Accordion Shower Doors (Styles & Materials)

Find out all about accordion shower doors including what they are, the benefits of this door style, types of materials used, and accordion shower door replacement tips.
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The most intriguing aspect of this type of door is that folding partitions are so infrequently used. They are excellent for areas where space is limited due to their interesting design. These collapsible panel doors are often employed as makeshift walls and partitions.

Even though they are perfectly capable of functioning as conventional entryways that swing open and shut, they are often used for special functions. These doors are often installed between rooms because of their lightweight construction, simple fold-away storage options, and unique style.

These types of doors come in a wide range of options and depending on your need. This means that you can now use them to open or close certain rooms in your home more efficiently, depending on your daily needs and preferences.

What Is an Accordion Shower Door?

Accordion shower door illustration

An accordion shower door is a type of door that operates in a manner that is distinct from that of a conventional hinged or bifold door. There are no hinges used to attach concertina partitions to the wall because they fold up into themselves.

They use rails that are equipped with rollers instead. The rollers move along the track, which allow the door to fold up and open. Concertina partitions are primarily used as doors but can also be used to divide rooms.

In addition to their primary function as doors, accordion doors can also be utilized well in the role of room separators.They work well to divide your home into different rooms. 

Entryways that look like an accordion are often found in classrooms and other public places. You shouldn’t be afraid to use them in your home. Instead, it can be quite the opposite. They are so popular in the business world for a reason.

If needed, the doors can be opened to make a big room, and then they can be moved out of the way. This is helpful for places in the house that serve more than one purpose.

Most homes these days don’t have a lot of wide, open spaces, but foldable partitions can help you make better use of the space you have in certain rooms. This is especially useful for a modern work from home environment to create a private space when needed.

Modern homes now come with accordion shower doors built into the design. For example, full-length glass accordion-style doors on the outside can be folded back to change how your bathroom is accessed.

These styles of doors aren’t just common in bathrooms. They are also often used as patio doors, room dividers, and dividers for extra privacy and sectioning in some rooms of the house.

The accordion type is quickly becoming a popular option for patio doors. This means that their installation is a requirement for modern homeowners and house designers, but using them as shower doors is also all the rage.

These foldable partitions are excellent for saving space since, unlike conventional doors, they do not swing in and out like regular doors and can fit through quite broad spaces. Because the accordion doors fold into one another and rest in this location when opened, sufficient room is still required at each jamb opening.

These doors will leave a large gap, which makes it easy for you to step in and out of the shower. The concertina partitions will glide shut and close in the same manner as an accordion would if it were folded up. When the doors are opened, there will be a large gap between them.

The concertina partitions are on a long track suspended from the ceiling above the opening. Full-length doors are the sole option for concertina partitions. It takes a lot of work to close or open accordion doors, and when they are fully opened, they demand more room than other door styles.

Concertina partitions are only available with track-style hardware. Interior accordion doors’ design and stylistic options are usually less diverse than those for outdoor concertina partitions. For example, glass is not an option for inside accordion doors (but the bathroom can be a particular case). 

The material itself could be more appealing. As a result of the fact that the material must collapse upon one another, the material will not be as solid as a door made of wood. Handles are going to be necessary for concertina partitions.

Over time, the hardware that is used on this type of door is prone to breakage; as a result, the doors might become dislodged from the track, etc.


White RV shower space

The decision to install accordion shower doors will prove to be an excellent investment for any homeowner, as they create a modern atmosphere in the shower area of the home. It is the most efficient method of opening up the space in your bathroom without reducing the amount of open space you can bring in while also serving as the focal point of the room without producing excessive distraction.

There are numerous compelling arguments as to why accordion shower doors are an excellent choice for a home remodeling solution. Nonetheless, the following are only a few of the many incredible advantages.

You get to flood your bathroom space with lots of natural light. Whether open or closed, accordion shower doors let in the maximum amount of natural light possible, transforming an ordinary bathroom into a vibrant and lively area where you will want to spend more time.

They take up very minimal space. When open, accordion shower doors take up very little space. This technically means that they have almost no impact on the organic flow of the room in which they are located when they are closed.

Unlike other types of doors, which must slide behind another window or door, accordion shower doors must be collapsed back on themselves to be opened. This allows the entire shower wall to be opened up.

You get the added advantage of design flexibility. If you have a set of accordion shower doors, you may open them to any width within the frame, and you can also customize where the leaves of the door split.

