15 Types Of Refrigerators You Should Know: Buying Guide

different types of refrigerators

Here we share our types of refrigerators buying guide sharing the different models, styles, features, colors, sizes, cost, and the top refrigerator brands for homeowners. Refrigerators are one of the best things that have ever been invented when it comes to the household. You get to enjoy a refreshing cold drink and also increase the lifespan of the food you put inside. This makes storing food way easier and more efficient, reducing the chances of your food spoiling. 

Adding this appliance to your new home will always be part of your priority list. Choosing one can be quite overwhelming, especially with the different types of refrigerators you can explore. So the best move to make is to identify all of them and compare them with each other until you settle on the type that can benefit you the most.

Quicklook: Different Types of Refrigerators

  • Side By Side
  • French Door
  • Bottom Freezer
  • Top Freezer
  • Undercounter
  • Counter Depth
  • 4 Door
  • Built In
  • Door In Door
  • Chest
  • Outdoor
  • Mini
  • Drawer
  • Wine
  • Beverage

Refrigerator Types

Kitchen with stainless steel refrigerator, cabinets, backsplash, tile flooring, and windowsWhen it comes to the different types, they can be grouped based on different configurations. There are refrigerators based on how they are installed. This includes full-depth, counter depth, built-in, and even outdoor variants. 

Refrigerators can also be grouped based on door designs. Throughout the years, different door designs have emerged and been innovated. Every decade, a new design is introduced and you get to have more options to consider.

Arguably, the two of the most important appliances in the kitchen are the refrigerator and freezer. Because of the artificially cold temperatures, food stays fresh longer, making it possible to stock up on ingredients ahead of time and cook them as needed. – The Encyclopedia of Kitchen Tools, Elinor Hutton

Some of the most popular types based on door designs are French door, side by side, bottom freezer, and top freezer.

Kitchen with white-pained walls, cabinets, refrigerator, countertop, and ceiling light

From all of these options, there are even other types of refrigerators notable for their special features and characteristics. And it’s only by exploring them one by one will you be able to choose the ideal fridge for your home. 

Side By Side Refrigerator

Kitchen with side by side refrigeratorOne of the types of refrigerators to consider is the side by side, which is often described as efficiently-sized and budget-friendly. Similar in design to French door refrigerators, this type tends to come with more features and innovative options compared to other types of refrigerators.

It can be due to the fact that they are mostly created when technology has already developed well. This is a type based on the door design.

Side by side refrigerator features a top-to-bottom shelving style, where you can store fresh and frozen goods at eye level. You can store other less-used items at the bottom of the fridge. 

Side by side refrigerator is more affordable compared to the similar two-door style French door. But this type is also slimmer and thinner, limiting the number of items you can store.  

Side By Side Refrigerator Door Style: Just as how this type is named, a side by side fridge features two doors that are positioned beside each other.

The two doors open from the center, where the freezer is located on one side, commonly on the left side, while the refrigerator is on the other side. 

This type of refrigerator based on door design has become popular throughout the years, giving homes a vertical refrigerator and freezer sitting next to each other.

With its slim profile and small door swing space, this fridge is a good option for homeowners with small kitchen layout dimensions but who want to have enough cold storage for food. 

Side By Side Refrigerator Features: Side by side refrigerator may only allow limited sizes of food due to their slim profile and may not be as energy-efficient compared to other types of refrigerators.

Side By side Models offer the following features:

 External ice machine and water dispenser

 Customizable storage space through door bins and adjustable shelves

 Offer slightly more capacity for the freezer compared to the French door fridge

 Small door swing clearance so it can fit tight and narrow spaces

 Vertical storage that keeps frozen and fresh items at eye level

French Door Refrigerators

Kitchen with french door refrigeratorA French door refrigerator is another fridge type that has two doors in store. Known for its generous storage, this type follows a layout that’s also known as pantry-style.

It can accommodate larger-sized items compared to the side by side and at the same time still require a small swing space. It is also known for its high energy efficiency, especially since you can lessen the cool air that escapes the fridge just by opening one door at a time. 

French door refrigerators have their freezer structured as a drawer where you can easily slide it out when you need frozen items. They are also located where it would be easy to access them though tall people may need to stoop down a bit just for access. 

This type is identified as a luxury type, not just in terms of its modern aesthetics and style but also in price. They tend to be more expensive compared to other types of refrigerators offered in the market. 

French Door Refrigerator Door Style: Similar to where it got its name, the French door refrigerator has two doors and a freezer drawer at the bottom.

The two doors only open the top part, which is solely the refrigerator part. And these doors swing outward from the center, requiring small swing space in the process. 

