Wood Accent Wall Ideas

Here’s our gallery of wood accent wall ideas including different design styles, types, placement, wood textures, colors, and how to make wood accent walls.
Interior of a living room with white painted wall with incense sticks, accent wall, fireplace, and stairs Do you feel like your bedroom needs more sprucing up and that the wall feels too bare? One way you can turn a room from a boring no-nonsense bedroom into a whole new definition of interior designing. But before you go be a savant and change the industry, let’s start with the basics.

Types Of Wood Accent Wall Designs

Bedroom with modern bed, padded headboard, wood accent wall, windows, curtain, nightstands, and hanging lights There are different types of wood accent wall designs that you check out and take into account. Some types depend on what type of wood was chosen and how it was cut. 

These include a wood panel, wood plank, wood slat, reclaimed wood, peel and stick wood, and pallet wood. There are also types of wood accent wall designs based on how they were arranged and organized, there are vertical wood accent walls, horizontal wood accent walls, and diagonal wood accent walls. 

And finally, there are types of wood accent wall designs that focus on the style and vibe used in the element, including modern wood accent wall, geometric wood accent wall, and rustic wood accent wall. You can even have different based on their accent wall colors and locations. 

Wood Panel Accent Wall

Wood panels are general flat sheets made from adhesive bonded wood-based materials (Veneer, fibers or particles, strands). While some may be curved, they are most commonly flat, particularly wood panels products like fiberboard, particleboard, and plywood.

Wood panels may be used for accent walls. Here are some of the basic ones you can consider and even imitate if you want.

Bedroom with headboard made of wood panels, rug, and glass window The wood accent wall in this bedroom uses 6 big wood veneer sheets that somehow serve as the headboard of the bed. The light surrounding the wood plane accent wall and the bed create this effect that the wood is floating (both the accent wall and the bed!) 

The color of the wood stain in the panels matches the color of the bed frame, as well as the side table, making them a great match. The rug at the bottom of the bed also rounds up the entire look of the bedroom. 

Room with wood panels as wall covering, shelf, and indoor plantsThe wood panel accent wall on this den has a more rustic feel to it because of its dark color. It matches the black rug on the floor and the black ledges, where the indoor plants are located, adding a fresh look to the entire place. 

Mid century modern living room with wood wall, chairs, couch, and windows In this living room, the wood panel accent wall matches the wooden floor. The accent wall has 3 large panels on it, with light wood stain. 

Wood Plank Accent Wall

A wood plank is a flat and elongated timber popular in construction, whether in the building houses and ships to creating tables and shelves. 

It is a good material for a wood accent wall, with a variety of ways you can do to position and style for aesthetics. 

Here are some of the wood plank accent wall designs you can try out. 

Dining room with wood wall, large glass door, table, chairs, and hanging light This dining room showcases a wood plank accent wall that also serves as a divider from what is a living room. The wood planks are arranged in a horizontal pattern and built into an archway integrated with two entryways. 

Its wood stain is similar to the color of the wooden flooring, rounding up the entire look and making everything fit it. 

Room with couch, wood wall paneling, hanging lights, and decor This wood plank accent wall is arranged vertically, with the wall decor creatively placed perpendicular to the planks. The dark color of the planks is a bit lightened by the hanging light above them. 

Wood plank wall and floors in a living room with sofa and orange dining chairsIn this dining room-living room hybrid, the vertical wood planks run all over the wall. The color of its wood stain is a bit rustic matching the color of the wooden flooring. The lights on the ceiling add to the rustic feel of the entire room. 

Living room, dining area, and kitchen combined with wood accent wall, cabinets, stairs, and hanging lightThe wood plank accent wall in this room can be seen on top of the kitchen counter and the side of the staircase. It has a different pattern compared to its wooden floor but the color is similar. 

