Full vs Queen Size Bed (Dimensions Guide)

Here we discuss the differences between a full vs queen size bed including sizes, cost, and pros & cons. Scandinavian farmhouse bedroom with queen sized bed There are some major differences between a full and queen bed. Let’s start out by looking at the basic sizes differences between the two choices. Then we will break down the actual dimensions.

Full Sized Mattress: A Full sized mattress is a mattress that is often referred to as a double bed.

These types of beds are one size larger than the twin sized mattress and one size smaller than the queen sized mattress. There are a lot of different reasons to select a Full over a twin and a full over a queen, since the sizes are vastly different.

Queen Sized Mattress: A Queen Sized mattress is a mattress that is the smallest standard two person recommended bed. It is slightly larger than a Full sized mattress and slightly smaller than a king sized mattress.

Full vs Queen Mattress Sizes

Bedroom with full sized bed Full dimensions: A full sized mattress takes the length of a twin sized mattress of 75 inches long and adds some width to the mattress making it 54 inches long. This makes room for either just one larger person, or potentially room for two smaller people.

Though it is not typically large enough for a couple or two adults, there could be room if they’re planning on being up close and personal.

Usually the bed is used for teenagers of single adults. The dimensions are also helpful when the space in the room is limited.

Queen dimensions: The dimensions of a Queen sized mattress is just a bit larger making room for another.

The length of a queen sized mattress is 5 inches longer than the full sized mattress (which helps make room for taller individuals) bringing it to 80 inches long. The Width adds 6 inches compared to the full size bringing it to 60 inches wide.

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How much bigger is queen bed than full?

The queen sized mattress is only 5 inches longer than the full sized mattresses and 6 inches wider than the full sized mattress.

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Full vs queen mattress sizes

Mattress Surface Areas

Queen surface area: the surface area is almost double that of a full sized mattress at 6,000 square inches.

Full surface area: The full sized mattress has a pretty small amount of surface area, at 3,240 square inches.

Full vs Queen Price

Full Sized Mattress Price: Full Sized Mattresses tend to run from about $180 to $900 depending on the level of comfort and quality you are looking for.

Full sized mattress price ranges
Innerspring $180 – $4000
Memory Foam $450 – $5000
Latex $700 – $3000
Hybrid $280 – $5000

The comfort and style of the bed is going to shape the price versus the size in most cases. Full sized mattresses are going to be a great dealer cheaper than the Queens and Kings as they are a lot smaller.

Queen Sized Mattress Price: Regular queen sized mattresses tend to run from about $250 to $1000 depending on the level of comfort and quality you are looking for.

Queen sized mattress price ranges
Innerspring $200 – $4000
Memory Foam $500 – $5000
Latex $800 – $3000
Hybrid $300 – $5000

Just like in the cases of the Full sized mattresses the comfort and style of the bed is going to shape the price versus the size. These are available in firm, soft, tempurpedic, memory foam, and even up and down adjustable as desired.

Pros & Cons of Full vs Queen Beds

Bright bedroom with full sized bed

Full Sized Pros: The full sized mattress has a bunch of good qualities! Full size mattresses are pretty inexpensive when compared to the other options. Due to the size, the mattresses are also not too heavy and can often be moved by one person if needed.

Additionally, due to this type of mattress being popular, all the accessories are typically easy to find, as well as relatively inexpensive, with a wide variety of options.

Full Sized Cons: With a great deal of pros, the full sized mattress really has only one big con. That is the fact that the mattress is a bit smaller, and does not comfortably fit couples (though not impossible).

Sometimes, the mattress can be tight for individuals with longer legs, making the size one of the only downsides.

Queen Sized Pros: The queen sized mattress also has a great deal of good qualities. In contrast to the full sized mattress, the queen size can fit couple and taller individuals, even though it is not the most comfortable option.

Similar to the full sized bed, the queen is also a standard size, making it easy to find sheets, blankets and bed frames for this type of frame.

Queen Sized Cons: Unfortunately with good things does come a few downsides. The queen sized mattress, since larger and more roomier than the full, will be a little heavier and more expensive.

Inviting bedroom with queen sized mattress Should i get a full or queen bed?

Single women or smaller teens should consider a full sized mattress. Smaller couples or larger teens and single people, should consider upgrading to the queen sized mattresses.

What size rug under full bed?

There are multiple options of rugs that can go under a full sized mattress, and they don’t even have to go directly under them! The best option is using a 5 foot by 8 foot rug, placed at the bottom two thirds of the bed.

This leaves a little room on each side and makes the room look a little fuller. Additionally, there can be two smaller runner rugs placed on each side of the bed, or a large rug for use in larger rooms.

What size rug under queen bed?

Again, there are multiple options of rugs that can go under a queen sized mattress, and they don’t even have to go directly under them! The best option for the queen sized mattress is using an 8 foot by 10 foot rug, or even a 9 foot by 12 feet.

This again, should be placed at the bottom edge of the bed. There are also different combinations, but it should be larger than the bed so that when one is climbing out of the bed, the person getting out of bed hits the rig versus the flooring below.

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Is a full bed big enough for 2?

A full bed is typically not recommended for two. The size of the bed is best for a single sleeper. That being said it is not impossible to have two people in a full sized bed, especially if they like to sleep close or are small people.

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