Kitchen Windows Over Sink (25 Design & Decor Ideas)

Welcome to our gallery of kitchen windows over sink design ideas, including with curtains, blinds and shades, types of windows to use, decor options & more.
Kitchen with window over sink white cabinets with glass doors

A great place to have a window in the kitchen is above the sink. This not only allows for a good amount of light and ventilation in the kitchen, but it also provides an excellent view of the outdoor space, making kitchen sinks more interesting.

The walls surrounding these windows can also become sources of inspiration, decorated with original accessories for personal touches. Getting light into the kitchen is important, but most wall space is wanted to be taken up by cabinets and countertops.

This is why putting a window over a sink is a fantastic solution for the light and space challenge, creating a perfect spot for a backsplash. This is due to the splashing and the space needed for faucets and backsplashes to protect the walls.

As for viewing, a window over the sink can be super helpful if children are playing outside and the user is washing the dishes or making dinner while still being able to keep an eye on the children. It also serves as a great source of inspiration and can be used to display beautiful accessories or products.

A kitchen sink window can be an open invitation to creativity and an opportunity to take a small source of natural light and make a large impact. When properly designed, there are not too many limits on what you can choose.

Kitchen Sink Window Ideas

Kitchen with subway tile, window sill with plants

An attractive way to bring a touch of the outdoors into your kitchen is to use your window sill for various little plants (right near the sink, so you shouldn’t forget to water them.) 

Instead of using plants, one could also add decor items to this space. Try soaps or decorative jars, whatever you like to see while doing dishes!

When coming up with ideas, different shapes and colors are a great place to start. Sometimes, a simple square correlates with the design of the kitchen and overall home. Other times, a circle, hexagon, triangle, or any other shape can reflect a shape throughout the home or kitchen.

When it comes to color, the same thing can be said – keeping it simple with white, beige, or gray can be all you need for this useful piece of the kitchen. If you feel like you need something to pop or take notice of in the kitchen, this is a good spot to add an accent color to the trim.

Another cool thing to do – if you are not planning on using the window to look out – is turning the glass into a stained glass piece of art. This lets light in and makes for a beautiful backdrop.

Kitchen Over the Sink Window Treatments

If you thought the ideas for the windows themselves were limitless, wait until you see the options for the window treatments. A few of the basics are discussed below.

Window Curtains

Kitchen with white curtains in window behind sink

Curtains can be a fashionable way to ensure privacy when needed and still allow light in when wanted. Curtains can come in various shapes, sizes, materials, and colors.

The material is important to consider since it is right above the sink. This could mean that the curtains get splashed. Having a washable or wipeable material allows for sanitary conditions throughout.

This concept not only applies to your kitchen counters but also to your oven, dishwasher, drawers, and your food storage units. Regular maintenance, including cleaning your cookware such as pans, is a seamless way of ensuring a hygienic kitchen environment.

When it comes to shape and sizes, there are options for length, whether the goal is just a decorative valance or curtains that can fully cover the windows.

Color choice depends on the selections made above, as well as the current style or desired style of the kitchen so that it properly coordinates.

Window Blinds

Kitchen with blinds in window, shaker cabinets, tile backsplash and butcher block island

While blinds may seem like the more boring option, sometimes they are the more practical option. The blinds are typically white or beige to blend in, which in some cases is best if there is a different focal point in the kitchen.

Blinds are a little harder to do when the windows are an unusual shape, and in those situations, sticking with curtains may be best. Blinds are typically made out of a wipeable material, which should be right over the dishwasher or near food storage units.

Window Roller Shades

Kitchen with quartz counters, and pull down roller shades

Roller shades are inexpensive, durable, and match practically all decor styles.

These cost about $35 to $60 per window and are good for blocking excessive sunlight and adding privacy.

Lighting Over Kitchen Sink with Window

Lighting over the kitchen sink is important, even if a windows exists. This is because the opening does not always let light in, because the sun is not always shining, and you will often need extra light for meal prep.

For late-night cleaning or the winter months, it is good to have an alternate lighting source above the sink.

Recessed lights

Kitchen with recessed lighting and grey cabinets

The most frequently used type of lighting above the kitchen sink is recessed lights. The National Kitchen and Bath Association suggests installing a basic recessed light fixture.

This type of lighting fixture will give you an unobstructed view through your window and plenty of illumination where you need it.

