39 Custom Home Bars (Design Ideas & Pictures)

Stylish home bar with lounge seating and marble countersThis gallery features luxury custom home bars design ideas and pictures. A custom home bar can be the ultimate place to relax after a hard day at work or just unwind with friends and socialize. Here are 37 custom home bars that are sure to impress and give you plenty of ideas and inspiration for creating your own relaxing spot to enjoy with friends and family.

Class and elegance are the main motifs of this spacious interior. The lighting fixtures serve a two-fold purpose as a functional source of ample light as well as interesting accent pieces. The geometric pendant lights runs parallel to the theme of lines and solid forms used in the space. The wall sconces help frame the marble counter bar which serves a center piece for the lounge space. The blacks and grays of the furniture make for a good contrast to the rest of the room and the carpeted floors and glass and steel tables keep the room light and properly proportioned.

Custom Home Bar Design Ideas

Basement bar with travertine floors and dark wood cabinetryThe almost random arrangement of the tan travertine floor tiles seems to give life to the floor of the space. Accent walls are lined with same arrangement of stones, but with an added variation in texture and color. The dark wooden cabinetry, shelves, and furniture serve as good contrasts to tone down the lightness of the space. The intricate gray moldings of the dropped ceilings seem to frame the different parts of the space.

Bar with wooden teak floors set against white wallsAn example of bold and simple design, this space uses a juxtaposition of brown and white colors to help drive its point home. The wooden teak floorboards, cabinetry, furniture, and countertop help give a welcome warmth to the space. The dark, rich colors of these features are pleasantly contrasted by the mellow, light colors of the walls and the ceiling.

Custom bar with under cabinet lightingThis custom home bar utilizes under-counter lighting with dramatic effects to create a cool vibe. Different colors can be used to change things up depending on your mood.

Room with polished wood counter, beige walls and glasses on shelvesThe playfully bright-colored upholstery of the wooden bar stools gives an unexpected pop of color to the space. The traditionally tasteful use of polished wood for the countertop is a design choice that has several aesthetic merits. The careful arrangement of display pieces on the bar shelves is integral to the overall feel of a home bar. The dark brown of the bar stands out amidst the beige walls and floorboards. The basement flooring features traditional wood planks for the bar area and a laminate for the downstairs kitchen area.

Room with yellow ceilings, brown walls and wooden chairs with decorative elementsThis space employs an eye-pleasing mix of striking colors. The wide windows appropriately let much light in to showcase the color palette of the room. The mellowness of the yellow ceiling, the anchoring dark brown of the bar area and walls, and the unique use of green carpet create a color combination that is absolutely lively and adventurous. The ornate patterns on the upholstered wooden chairs, the intricate patterns on the carpet, and the floral lighting fixtures used on the paneled ceiling further add to the space’s charming variety.

Room with bar with picture window views, solid wooden bar stools and lit blue barThis bar design appears very clearly designed for its context – cool, tropical nights. The lit blue bar counter parallels the deep azure of the early evening sky. A bold use of solid carved wooden bar stools, teak wooden floorboards, and teak wooden planks for the walls and ceiling helps accent the blue of the bar and the vista seen through the large doorway that frames the outside.

Basement with stone countertops and white walls with gray wainscotingMinimalism was used in the forms and details of this home bar design. It keeps it feeling easy and comfortable to be in. Stone countertops and white and gray wall tiles go well with the dark grey cabinetry and shelves. The wooden floors and gray-painted dropped ceiling make the space look visually and aesthetically balanced, which is important in making a place feel like home.

Bar with dark marble countertops and white ceilingThe spotlight of this piece is the dark marble used on the countertop and bar. The material is complemented by the bold design of the bar stools, art installments, and displayed bar accessories. The dark wooden back wall also creates a good contrast with the plain white ceiling, walls, and floors.

B with white leather bar stools and gray countertopsThe white leather bar stools mix well with the gray marble countertop. The grays and browns of the carpet, floor, and brick wall add a good strong vibe to the space. The most interesting piece of the design is its industrial copper chandelier above the bar; it goes to show that lighting does more than just illuminate an area.

Room with banquette seating and circular bar tablesThis design was intended for more personal, private occasions. Banquette seating, like the one used in this design, provides plenty of seating space for the relatively small room and the circular bar tables make for an intimate and cozy aesthetic. The smart use of the pendant lights adds to the overall charm of the place. The window placement also prevents the place from feeling stuffy. Black granite is used for the countertops and helps give this custom home bar a sleek and sophisticated style.

Bar with mosaic tile backsplash in the bar area, white chairs and staircaseAn example of modern, minimalist design, this home bar employs bold, plain lines and edges to create a space of exquisite sophistication. The block colors of dark brown, gray, and white also add to its air of classiness. The leather bar stools, the solid wood countertop and the simple yet stylish pendant lights are all smart design choices that help this minimalist home bar achieve its full potential. The contemporary mosaic tile backsplash helps frame the bar area to showcase expensive liquor and keep your mixing apparatus in an easy-to-reach location.