Wood Slat Accent Wall

Wood slat is a strip and elongated thin line of wood that can vary in thickness. These slats are normally used in window blinds but they can also be used for wood accent walls too. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some you can try out:

Bedroom with green accent wall, wood panel, white sheets, and headboard The wood slat accent wall in this bedroom is in green and located on the headboard. Wood slats were also used to create geographical designs included in the accent wall since they can easily be cut to smaller pieces and form shapes.

Home office area with wood slat wall, table, chair and decor This study room or office uses long wood slats for its accent wall, which runs from the floor to the ceiling. The accent wall also seems to act as a divider for this room. 

Living room with slat accent wall, track lighting, floor lamp, chair, and couch This living room uses wood slat accent wall to add something fresh among the grey, black, and white elements used in the room. The wooden slats ran from floor to the ceiling, covering two-thirds of the entire wall.  

Living room with wood slat wall, floor lamp, white couch, blue carpet, and windows The wood splat accent wall on this living room is more stuck together, covering almost an entire wall with only a pillar left. The room has a modern look to it but the wood accent wall adds a fresh and natural vibe to it. 

Living space with tv, windows, furniture, and wood wall This minimalistic living room showcases a light-colored wood slat accent wall that contributes to the clean and fresh look of the entire room. 

Vertical Wood Accent Wall

One of the patterns you can use for a wood accent wall is to arrange the wood planks, panels, and slats vertically. This style helps to make the room feel more spacious in terms of height/length. 

If you feel like your home will benefit from the same illusion, here are some vertical wood accent wall ideas you can use for inspiration.

Home interior with wood panel staircase, decoration, wall, marble flooring, and indoor plantThe vertical wood accent walls can be seen in the stairways, as well as the entrance of the home. The planks are arranged horizontally and have this elegant dark brown hue that fits the color theme of the entire home. The indoor plants and wreath accenting the walls also add to the general vibe of the room. 

Boho inspired bedroom with wood wall, windows, wood floor, and indoor plant This homey bedroom showcases a vertical wood accent wall as the bed’s headboard. The use of wood in this entire room oozes rustic appeal and a comfortable vibe. The rug patterns, wall decor, pillows, and blankets give a vibrant feel to the homey vibe. 

Accent wall made of wood in a living room with couches, sofa chair, windows, and floor lamp This modern-looking living room uses the color palette of black, gray, and white, which is also applicable to its vertical wood accent wall. The wood planks are in a dark color, compatible with the color of the entire room. The indoor plant and lighting somehow soften the edgy look of the living room. 

Living room with wood wall, indoor plant, and chair This vertical wood accent wall sports several wood panels that serve as a backdrop for the large frame on the wall and the indoor plant and chair. 

Horizontal Wood Accent Wall

You can also arrange the wood panels, planks, and slats horizontally. Here are some horizontal wood accent wall ideas you can use for inspiration. 

Living room with wood wall, flooring, glass coffee table, fireplace, chairs, and recessed lighting This horizontal wood accent wall serves as a divider between the living room and the dining area. The accent wall also serves as an entryway and is strategically located above the fireplace. 

Bathroom with accent wall made of wood, mirror, and sink In this bathroom, the horizontal wood accent wall on the countertop looks in place, adding an elegant vibe to it. The color of the wood also matches the color of the tiles of the bathroom. 

Bathroom with wood accent, wall tub, windows, and shower area The horizontal wood accent wall in this bathroom gives it a refreshing and more natural feel to it, considering it seems to be surrounded by coldness with the white and gray marble. 

Living room with horizontal wood accent wall, sofa chairs, cabinets, drawers, indoor plant, and windows This living room has a horizontal wood accent wall that lays perpendicularly with the wood panels on the floor. Its color is a bit darker than the wooden flooring and the cabinet, making it stand out more. 

Modern living room with accent wall made of horizontal wood, window, chair, and lamp The horizontal wood accent wall on this den covers an entire wall with wood slats. The color of the accent wall is similar to the color of the floor and the lamp, somehow uniting them up. 