For the type of light bulb, it is recommended to use a 50 to 90-watt halogen bulb over your counter. If you have a double basin or larger, a higher wattage will most likely be needed.

Recessed lighting is usually controlled by a switch next to the sink, along with the switch for the garbage disposal (if there is one).

When installing lights over the sink, it’s important to center them directly over the basin to prevent shadows. This holds true for both recessed and pendant lighting.

Sconce Lighting

Kitchen with sconce lighting, subway with grey grout tile

Sconce light fixtures can direct the light to your work area and provide an excellent way to tie in the fixture to match with other kitchen cabinet hardware.

Kitchen with articulating sconce lighting above sink

This kitchen uses two articulating sconce light fixtures to provide a vintage look while matching the window frames and other finishes.

Pendant lights

Rustic kitchen design with drum pendant lighting and juparana vyara granite countertops

Pendant lights can also be positioned above a sink with great results. When placing hanging lights above the basin and countertops a distance of 30 to 40 inches is most often used, with 30 inches being the best. This distance is measured from the countertop surface to the bottom of the light fixture.

One good tip is to select a pendant fixture that conceals the light bulb from the sides to avoid any harsh glare. A 60 watt halogen bulb provides the right amount of brightness for this task, creating a warm ambiance perfect for showcasing varied glassware and durable pots at hand.

Kitchen Pass Through Window Above Sink

Kitchen pass through window to sink

A kitchen pass through window located above the sink is useful for easily passing food from the backyard grill to the kitchen. Imagine a hands-on project where installing a concrete frame enhances the durability and aesthetic of this window.

Pass-through windows can also connect dining rooms and living rooms, opening an area of easy communication and experience sharing.

The size of the pass-through opening you want will depend on how close your cabinets are to each other. Generally, these types of windows have dimensions of at least 16″ wide, with the height reaching 12 to 15″ below the ceiling.

The cost to buy and install one of these windows can range from $500 to $1000 or more, depending on the type of pass-through design you choose and its size.

Bay Window Above Sink

Kitchen with bay window, silver pendants and white cupboards

One of the handiest things about having a kitchen sink window is that you often have a ledge to place things like house plants or soaps on.

Small bay windows up above the basin give a pretty large ledge for all sorts of plants to soak up the sun and for trinkets to help decorate the home.

Kitchen with gray cabinets, small dining nook and drapery windows

Bay window are a beautiful style, adding interest and optimizing the light by having three planes open even with the small space available.

Picture Windows

Kitchen with farmhouse sink and large picture window

Large picture windows above the kitchen sink offer unobstructed views and are perfect for watching young children play or admiring the outdoors while one cleans the dishes.

These often are priced between $300 and $1200 to buy and are installed by a professional contractor.

Casement Window

Kitchen casement window and pattern backsplash tile

Casement windows are attached to the frame with hinged on the side and can be opened with a crank. They are energy efficient and work well in spaces where you can not push the sash directly open. The average casement window costs between $300 to $500 to buy and have installed.

Colonial Grid Windows

Kitchen with colonial grid design windows, dark cabinetry and quartz slab counters

Windows with a colonial-style design are also referred to as Muntins. Colonial grids divide up single or casement windows and hold small panes of glass called lights in place, reminiscent of an older time when pots, pans, and glassware were works of art.

These were used in homes primarily until the middle of the 19th century, when it was more expensive to produce larger panes of glass for windows. For this reason, they are often used in homes desiring a Colonial style.

Small Kitchen Windows

White kitchen with small window, gray backsplash and pendant downlights above island

Due to the nature of the space above the sink, most of the windows used above the basin would be considered small. Some windows are exceptionally small – not even using up all the space above the sink.

These are often used more for a decorative accent than for capturing light or seeing outdoors. In kitchens with tall ceilings, small glass panes are often raised and unable to be opened.

Sometimes, they are coordinated with other windows in the home to make the exterior look symmetrical. For kitchens with limited or small windows, additional lighting is often required, emphasizing the need for careful selection and installation of suitable light fixtures.

Kitchen Decorating Above a Window

Kitchen with wood open shelving and black base cabinets

Spicing up the appearance of the window above the sink can be done in many ways. Something as simple as adding some of the above-mentioned window treatments with decorative materials or something as complex as installing string lights, artwork shelves, and cabinetry above the sink can add significant value to your kitchen.