Compared to a conventional or sliding door, these doors offer far greater flexibility because they can open into or out of shower space and fold to either the left or the right.

They’re easy to maintain. Just like most other types of windows and glass doors, they need to be cleaned regularly with detergent to maintain their pristine appearance. But because they don’t have several panes or frames, they are typically much simpler to clean than most windows. Apart from that, you may relax and take pleasure in them.

They’re aesthetically pleasing. The exterior of your bathroom will have a contemporary and chic appearance when you install accordion shower doors, and the room will feel more luxurious. You can select from various designs and more than 200 colors, allowing you to select a look that either blend in with the rest of your home or stands out to make a statement.

They’re excellent space dividers. There are a variety of unusual settings in which an accordion door could be installed. Whether you run a company, are employed in an office, or live in your own house, you will find that these partitions offer a great deal of flexibility in dividing and opening up a room.

However, their use as shower doors is where they truly shine because of their ability to delineate a distinct boundary between the rest of the bathroom and the showering area.

Great at keeping areas in and out. Several other advantages come about as a result of partitioning up bathroom spaces. Even though your goal is to be the only bathroom section, the reality is that you are erecting a barrier and establishing control over your shower space.

It means you get to keep its function more contained and map it out correctly so that it clearly marks the difference from the other functions in your bathroom.

They offer effective sound insulation. You can also purchase acoustical accordion shower doors constructed from specialized materials that offer sound insulation and can be purchased separately.

Making these folding partitions out of flimsy imitation wood is no longer necessary. Instead, they may be manufactured from solid hardwood, vinyl, or other synthetic materials. This helps to block the noise from the shower from traveling to other areas in the bathroom.

Types of Accordion Folding Doors For Showers

There is a wide selection of materials from which to choose to get concertina partitions suitable for your requirements and tastes.

Glass Door

Tempered glass is used in the construction of accordion glass doors, also known as bi-fold or folding glass doors. These doors can be found in a wide variety of designs.

Glass concertina partitions have several panes of glass that are held together by a simple frame (often made of aluminum) and are mounted on a narrow track. When the doors are opened, the glass panels collapse into one another. When the doors are closed, they transform into a substantial glass wall.

Glass concertina partitions are available in several different configurations, including the following:

• Sliding and folding to the side of one another

• Dividing itself down the middle and folding itself in half on both sides

The components and sliding mechanisms that come standard on an accordion door are built to last very long. Because glass and aluminum are moisture-resistant materials, this style of accordion door is an excellent choice for areas with high humidity levels.

The interiors of your house, workplace, or commercial space can be given an incredible upgrade with the addition of accordion glass doors.

Installing an accordion glass door is a simple process as well. Accordion glass doors are weatherproof and efficient in their energy use, thanks to technological advancements. A glass accordion door is effortless to clean when it gets dirty.

Accordion glass doors have the potential to last for a long time and always appear as good as new ones if they are cleaned and maintained regularly.

Aluminum Door

Century PVC accordion type doorSee this accordion door at Home Depot [sponsored link]

It is common practice to make accordion shower doors out of aluminum, a type of metal. Concertina partitions made of metal provide an abundance of light and a luxurious feel. In addition, retractable bathroom barriers made of metal come with a one-of-a-kind opening system that never grows old or worn out.

The selection of metal, and more especially aluminum, as the material for your retractable partitions, should be the top priority of your list of considerations.

The sturdy glass panels that are used in concertina partitions can be supported by frames made of aluminum. They can be made available in a wide range of colors and finishes that you can choose from. These frames can be quickly adjusted to suit the area’s requirements, including selecting the appropriate number of panels and how the accordion door will open and shut.

They are effortless to clean and maintain. They are also considered to have quite a long lifespan. They are the material that concertina partitions may be made from that is the most cost-effective.

Plastic Door

Plastic door for bathtubSee this accordion bathtub shower door combination at Amazon [sponsored link]

PVC polymers of the highest grade fabricated retractable doors made of plastic. The space-saving qualities of collapsible doors made of plastic make them an excellent choice for installation in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Plastic foldaway doors that are more compact come with a single wing and fold on one side of the frame. More oversized plastic concertina barriers open and close in unison from both sides before coming together in the center.

A diverse palette of hues is available for the slidable barriers made of plastic. Most concertina partitions are constructed of plastic and may be purchased ready-built from retailers like Home Depot. These concertina partitions can have their heights trimmed to size and their widths modified by removing or adding door panels.