Diagonal Wood Accent Wall

Besides laying them down horizontally and vertically, you can also arrange them diagonally. The patterns may already be included in the wood panels you’ve chosen or you may have to arrange them that way, it’s up to you. To help you along the way, here are some ideas for inspiration:

Living room with brown diagonal accent wall, chair, pendant light, and floor rug This modern diagonal wood accent wall sports dark wood panels with diagonal patterns that have been arranged to create diamond patterns when side by side. The geometric patterns match the hexagon ones on the floor. 

Girls bedroom with shiplap headboard, and blue green wall This baby blue-dominated bedroom is given a fresh vibe in the addition of an all-white horizontal wood accent wall. The white planks are arranged horizontally, adding something new to the room. 

Room with couch indoor plant small table and modern wood accent wall This minimalistic living room has a diagonal wood accent wall that offers it a fresh and natural look. The wooden slats somehow create an X in pattern and accommodate half of the entire wall. The wood has a darker hue compared to the light neutral color of the couch and the floor.

Modern Wood Accent Wall

If you have a modern style home in search of a modern wood accent wall ideas to consider, here are some:

Modern bedroom with wood accent wall, lamp, nightstands, and glass windows This chic and modern bedroom has a wood accent wall composed of wooden slats arranged vertically. The accent wall looks like part of the bed and makes the ceiling look higher than it really is. 

Its color also adds some vibrance to a bedroom dominated by brown, black, gray, and white elements. 

Living room with big windows, wood slat accent wall, couch, floor lamp, and pendant lighting This trendy and modern living room with a great view from the balcony has a wood accent wall that makes the entire room look unique and quirky. 

The randomness of the way the wood slats are arranged makes the design of the accent wall even more interesting. 

Modern living room with geometric wood accent wall, chairs, windows, and floor rug The modern wood accent wall in this living room serves as a creative backdrop for the television. The wood panels are arranged in a variety of sizes that seem random but appear trendy and quirky. 

Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall

Reclaimed wood refers to timbers and lumber that have been rescued from warehouses, old barns, and factories which are processed in order to be used again. 

The upcycled wood is then used for furniture, cabinetry, and decor. It is also used for wood accent walls.

Here are some reclaimed wood accent wall ideas 

Bathroom with wood accent wall, tub, mirror, cabinets, drawers, and vanity area The reclaimed wood installed as a wood accent wall in this bedroom runs all over the walls. Since the bathroom has an all-white theme, the reclaimed wood adds a rustic appeal to it, making it feel more homey and comfortable to be in. 

Living room with wood accent wall, couch, ceiling light fixtures, and television This luxurious living room sports a reclaimed wood accent wall that makes the white couch stand out more and the frame mounted on the wall. The color of the accent wall also matches the rug of the living room, rounding up the entire look. 

Bedroom with accent wall made of wood, window curtains, and wooden flooring The reclaimed wood accent wall in this bedroom transforms the entire vibe from a regular room to a comfortable and rustic personal space. The color of the reclaimed wood stands out more than its wood flooring and white bed and curtains. 

Home interior with horizontal wood panel accent wall, small table, chairs and door In this area, reclaimed wood covers the entire wall and is arranged horizontally, being a great background for the door, frame, table, and chairs. 

Geometric Wood Accent Wall

Wood accent walls also look great with geometric figures. And if you want proof of that, here are some geometric wood accent wall inspirations you can try out. 


Bedroom with wood geometric wall, flooring, windows, shade, and chair This bedroom has a cool and trendy wood accent wall filled with different types of squares, from trapezoids to parallelograms. The accent wall is strategically located on top of the bed’s headboard. 

Living room with wood geometric wall, couch, and indoor plantsThis lounging area uses a wood geometric accent wall as its backdrop. The lines on the wood accent wall form large diamonds across the wall that look clean and organized. Since it is wooden, the indoor plants on the table match the accent wall perfectly. 