Kitchen window above farmhouse style sink with wood shelving and decor

Adding a shelf above the window or to either side provides an additional spot for decorative or useful items. It is essential, however, to hire professional contractors to ensure the strength and quality of the installations.

See more farmhouse kitchen designs here, and feel free to ask any questions you might have about how these kitchen elements can bring benefits to your daily routine.

Contemporary kitchen with white raised panel cabinets, dark shiny quartz counter and glazed subway panels

A good item to put above the sink window is a clock, as that is often the location one will be facing when cooking or cleaning in the kitchen space, and it is a likely place where there will not be cabinets or appliances.

Kitchen with wall sign, herringbone pattern tile, cream cabinets and aqua blue island

Or hang a rustic style sign on the wall to complete your design. This kitchen has a wall niche above the window that can be used to display decor items.

A custom-made wood kitchen sign gives a homey touch, while the apron sink, neutral color scheme, and hardwood flooring give a farmhouse vibe.

Positioning the kitchen island across from the window and sink gives you extra room for preparing food and entertaining people visiting. If you don’t have room for a large island, use a portable cart or a small table with bar stool furniture.

Black and white modern farmhouse kitchen with decorative sign and wood island

Useful items such as additional soaps or cleaning supplies can be placed in attractive containers with great results. What do you put over a kitchen sink window?

Whatever is most useful or aesthetically pleasing to you can go up there; there are no right or wrong answers.

Decorating Below a Window

Country kitchen with picture frame window, row of plants and carrara marble countertops

This white country kitchen uses a row of potted plants below the picture windows for a colorful backdrop.

Kitchen Window Shelf

Kitchen with shelving on both sides of apron sink

As mentioned above, there is an option to put a shelf above the window. Not only is this an additional space to place items, but it also creates a light barrier, directing the light downward versus up to the ceiling, which is likely less needed.

Open shelving on either side of the sink is another option to display some of your favorite decor items. Kitchens with open shelving can add visual interest or keep useful items within easy reach.

Kitchen with grey glass backsplash, flat door cabinets and under cabinet lighting

Not yet mentioned is the option for building a shelf under the window. With most designs, there is a window sill that leaves a bit of a ledge, and with bay windows, there is a large sill on which items can be placed.

By adding a shelf underneath the glass panes, you give a larger ledge, closer to the sink, to place useful items like soap, sponges, scrubbers, rags, and towels. This mustn’t be made of a material that does not react well with water or soaps, as it will likely get some backsplash.

It is also important not to get too close to the basin and faucet with the shelf so that it renders it inoperable or that you bump into it every time you try to use the sink.

What Size Window Goes Over a Sink?

Contemporary veneer cabinet kitchen and white island with globe lights

There is no required window size; all you need is the space. Typically, a window above the kitchen sink is the same height as the cabinets on either side of the basin – to give a cohesive look and keep the eye line the same. From there, measure the area between each cabinet and how large the opening can be.

Just because the window can be that size does not mean it has to be. For unusually sized or geometric designs, they are better at being smaller than the overall space available.

On top of that, if you want any of the shelves or art above or below that window, you do not want the opening to take up the entire space with them.

Leave enough room for the item you want and a few inches above and below it so it is not right on top of the window. It is also good to remember that the window has trim around it on each side, taking up a few inches on each side of the glass pane.

Kitchen with two-tier island, bamboo cabinets, porcelain floors

What Can You Put Above a Sink With No Windows?

You can put virtually anything over a sink with no windows. The only thing to remember is that there is the potential of splashing if you put whatever item too close to the faucet. That could sway the opinion of what you put up there – but it would not stop me.

The most common answer is to put a backsplash behind the sink. A backsplash is especially useful if your sink is close to the stove, making cleanup easier after cooking. There are decorative wall panels that can also enhance your kitchen’s design style.

Another option is to hang cabinets or open shelving above if there is enough clearance.

You could also put up art, clocks, pictures, lights, cabinets, shelves, etc. If it fits in the space, it can likely go above the sink.

If you need help designing your space, there are many kitchen design software. These can enable you to create your floor plan, including adding cabinets, sinks, windows, and appliances to get the exact look you want.

This can be useful before purchasing materials, remodeling work, or hiring a contractor.

Did you find all the questions and information about sink positioning and interior design? Leave your comments below to share with other readers.


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