Half Glass Shower Door For Bathtub Pros And Cons

Here, we share the half glass shower door for bathtub pros and cons including what it is, different divider types, designs, cost, and putting a partial door on a tub.
Bathroom with tile wall, toilet, mirror, sink, faucet, and half glass shower door for bathtub

Soaking in the bathtub is one of the classic guilty pleasures you can enjoy at home. You must feel comfortable and at ease when inside the bathroom; sometimes it takes the right aesthetic and feels.

While there may be many ways you can spruce up your bathtub to get that perfect vibe to enjoy your soak and shower, you can try adding a half-glass door.

Elegance is one of the best features of a half-glass shower door, which is pretty standard with most things made from glass. Why half-glass and not go all out?

That’s a question you would have to answer and ponder. To help you with your decision, discussing the half glass shower door for bathtub pros and cons that come with this choice is necessary. [toc] 

What Is A Half-Glass Shower Door For a Bathtub?

Bathroom with partial glass divider for bathtub

A half glass shower door is an option you can choose for your bathroom and this option offers the same luxurious and elegant look as a full-glass enclosure. The big difference, though is that instead of being covered entirely by glass, you only get half of the standard door size, normally the lower half, and then the other half is left open. 

With its modern and sleek aesthetic, a partial divider for a bathtub can give your bathroom a look like it belongs to a luxury spa or hotel. But before you can choose this door option, here are some factors you need to consider. 

 Bathroom Size, Shape, & Style: Make sure you know the measurements of your bathroom size, shower area, and tub before getting yourself one. The shape of the bathroom will also be an important factor in your choice since you need dividers that fit.

But besides all these technicalities, don’t forget the style and aesthetic. Partial glass panels look modern, unique, and trendy so if that’s what you want to see then this will be a great option.

 Privacy: The bathroom is all about privacy and choosing a glass door means that you are willing to surrender a bit of your privacy. If you’re a bit hesitant though, you can always choose stained or frosted glass shower doors for an added layer of privacy. 

 Budget & Cost: Can you actually afford a half-glass shower door? Glass doors can be expensive, even if they are just half the size. The size will also be a big factor to take into account so make sure you consider your budget to help you narrow down your options. 

 Cleaning & Maintenance: Partial screens have less surface area to clean compared to full-glass enclosures. Cleaning can be accomplished with a squeegee and a good scrub every week. Maintenance also refers to no grouting and no mold or mildew buildup. 

 Materials: Choosing a half-glass divider for the bathtub means you can choose what type of glass to use. Stained and frosted glass offer the most bathroom privacy and tempered ones provide durability. And fiberglass and acrylic are the most affordable options so make sure you make the right choice.

 Installation: Are you planning to install the shower door by yourself or do you have enough to hire a professional to do it for you? There are doors that are easy to install but there are those that will need a more professional touch. 

Pros Of Half-Height Glass Doors 

Bathroom with window and frameless door divider on bathtub

Choosing a half-glass shower door will require you to understand what you’re dealing with and this involves learning all advantages and disadvantages that come with this choice.

Some of the notable benefits you can enjoy with a half-glass shower door are the following:

 Creates An Open & Airy Feel: This type of splash guard helps create a more open and breezy vibe in the bathroom since the upper half part of the tub is left open while the lower part is the mirror part of the structure.

The lower part creates the same effect as the open part of the door, allowing natural light to enter the shower area, which makes the bathroom brighter and feel more spacious. 

 Unique & Pleasing Aesthetics: A half-glass partition for your bathtub is an elegant and luxurious addition to your bathroom. This classy screen will be an incredible added aesthetics to the area. It offers this soothing look and feel to the layout.  

 Provides Partial Privacy: See through dividers are not really associated with privacy but if you are into open space and a bit of adventure, a half-glass panel is a great option.

You get the privacy offered by the half-glass partition (which you can choose stained or frosted to add privacy further) and the open space on the upper part of the door (which helps people that are a bit claustrophobic).

