications in both residential and commercial environments. See more types of black granite here.

Cost: $40 to $60 per square foot (3 cm thick)

Country of Origin: India 

Pattern Variation: Medium

Graphite Gray

Kitchen with graphite granite Characteristics: Graphite gray granite is a contemporary granite featuring ash and silver hues. It has deep grayish stonework with delicate flecks to provide vitality.

This stone draws out the warmth of metals and woods while emphasizing honey and grayish-brown tones. Graphite gray is perfect for use on kitchen countertops due to its firmness and durability.

Cost: $50 to $60 per square foot (2.2 to 3 cm thick)

Country of Origin: India

Pattern Variation: Low

Light Gray

Here’s a few of the most popular light gray color granite.

Ivory Pearl Granite

Ivory pearl granite Characteristics: Ivory Pearl granite is a solid and durable stone with specks of burgundy and veining of beige, white, and gray. Its cool tone gives it a sleek, clean, urbanized appearance.

A granite slab has a substantial feel, great natural beauty, and permanence—and it is a snap to wipe clean. – Building Outdoor Kitchens for Every Budget, Steve Cory

It is precisely sized, cuts well, and is simple to lay and there is very little diversity between slabs. The slab surfaces have a trace of mica, which shine under direct sunlight or illumination.

Cost: $30 to $50 per square foot (3 cm thick)

Country of Origin: Brazil

Pattern Variation: Low

Fantasy Gray

Kitchen with fantasy gray beveled edge counterCharacteristics: Fantasy gray is a rich dark gray exotic granite with unique veins. It contains very fine darker grains, stunning gray splashes, and vivid brown veining on a cream backdrop. This granite is a thick material that has been softly sandblasted for grip, making sure that your kitchen countertops will be a reliable surface for various tasks.

Cost: $35 to $50 per square foot (3 cm thick)

Country of Origin: Turkey, Brazil

Pattern Variation: Medium 

Gray Mist Granite

Gray mist granite with white island baseSee this gray mist granite countertop sample at Home Depot [sponsored link]

Characteristics: Gray mist granite nicely combines dark and light grays with a tinge of warmer tones to generate motion and visual complexity, much like the sun breaking through a foggy atmosphere on an early winter morning.

Gray mist granite has ripples of white and grayish tones with little black particles, making it ideal for constructing modern-looking types of kitchen countertops. Gray mist countertops are extremely durable, making them ideal for both busy residential and commercial kitchens. 

Cost: $30 to $40 per square foot (3 cm thick)

Country of Origin: India

Pattern Variation: High

Gray Pearl Granite

Gray pearl type granite and subway tile backsplashCharacteristics: Gray pearl granite has a delicate black backdrop with gray pearls that have been twisted. It is a low-variation stone with brown, blue, and black hues as well as a faint gray fleck all over. The low-variation patterns on gray pearl granite create a wavy overall appearance.

This natural stone material is suitable for individuals who prefer a kitchen countertop with balanced neutral granite colors and a serene look. The flecks on it impart a delicate touch that greatly appeals to customers.

Cost: $40 to $50 per square foot (1.5 to 2 cm thick)

Country of Origin: India 

Pattern Variation: Low

White Gray

Kitchen with granite in white grayCharacteristics: White gray granite is one of the most widely known gray granite countertop options. It features gorgeous gray and white veins as well as lovely burgundy specks.

It adds a dash of color to your otherwise bland kitchen countertop. This is well-known for its fashionable look and durability. It can also be purchased in tiles or slabs.

Cost: $35 to $45 per square foot (2 or 3 cm thick)

Country of Origin: India

Pattern Variation: Low

Gray Wave Granite

Gray wave granite in kitchen space with double door refrigeratorCharacteristics: Gray wave granite countertops have medium to coarse-grained veins in brown, brown, gold, yellow, white, beige, and dark brown. This natural granite’s wavy design is also made up of numerous small black specks that are linked together.

These black dots are soft and dense, resembling river sand at the river’s bottom, and the whole aesthetic is incredibly harmonic. This type of gray granite makes an ideal surface for both residential and commercial kitchens.