Clear plastic accordion shower doors can be used to section off smaller areas within a larger room, such as a large bathroom. These doors are beneficial for separating the shower area from the rest of the bathroom.

Because of its low weight, an accordion door made of plastic is simple and quick to install. Put the track in place over the opening in the door, and then hang the accordion door made of plastic.

Plastic concertina partitions have several drawbacks, one of which is that they cannot be closed completely. It is a relatively insignificant problem that can be resolved quickly and painlessly by utilizing a mechanism known as a “snap-lock closure.”

By adding this feature to your plastic accordion door, you will be able to ensure that the door is shut securely by ensuring that it snaps into the appropriate location.

Vinyl Door

Clear vinyl door, bookshelf and table lampSee this accordion door at Home Depot [sponsored Link]

Vinyl concertina partitions are known to keep heat in and cold air out. You also get the added benefit of using it for a long time. It usually costs less than the other materials used to make accordion shower doors.

Because its hinges let it fold up on one side, a vinyl accordion door is an excellent way to save space in places like your bathroom that don’t have a lot of room. Vinyl concertina partitions are made of vinyl panels that are hard to scratch, last a long time, and block the sun’s UV rays.

Doors made of vinyl accordion panels are an excellent choice for openings or doorways. These doors come equipped with a sliding track, which enables them to fold to one side and open to a wide position, covering the entire doorway space. You can also install a door made of two vinyl accordions, allowing the door to fold up on both sides.

A vinyl accordion door can be purchased with a realistic appearance that imitates several types of wood. This accordion door is also available in various textures, making it a perfect fit for any interior. Because it is laminated from the factory, the concertina door is quite sturdy.

Doors for Tubs

Folding bathtub doors provide an alternative to the conventional option of a shower door. These doors use accordion-style hinges to fold into a compact space and stay out of the way.

They make cleaning a little easier, are available in various hardware options, and give a unique solution to a bathroom décor choice that is frequently disregarded. In addition, there may be as few as two or as many as numerous panels. In addition, a frame is not required for their successful operation.

Investing in a bathtub with concertina partitions could be the difference between drying the bathroom floor after every shower and not having to do so. You usually won’t need to do anything more by way of maintenance than mop up a few drops of water here and there. However, other benefits can be gained from adding them to your bathroom.

The design of your bathroom can be improved favorably by adding accordion bathtub doors, which can be really appealing.

Door Replacement

White door replacement

See this accordion door at Amazon [sponsored link]

One should consider the many applications concertina enclosures may serve. In high-end and contemporary homes, concertina partitions are frequently used as entries.

However, these partitions have a wide variety of additional applications to consider. They aren’t just for use in the bathroom or shower. You can use them to make your entrances look nicer, to separate rooms, or as light walls.

You should choose the best material for your accordion door based on what it is used for. When used as shower partitions, concertina enclosures can be made of different materials, depending on the room’s use. Remember that it’s best to use materials that won’t rust or get damaged by water since the shower area is always wet and humid.

There are a few different ways to fix or replace accordion shower enclosures. The price depends on the size, the materials used, and the amount of work needed. However, even the most expensive options are still very affordable.

Putting a decal or a new coat of paint on an old set of accordion shower barriers is sometimes all it takes to make them look new again. Most of the time, it’s best to choose a liquid tile or another type of paint made especially for bathroom use. You can quickly change your shower partitions without spending too much money or over your budget.

If you already have an accordion shower enclosure, the door frame can get out of line. The edges can wear down, the screws that hold them in place can become stripped, the brackets can become stripped, and the top roller guides may not work right.

When there is a thick carpet, it may be hard to open concertina enclosures, and you may need help to take the partitions off. If concertina partitions aren’t lined up right, you might have to change a screw on the top bracket. But this process can also be stressful, so you should check the partitions carefully before fixing them and not pinching your fingers.

When you put in your accordion shower barriers, you need to keep a close eye on the finished size of the opening. This will ensure that your partitions are put in correctly and work well. To find the door’s width and track size, measure it from side to side. As for the height, you should include the height of the tile floor in your measurements.

When you place a door order, you might be asked if you want a stack left or the proper configuration. “Stack left” refers to the door attached to the wall jamb on the left side of the shower door opening. The door on the right side of the front door opening is called the “stack right” door.

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