Diagonal wood floor pattern in empty room with windows In this living room, the wood accent wall is filled with different geometric patterns and shades, from triangles to squares and rectangles. 

The color of the geometric wood accent wall also matches the color of the diagonal wood floor pattern. And the squares of the white windows further add to the geometric theme of the room. 

Wood Fireplace Accent Wall

Wood fireplace accent wall in living roomA fireplace can be the perfect place for an accent wall as it is often the focal point of the room design. You’ve probably seen beautiful wood fireplace mantels that draw the eye to them and can be decorated with your favorite design pieces.

While using wood for a fireplace wall may sound counterintuitive it can actually be done with great results. Wood planks can be used as a DIY project or a wood-look tile can replicate the style and offer a stylish backdrop. See more fireplace accent wall ideas here.

DIY Wood Accent Wall

Wood accent walls can be DIY-ed and if you are thinking of doing the same thing, here are some DIY wood accent wall ideas you can use for inspiration. 

Room with wood accent wall, fireplace, chairs, and decor items This homey living room showcases a wood accent wall that seems to be made from reclaimed wood. The hanging lights make the entire room look warm and more welcoming. And using wood in different elements of the room unites it to a more homey and comfortable vibe. 

Dining room with geometric accent wall, table, chair, and kitchenware The DIY wood accent wall used in this room is simple and minimalistic. The color of the wood design matches the color of the table and chair. 

Rustic room with accent wall made of wood, couch, and fireplace This living room makes you feel like you are inside an old movie or television show. The DIY wood accent wall that seems made from reclaimed wood gives the room a rustic and homey vibe. The color of the wood accent wall also matches the color of the fireplace.

Pallet Wood Accent Wall

A pallet is a horizontal wooden platform that is usually used as a bottom deck to support commercial goods in shipment. 

Pallets are currently flexible in their usage and are even being used in modern logistics. They are also used in interior design like wood accent walls, including the following:

Living room with wood accent wall, couch, and Christmas decor items This living room is the very definition of a homey vibe, with the wood accent wall filled with pallets and the indoor plants that make you feel like you’re outdoors in the comfort of your home. The blankets and pillows even add more to the comfort of the room. 

Room with accent wall, christmas tree, wood floor, and mirror The pallet wood accent wall in this room adds a rustic vibe to it, contributing to its Christmas theme of it. The pallets run perpendicular to the wooden floor and have a lighter color compared to the dark-colored wooden floor.  

Peel And Stick Wood Accent Wall

Peel and stick is an adhesive industrial-strength strip of a board that can be used instead of real wood. Peel and stick are easy to use and more affordable, as well as flexible in designs and patterns to choose from. These are even used for wood accent walls. 

Here are some of the ideas you can apply for your peel and stick wood accent wall. 

Bedroom with peel and stick wood wallpaper, nightstands, and lamps In this bedroom, the peel and stick wood accent wall is found on the head part of the bed. The gray and white colors of the wood accent wall match the gray and white colors of the bed sheets, pillows, and blankets. 

Living room and dining area combined with log accent wall, windows, wood floor, couch, table, and chairs In this dining area and living room hybrid, the peel and stick wood accent wall features what seem to be piles of logs on top of each other. The same design is used on the pillar which serves as the barrier between the living room and the dining area. Read more about choosing an accent wall design here.

Rustic Wood Accent Wall

If you are going for a rustic vibe and want to use a wood accent wall to accomplish it, here are some of the ideas you can imitate. 

Room with rustic accent wall, couch, wood floors, and ceiling fan In this living room, the vibe of the home is all about wood and rustic vibe. From its doors to the center table (that appears to be a treasure chest), as well as the wooden flooring and the walls, everything is made from wood.

The rustic wood accent wall that holds the wall lamps and windows only add to its charm and appeal. 