Cost: $45 to $55 per square foot (2 or 3 cm thick)

Country of Origin: India

Pattern Variation: Medium

Silver Cloud Granite

Kitchen with silver cloud granite Characteristics: Silver cloud granite is inherently gorgeous, resembling a thick snow cloud that is producing a dense pattern over the horizon. Finely-grained silver and fog-gray swirl throughout ivory, alabaster, and white in this delicate and exquisite granite.

This is a magnificent gray granite with amazing flowing ripples of white and gray minerals. This extremely durable material is ideal for kitchen countertops and may be utilized in both indoor and outdoor installations, as well as commercial and residential locations.

Cost: $40 to 60 per square foot (3 cm thick)

Country of Origin: India, United States of America

Pattern Variation: Medium

Andino White Granite

Kitchen with andino white graniteCharacteristics: Andino white granite is a lovely white and gray granite with beige specks and charcoal tints. Andino white will offer you a bright and stylish appearance. It is both soft-looking and colorful all throughout.

The subtle gray and white granite color scheme stands out against the black woodwork. This long-lasting and low-maintenance granite countertop is often available with a polished appearance.

Cost: $55 to $65 per square foot (3 cm thick)

Country of Origin: Brazil

Pattern Variation: Medium

A lighter color tone or speckled granite is an excellent choice for darker spaces with little to no natural light.- interior designer, Ellen Siloy

Honed Granite

Gray honed granite in an open layout living spaceHoned granite is unfinished and features a low-gloss, matte finish. This is not the same as polished granite, which has a high-gloss finish. Furthermore, honed granite has a much softer, more authentic feel compared to polished granite. You will recognize it once you slide your hand across the surface.

Honed gray granite countertops are a widely known option among homeowners who want a more casual or weathered appearance. They are stylish, and modern, and can potentially add thousands of dollars to the total value of your property.

Manufacturers impede the finishing process just when the gray granite begins to shine. Therefore, you get that plain and low-sheen appearance. Because of its distinct appearance, honed gray granite has grown in popularity among homeowners who prefer minimalist kitchen decor.

Moreover, honed granite countertops come in a variety of colors, although grays are the most common. If you want to incorporate honed gray granite into your kitchen, it is highly suggested that you visit your local store to check out what they have to give. Every slab of gray granite is different in quality, thus look around to get the best countertop for you.

The texture and color of honed gray granite are not quite as stunning as polished granite, which is why homeowners should be informed of this. The inherent detail of the stone will simply be less visible than it is with polished granite.

Honed gray granite countertops are permeable. Not only can dirt, filth, oil, and smudges stick to it more easily but honed gray granite can also be discolored more easily. Even after sealing your countertops as instructed, they may still become damaged by substances like acidic drinks, red wines, citrus, and carbonated beverages. 

Certain foods can also damage your honed gray granite. The greatest thing you can do is wipe up spilled messes as soon as possible. Failure to do so might stain the surface and perhaps leave black patches.

Indeed, honed gray granite countertops involve significantly more maintenance than polished granite. You should clean granite that is honed frequently with warm water and a soft towel to maintain its appearance. Make sure to use a towel to thoroughly dry your honed gray granite. This will keep wet stains at bay.

In addition, each gray granite countertop will be graded according to color, veins, and patterning. The grades of honed gray granite countertops are as follows:

• Low-Tier Honed Granite: Low-tier granite is also known as commercial-grade granite. Such slabs may contain more flaws than higher-grade slabs.

• Mid-Tier Honed Granite: Mid-tier stone is of moderate quality. It is of higher quality than commercial grade but not as beautiful as top-tier granite.

• Top-Tier Honed Granite: Top-tier granite is the highest grade and has the widest variety of patterns, colors, and veins.

Polished Granite

Kitchen with polished graniteGray granite that has been polished seems a lot smoother and more reflective. The gray tones of the stone will appear more vivid, and the patterns, such as unique veins, flakes, and swirls, will be more visible.

This is due to the polished surface enhancing the appearance of the tones and patterns. Polished gray granite countertops are an appealing natural stone surface that can be added to your kitchen.