Bar with peninsula countertop and acrylic stools and black cabinetsThis modern basement home bar design features a peninsula countertop with glass bar stools and pendant lighting. The bar itself is equipped with black base cabinets with frosted glass door upper cabinets, a small fridge, and sink.

Bar with blue lighting and mirror like metal backsplash tilesThe design of the bar stools and the eccentric colors of the pendant lights serve as the centerpieces of this design. The solid white quartz stone countertops with the wooden cabinetry work help lighten the overall feel of the room. The metal backsplash tiles used in the sink area add another splash of contemporary charm.

Room with large glass windows, fireplace and high coffered ceilingsThis spacious design is a good example of classic design integrated into modern-day. From the ornately designed upholstered bar stools to the intricately carved wood of the fireplace, the generous use of wood and quality workmanship gives the space class and style. Large glass windows make sure that the place feels open and bright, while the fireplace located at the side opposite the bar tops off the sophisticated ambiance of the design. The high coffered ceiling provides a feeling of luxury and elegance to the room.

Brick walled bar with industrial lighting and televisionBrick walls are used to add warmth to a space, and this example of a home bar is a prime example of brick walls used right. The smart use of rich wood, carpeting, and industrial lighting fixtures keeps the place feeling rustic and comfortable. An interesting use of a wooden picture frame can be seen in the space – as a frame for a flat-screen television. This is a good example of innovative, out-of-the-box design.

Room with brick ceiling, arched doorway and black stone countersCeilings are commonly underappreciated aspects of interior design. However, in many ways, ceiling design can make or break a room. In this example, brick was used as a ceiling cover. This adds an intimate ambiance to the space as well as showing ingenuity in its use of building materials. This, coupled with the black stone countertops, dark wooden cabinetry, and polished stone floor tiles, give this home bar class and style.

Home theater room with bar, wide screen television and chairsA single room can serve more than one purpose in a house. This home bar is organically built into a home theater room. An arrangement like this is an example of smart design that combines two different spaces – in this case, a home bar and a home theater – to create an area that is unique and inspired.

Bar with black stone tiles, tufted stools and white countersWide windows, such as the one used in this home bar, make spaces feel spacious and welcoming. They invite sunlight into the room and, coupled with the warm gray painted walls, the stone tile back splash and counter tops, the brickwork on the column, and the tufted leather bar stools, this space makes you feel right at home.

Room with red walls, Roman blinds and polished hardwood floorsColor is everything in designing a space. This home bar utilizes its striking speckled red walls and white wall baseboard to give itself an aesthetic that is unique and stylish. The plaid-patterned green and red curtains further liven up the space. The polished hardwood floors as well as the wooden counter top and stools give the design a warm, welcoming feel.

Bar with rough stacked stone walls, hanging lights and metal stools with yellow seatsColors and materials are not the only things that can play around with contrasts; textures can also be utilized to define a space. The smooth flat surfaces of the white walls, wooden floors, stone counter top and stools are pleasantly contrasted by the rough stacked stone look of the bar’s back wall.

Living room with bar, limestone tiles and white couchThis home bar is integrated into the home’s main living space. This type of design, when done right, greatly enhances the overall feel of a home. The stone surfaces, plain white walls, limestone floor tiles, and the quaint furniture, all topped off with warm white lighting, make this into a warm yet stylish place to entertain.

Home wet bar with access to wine cellarAs a material, glass is known for its delicateness and sophistication. And when used intelligently, it creates unique and beautiful spaces. This home bar is an example of such use. The industrial fixtures and furniture coupled with a glass display window for the homeowner’s wine collection makes it a home bar that makes a point to display its intricacies sincerely and beautifully. The cabinetry with framed glass doors, the white framed glass window at the far end of the bar, and the glass orb lighting fixtures light up the place even further.

Lounge area with bar in cool gray theme and metallic accentsCool spaces exude feelings of class and elegance. This seaside bar and lounge mirrors the cool, calm appeal of the ocean with its large glass doors that frame the view of the sea outside. The space uses cool gray and black colors on its features – dark walls, grey floors, and a black stone countertop – which all work well together. The tasteful painting hung on its main wall and the stylish leather seats are a nice final touch on its aesthetic.

Room with beige ceiling, white moldings, mosaic tiled bar and staircaseConsistency in materials and colors is usually a popular choice for finishes, but there is merit in breaking consistency in design. In this design, the wooden floors have wood grains and patterns of varying degrees of darkness, which pair well with the choice of furnishings for the mosaic tiled bar. The choice of décor adds an industrial yet homey classiness to the space.

Bar with greige walls, wingback chairs and recessed lightingThis space took advantage of the counter by using it to break the length of the counter. For homes, proportions of spaces are of utmost importance; the counter is oriented parallel to the depth of the room and is located in the middle, which breaks the space and prevents it from feeling too spacious. The dark wood floors, brown leather bar stools, marble countertops, and rich brown cabinetry all contribute to the intimacy of the space.

Bar with decorative cabinet, white column and view of the mezzanine floorBars are usually located in rooms where the ceiling is not too high; however, this example proves that design truly has no limits. A lower ceiling was constructed to circumvent the room’s otherwise unusually high ceiling. The design details of the space – the circular neo-classical column holding up the lower ceiling and the intricately carved details on the wooden counter and moldings – complete the rustic, almost Mediterranean vibe of the area.

