Mountain Home Exterior Paint Colors (13 Inspiring Ideas)

Mountain homes can be breathtaking structures with the right design and color scheme. The traditional home is trendy even today and offers endless design possibilities, from functionality to views. Using the right mountain home exterior paint colors, you can transform the traditional-looking home into something awe-inspiring.

House with wood wall exterior posts and beam black roof garage and manicured lawns

Creating a beautiful mountain home is easier than you think, regardless of your budget or style preferences, as long as you have the design elements, such as the color scheme. It’s quite refreshing to see a home that makes you think of nature and, even more so, to be able to live in one.

These paint colors for mountain homes take inspiration from both the cool and warm hues of the surrounding nature and, when, along with natural materials, provide a stunning aesthetic. Take heart and use these gorgeous mountain home color schemes for your next project.

Modern and rustic home exteriors with shiplap siding post and beam in back yard view with fire pit and red chairs

Cool Grays And White Trims

A cool and crisp dark tone evokes elegance and sophistication. The cool grays take a cue from silhouettes of mountain ranges capped with snow and rocky peaks.

You can paint this daring color on your entire mountain home and have white as your accent tone. Suppose you have a contemporary-styled home with many irregular features.

Benjamin Moore wrought iron 212410Benjamin Moore wrought iron 212410

In that case, the variation of grays with minimal white or black accents can look even more stunning as shadow and lighting combinations vary during the day.

The great thing about these cool grays is that they bounce off heat from the sun and reduce heat retention in your home during the hot months. 

If you’ve got a lot of vertical windows, the white trims will beautifully stand out against your darker background. 

Cool Tan And Grounded Colors

Benjamin Moore tate olive 828167Benjamin Moore tate olive 828167

Think of the variation of tan hues from the earth, sand, mountains, or stones. The color is easy on the eyes, and look one with the surrounding foliage or taking cue with your beautiful stone cladding with moss or yellowish hues. 

Brick house exterior with stone columns beam front porch wood front door driveway and two car garage

There are many light tan colors to choose from, simulating the light browns or taupe hues of natural stone and mountains, but we recommend trying the soft tones of Benjamin Moore’s Tate Olive.

Pair it with white colors from Benjamin Moore’s Monterey White HC-27 to emphasize doors and Benjamin Moore’s Dark Olive 2140-30 for the trim for a contrasting tone to your soft browns. 

Cozy Dark Wood Brown

Sherwin Williams dark clove 9183

A darker brown shade like Sherwin Williams Dark Clove 9183 can also be an excellent option to pick if you’re opting for a darker shade of brown. A color like this helps blend the house with the surroundings, especially if you’re surrounded by woodlands, and aim for a cozier look to your mountain home.

The darker wood brown is also practical when you want to prevent obvious staining on your exterior walls. Match it with wood stain soffits and brick stone cladding.

This mountain color scheme looks even more stunning during the summer and autumn seasons when blends of orange and yellow contrast with the darker earthy tones. 

White Peaks Of Winter Season

Mountain home exterior with stone wall trim glass doors metal roof post and beam in the porch and stone walkway

Some mountains look spectacular during the winter season due to the crisp white color of snow. With a white exterior, you can go all white with a slight variation of your white hues, such as antique white, cream, and white ivory.

white dove oc 17Benjamin Moore’s white dove oc 17

Benjamin Moore’s popular white variations include Super White OC-152, which has a clear and bright color tone, or Dove White OC-17, which is a warmer variation.

Luxury house with stone siding and columns garage with wood doors post and beam wood double door entrance driveway and green lawn

An alternative is to go with color trims with black for a contrasting effect or to emphasize other elements, such as your window shutters or door surrounds.

Popular options are Benjamin Moore’s Witching Hour 2120-30, Iron Mountain 2134-30, Wrought Iron 2124-10, and Soot 2129-20. This monochromatic color scheme is simple and works with every style, and if you have a modern mountain home, white is a timeless option. 

See more options for the mountain home exterior paint colors below.

Modern Vibe From Blues, Grays And Orange Tints

Modern style home with wood fence garden stone columns two car garage framed by blue siding and natural stone wall trim

If your mountain home has a lovely backdrop of deep forests or distant gray mountains, you might want to go with a color scheme with a vibrant earthen hue.