Spacious bedroom with light wood accent wall, recessed shelves, indoor plant, bed, and nightstands This bedroom has a rustic wood accent wall installed in the head part of the bed and the accent wall even functions as a shelf since you can display books and other decors on it. The color of the wood is similar to the wood flooring. 

Living room with wood accent wall, fireplace, pendant light, television, and decor In this entertainment room, the rustic wood accent wall acts as the backdrop for the television, shelf, and fireplace. The hanging lights also add to the room’s rustic appeal. 

Lounge area with leather couch, coffee table, and accent wall More than just the table that has a rustic element to it, the wood accent wall and its old-ish color add to its charm.

Wood Accent Wall Living Room 

Wood accent walls can be installed in different parts of the home. The living room is one of the perfect areas to install it though since you receive and entertain guests in this room. For inspiration, here are some ideas you can check out.

Living room with wood flooring, panel black wall, blue couch, and indoor plantThis cozy living room has a wood accent wall installed on the right side of the room. Its color has light and dark hues in it, making it a perfect mix in a living room with dark and light-colored cushions. 

Barnwood living room with blue sofa, appliances, white wall, shelves, and indoor plant The wood accent wall on this living room matches the shelf and the table in the room. The combination of the wooden color and different types of blue is aesthetically pleasing. It also rounds up the entire look since the table does not feel out-of-place with its addition. 

Overarching floor lamp in modern living room with windows, chair, and television The wood accent wall on this is made of slats and occupies almost half of the entire wall. The wall is light in color and the dark brown color of the wood slats made it a good color match. This modern living room is further furnished with an overarching floor lamp, a chair, and a rug. 

Living room with white couch, wood accent wall, television, speakers, and hanging light This modern living room is dominated by white and black elements, with the couches, pillows, and rug in white while the chairs, shelves, and the entire sound system are in black. 

The wood accent wall adds something different to the room, not only with its color but its natural and outdoor vibe. 

Wood Accent Wall Bedroom 

Another part of the home that can use a wood accent wall is the bedroom. Depending on what particular vibe you want your bedroom to have, you can customize your wood accent wall to fit and match that. 

Here are some wood accent wall ideas you can try for your bedroom. 

Bedroom with wood wall, home office space, and window curtains This minimalist bedroom has a wood accent wall that has a dark hue that matches its flooring and stands out amidst the clear white walls. 

Bedroom with white accent wall, nightstands, headboard, and lamps This wood accent wall is installed on the head part of the bed, with white wood planks arranged horizontally from the floor. The color matches the side tables, bed sheets, and pillows, giving the entire room a unified look. 

Spacious bedroom with modern black lamp, wood floors, accent wall, and closet rug The wood accent wall on this spacious and modern bedroom is made from wood slats installed vertically, perpendicular to the floor. This luxurious bedroom has a wooden theme in it, which matches the accent wall perfectly. 

Bedroom with clerestory windows, wood accent wall, nightstands, lamps, and wooden floor This bedroom showcases a wood accent wall that runs at the back of the bed’s headboard. It’s also where a window is installed. 

Beautiful bedroom with wood panel accent wall, hanging lamps, nightstands, floor rug, and windows This chic bedroom has wooden panels for its accent wall, where two gigantic lamps hang on both sides. The color of the wood matches the color of the flooring and the shelves. 

Children's bedroom with bunk bed, white accent wall, ceiling fan, and recessed lights This trendy bedroom uses a white wood accent wall that makes the entire space brighter and bigger than it really is. 

Wood Accent Wall Colors

Bedroom with green accent wall, drawer, hanging light, shelf, and wood flooring If you are thinking of a particular color of a wood accent wall to install in your home, here are some considerations. 

White Wood Accent Wall 

White is a popular option because of its flexibility and the brightness that it offers a room. Here are some ideas and designs for a white wood accent wall. 

Vertical wood siding in kitchen with cabinets, drawers, countertop, and sink faucet This vertical white wood accent wall installed in this kitchen supports the room’s clean look and at the same time makes the room brighter. 

