How to Choose an Accent Wall in Living Room

Here we share a how to choose an accent wall in living room guide with a variety of creative design ideas.
Modern living room with green accent wallAn Accent wall is set off from the rest of the walls in a room giving it a specific look that often creates an attractive focal point. An accent wall can be created by painting the wall a different color, wallpapering it, or using a raised surface material such as stone, brick, draperies, or other materials.

Accent walls are still popular in many homes and allow homeowners to express their personal style and design preferences. One of the hardest parts of creating an accent wall is figuring out what wall to choose.

In this guide, we will discuss how to choose an accent wall in a living room, so it will add an extra layer of panache for you and your guests to enjoy.

How an Accent Wall Improves a Room

Living room with brown accent wallAccent walls add variety, depth, and dimension to a room. The living room is typically the main room in a home where you entertain guests and family. An accent wall allows you to create a focal point and refresh your living room style without changing the room completely and can make a living room appear larger or smaller.

It may also become an area of visual interest or a complement to furniture or window treatments. Accent walls improve a room when they work with the rest of the décor and colors to bring cohesiveness and interest.

What to Consider When Choosing an Accent Wall in Your Living Room

There are several options making a wall a good choice for an accent wall. The following list of characteristics will help in choosing a wall in your living room to either paint or cover with a choice of materials or décor.

Does the wall have an architectural feature?

Large living room with gray niche accent wallIf one of the walls in a living room has a cathedral ceiling slope, an irregular geometric shape, or is a rounded wall, painting it a different color or several shades lighter or darker from the rest of the living room adds subtle dimension.

Are there windows in the living room?

Living room with gray accent wall and stone fireplaceIf one wall of the living room has multiple windows, different accent wall color paint can highlight the view and cause the windows to take on an artistic feel. Be careful not to choose a color too dark as it may accentuate the light from the windows too much.

A fireplace is a perfect reason for an accent wall

Living room with stacked stone accent wall with lighting and shelvingThe style of a fireplace, whether rustic, colonial, or modern, allows a great opportunity to create an accent wall. Painting the wall is great but a natural finish such as stone, brick, clapboard, or stucco covering the entire wall gives the fireplace a thematic look.

What wall does your eyes gravitate to?

Living room with wood accent wallThe wall that catches your eye first when walking into a living room makes a great choice for an accent wall. Creating a gallery of framed art or adding multiple shelves, staggered and covering the entire wall, to display collectibles makes an accent wall that doubles as a display piece.

Pick a wall that brings balance

Living room with brown accent wall niches for artworkIf a living room is long and rectangular, painting an accent wall at the end of the room, the shorter wall, balances the awkward length of the side walls.

A warm color brings a wall closer so painting the back wall darker visually squares off the room. If the living room is a rectangle, with a back and front wall that’s longer, painting one or both a lighter color pushes the wall out, reducing the appearance of it being thin.

Where does the wall start and end?

Living room with black and gold display niche accent wallLiving room with black accent wall niche

If a living room wall extends into a dining room or kitchen, it’s not a good choice for an accent wall, as one end will have no definitive cutoff point. The same is true for a wall with a 45-degree angle that connects to another area or room.

What sits up against the wall?

Living room with modern white textured accent wallA wall that has a couch, grand piano, or short bookshelves makes a great accent wall to draw attention to the piece of furniture or a conversation piece. A wall with taller furniture such as a high bookshelf or cabinet may not make a great accent wall because the furniture hides most of the surface of the wall.

Contemporary living room with tile fireplace accent wallOnce you’ve examined your living room and decided which wall is best as an accent wall, there are no specific rules of décor as far as what you do with it.

Keep in mind the wall you choose can end up being a misfit looking as if it doesn’t go with the room, or it can create a conversation piece in your living room. These accent wall ideas are a simple way to add impressive style without changing the entire living room.

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