French Door Refrigerators Features: More than just the large storage capacity, French door types are so popular for their high-end features and options, including the following:

 Adjustable shelves and compartments for customizable storage space

 Wider freezer and shelves to fit larger items (Like large platters and frozen pizza)

 External water dispensers and ice maker

Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Bottom freezer refrigerator for kitchensThe bottom freezer refrigerator is popular for its convenient layout and generous storage. Also known as bottom-mount, this type is the exact opposite of the top freezer. The layout of this fridge type has the fresh food in the top compartment while the frozen items on the bottom freezer, just as how it is named. 

Bottom freezer refrigerators became popular due to having large storage space available both for the fridge and the freezer compartments. They showcase the classic look, along with the convenience of having everything you need at eye level and easily accessible. 

This fridge type is becoming more of an option for higher-end refrigerators. Similar to French door, they position the freezer compartment at the bottom as a slide-out drawer. 

Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Door Style: Bottom freezer refrigerators feature the classic door style that has one door and swings on one side.

This type showcases a top refrigerator for fresh food and a bottom freezer or a more accessible frozen compartment, which can either be a pull-out drawer or a side-open door. 

Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Features: Here’s the streamlined set of features you can expect from a bottom freezer refrigerator:

 Larger space for the compartment compared to the freezer one at the bottom

 Entry price-point.

 Easy access and eye-level positioning for fresh items

 Large door swing allowance

Top Freezer Refrigerator

Kitchen with top freezer refrigeratorThe exact opposite of the bottom freezer refrigerator, just as it’s named, you can find the freezer compartment of this type of fridge above the refrigerator compartment. Considered to be the most budget-friendly option, it offers a classic design that many people are used to. 

Also known as the top-mount fridge, this type offers more convenient storage access for your frozen items in the freezer and wider in-door storage for fresh items in the refrigerator compartment.

This type can also come in different sizes and so if you prefer the classic design and you have a big kitchen to fill, there won’t be a mismatch problem. 

Top Freezer Refrigerator Door Style: The top freezer is the traditional type of fridge where, just as it’s named, the top compartment is the freezer for frozen items and the bottom compartment is the refrigerator part for fresh items.

Each compartment has its own door that opens to the side and so you can only open the one you want to have access to, reducing the chill air that can escape the fridge. 

Top Freezer Refrigerator Features: Top freezer refrigerators are the most affordable ones offered in the market and this means that their features can be quite limited.

Despite that though, you can still enjoy the following set of streamlined features along with this type:

 More space

 Traditional and classic look and layout

 Large door swing space and clearances

 Easy freezer access for your frozen items

Undercounter Refrigerator

Kitchen with under counter refrigeratorA type of refrigerator based on its installation, an under-counter refrigerator are similar to a built-in fridge since it’s designed to fit and needs to be integrated under most types of kitchen countertops (just as how it’s named). This fridge type is commonly smaller and more compact since it should be able to fit under your kitchen counter. 

Undercounter refrigerators can come in different designs since they can come with or without a freezer, depending on if the space below the counter can allow it. They can also include solid/glass doors and drawers.

Some specialized versions of this type can be made as one of the following (following their ideal temperature):


 Beverage coolers

 Wine fridges

Undercounter Refrigerator Door Style: Undercounter refrigerator only contains one refrigerator cavity but can come with a freezer zone for some. The door of an under-counter can either be a solid door or a drawer, depending on what you choose. A solid door usually opens from the side and for the drawer-type, it’s more of a pull-out compartment. 

Undercounter Refrigerator Features: With the limited size of the under-counter, the features can also be quite limited.

Some of the best undercounter features include the following:

 A single reversible door

 Extra beverage or food storage

 Seamless integration with cabinets for under counter installation

 Overflow cold food storage with specialized temperature zones

Counter Depth Refrigerator 

Kitchen with counter depth refrigerator

Considered to be a low-profile build capable of maximizing kitchen space, a counter depth refrigerator is another type of fridge based on installation and similar to the under-counter, it is a built-in refrigerator.

Most of these refrigerators are flushed 24 inches into the kitchen cabinets, creating that space-efficient and seamless look. These types of refrigerators are a bit wider since it’s not that deep in the first place (usually between 27 to 30 inches deep).

They usually come with the standard refrigerator heights though. Since they are less spacious, you are limited to how many items you can store in your fridge. Despite that though, these types of fridges can be expensive.

Counter Depth Refrigerator Door Style: The entire box of a counter depth refrigerator needs to be aligned with your kitchen cabinet’s front edge in order to achieve a seamless and streamlined look. And the door usually protrudes a bit from the cabinets to at least give an indication of where the fridge is in your kitchens and cabinets. 