Truly, polished gray granite is the prime option for an elegant, smart, and minimalist appearance. It brings out the natural beauty of the gray granite, resulting in unrivaled luxury.

Polished gray granite boasts a glossy, mirror-like finish that bounces light nicely and accentuates the gray granite’s uniqueness.

The surface always appears tidy and faultless, and the gray colors as well as the specks and veins appear more vibrant and intense. Even so, the polished surface emphasizes the depth of the gray granite and makes the tones appear more desirable.

Polished granite has low maintenance needs, drawing many homeowners’ attention. The surfaces are extremely sanitary, simple to keep clean, and stain-resistant. As a result, polished granite countertops make an excellent option for a high-traffic part of the house, especially the kitchen.

Polished gray granite countertop slabs are quite common and, as a result, are very inclined to be always in stock. As a byproduct of their widespread availability, polished gray granite countertops are less expensive than honed ones.

Honed gray granite is often more expensive, but because polished gray granite necessitates more grinding as opposed to honed granite, the polished version makes logical sense to be costlier at times than its honed equivalent.

Matching Gray Countertops with Cabinets

Spacious kitchen with light beige walls, globe lights and black chairs Gray granite countertops offer an exquisite appearance and are ideal for creating a smart and trendy kitchen. Gray granite countertops, which work harmoniously with both warm and cool tones, are a versatile solution for countless kitchen décor.

Lighter cabinet colors compliment gray countertops best, even though we are also seeing other colors such as blues, greens, and several other neutral tones in interior design.

Thus, we adore the wonderful variances and color veins in gray countertops, like uniquely patterned granite because they provide a neutral background yet allow homeowners to accentuate their preferred color.

Here are some tips and tricks on how you can match your gray granite countertops with your cabinets.

Pick Your Preferred Kitchen Design: Gray granite types of countertops complement a wide range of kitchen design ideas. The first step in picking which gray granite to select for your kitchen countertop is to decide on a design concept.

This will also assist you in developing your general color palette and selecting the appropriate material finishes for your cabinets as well as flooring.

For example, antique-style cabinets necessitate a rich and extravagant color combination, therefore you should use gray granite countertops with a profound color or dynamic patterns.

Kitchen with gray granite countertops

Consider Complementing Accent Cabinets: Cabinets with a bright white or off-white backdrop complement almost every kitchen countertop color, especially gray granite countertops.

Furthermore, the mix of these hues makes the kitchen space appear larger than it actually is, thus white cabinets function well in smaller kitchens. However, before choosing a white cabinet, we suggest that you choose a material that is appropriate for your personality.

Think About Achieving a Monochromatic Appearance: If you like tone-on-tone designs, coordinating cabinet and countertop colors will give your kitchen a unified and versatile look.

The minimalism of a monochromatic appearance allows various colorful accents, such as appliances, decorative items, wall paint, and so on, to stand out.

The key to achieving this appearance is to use gray granite countertops and kitchen cabinet doors that are the same color but one or two shades darker or lighter.

Soothing Beige and Cream Accent the Toned-Down Countertops: When contrasted to the cooler tones of white and gray, using cream and beige can contribute to making your kitchen feel more relaxed and warmer.

Thus, while designing with these colors, you can look for a cabinet that combines these warmer tones with the gray that is present in your gray granite countertops.

Earthy Browns are the Ideal Complement: If you prefer the depth of darker kitchen cabinets, there is no doubt that earthy browns go nicely with gray granite countertops with a warmer undertone. You can search for cabinets with a blend of gray and brown, but do not be afraid to experiment with other color schemes.

Paint Colors That Go with Gray

Kitchen with tile backsplash and gray speckled graniteGray granite countertops are a wonderful option if you want something new and exciting, mostly due to their versatility to work in various designs. So do not be concerned about what colors will go with your gray granite countertops. You are not as restricted as you might assume.

Here’s some of the best paint colors to pair with gray granite.


White Dove (OC-17)Benjamin Moore White Dove (OC-17)

White is undoubtedly the least daring of colors, but it is frequently a top option since it complements gray granite countertops so beautifully. It looks well in both modern and rustic kitchens and exudes a sense of cleanliness.

