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Bedroom TV Ideas (Wall Positioning & Design Guide)

Below is our guide to bedroom TV ideas including positioning tips on where to put the TV in the bedroom and how high to mount the TV on the bedroom wall.
Bedroom with wood cabinets tv mounted to a concrete wall lighting fixtures blue armchair cozy bed indoor plant and wood floorsNothing beats a Saturday evening cuddled up in your bedroom watching a late-night show from your television. One thing that could spoil it though is if you need to tilt your head at an uncomfortable angle just to see the screen without any glare. This is why it’s important to consider where you install your TV inside your bedroom. 

Will mounting it on the wall be a better idea than installing it on a shelf? Are there other ways and locations you can install your TV in?

These are only a few of the questions that can make you ponder whether your TV is where it should really be. And it can be a fun thing to do if you will just let your imagination and creativity do the job for you.


Bedroom TV Wall 

Modern grey blue wooden bedroom in small studio apartment with tv on a panel wood floors and view of the kitchenOne of the most popular locations for a TV in the bedroom is on the wall. The TV becomes a big black box decor and at the same time saves you space in your bedroom.

Mounting the TV on your wall is an easy task but if you are not confident to do the job then you might as well hire somehow to do it for you.

The key to mounting your TV is knowing the best location to install it. You may find it more comfortable if the TV is directly parallel to your bed or you want it a bit on the side. It all really depends on your preference. One thing’s sure though, you don’t want that glare when you’re watching the TV so look out for that. 

Wall Mounted Bedroom TV Layouts

Modern bedroom with panelled wall wood floors large windows with grey and white curtains comfortable bed and a tv mounted to a white marble wallThere are different locations in the bedroom wall where you can mount your TV. And yes, wall-mounting is actually a good idea since you can save space and at the same time use the TV to add aesthetics to the room. Here are different ways you can wall-mount your bedroom TV:

Directly Across From the Bed

A popular layout of the bedroom when there’s a TV is that it’s installed straight across from the bed. This straightforward layout offers a simple solution to viewing comfort. You have an unobstructed view of the TV when it’s directly straight ahead of your bed. 

In this bedroom, the TV is directly wall-mounted in front of the bed, where it is clearly visible and the black box stands out from the tan-white cabinets that surround it. The TV does not seem out of place though and it matches the color of the bed frame. 

Classic white bedroom with chinese style wardrobe and closet hardwood floors patterned ceiling sheer curtains and mounted tvThe Wall Beside the Bed 

If you find it too direct and outrageous to place your TV straight across your bed, you can also consider it mounting on the wall beside the bed. 

In this bedroom layout, it doesn’t give you the full brunt of the TV’s light but you also have a good view whenever you want it. If you want to watch the TV without tiring out your eyes too much, this might be a good consideration. 

Bedroom with blue and white tones a console with vase and flowers on top round mirror lighting fixtures a tv and a cozy large bedPerpendicular to the Edge of the Bed

Consider installing your TV perpendicular to the edge of the bed to create an even layout whatever shape your bedroom may have. Just make sure that the area across the edge of the bed is not the room’s door then it’s a great consideration. 

Bedroom with stone hexagon tile leather couch mirror leaned to a wall and rattan bed and ottomanIn this modern bedroom, the bed is right across the bedroom door. The TV is then mounted on the wall across the edge of the bed and on top of the coach. This offers an unobstructed view without putting any hindrance on the entrance of the bedroom. 

Mounting TV in Corner of Bedroom 

Another option where you can install your TV is in the corner of the bedroom. You can wall-mount the TV in a nook in your bedroom but of course, it would depend on the shape of your bedroom. 

Bedroom with king sized bed large windows white armchair hardwood floors lighting fixtures a tv and a fireplace mounted to a marble wallThe layout of this bedroom has its TV stylishly wall-mounted in a corner where it seems to be fitted for it. The TV is also right across the edge of the bed and without and viewing obstruction. 

Modern loft style bedroom with tile floors ceiling wood panels wooden furniture mirror wardrobe abstract decor and open air french window terrace with sea viewIn this bedroom though, while the TV is installed on what appears to be a shelf and in the corner of the room, it is almost right across the bed. Since it’s near the balcony, it seems like you’re given the option of either watching the TV or watching something more amazing outside the bedroom. 

On Top of the Fireplace

If you have a fireplace in your bedroom, do you know that it’s a great partner for your TV? If you want your TV to be more than just its function and to actually add to the room’s aesthetic, pairing it with a fireplace is a great choice.

Depending on the type of fireplace you have, you will need to consider how high you will need to mount your TV and if it’s even possible. 

Luxurious carpeted white bedroom with fireplace and tv in a marble wall plum ottoman and view of the bathroomThis bedroom has a contemporary inbuilt electric fireplace safe to pair with the TV installed above it. Both the fireplace and TV are in color black, standing out amidst the white walls and doors. An electric fireplace looks great with a flat-screen TV and both look completely high-tech yet elegant in this bedroom. 

Adjustable TV Wall Mount 

If you choose to wall-mount your TV, make sure that it’s adjustable. It will serve you well later when you decide to redecorate or change your bed. If your room has a seating nook, it will also be a good option since you can adjust it based on where you are viewing the TV and on what height is comfortable for you. 

TV on Dresser in Bedroom 

Besides mounting the TV on the wall, you can also consider installing it on top of your dresser. If you don’t have anything on it and it’s just taking up space, make use of its surface by placing your TV on top of it. Of course, this will only work if your dresser can accommodate the size of your TV. 

Large bedroom with fireplace green walls glossy wood floors wooden bed and furnitures tv indoor plants and a white ceiling fanIn this bedroom set up, placing the TV on top of the dresser is a great idea because both the TV and the dresser seem to be of the same size. 

Hidden Bedroom TV

One of the most innovative ways to install your TV is by transforming it into a hidden bedroom TV. And there are multiple ways you can accomplish this. Here are some of the ideas to hide your TV:

• Hidden in cabinet or armoire

• Installed into a bed end unit (under the bed with a motorized arm)

• Concealed behind sliding panels

• Hidden using simple curtains

• Incorporated in a built-in furniture

• Mix in with your wall gallery in disguise

This is a classic example of a bedroom with a built-in TV cabinet. The entire ensemble though is hidden by the curtains on its sides. Even though it already has its own compartment, the curtains reinforce its hiding place. 

Best Bedroom TV Height 

Now that you have different options to choose from, another issue you would have to tackle is the TV height. How high should you mount the TV on your bedroom’s wall?

The answer depends on how big the TV is and the location of its installation. See bedroom tv wall mounting ideas here.

What’s sure though is that you will need to install it a bit higher than your line of sight since you will be watching the TV while laying on the bed. Some say this means that the viewing angle must not be more than 30 degrees. 

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