Counter Depth Refrigerator Features: If you’re thinking about considering this appliance for your kitchen, here are some of the features:

 Maximized kitchen space

 Flexible installation (Can be built-in or freestanding)

 Built-in, modern, and streamlined aesthetics

 Easily blends with the kitchen for a fully integrated look

4 Door Refrigerator

Kitchen with 4 door refrigeratorSee this 4 door refrigerator at Home Depot [sponsored link]

A 4 door refrigerator, also known as a quad door, is a type of fridge similar to a French door but instead of having 2 doors, you get 4 doors that help separate 4 different compartments. This layout allows you to organize items better and only access one door at a time, making sure that less cold air can get out from the fridge. 

4 door variants are popular for their modern and distinctive aesthetics that have visual value added to your kitchen and home. However, similar to the french door too, the price tag can also be a bit high. 

4 Door Refrigerator Door Style: The door style of a quad door refrigerator involves 4 doors that can be opened from the center, similar to a French door.

Another similarity this type of fridge has to a French door fridge is that the top compartments are for fresh items and the bottom two compartments are for frozen goods. 

4 Door Refrigerator Features: If you feel like this type is the ideal one for you, here is the set of features you are sure to enjoy with it.

 Unique and modern aesthetics

 Flexible organization spaces

 Better accessibility and organization because of the four-door design

 Convenient to reach shelves

 Easier cleaning by emptying one quadrant at a time

Built In Refrigerator 

Kitchen with built-in refrigerator

A built-in refrigerator is a type of fridge based on its installation and this only means that the appliance has been customized to be integrated to the walls or cabinets to achieve a clean and seamless look in the kitchen.

And while they tend to be larger in terms of height and width, they can also be lacking in terms of depth since they need to be aligned with the cabinets or walls for a seamless look. 

Many homeowners go for these refrigerators if they want a more high-end and custom-made look even if they can be expensive. Before you consider this type of fridge though, make sure that you have no plans to move or remodel your kitchen since this will be a permanent addition to your home. 

Built In Refrigerator Door Style: For built-in refrigerators, usually come with the common door style that swings on the side. While a drawer-style front may be considered, these are usually not deep enough for the style to be efficient. The doors are also aligned and flushed with the walls and cabinets to stay true to the smooth and seamless look it offers. 

Built In Refrigerator Features: For a personal and well-thought-out look for your fridge, a built-in type is an incredible option to consider, along with the following features:

 Tends to be taller and wider

 Features a premium and luxurious aesthetics

 High-end option that may come with high-end pricing compared to freestanding units

 Can come in different colors and not just the standard stainless steel color

Door In Door Refrigerator

Door-in-door refrigerator for kitchensSee this door in door refrigerator at Home Depot [sponsored link]

Ideal for large families and eco-friendly consumers, door in door refrigerators became very popular because of their door style and innovative options. You can arrange your most often used items to be in the front row of the door, making it more accessible without having to fully open the door and let the cold air from the fridge escape. 

This type uses a door-in-door design that features innovations that make it more convenient to use the doors. This innovation allows you a little access to the door bins without fully opening the door. And some added features can provide a view of what’s inside the fridge without opening it. 

With this fancy innovation, this type of fridge comes with a high price tag. Since it’s energy-efficient and cost-effective, decide if the price tag is worth the extra savings you get from using it. 

Door In Door Refrigerator Door Styles: The door style of this type is a bit complex since the focus is on the innovation integrated into the door. They can come with one or two doors, depending on what you chose.

The innovation you can use with the door involves either a peek or access to the fridge without fully opening the door and wasting cold air and energy. 

Door In Door Refrigerator Features: Door-in-door refrigerators have become popular through the years and for that reason. If you’re also looking for the push that will make you consider this type of fridge, here are some of its major features:

 Innovative and easy door access (Like cracking the door slightly can offer access)

 Peeking from the outside (Some fridge doors can turn transparent with a press of a button or a knock)

 Features barrier between the outside and the fridge interior which reduces cold air to accept when you access the doors

Chest Refrigerator 

Kitchen with chest refrigeratorSee this chest refrigerator at Amazon [sponsored link]

Chest refrigerators most commonly come as upright or chest freezers but they only come as an added freezer for other extra items. This type often comes as a standalone freezer in a compact size that can range from as small as 2.1 cubic feet to as big as 40 cubic feet for commercial purposes. 

Considered the most economical freezer, this type can be used to store bulky items that will not fit in the fridge in your kitchen.

This fridge can be placed in other areas of the home, including the following:


 Utility room


You can also use this compact fridge to store items that you want to have easy access to, including precooked meals and frozen vegetables.

Chest Refrigerator Door Style: A chest refrigerator is a standalone compact appliance that comes with a single door and can be swung open.

Depending on whether you got a chest-shaped fridge or the upright fridge, the door can be opened either to the side of the fridge or upwards like a chest. The door hinges can be found on one side or at the top of the fridge. 

Chest Refrigerator Features: If your fridge is not enough to accommodate all the items you have in the kitchen and you somehow want to keep some items in other areas, getting a chest refrigerator is a good move.

