Refrigerator Dimensions (Measuring & Size Guide)

Welcome to our guide about standard refrigerator dimensions for a variety of types, including how to measure so you get the right one for your kitchen space.
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If you are buying new appliances for your kitchen, it’s best you consider the different types of refrigerator dimensions that are available.

Depending on the size of your kitchen, you may have space for a standard type or bigger-sized appliance. If you have a small kitchen , however, if you are in a condo or apartment and you don’t feel like remodeling to gain more space, you might need to get a smaller refrigerator. [toc]

Standard Refrigerator Dimensions

Standard Refrigerator Dimensions

The standard refrigerator dimensions are about 29 to 36 inches wide, 67-70 inches high, and 29-35 inches deep. You should also check the interior dimensions, which should provide you with space of about 14-20 cubic feet to store your food.

How to Measure For Your Refrigerator

There are two ways to figure out the proper refrigerator dimensions for your kitchen. Either measure your existing refrigerator or measure the space in which you intend to place the appliance.

If you have an existing refrigerator and you want to get a replacement, measure the width, height, and depth of it, write it down, and look for a new product with the exact same dimensions. Or, if you want it a little bigger or smaller, just add or subtract a few inches.

However, remember that you need to keep some space around your appliance for it to function well. You shouldn’t cram it in between the kitchen countertops or the ceiling. There should be a ½ inch space on the sides, the top of your refrigerator, and anything surrounding it.

Also, make sure that you measure the space in front and the sides of where your fridge doors will swing. Leave 2.5 inches of space between the nearest wall and the hinge sides of your fridge door to allow them to swing open.

If you don’t have a refrigerator – if you’re furnishing a totally new space – or if you want to know the maximum or minimum sized appliance you can get, measure the area where you are planning to place the fridge.

First, determine the proper appliance height for your kitchen. To do this, measure the space from the floor to the top of the ceiling. This will give you the maximum height of the product you can get.

Don’t forget about leaving an ½ inch of space between your appliance’s top and whatever will be above it – be it the ceiling or some other kitchen feature such as overhead cabinets or cupboards.

Secondly, get the width measurement of the space you want your appliance to occupy. Measure the space from wall to wall or wall to cabinet or cupboard or cabinet.

From that measurement, don’t forget to subtract the ½ inch of breathing space your fridge will need. The final number will be the width measurement of your refrigerator.

Counter Depth Refrigerator Sizes

Kitchen with counter depth refrigerator

A counter-depth refrigerator is one where the appliance doesn’t stick out or go beyond the edge of the surrounding counters. So it sits in a space that’s flush between the counters.

Regarding height and width, a counter-depth refrigerator has pretty standard sizes. The difference comes when we are talking about the depth measurement. Because a counter-depth appliance isn’t supposed to stick out beyond the surrounding counters, they are usually around 24 inches deep.

If you want a counter-depth appliance, you need to know your counter depth. Take a tape measure and measure the space from your kitchen wall to the kitchen counter edge.

When you look for a product, ensure you get an appropriately deep fridge. Read more about kitchen countertop measurements here.

Cabinet Depth Refrigerator Dimensions

Modern kitchen with cabinet depth refrigerator quartz island

A cabinet-depth refrigerator is an appliance placed so cabinets surround it. Some kitchens have a cabinet cutout area.

This is a sunken space deliberately left by builders for a fridge surrounded by cabinets. There might even be a cabinet or cupboard placed on top of the space.

If your kitchen has a cabinet cutout, you need to measure the dimensions of the space and get a product that will fit. Don’t forget that you need to leave ½ inch of breathing space between your appliance and the surrounding cabinets.

Undercounter Refrigerator Dimensions

An undercounter refrigerator is a small, compact fridge, about half the size of a normal kitchen model, designed to fit under the counter. Those minibar fridges in hotels are undercounter units.

A undercounter refrigerator is only 34 inches high at the most. You can get an undercounter product that ranges from 20-24 inches wide and depths of 18- 26 inches.

When measuring the area your undercounter fridge will go, don’t forget to ½ inch of breathing space.

French Door Refrigerator Dimensions

A French door style refrigerator generally has two vertical doors on top and a drawer below. The vertical doors cover one large compartment for fresh foods. The drawer is the freezer space designed for frozen food.

A standard French door refrigerator has the following dimensions, 67-70 inches of height, 30-36 inches wide, and 29-35 inches of depth.

Side by Side Refrigerator Dimensions

Kitchen with side by side refrigerator

A side-by-side refrigerator has two food compartments covered by two vertical doors, placed side-by-side. One side is the freezer – where you keep food that needs to be frozen.

The other side is a standard fresh food compartment where you keep food that needs to be kept chilled but not necessarily frozen.

The standard measurements for a side-by-side refrigerator unit is 30-36 inches wide, 67-72 inches high, and 29-35 inches deep.

Bottom/Top Freezer Refrigerator Dimensions

For the standard bottom or top freezer fridge, the sizes will generally be close to the same. The standard dimensions for a bottom/top freezer refrigerator is 23-36 inches wide, 65-69 inches high, and 24-33 inches depth.

Apartment Size Refrigerator Dimensions

An apartment size refrigerator is designed to be a little slimmer with less capacity than a standard size. It is meant to fit into and maximize the smaller kitchen space that is often found in apartment and condominiums. They can come in many styles, such as French doors or side-by-side.

Generally, an apartment sized refrigerator is about 18 to 24 inches wide; anything bigger than that is not considered “apartment sized”. Other than that, most apartment sized units follow the standard refrigeratordimensions for height and depth.

For help with designing your kitchen layout, there are many kitchen design programs that can help. These can help you visualize your kitchen space depending on the exact position of appliances and cabinets to get the look you want.


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