Classic bathroom with tile floors, white walls, gray elements, cabinets, mirror, and bathtub The white wood accent wall in this bathroom is arranged in horizontal planks and located parallel to the bathtub. The color makes it an excellent addition to the bathroom and matches the all-white theme going on in the room. 

White accent wall made of wood in living room with work area, couch, shelf, and window In this living room, there is a white wood accent wall that runs vertically from the floor. The color makes a perfect backdrop for the indoor plant decor and the frames mounted on the wall. 

Bright room with couch, accent wall, small table, windows, and indoor plants This living room also uses white wood slats vertically positioned and arranged side by side to form an accent wall. It adds to the minimalistic appeal of the entire room.

Black Wood Accent Wall 

Black is another popular color many consider. While white may be a safe choice, black is a bold and unique one. Here are some black wood accent wall ideas you can imitate if you’re bold enough. 

Empty kitchen with dark cabinets, bright backsplash, hood, center island, black wall, and floors This kitchen uses a black accent wall made of wood that runs in the three walls of the room. The black wooden panels give the room a mysterious yet at the same time elegant vibe you might want to consider. 

Living room with brown leather couch, black wall, vinyl windows, rug, and wood floor This living room also screams luxury and mystery. The black wood accent wall serves as an excellent backdrop for the rustic couch at the center of the room. The black elements in the room, from the rug to the table, round up the entire look. 

Interior home space with leather chair, floor lamp, and black accent wall This modern lounging area sports a black wood accent wall that matches the color theme and design of the room. 

Living space with black wood accent wall, ceiling light, couch and wooden floor This living room is an excellent dichotomy of dark and light colors. The black wood accent wall matches the color of the shelf, table, and television, which is a contrast to the white couch on the other side of the room. 

Grey Wood Accent Wall 

You may not want the boring white but you’re also not as bold as to choose black. If you want good in-between color, gray is a good consideration. Here are some gray wood accent wall ideas to check out.

Modern home office space with accent wall, sofa chairs, computer table, and indoor plant The gray wood accent wall in this living room runs from the floor to the ceiling. The gray wooden slats are flexible enough to be used that you can cut them in any length you deem necessary. 

Weathered wood furniture and a new mattress gray accent wall in a bedroom In this bedroom, the gray wood accent wall fits the color palette of the room, since it particularly matches the bed sheet and room curtains. It cools down the warmth of the yellows in the room.

Gray farmhouse wall interior with a drawer, cabinet, chair, and rug The gray wood accent wall in this area balances the brown and tan colors that dominate the floor, shelves, and pots. 

Dark Wood Accent Wall 

A dark wood accent wall is another popular consideration for many, especially when partnered with light-colored elements.

The dark wood accent wall just lights up and garners attention that way. Here are some ideas you can apply for your dark wood accent wall.

Bathroom with travertine floor, tub, shower area, toilet, and wood accent walls The dark wood grain patterns of this bathroom accent wall can be seen on two walls, one near the basin and the other near the bathtub. The dark color of the wood accent wall catches your attention once you enter the bathroom due to the contrast in the color.

Living room with wood accent wall, couch, floor lamp, windows and curtain This elegant and minimalist living room showcases a dark wood accent wall that has what seems to be peel and stick. The dark hue of the accent wall contrasts well with the white curtains and gray couch. 

Beautiful bedroom with accent wall, picture window, bed, nightstand, and lamps This bedroom has a dark wood accent wall in the form of several wooden panels made to stand up from the floor to the ceiling. The dark color fits perfectly with the color theme of the bedroom and contrasts with the white bed sheets, pillows, and lighting. 

Bathroom with wood accent wall, tub, mirror, sink, faucet and indoor plants This bathroom sports a dark wood accent wall near the bathtub, where the dark brown color highlights the other elements of the bathroom. The accent wall easily catches your eyes upon entering. It has the same color as the wooden floor and matches well with the indoor plants. 