Here are some of the features you can expect when you get this type. 

 Portable and can be set up in other areas of the home besides the kitchen

 Can be used for long-term freezing and preservation of items. 

 Economical and affordable

 Compact in size with boxy dimensions

 Limited air circulation without its fan

 With baskets for more organized space division

Outdoor Refrigerator 

Outdoor kitchen with refrigerator

Getting an outdoor refrigerator can also be considered, especially if your family is fond of bbq and picnics. And one of the major differences that this outdoor appliance has among other types of refrigerators is durability.

If you’re placing the fridge outdoors, it needs to be strong and high-quality enough not to be affected by weather elements. This is the reason why they are expensive because they need to have proper insulation, weatherproofing, UV protection, ventilation, rust resistance, and advanced compressors. 

If you’re going all-out and choosing the best outdoor type offered in the market, there is a high chance you will be able to enjoy the following features. 

 Auto-locking panels

 See-through glass doors

 Interior LED lighting

 Ice maker machine

Small Refrigerator Types

Small refrigerator for kitchens

Not everyone can afford and accommodate a full-size refrigerator and whether it’s because you lack the money to buy one or you don’t have enough space to accommodate it, you can also settle with a small variant just enough to cater to your needs.

If you are thinking about getting a small fridge for your personal use, there are several small types you can consider and explore and most of these small fridge types are based on their use. 

Mini Refrigerator 

Mini refrigerator inside a wooden cabinet

A mini refrigerator is an incredible option to consider for your bedroom or small office area. You can also use this if you’re a student living in a dorm room. It is the more compact, economical, and energy-efficient option among other types of refrigerators. It can even be portable so that you can move it from one area of the home to another when necessary. 

Since it’s small in size, it accommodates less space which is why it’s a good choice for small homes and apartments. They can come as a standalone or built-in, depending on what you choose to purchase. There are also different sizes and configurations to choose from. 

Drawer Refrigerator

Kitchen withdrawer refrigeratorSee this drawer refrigerator at Home Depot [sponsored link]

A drawer refrigerator is a small fridge that opens like a drawer and it often comes as a built-in element in your kitchen. And for a seamless look, this type of small fridge often comes in the same height as the kitchen cabinets. 

This type of fridge is usually found in gourmet or large kitchens for commercial use and easier access to items you would often use for cooking and preparing a meal. You can save a lot of time with easy access rather than rummaging through your fridge for a piece of tomato. 

Wine Refrigerator 

Kitchen with refrigerator, cabinets, and countertop

If you want to keep your wine accessible, chilled, and ready to drink, getting a wine refrigerator just for your collection is a good idea to consider.

Whether you choose a full-size fridge for your 180 wine bottles or just the under-counter fridge to keep your favorites, this type can be a good option for your kitchen. 

Beverage Refrigerator 

Kitchen with beverage refrigerator

If you have a big family who loves their sodas and beers, get a beverage refrigerator to keep them organized and chilled. You don’t want these beverages taking up space in your kitchen fridge so they can have their own storage space instead.

They often come with several racks to hold the cans and bottles. They can also more easily be stored away in the garage or pantry. Read more about kitchen appliance storage ideas here.

Refrigerator Features

Kitchen with stainless steel refrigerator

One of the most important factors to take into account when choosing the type of refrigerator to bring home is the set of features it comes with. The best thing about the different features innovated through time is that they’ve become more modern and tech featured. 

There are features that you must have at all costs and there are some that may be nice to have but not really a priority. So if you’re out hunting for your next refrigerator, make sure to decide on which ones are non-negotiable features and which ones are good add-ons.

Here are some of the features worth considering. 

Water Dispenser: An external water dispenser is one of the most common features you will find in a full-sized fridge. Excluding the different small types, you will almost always see a water dispenser for an upright and vertical fridge. 

Many water dispensers come with an easy-touch button that when pressed will dispense cold water from the fridge. The more advanced offerings can even detect the size of the cup you have and fill it without spilling. Other more expensive and complex fridge models also have the self-filling water pitcher feature and the sparkling water dispenser. 

Water Filter: If you highly value your health and you want to make sure that you are drinking clean and quality water, you can look for a water filter feature for your refrigerator.

Some types come with this feature and are embedded with an advanced water filtration system that makes sure your drinking water is free from contaminants. They can even come with a direct ice cube filter to extend their filtration system to your ice cubes.

Ice Maker: Another common feature of a standard and fully-sized refrigerator beside a water dispenser is the ice maker. A built-in ice maker can effortlessly help you prepare some ice cubes or spheres (depending on the fridge and the ice maker) swiftly and in huge volume.

There are types that come with hidden ice makers installed outside the fridge that you won’t have to open just to get ice and the feature also doesn’t have to take up some of the space inside the fridge. 