 Easy to Clean: Cleaning can be relatively easy without the frame and seals (where molds and dirt can build up). And since the door part is usually in the lower area of the door, you won’t have a hard time reaching the area for cleaning. 

 Used as Support: A half-glass screen also comes with a handle, which you can use as a support when getting in and out of the bathtub. This can help you maintain your balance while you navigate in the bathtub and avoid any accident that may happen. 

 Top-quality Glass: Most of these types of doors come with a top-notch quality material not just for their durability and stability but also to ensure that doors remain elegant and classy in the bathrooms.

 Convenience: You don’t need to slide the door or pull on it to open it every time you use the shower. You can just hop in and lessen the hassle of going inside the tub area.

 Usually Comes with a Warranty: These doors usually come with a manufacturer’s warranty, and most of the time, the warranty lasts for a lifetime, which is both convenient and cost-effective. 

Cons Of Half-Height Glass Doors 


Bathroom with hinged glass swinging door for combo bathtub and shower

Discussing the drawbacks you will experience with a half-glass shower door is necessary if you want to be sure that this decision is the ideal one for you. More than just the benefits, you need to accept the following disadvantages in using this type of glass shower door.

Some of these drawbacks are the following:

 No Standard Size: When working on having a half-glass shower door for your bathtub, there is no standard size to consider, which may pose some challenges, especially since you have to be very accurate and meticulous in your measurements. 

 Installation Challenges: If you’re planning to install the divider door in your bathroom, you need to have the tools and knowledge to do so. Installing a half-glass shower door normally requires a flawless installation process that would be problematic if you don’t do it right.

Most also don’t have a manufacturer’s manual that can help you and since there is no standard size, you will have to take the lead. The best thing you can do is to as assistance from professionals. If you are still insistent on DIY the installation, make sure that when you buy the half-glass shower door, it comes with a manufacturer’s manual. 

 More Frequent Cleaning: Glass is a classic and elegant element you can add to your bathroom but while you won’t have to worry about mold and dirt buildups.

Soap scum buildup can also be a real problem, compromising the elegant look you’re going for your bathroom. The solution is to clean your half-glass shower doors more often than you clean the other walls in the shower enclosure

 Privacy Issues: Choosing a half-glass shower door for your bathtub means that you are ready to compromise your privacy. The partial wall does not offer that much privacy since while the other half is an open space, the remaining half is made from glass.

This design feature will help you be seen from the outside. Of course, if you have issues with privacy but still want to benefit from the classic look of these doors, you can go for a tinted, frosted, or stained version. 

 More Meticulous Maintenance: Glass is a material that tends to be fragile, especially if you chose low-quality materials. This means you would have to replace your half-glass shower door more often, especially when you see a single crack and scratch on it.

 More Expensive: Glass doors are significantly more expensive, and yes, even if you’re choosing the half-glass one so make sure you have enough money on your hands for this luxurious bathroom addition. 

 Requires Sealing: You might have a problem with water seeping through the hinge of your half-glass shower door, which means you will need to properly seal the material on the particular area for protection and avoid this problem. 

Frameless Shower and Tub Door

Bathroom with mosaic tile wall, vanity mirror, and partial glass screen for bathtub

If you’re envisioning a frameless shower door, you can still do that with a half-glass style. Metal framing around the glass is not required when working with a dividing partition.

With a frameless half-glass shower door for your bathtub, you get panels in caulk joints, hinges, and clips. But in order to be functional on its own, there is a particular thickness necessary. You can either choose a half-inch or ⅜-inch thick glass for the door to be rigid and stable enough to come frameless. 

Without the metal framing, you get to enjoy a mold-less shower door since there are no seals around the structure. You also won’t have to stabilize or fix the frame like other shower doors.

But there is a metal header on top of the shower enclosure to add stability and support the weight of the door pane. To support the weight better, you can have a frameless sliding door with wheels attached to the metal rod for movement.  

