Bifold Door Sizes (Standard & Closet Dimensions)

In this bifold door sizes guide, we share the standard foldingpanel dimensions, widths, rough & finished openings, and closet door measurements.
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If any homeowner is looking for an alternative to the usual French doors or pocket doors, they can choose to utilize bifold panels for their homes. A bifold door slides open and folds up against a wall as a curtain would. They are also referred to as accordions, collapsible, or folding doors.

This folding style door is a fantastic option to go for if homeowners are looking to utilize every space available in a room. It opens in the middle and folds on the sides to give everyone a full view of the other room in one motion.

A bifold style is also often steadier than sliding doors, making the “shuddering” feel of sliders a thing of the past.

Standard Bifold Door Dimensions

Standard bifold door size

The sizes for bifold doors will vary from one manufacturer to the next, but there are standard measurements each manufacturer uses as guidelines to make their products

Most of the time, the height of the doors from top to bottom is 6.8 feet or about 81.6 inches.

The widths will differ depending on how many panels a homeowner wants. The most basic of these folding doors will have about 2 to 4 panels. however, many manufacturers will also have accordion-style doors that have 3, 4, or 6 panels available. 

The standard door width for each panel will be about 28 inches or 71 centimeters to 39 inches or 99 centimeters. A homeowner with an aperture of about 110 inches or 279 centimeters could accommodate three to four panels

For wider panels, the best option is to go for bespoke ones since there are maximum sizes for both widths and heights for these folding doors

What Sizes Do Bifold Collapsible Doors Come In? 

Bifold collapsible door width sizes

Aside from the standard size for bifold doors, with two panels, there are other measurements for a homeowner to use according to their needs and opening size. The design configurations for each door will also vary because some will fold three times while some can be 5+1 panels

Another thing to remember regarding these collapsible doors is that it is more efficient to measure them using the unit of measurement, millimeter or mm, rather than centimeters or cm. It will ensure that the draft is prevented for energy efficiency and security. 

The different widths of these folding doors will come in are 1800 mm or 71 inches, 2100 mm or 83 inches, 2400 mm or 94 inches, 2700 mm or 106 inches, 3000 mm or 118, 3600 mm or 142 inches, 4200 mm or 165 inches, and 4800 mm or 189 inches. The height these sizes will come in is usually 2095 mm or 82 inches

Bifold Closet Door Measurements

Sizes for Bifold closet doors

One chic option for closet doors is utilizing bifold panels. Homeowners can customize the dimensions they come in for spaces with odd sizes. They can choose to opt for a 2-panel door unit or go for a grand 16-panel folding panel for their more oversized closets

The sizes of two-panel doors will usually vary from 1 foot and 6 inches to 4 feet. A 4-panel accordion-style door unit will be 3 feet to 8 feet, while an eight-fold panelwill measure 6 feet to 12 feet.

For more oversized closets, 12-fold door units measure from 9 feet to 18 feet, and the 16-panel units can reach 12 to 24 feet. Read more about different closet door sizes here.

Bifold Rough Opening Sizes

Bifold rough opening size

There are two rules to note regarding a bifold door’s rough opening. The first is that any gap that would accommodate a regular or any folding panel size should be about 2″ or 50.8 millimeters higher and 2″ or 50.8 millimeters wider than the door itself. This rough opening size will allow any homeowner to install a lumber or a jamb extension for the collapsible door. 

The second rule dictates how small a door should be than the rough opening. To fit any foldable door to an opening, the size should be 1/2″ or 12.7 millimeters smaller than the rough opening width, while the door should be 1 1/2″ or  38.1 millimeters shorter than the rough opening in height

So, if a homeowner has a 48 inches folding door with a standard height of 81 inches, what rough opening will be perfect for accommodating this size? The rough opening should be 82 inches or 2082 millimeters with a width of 50 inches or 1270 millimeters. 

Finished Opening Size for Bifold Folding Doors

Bifold folding door finished opening size

The finished opening size for a bifold door will vary according to the size used for the home. For a folding door with a panel size of 11 3/4 inches in width and a height of 79 inches, the finished opening width and height will be 24 1/16 and 81 inches

What Size Bifold Accordion Door Do I Need? 

The first thing any homeowner needs to decide on for bifolding doors is looking at the openings or apertures where it will be installed. It is essential to leave some space, known as the fitting tolerance, about half an inch or 1.27 centimeters.

One of the ways to ensure the correct size is by hiring a professional to do the measuring, but the cheaper and easier way to do it is by measuring it themselves. 

The first thing to do is estimate and measure the opening diagonally from one corner to the other. This will ensure that the space is level. 

The next thing to do is measure the open space’s width and height from top to bottom to the middle. Take the smallest dimensions and deduct about half an inch of the fitting tolerance space, and the end size will be the size of the perfect door for the homeowner’s home. 

Once the product is bought and delivered, it is important to ensure that the bifold door opens in and out with enough clearance space for the people in the home to pass through before installation.

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