Garage Ready Refrigerator: The garage is not really a warm and cozy area where you can keep your fridge in and if you plan to have one in your garage, make sure that it’s garage-ready. 

A garage-ready refrigerator is a more durable unit that is able to efficiently operate despite the extreme temperature in the area (whether it’s extremely hot or bitterly cold).

A fridge that’s considered garage-ready has better insulation, which is how it is able to handle temperature changes. Of course, this also means that they can come a bit more expensive compared to other types of refrigerators. 

Outdoor types are most often garage-ready so you might want to check that out if you’re looking for one. Just make sure to plug the fridge into an electrical outlet directly and keep it away from direct sunlight as much as possible. 

Panel Ready: A panel-ready refrigerator refers to an unfinished-looking piece of the appliance to match your kitchen aesthetics. If you want your fridge to look modern and seamless, you can go for a panel-ready one to take out all the efforts it would take to match it with your kitchen.

This is an excellent feature to consider if you value aesthetics but they also come with a bit of a cost and can range from $3,000 to $15,000 just to be able to get this feature.

Modern refrigerator with special features

Smart Refrigerator: A refrigerator can be considered smart if it is integrated with smart features and options. Smart features can be very different from each other and can range from simple commands to the most complex tasks.

Some of the smart features you can look for in a smart fridge are the following:

 Push notification for ajar door

 Data analytics

 Interconnection with other types of appliances

 Order new groceries through automated inventory

 Suggested recipes based on current stock

Glass Doors: Glass doors will look elegant and luxurious, especially if you’re going for this particular style for your kitchen. This feature is usually available with high-end and newly released types and at the start only available for high-end brands.

Today though, many mid-end variants come with glass doors since manufacturers have made them available to the public. With a glass door, you will be able to see the items inside the fridge so you don’t need to open the door every now and then just to check if what you’re looking for is inside it. 

Self Closing: Have you ever forgotten to close your fridge door and left it open for a long time? This can cause your electric bill to skyrocket and even compromise your food safety, especially if you often forget to close it. The solution to this is to look for a fridge with a self closing feature. 

Many refrigerators now come with automatic closing features where they use a magnetic strip and sealing gasket to make sure that the fridge door is pulled back and sealed tightly every time it opens.

Other types are designed with a slight tilt since the angle helps the door to allow gravity to work and fall back towards the fridge and close on its own. 

Locking: While sealing comes with the self-closing feature, the locking feature is a completely different thing. If you have toddlers and kids at home, locking the fridge safely can be a good option to consider just to be on the safe side.

Locking features usually come with alarm systems that will tell you if the fridge is being opened or your kid is playing with the fridge door, which will be prevented this from happening and help you conserve energy in the process. 

Thermometer: The refrigerator is all about keeping the temperature at a certain level to help preserve the food and keep it fresh inside.

Some types come with automatic temperature control that helps balance the humidity and temperature within the fridge. Some even come with an advanced feature that provides accurate temperature control through an intuitive touch control panel. 

Removable Shelves: Choosing an appliance with removable shelves means that you’re choosing convenience, more storage space, and better item organization for your fridge. You can easily set up these shelves if you need to use them and organize the items inside better.

But you can also slide them out in case you need to put something bigger inside the fridge and you need every amount of space you can get. With removable shelves, you can make the most of the space you have in your refrigerator, whether you want to fill it with large bottles of wine or small fruit to consume every day.

Touchscreen: Those with touch screens and digital controls provide better access and control over other features like setting an automatic defrost. Besides the convenience though, having a touch screen for digital control is also high-end and luxurious to look at. 

These controls are usually associated with smart features since activating them can be possible using these controls. Some of the commands you can access using these controls are the following:

 Adjust cooling modes

 Grocery ordering

 Ingredients tracking

 Online recipes researching

 Weather updates

Energy Star Refrigerator: You will normally see an Energy Star rating pasted on your refrigerator when you bought it and it’s for a reason. If a fridge is Energy Star qualified. It means that it is able to conserve energy even when in operation.

This does not only help you save energy and help the environment by minimizing your carbon footprint but it is also a cost-effective choice since you get to save money in the long run from the lower utility bill. In addition to that, using less energy does not overwork the motor, helping it last longer. 

Refrigerator Colors

Kitchen with black refrigerator

Now that you’re done skimming through the different features you want to consider, the next thing to focus on is its aesthetics. And when it comes to appearance, colors play an important role to set the vibe and style that you’re going for.

For this applianbce though, you have limited options on what you can explore and you would need to rely on what’s available in the market and what the manufacturers have introduced. 

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is one of the most common and elegant color options. It can also be considered under finishes since it offers a smooth and shiny surface to your appliance.

