Placemat Sizes (Rectangular, Circular, Oval & Square)

Here’s our placemat sizes guide, including the standard rectangular, circular, oval, and square sizes and small, medium, and large measurements.

different dining table designs with placemats

For any homeowner who wants to add a dash of style and color to their dining table setting, one way to do that is by adding a placemat, whether for a special occasion or a normal day-to-day sit-down dinner with the family. 

Placemats break down a normally full table; it protects the wood and allows a specified space for people to have ample room when dining. The key to this is buying a table mat that is not too small or too large. 

One deciding factor to help any homeowner decide on a placemat is to know what plate size they will be using every day or during special occasions, like Thanksgiving or birthday dinners. [toc]

Standard Placemat Size 

Standard placemat

Placemats come in many shapes and sizes, and virtually all types of plates will have the perfect place settings to match them. There are standard or commonly used placemat sizes available in many stores, and for a foolproof and easy-to-follow buying guide, homeowners can opt to purchase these sizes.

One of the standard placemats is the rectangular one with a size of 12 by 18 inches or 30 by 46 centimeters.

There are also circular placemats commonly bought that are 15 inches or 38 centimeters in diameterThese sizes will be enough to fit a standard place setting to fit perfectly on the mat. 

Rectangle Placemat

Rectangular size

Any homeowner will probably have the picture of a rectangular placemat in mind when thinking about table settings, and this is for good reasons since rectangular shapes cover a lot of surface area for table settings, casual or formal.

Aside from the standard 12 by 18 inches or 30 by 46 centimeters rectangular placemats, many sizes are available. 

Most rectangular shapes range in sizes from 12 to 14 inches or 30 to 36 centimeters wide by 16 to 20 inches or 41 by 51 centimeters long. 

Round Placemat

Round placemat

If anyone wants an alternative to the regular rectangular placemats, there are circular shapes they can utilize instead. Most circular placemats will only hold the plate, and other utensils like forks, knives, and glasses will directly be placed on the table

With circular placemats aside from the bigger 15 inches by 38 cm in diameter, there are smaller 12 inches or 30 cm ones, and 14 inches or 36 cm in diameter to complete the look of any types of dining tables.

One important rule of thumb to remember is to leave at least 4 inches or 10 cm in between round mats to make sure that elbows are not touching.

Square Placemat

Square size

A less common shape is the square placemat with four equal sides. The reason is that square shapes will usually cover less surface area, making square styles the choice for smaller eating surfaces. Square placemats are also the choice for more minimalist, modern, and edgier table settings.

The standard size utilized for square placemats is 13 inches or 33 cm. The best plate for the standard square size is usually 8 to 9 inches or 20 to 23 cm. A 10-inch or 25 cm plate will look a little big for this setting size.

Small Placemat Measurements

Small placemats are commonly known as kids’ size because of their smaller dimensions and the fact that a kid’s place setting will not need a lot of room versus the adults. 

There are rectangular small placemats that are 9 by 14 inches or 23 by 36 cm, and there is a smaller size that can go down to 9 by 12 inches or 23 by 30 cm. 

There are many factors for anyone buying smaller mats for their children to consider. The first is regarding the kids’ table size, and the other is considering the child’s plate measurements. 

Medium Placemat Dimensions

Some homeowners will have bigger meals that demand a place setting more oversized than the standard-sized placemats. They can also have bigger plates at 11 to 14 inches or 28 to 36 cm, requiring a bigger base. 

Some they can utilize have bigger dimensions and shapes, usually oval or the cut-corner variety. 

Oval placemats are bigger than the standard at 13 by 19 inches or 33 by 48 cm. They can best fit an oval table without overlapping.

Another placemat bigger than the standard size is the cut corner placemat, with a standard size starting at 14 by 18 inches or about 36 by 46 cm. These styles are usually suitable for most table shapes. 

Large Placemat Sizing

There are charger plates that are larger in circumference than other standard plates at 11 to 14 inches or 28 to 36 cm. For charger plates, more oversized place settings are needed.

Let us say that a 14-inch or 36-cm charger plate is utilized; a placement for this plate size must extend at least 2 inches or 5 cm beyond the plate for the best table protection and aesthetics for any event or occasion. 

Choose mats made of natural materials such as cotton, bamboo, wicker, and grasses. Changing the mats around according to the season is another great tip for drawing that positive energy. – Feng Shui for Vibrant Living, Yuchiku Rinoie 

What Size Are Quilted Placemats? 

Quilted placemat

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Another style that will be fantastic for extra protection for antique dining tables is quilted placemats. Quilted table pads are thicker, which makes them perfect for extra insulation to protect the dining table against staining brought by hot food. 

Quilted pads are available in many designs, and they can also have straight edges like rectangular placemats, or they can have scalloped edges like oval ones.

Most quilted placemats are available with a standard size of 13 by 19 inches or 33 by 48 cm. This size can easily be adjusted to size up or down depending on the homeowner’s needs. Read more about dining room essentials here.

What Size Placemats For Round Table? 

Some shapes will not work well for a particular dining table shape, so assessing what placemat suits a table design is essential before purchasing a specific shape. 

A rectangular or square placemat will not usually work for a round table, but there is another shape one can use for a round table, an oval or circular mat is the best choice. 

The size of a circular or oval mat will differ according to the table size, so knowing the correct and exact dimensions of a round table is critical. 

Placemat Shape Size Chart 

Placemat shapes standard sizes

Here is a foolproof cheat sheet of the standard placemat dimensions for common shapes that any homeowner can utilize for reference. 

For a rectangular placemat, the most common size is the 12 by 18 inches or 30 by 45 cm ones. A standard circular placemat is 15 inches or about 38 cm in diameter, while an oval placemat is 13 by 19 inches or 33 by 48 cm. 

Lastly, the most common square placemats are 13 by 13 inches or approximately 33 by 33 cm. 

What Size Should A Placemat Be?

The place setting each homeowner or buyer will need will depend on several factors. The best thing about table sets is there is no real rule on what size they should be since some place settings will call for a different table mat to fit an aesthetic, especially for events and other parties. 

There are several rectangular shapes to choose from, with the 12 by 16 inches or 30 by 41 cm in size, and the 12 by 18 inches or 30 by 46 cm being very popular. For the circular shape, a 15 inches or 36 cm measurement is often used.

Your choice will ultimately depend on the dining table size and the number of people sitting there at a given time. 

How Much Fabric Do I Need For 4 & 6 Placemats?

For a custom DIY project for placemat making, a person needs at least a yard and a half of their chosen fabric to make four mats 14 by 20 inches or 36 by 51 cm. 

A six-placemat set is harder to gauge, but at least 3 yards of a chosen fabric in total are needed to account for both of their backing and binding. More fabric will be required for personalized or decorative embroidery designs.

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