Recommended White Paint: Benjamin Moore White Dove (OC-17)


Onyx (2133-10)Benjamin Moore Onyx (2133-10)

It can be frightening to paint anything black. Admittedly, black can make a room appear smaller than it is. Nevertheless, when combined with gray granite countertops, it may produce a gorgeous, modern, and deluxe appearance.

• Recommended Black Paint: Benjamin Moore Onyx (2133-10)

Dark Or Light Gray

Silver Chain (1472)Benjamin Moore Silver Chain (1472)

Gray shades complement each other effectively, but although we have shown you dark gray with lighter gray countertops, the opposite would also work.

• Recommended Light Gray Paint (for Matching Dark Gray Granite Countertops): Benjamin Moore Silver Chain (1472)

Graphic Charcoal (N500-6)• Recommended Dark Gray Paint (for Matching Light Gray Granite Countertops): Behr Graphic Charcoal (N500-6) 

Navy Blue

Naval (SW 6244)Sherwin-Williams Naval (SW 6244)

If you want a less conventional or more modern color, you can select navy blue. Gray and blue go well together as they are both cool colors, and navy blue adds a touch of refinement.

• Recommended Navy Blue Paint: Sherwin-Williams Naval (SW 6244)

Pale Blue

Notable Hue (SW 6521)Sherwin-Williams Notable Hue (SW 6521)

Pale blue cabinets appear completely beautiful against the rich hues of gray granite, a pleasant pairing that is currently the craze in architectural magazines and interior developments.

This nautical combination is perfect for beach hotels, but it may also be used in the suburbs to combine the indoors and the outdoors.

• Recommended Pale Blue Paint: Sherwin-Williams Notable Hue (SW 6521)


Laurel Tree (S390-5)Behr Laurel Tree (S390-5)

This is not a common kitchen color but can provide a unique and fresh atmosphere. Green has the potential to bring the outdoors in and frequently reflects peace and freshness. It also pairs well with gray granite countertops.

• Recommended Green Paint: Behr Laurel Tree (S390-5)

Light Brown

Buff (No. 20)Farrow & Ball Buff (No. 20)

Light brown might appear to be an unexpected color to add to a gray granite countertop, but it is truly ideal for creating a warm kitchen ambiance. Numerous people choose brown kitchen cabinets with gray granite countertops since they are easy to keep.

They also do not require continuous wiping to remove those nasty dirt marks. Furthermore, light brown cabinets will contrast with the gray granite countertops to produce a dramatic and inviting look.

• Recommended Light Brown Paint: Farrow & Ball Buff (No. 20)

Dark Brown

Middlebury Brown (HC-68)Benjamin Moore Middlebury Brown (HC-68)

Because of its distinctiveness, ease of upkeep, and minimalism, pairing dark brown with gray granite countertops has also become a design trend in kitchens. Dark brown is low-maintenance, very easy to clean.

It also adds a homey feel to your kitchen design. This color combination is a terrific starting point if you want to establish a welcoming atmosphere for your family with a relaxing and simple rustic charm.

• Recommended Dark Brown Paint: Benjamin Moore Middlebury Brown (HC-68)


Chili Pepper (2004-20)Benjamin Moore Chili Pepper (2004-20)

Bright red cabinets with gray granite countertops can create an amazingly modern effect. However, if you enjoy the concept of red but prefer a more vintage design kitchen, burgundy red may be a better option.

• Recommended Red Paint (Bright): Benjamin Moore Chili Pepper (2004-20)

Eating Room Red (No. 43)

• Recommended Red Paint (Burgundy): Farrow & Ball Eating Room Red (No. 43)

Blush Pink

My Sweetheart (RD-W03)Behr My Sweetheart (RD-W03)

Pink and gray is a very unusual yet romantic and relaxing color combination that is heavily used in houses with feminine décor. This lovely combination of soft blush pink cabinets and gray granite countertops is indeed a great pairing, particularly for households with all-woman members.

• Recommended Blush Pink Paint: Behr My Sweetheart (RD-W03)

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