You can go for a stainless steel refrigerator if you’re looking for something clean, sleek, and elegant to add to your kitchen. With this color, you can go for a rustic kitchen or a modern one, depending on other elements you add to the mix. With its elegant and high-end look, you can definitely add some visual value to your kitchen using a stainless steel type. 

Black Stainless Steel: If you’re sold in stainless steel but want something unique and different for your kitchen, you can go for its black version instead. A black stainless steel refrigerator may have this classic finish but the bold color adds a punch to your kitchen aesthetics if you choose to have it.

Your fridge definitely stands out and brings something new and quirky into the traditional stainless steel look. The color black adds sophistication and at the same time helps your appliance be free from smudges and fingerprints on the surface. This is because black stainless steel usually come with a matte finish. 

Black: Another color option you can choose is the color black and it is actually a popular choice for many homes. This color adds a popping touch to your kitchen but at the same time integrated an elegant and sophisticated vibe to your home.

And when you pair black appliances like a fridge with light-colored and white furniture and elements, you are able to create enough contrast that will easily spruce up your kitchen in no time.

You can also go for the monochromatic look and add different shades of black for more texture. This will be the best choice if you want something bold and dramatic. 

White: White is a safe color to consider, especially when it comes to the kitchen. This is the reason why it’s one of the most common colors for many appliances. 

If you want something safe and traditional, a white refrigerator can be a good option without compromising the style and aesthetics you’ve already established for your kitchen.

It is also the best color choice if you want to brighten up your kitchen or if you want to make the space appear bigger than it really is. The good thing about choosing this color is that it’s also versatile and can easily be paired with other colors. 

Paneled: Going for something more custom-built and personalized, having the appliance paneled with not just add texture to the appliance but also offer this farmhouse look. Using several pieces of wood, surround your refrigerator with a cabinet panel and build it in a way that matches your kitchen cabinetry. 

Paneled types can be custom ordered if you have no time to DIY it yourself and if you don’t know how to do it in the first place. This paneled look is great for built-in variants so that they would be flushed seamlessly into the walls or the kitchen cabinets. 

Colorful Options: If you don’t want to choose between white and black, whether it’s stainless steel or not, there are other color options you can go for. Of course, this will highly depend on what the manufacturers were able to produce and develop. 

To make a statement, you can add other bold colors besides black, including yellow and red. But if you want something subtle yet at the same time non-traditional, you can choose brown, bronze, and rose gold instead. These colors would need to be available first from the manufacturers so make sure you have the option of other colors. 

Refrigerator Size

Kitchen with granite countertop and refrigerator

Another important factor to consider when deciding what type to go for is its size. There are fully-sized appliances and smaller ones and your choice would have to depend on other factors, including your budget, the floor space in your kitchen, and who will use the fridge (how large your family is).

If you are in the process of choosing one for yourself, make sure that you know the different sizes in store for you. Measure your kitchen first and the space you’ve reserved for your refrigerator before you go out and buy one. 

Standard Refrigerator Size: When it comes to refrigerators, the standard size comes with a width that ranges from 29 to 36 inches, a height ranging from 67 to 70 inches, and a depth that ranges from 29 to 35 inches.

And just to be sure that what you have is a standard-size type, take note of the interior dimensions and see if they fall between 14 to 20 cubic feet. 

The standard and traditional type is the top freezer and it normally falls under all these measurements in dimensions. You can choose this type if you’re going for something traditional. Read more about freezer sizes on this page.

Apartment Size Refrigerator: If you live in an apartment then it’s only logical to try out an apartment size refrigerator. Compared to a standard size, this type of is a bit slimmer and more compact.

They are structured and designed to fit into tight spaces and maximize the small kitchen space in condominiums and apartments. While this fridge has the same height and depth as a standard size refrigerator, its width falls between 18 to 24 inches. 

While this is slimmer, apartment size types can still come in different door styles, from the side by side to French door refrigerators. 

Counter Depth Refrigerator Dimensions 

Kitchen with counter depth refrigerator

If the apartment size refrigerator has similar height and depth but different widths compared to standard size types, a counter depth variant features the same height and width but different depth.

A counter-depth is usually around 24 inches deep, to account for the allotted space given to the fridge on the countertop. It is important for counter depth to remain flush and avoid sticking out from the countertop in order to maintain the seamless and built-in aesthetics that the fridge offers.

This type needs to be sunk between the counters so make sure that the fridge door does not stick out. If you’re not yet sure how big you want your fridge, you can explore this refrigerator dimensions guide

Tips for Buying a Refrigerator

When skimming through the different types, it is necessary to consider the elements that you prioritize in your choice. With so many models and brands to go through, it can be quite difficult and so to help with your decision, here are some factors you can consider:

 Size: You need to choose the size that can fit your home and have enough storage to accommodate all the members of the family. See our sizing chart below to determine the best size for the amount of family members in the house.