Use navy blue colors by Benjamin Moore, such as the Gentleman’s Gray 2062-20, which has a timeless look with green undertones, or the Polo Blue 2062-10, which is a darker version that is similar to Hale Navy.

Benjamin Moore's Gentleman's Gray 2062-20Benjamin Moore’s Gentleman’s Gray 2062-20

Use Benjamin Moore’s Hot Apple Spice 2005-20 as your trim to create that modern and warm vibe to your Mountain Home. 

Rust And Mint Tundra Mountains Inspired

Sherwin Williams 9115 cowboy bootsSherwin Williams 9115 cowboy boots

Think treeless mountain tracks but with open fields beneath grasses, mosses, shrubs, or lichens. This breathtaking backdrop inspires you to use warm browns to simulate the exposed earth of the mountains, and the mint color trims simulate the blue skies.

Use Sherwin Williams 9115 Cowboy Boots and secondary colors Sherwin Williams Ivory Lace 7013, Sherwin Williams Rain 6219, and Sherwin Williams Topsail 6217. 

Modern villa exterior with garden brown roof glass doors and windows with view of a mountain

Sherwin Williams ivory lace 7013Sherwin Williams ivory lace 7013

Sherwin Williams topsail 6217Sherwin Williams topsail 6217

Moody Black And Red Tints

Sherwin Williams iron ore 7069Sherwin Williams iron ore 7069

While snowcapped mountains inspire crisp white mountain homes, you might want to consider the moody version of using a black exterior instead.

Use Sherwin Williams Iron Ore 7069. It’s a grayish-black exterior paint that’s not too dark but at the same time has black undertones. However, in direct sunlight, the color will appear a little lighter.

You can pair it with dark wood accents, and don’t forget to add metallic lighting fixtures to add to the moody vibe. You can also add orange brick accents to the look. Check our guide to the best finish for exterior paint here.

Mountain River Rocks

Clinker house with black exterior posts black roof glass walls and a garden

Taking a cue from these gray tones of the mountain river rocks is this warm hue is a perfect contrast to blue skies, mountains, or forests while remaining an earthy tone. If you have a prominent gable on your mountain house or have a number of them, you’ll love this color scheme.

Sherwin Williams amazing gray 7044Sherwin Williams amazing gray 7044

Combine this gray with a darker tone for the soffit, such as Urbane Bronze 7048 and use Storm Cloud 6249 or Let it Rain 9152 for the trims.

There’s a lighter version of Amazing Gray, which is the Worldly Gray 7043 if you’re looking for a brighter tinge.  

Misty Mountain Inspired

Mountain home with brown brick exterior stone wall trim post and beam in front porch and a concrete walkway

If you want to blend with the mysterious vibe of the foggy mountains during the winter, use Sherwin Williams Olympus White 6253. This color scheme is a cool combination of very light grays with gray accents.

Use secondary colors from Sherwin Williams, such as Morning Fog 6255 or Serious Gray 6256. You can also use darker tones on your soffit, such as the Sherwin Williams’ Iron Ore 7069. This color scheme also works well with modern or contemporary mountain homes with straight-edged profiles. 

Sherwin Williams olympus white 6253Sherwin Williams olympus white 6253


Rustic Mountain Color Scheme

Sherwin Williams urbane bronze 7048Sherwin Williams urbane bronze 7048

With a combination of warm browns and cool teal hues, the rustic mountain color scheme takes a layer of textures into consideration, as the warm color works well with varying materials.

The Urban Bronze 7048 can be combined with cooler tones such as Sherwin Williams’ Agreeable Gray SW 7029 or Still Water 6223, Rain 6219. A variation of the color is Warm Stone 7032 that can be used as your soffit color. 

Sherwin Williams rain 6219Sherwin Williams rain 6219

For your rustic mountain color scheme, you are likely to have a classic mountain home with cedar shingles. Go for the molded polyurethane material for longevity and a greater value for your investment. 

For more mountain home exterior paint colors related articles, visit our design guide on mountain cottage house plans.

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