Bar with gas fireplace and natural stone walls and red couchesBright reds are colors that attract most of the attention in a room. In this example, the couches and lounge chairs serve as the focal point of the room with their bold crimson color. The rest of the room appropriately complements the furniture with earth tones, stone tile flooring, stone walls, and quaint décor, creating a nice ambiance in the space. The stacked stone makes a perfect complement to the stone fireplace enclosure and travertine flooring.

Bar with wine storage racks and sunken pit with couchStorage space can be used not only functionally but also aesthetically; as in this design, the wine bottle holders that adorn almost all of the back wall serve as an interesting aesthetic. The sunken conversation pit is appropriately placed right next to the counter, and the fireplace creates a homey Mediterranean-style vibe further accented by the stones and bricks used on the floor and walls.

Bar with neon lighting and retro seatingA modern home bar that uses contemporary pieces with bold colors to adorn its space. The dominant blue is balanced out by the bright red of the lounge chairs. With the quaint, low-height curved countertop, this space feels clean, stylish, and comfortable to be in. It is also interesting to note that the unconventionally low height of the countertop works perfectly with the red leather lounge chairs used as stools.

Bar with purple and metallic silver theme accentsCustom home bars often make a big statement and this one is no exception. This black and purple space has generous amounts of mysterious charm and style. With its straight and clear-cut forms, plentiful use of stainless steel materials, and smart use of black paint with purple accent walls and upholstered purple stools, the futuristic feel of the space is topped off by the use of a center island.

Bar with gold, white and black themes with open shelvingA small, elegant home bar that uses its space intelligently with a juxtaposition of gold, white, and black to grab your attention. The jet-black stone countertop and elegantly arranged golden and glass cups at the back shelf couple nicely with the choice of tiger-striped furniture, which adds a dash of wild personality to the space. The painted coffered ceiling continues the feeling of drama and elegance in this room.

Open air bar with retractable door to patioThis home bar space uses a roll-up glass garage-type door to open up its inside to the outside terrace. The use of broken stone flooring and brick walls further accentuates the melding between the inside and the outside. To top it all off, the smart use of dark wooden and leather stools, an industrial-style side table, as well as dark brown stone countertop creates a nice interplay of materials and colors in the space.

Bar with round stools, open shelves and beadboard ceiling with beamsThis custom rustic wood home bar makes smart use of wooden planks as ceilings and walls to help create a vibe akin to being on a ship sailing in the sea. This design employs just that coupled with solid wood round stools, plentiful use of stone both in the walls and the floor, and a quaint lighting design that somehow showcases all of these features.

Game room with stone pillars and wood beamsCareful use of light is one of the paramount features of a space. In this example, the use of numerous wide glass windows helps create a space rich with life and light. The use of stone on the floor as well as the central column goes exceedingly well with the use of the clean, almost raw-like concrete finish of the walls and the ceilings. A feature also worth noting is the stylish use of industrial pendant lights for the counter area and the pool table. Overall, the design lets you feel as if you were in a quaint, cozy cabin in the woods.

Bar with detailed woodwork and balcony viewsA blast from the past: this Victorian-inspired design employs features common in the grand, classy spaces back in the day. A small but nonetheless grand chandelier, ornately carved wooden seats upholstered with the finest leather, intricately carved patterns on the counter and moldings, and the art pieces – the tasteful painting hung on the wall and the carved busts located on the bar’s back wall – creates a space that is classically and timelessly stylish.

Room with bar with glass shelving and large wall artThis bright and stylish luxury living room design with a tropical flair features glass shelving and a wood cabinet to provide an abundance of storage for bottles and glassware. This space is a setback in a custom wall alcove and has a mirror design behind the shelving to help increase light and add depth to the space. Source: Palm Springs Estate

Bar with granite counters and tile flooringIn long spaces, the use of design features that segment the space is increasingly important. This space used segmented parts of the wall and shelving on its back wall to ease the proportions of its length. Stone tiles, wooden cabinetry, stone countertops, and wooden beams create a space that is welcoming, bright, and comfortable. The rich wood cabinet showcases the craftsman quality of its workmanship and attention to detail.

Foyer with wet bar area, arched door and view of the dining room Here is another example of bar located in the main living space of the house. Home bars located near the front door of the house serve a secondary purpose of being the “face” of the home; in this design, a faux brick pattern on the back wall creates an air of mystery and rustic charm, only further complemented by the use of an ornate gate usually used outside with a bright pendant light behind its bars.

Basement game room with pool table, wicker chairs and steel ceilingSometimes, the design of custom home bars truly shines not with the features it has but by the openness and airiness of its negative space. This simple yet undeniably spacious design houses a simple two-seater counter and a pool table with stylish wooden plank floor boards and tan-painted walls. The most noteworthy feature of this space is its rounded and ornately-patterned steel ceiling; the simplicity of the space serves as the perfect backdrop for such an interesting design feature. For more home bar ideas visit this gallery page.

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