If you are living alone, small types are enough for your needs. But for large families, side by side and french door refrigerators are a better choice.

 Available Space: Besides the size of the fridge, make sure to consider the available space you have in your kitchen. For smaller apartments, a compact fridge is a better option. Consider the appliance’s counter space opening and height.

 Style: Aesthetics should still be considered in your decision so if you’re keeping a classic style for your kitchen, a top freezer is an ideal option. For a modern and seamless look, a built-in or counter-depth fridge may be better. 

 Finishes: For the classic finish, those in stainless steel may be considered. There are also more advanced options like a fingerprint-resistant stainless finish. 

 Features: There are different features that can add more value depending on your needs. Features such as automatic door locking and integrated water dispensers, are a couple that can ensure you get the functionality you want to enjoy from this kitchen appliance. 

While taking note of these factors, you can explore each type one by one and decide which types match your needs with what they offer.

How Much Does A Refrigerator Weigh 

Kitchen with cabinets, oven, countertop, and refrigerator

While the dimensions are most often highly considered when you choose a fridge, its weight, however, is often overlooked in the process.

To give you an idea of what to expect from different types of refrigerators in terms of weight, here is a summary of some of the most popular ones. 

Types of Fridge Weight Range
Top Freezer 90 to 200 lbs
Bottom Freezer 100 to 260 lbs
Side by Side 175 to 330 lbs
French Door 225 to 375 lbs
Mini Fridge 30 to 90 lbs

With the weight of the fridge, obviously the mini fridge is the lightest while the heaviest are the large ones, specifically the types with two doors, including the side by side and the French door. 

Refrigerator Cost 

Modern kitchen with island, countertops, cabinets, refrigerator, and oven

The cost is considered a make-or-break factor when choosing a fridge for your home. You can either afford it or not. And with these appliances, you need to think hard before making a decision because this is not a cheap purchase that you can easily forget.

Buying a fridge is a long-term investment you hope can benefit you for a long time. The cost of the fridge can be influenced by several factors, including the following:

 Size of the fridge: The larger the fridge, the more expensive it likely is.

 Features: More features mean higher cost

 Models: Smart appliances are more expensive than traditional ones

 Brands: There are some brands that can be regarded as high-end and so would offer more expensive offerings. 

In general, though, the cost can range from $650 to over $3,000. Here is a sneak peek at some of the prices in the market today. 

Type of Refrigerator Estimated Cost
Top Freezer $650 to $1,000
Side by Side $1,000 to $1,499
Counter Depth $1,500 to $2,999
Door In Door $1,500 to $2,999
Built In Over $3,000

Check on your budget and see what type matches the amount you are willing to pay for. Having a built-in refrigerator is expensive because you tailor it based on your kitchen’s aesthetics, making it a custom appliance. The others though are notably more expensive due to their sizes and the features they carry.

Top Refrigerator Brands

Kitchen with black refrigerator and countertops

With many types of refrigerators to consider, it will definitely be a challenging task to decide on a specific one. But once you’ve decided on it, you will also need to take into account what brand you are going to trust for it. To help you make a faster decision, here are some of the top trusted brands to consider:


 GE (General Electric)




What Refrigerator Type Has The Most Freezer Space 

Kitchen with open refrigerator

The freezer is the important part to keep the meat and other food fresh and lengthen their lifespan. If you are fond of keeping meat in your freezer, you will need a large freezer capacity to accommodate all of that. Here are the types of refrigerators that offer the most freezer space:

 Top Freezer: Offers lateral freezer storage that can be as small as 5 cubic feet and as large as 6.2 cubic feet. 

 Side by Side: Available in larger sizes with the freezer capacity dependent on the dimension of the appliances (up to 30 cubic feet). 

What Refrigerator Type Is The Most Energy Efficient 

Kitchen with pendant lights and refrigerator

The most energy-efficient option is the top-mount freezer. This standard fridge usually uses even less energy than a 60-watt light bulb but this would of course depend on if the fridge gas an ice dispenser or not. 

The placement of the freezer in relation to the compressor makes a big difference in the energy used. If the compressor is near the bottom, it generates more heat and so makes it harder for the bottom freezer to maintain its ideal temperature.

With top freezers though, they are farther away from the compressor which means that the heat generated by the compressor does not reach the freezer and so it’s easier to maintain the ideal temperature for this compartment. 

How Many Watts Does A Refrigerator Use 

Kitchen with open refrigerator and shelves

While there are many factors that can affect the watts this appliance uses, including size, type, and age of the fridge, the most common ones fall between 100 to 400 watts. Some of the specific considerations for watts are:

 Size & Type: A small fridge will most likely use fewer watts while a larger one will need more watts to operate. This also means that a mini fridge will use fewer watts that a French door.

 Age: Older fridge models use more watts than newer ones since newer models are designed to be more energy-efficient. 

