Laundry in Bathroom (Combo Room Ideas)

Here we share several ways to put laundry in the bathroom, including some tips for converting the floor plan, the best spot to put the washer and dryer, and layout ideas.

Modern black laundry room and toilet

Most old houses have a separate bathroom and laundry area. The laundry area is in the basement or near the kitchen. Others have their laundry near the garage entrance, and the bathroom has a toilet and shower.

Yet, houses that do not have a basement or a garage have to find space for their washer and dryers, and one good option is the bathroom. Read more about basement laundry room ideas and washer dryer in garage ideas here.

Can I Put A Washer And Dryer In The Bathroom?

High gloss bathroom with basin cabinet mirror toilet bidet washer and dryer

Resourceful people have found an extra use for the bathroom. They do not use it for personal hygiene only but realize that they can also use it for laundry.

However, is it safe to have my washer and dryer in the bathroom? The answer is yes. Yet, there are things that you must do first to avoid some problems. Here are some ways to ensure you can put your washer and dryer in your room’s floor plan.

Check if the floor of the bathroom is water-resistant. The flooring must be waterproof. A possible leak from the washer and dryer can damage the floor.  If the flooring is not water-resistant, install a material such as vinyl tile that can be long-lasting despite leaks. 

Get the dimensions of the space. Make sure that there is space for the washer and dryer. There must be room for you to do your washing.

Check how to position your appliance. 

Modern white and light beige bathroom interior

If there is space, you can put them side by side. But you can stack the dryer on top of the washer to save space.

Install the dryer ductwork. If you have a gas dryer, install a gas line. Place a water line for your washing machine.

Try closing and opening the door. Do this after placing the washer and dryer if you cannot, remove other furniture or storage items.

Modern bathroom with mirror cabinets and washing machine

Place a covering for the washer and dryerUse a piece of board. It can double as a space where you can fold clothes.

Be careful with water and electricity. They can be a dangerous combination.

Here are some precautionary measures when you put your dryer and washer in the bathroom.

Place the sockets and outlets away from the washer. They must not be wet.

The electrical outlets must have ground fault circuit interrupters. It shuts down electricity when something is wrong with your washer and dryer. It helps prevent accidents.

Give attention to exposed and frayed wirings of your washer and dryer. Repair them immediately.

Where Do You Put Washing Machines In The Bathroom?

Modern style grey toilet with washing machine under the sink

Where is the best place in the bathroom to put your washing machine? Here are the ideal places to install your appliances.

Side-by-side. If you have space, you can place the washer and dryer side by side against a wall. Make sure that they are a distance away from the shower.

You do not want your appliances getting wet. Cover outlets and plugs for safety.

Laundry area in bathroom with wooden floors and laundry supplies inside the cabinet

Below a hanging cabinet. Most bathrooms have hanging cabinets. They contain medicines, first aid kits, toiletries, and beauty products. Others store folded towels on hanging cabinets.

Place your washer and dryer below them. You can place them side-by-side or stack them.

White bathroom with countertop basin mirror and washer

Under the sink. If the sink area is spacious, use the space under it for your front-loading washer and dryer. You can put your appliances below one side and a cabinet below another.

Under a bench. If your room has a bench for folding clothes, place the appliances under it. You can sort out clothes and fold them on the bench.

Minimalist bathroom with a washing machine on the corner

On a corner. Bathroom corners are ideal places for a washer and dryer. If the furniture stands in a corner, remove it. Place the washer and dryer in their place.

For more storage space, you can install cabinets above and beside your washing machine and dryer.

Hidden behind a curtain or cabinet door. You do not want to display old and mismatched appliances. You can install a shower curtain on one side of the room. Place the washer and dryer behind the curtain, along with a laundry basket and detergent.

How To Convert A Laundry Room To A Bathroom

Bathroom with basin wood cabinet mirror washer and dryer

You can place your washer and dryer in your new bathroom, and doing so can add value to your house if you decide to sell.

Here are things to consider when converting your laundry room into a bathroom:

DIY or Hire Professionals? A good background in plumbing will allow you to convert and remodel the space on your own. If you do not know anything about plumbing, hire a professional to do the work. 

Make a plan for the bathroom before you start work. You must do this even if you do it yourself or hire a professional. Or show in your plan where you want the toilet, shower or tub, and sink. If you want a vanity cabinet, towel racks, and storage areas, mark in your plan where you want them.

Plumbing. The laundry room has plumbing. Yet, you have to make some changes. You must have a hot and cold water source pipe and discharge pipe.

You must extend them for the sink, shower, and toilet. These fixtures also need discharge pipes. Hire a plumber and electrician for the task.

Waterproofing. You also need to waterproof the walls behind the shower and the flooring. The materials you use will depend on the kind of flooring you have. See our guide to laundry room flooring here.

Other considerations. Install toilets near drains to the septic tanks. You only need cold water for toilet use. Put up drain lines and vent lines before adding supply lines. Have more lighting. Hire an electrician to do the job.

Bathroom With Laundry Layouts 

White laundry room with washer basket plant and some laundry supplies

If you plan to have a bathroom with laundry, here are some layouts to consider.

• For a layout design with a small space, tuck in the laundry outside the shower.

• Place the laundry behind closed doors. You can also install a bench and place the laundry below it.

• Place the appliance under the sink and washer for a seamless look.

• Position your laundry below a hanging vanity cabinet or countertop.

Try integrating your washing and drying machines with the bathroom and enjoy the convenience and save space.

For more related ideas, visit our list of the best laundry room paint colors here.

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