Green Painted Wood Accent Wall

Bedroom with green panel wall, baseboard, window, small drawer, and rug

This green accent wall provides a clean backdrop for the entire bedroom yet at the same time contributes to its rustic theme. The colors green and brown match perfectly with each other.

Tan Wood Accent Wall

Blue and orange bedroom with study area, corkboard wall, windows, and wood floor This bedroom clearly uses the contrasting colors blue and green.

In order for the combination not to be too overwhelming, several elements are in neutral colors like the gray rug, white cabinet shelves and bed, and brown floor. See more types of rugs to match with decor pieces here.

Another element is the marbled tan wood accent wall that runs on ⅓ of the wall and where the bed is bordered. 

Dark Blue Painted Wood Accent Wall

Living room and home office space with blue accent wall, pendant lights, couch, indoor plant, and window curtain This dark blue painted wood accent wall brings elegance to this living room and a good backdrop to what appears to be a working area in the room. The indoor plant and the yellow blanket and mini table soften the dark colors used in the living room.

Mix Colors Wood Accent Wall

Wood accent wall with multiple colors in home interior with lamps and small tableIf you can’t settle on a color, you can also mix things up! This mix of colors wood accent wall is an eye-catchy addition to one’s home. Despite having many colors, it is not confusing in style and is a quirky choice for your wall. 

What Are Wood Accent Walls Called?

Kitchen with low ceiling, pendant lights, center island, white cabinets, and wood accent wallWood accent walls are known in different ways, from wood paneling to wood accenting, depending on how the wood was used. It can even be called wood decor if it fits the bill. 

The point is that wood accent walls are simply interior design elements that can add charm, warmth, and even a natural feel to a room, any vibe that a room needs. This is because wood can easily match other materials and styles you’ve already installed in the room.  

Where To Put A Wood Accent Wall In The Home

Living room with pool table wood, accent wall, couch, and recessed lights In considering where you can install a wood accent wall, the answer is that it depends where it’s needed and you want it. 

You can install one in your bedroom if you feel like it needs more sprucing up or you can install one in the living room so that you can add some natural vibe to the common area and have guests feeling more welcome and comfortable. 

You can even install one in your kitchen and bathroom if the design and vibe call for it. And one of the best locations to install a wood accent wall is your fireplace! If you have one at home, add wall planks around the fireplace to elevate its look and warm vibe. 

How To Make A Wood Accent Wall

One great thing about a wood accent wall is that you can DIY it! While there are different factors that can affect the steps you will need to build one, here are some of the basic steps to follow. 

1. Gather all the supplies you will need (this will depend on the wood accent wall design you chose):




Finish Nails

Finish Nail Gun


Old Rug

Tongue and Groove Boards

Stud Finder

Wood Stain


2. Check behind the sheet rock and locate the studs on the wall for installation (You can use a stud finder to make it easier)

3. Mark every stud from top to bottom

4. Measure and cut the boards to their appropriate sizes (Follow whatever design you have in mind)

5. Install the tongue and groove boards

6. Add boards and work your way up the wall

7. Make sure to install around electrical outlets and avoid cutting them

8. Apply wood stain to your accent wall

9. Apply final polish and seal the wood

Here are some wood accent wall ideas you can DIY for sure. 

Living room with accent wall, blue chair, couch, hanging light, and fireplace This living room has a wood accent wall with wooden planks arranged horizontally. The accent wall adds character to the room and it also helps that it even multi-functions with shelves you can store and display things in. 

Spacious bathroom with accent wall, toilet, open cabinets, mirror and indoor plant This bathroom has a wood accent wall that’s made of wooden slats. While it may be more laborious to do since you will have to install the slats one by one, the ending result is all worth it. The wood accent wall gives a natural vibe to a white-dominated bathroom.

See more related content in our article about accent wall ideas on this page.

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