 Kitchen’s Average Temperature: The indoor temperature of your kitchen can affect the cooling system of your fridge and cause power usage variations. 

What Type Of Light Bulb For Refrigerator 

Kitchen with cherry cabinets and refrigerator

The ideal type of light bulb is LED since these bulbs ca easily thrive in cold environments. But the light bulb you use needs to be compatible with what the manufacturers originally designed for it.

You can still use a 40-watt incandescent light for the fridge if you choose to do so. Make sure though that the light bulb you choose is not painful to the eyes and will work excellently with all the other bulbs in your fridge. 

What Type Of Outlet For Refrigerator 

Kitchen with tile flooring, and refrigerator

A refrigerator needs to be plugged into a grounded electrical outlet with 110 to 120 voltage. And the outlet also needs to be in its own dedicated circuit to make sure that the appliance effectively and safely operates.

If you choose to connect it to an adapter or an extension cord or you plug other items in the same circuit, chances are the it will be less effective and safe in its operation and in the process even break the machine altogether. 

What Type Of Plug Does A Refrigerator Use 

Kitchen with white HDF cabinets and refrigerator

Using a standard three-prong plug works perfectly for a standard type. This prong has one round prong and two square prongs that should match your electric outline.

Using an adapter is not recommended for your fridge if you want to keep its operation at its best. Connect this plug to a dedicated circuit with a 110 to 120 volts electric outlet. 

What Is The Best Refrigerator Temperature 

Kitchen with glazed porcelain tile floor and refrigerator

According to the United States Food and Drug Administration or FDA, the ideal temperature is at most 40 degrees Fahrenheit in order to avoid the growth and buildup of microorganisms that can cause food-borne diseases, including listeria, E.coli, and salmonella.  

All perishable food needs to be refrigerated within two hours and if not, it is best to be disposed of when in doubt. Bacteria can grow easily in an environment with temperatures between 40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. 

What Refrigerator Type Is Best 

Different refrigerator door styles for kitchensPointing out the best type can be quite ambitious, especially since there are many factors you have to consider, including personal situations and circumstances.

Here are some important factors worth considering:

1. Budget: There are entry price-point options that can be considered both affordable and operational. One example of this entry price-point refrigerator is the top freezer. If you have more money to spend, you can go for others with more features you can enjoy. 

2. Kitchen Space/Layout: The size of your kitchen and home will need to be considered since specific options are meant for some locations. For instance, there is an apartment-sized type that includes a slimmer fridge.

If you live in an apartment, compact options like this or something even smaller might be the better option for you. The layout will also be considered since if you plan to install it on your countertop, you can either choose an under-counter or a counter-depth fridge. 

3. Family Size: If you live alone, a mini fridge may be enough for you, especially if you don’t really entertain guests that much. Small families can live with smaller fridge options like the standard bottom and top freezer types. And large families will need French door refrigerators or quad-door fridges. 

4.Food Storage Needs: You will also need to consider the usual type of food you store in your fridge. If you store more frozen items, go for options with more freezer capacity like the top freezer. If you mostly place drinks in the fridge, you can just go for the beverage refrigerator. 

Matching all of these four factors and choosing a good middle ground will be the best step to take. If you want to play safe though, go for the traditional and standard type since it is a standard for a reason, which is the top freezer. 

Best Time To Buy Refrigerator 

White kitchen with black refrigerator, oven, and tile backsplash

The best time to buy is primarily when you need it the most, especially if your old one broke down or you’re shopping for your new home. If you’re considering specific times and months that can be considered the best to buy a fridge, you can go for when there are many sales in stores. 

For store sales, here are some dates and months to mark on your calendar:

 Labor Day in September

 May for Maytag month

 Black Friday

 Independence Day

 Memorial Day


 End of the Month/Year

If you will be basing it on your budget, December might be a great consideration, especially if you’re expecting a bonus from work. 

How To Choose A Refrigerator Based On Family Size

Kitchen with brown cabinets, shelves, oven, refrigerator, and window

An important factor choice lies in your family size. The bigger the size, the bigger the refrigerator you need to have. If you live alone, you can make do with a small type and choose a special kind based on what you mostly use the fridge for.

If you just use it to keep drinks, go for a beverage refrigerator. You can also choose a wine fridge if you have a collection you want to keep and chill. 

To be more accurate and match the type of fridge with the size of your family, here is a simple guide to consider.

Family Size Capacity
1 to 2 persons 4 to 13 cubic feet
3 to 4 persons 14 to 24 cubic feet
5 or more persons Over 25 cubic feet

For 1 to 2 persons, a good standard top freezer can work well. For 3 to 4 persons, you can use a French door. And for over 5 persons, a side by side fridge and a quad door can be very helpful to accommodate all of the food you need to feed everyone.

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