The downside you have to prepare for a frameless half-glass shower door for your bathtub is that while it is popular, it is significantly expensive. So make sure you have the budget for it, assess the pros and cons and explore the options you have in the market.

Partial Door For Tubs Cost

Bathroom with marble tile and frameless slider door over tub

A half-shower door for tubs is more expensive than other doors made from different materials. But they can also be affordable if you choose the right glass door. Ensure you balance cost and quality since top-quality glass can be considerably expensive.

The cost of a glass door falls between $500 to $3,000 and may depend on the following factors:

 Shower Size

 Glass Type and Thickness

 Finishes and Hardware Used for the Shower Door

A frameless half-glass shower door can even be more expensive. But you can save money on the initial installation since you won’t need to grout or work on the tile. But you would still have to pay extra for the initial bathroom remodel and installation, especially if you choose to have a professional do it. 

These shower doors are also easier to clean, saving you a lot from purchasing special cleaning products. And if you choose top-quality glass for the shower door, repairs and replacements may be lessened and avoided down the line. 

Types Of Glass Dividers For Bathtubs

Bathroom with wood wall, and black framed divider with glass panel for shower tub

One of the important half glass shower door for bathtub pros and cons to consider when choosing options for your bathtub is the type of glass to use. The good news is that these partitions have evolved in time, and while they were pretty fragile in the past.

They have become sturdy and durable, and so won’t be as hazardous to induce accidents and injuries compared to the past type. A sharp and jagged glass seems like a nightmare coming to life. This is the reason why tempered glass remains the most popular shower door option. 

Two of the most popular modern shower doors are laminated and laminated tempered glass. They are considered safe for a shower enclosure since they remain intact even when broken, taking out the possibility of injuries. They are created by sticking two sheets of glass to a transparent vinyl like a sandwich. 

While there may only be two types of glass considered safe for shower door use, you can get them in different forms and versions, including the following:

 Ultra-clear: This glass has a lowered iron content that takes out the greenish tinge in the mirror, making it look clearer and not the best option if you value privacy. 

 Clear: Considered the most popular option for your door, this is the standard and simple transparent glass you usually see in homes and establishments. 

 Acid-etched: Also known as frosted glass, this type has this frosty look made possible by applying acid. It is also one of the popular options for homeowners who value their privacy. Besides the standard frosty look, you can also create designs on the surface. 

 Cast: Created by using molten glass and a mold, this type is known for its heavily textured surface, which is what makes it an excellent option to promote privacy and for shower stalls. The molten material is poured into a mold and then allow to harden to be able to form the cast glass

 Patterned: Featuring a textured surface pattern, this type offers a level of privacy and at the same time a list of patterns and styles you can add to your bathroom. If you’re looking for something unique, this might be a good option to explore. 

 Tinted: This type is popular for the subtle color in the glass. While the color available depends on the manufacturer, you can check out grey and bronze tint for your half-glass shower doors. 

Ultra-clear and clear glass are the options to choose from to maximize the effect of “airy” and open space. If you value your privacy, you can choose among the acid-etched, cast, patterned, and tinted glasses. 

Can You Put Doors On A Tub?

Bathroom with tub and shower enclosure with glass panel

Yes, you definitely can put shower doors on a tub. While this may not be the common option and look, it can be a smart and convenient idea for you to try out. With shower doors on a tub, you can have a splash-proof area to contain the splash zone inside the tub and avoid puddles on the floor.

And this is in addition to the modern and sleek look you will enjoy with a half-glass shower door on your tub. If you’re enjoying a warm bath, the partition door can help delay the water from getting chilly. You get to enjoy your warm bath longer with the door and enclosure holding the heat in.

And finally, choosing a half-glass shower door for your bathtub means you’re choosing an element that can minimize the risk of mold buildup. If you choose glass dividers and enclosures over shower curtains, mold will never be your problem. Cleaning the glass is also easier to accomplish so fewer tasks to be stressed about.

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