Coffee Bar Accessories And Essentials

See the best coffee bar accessories and essentials including the different coffee maker machines, gadgets, supplies, and tools to brew the perfect cup.
Coffee bar with coffee maker, wood countertop, indoor plant, and cupsIf you’re a coffee lover and you need that kick of caffeine to function more effectively every morning, getting a coffee bar at home may be a good investment to consider. 

While going to your nearest favorite coffee shop and ordering a cup is pretty convenient, it can get expensive if you’re going to account for the total number of years you’ve been doing this routine. A cup of coffee from a shop daily may seem affordable but if you look at the total amount you’ve spent on it for years, you might be shocked by it. 

The best option if you want to save money and invest in something you can keep at home is to have your very own coffee bar and recreate your favorite coffee from shops. And yes, this is possible if you have all the gadgets, tools, and supplies needed to make it.

If you’ve already decided to have your own home coffee bar, here are the accessories and essentials you might want to consider.


Coffee Maker Machines

Kitchen coffee bar with espresso machineAlthough it may seem obvious, our first coffee bar accessory is a coffee maker. While you can certainly use an old-fashioned drip coffee maker, other options may fit your coffee bar better.

Single-serving coffee makers work with prepared pods that run through the maker and come in countless flavors and strengths. These coffee makers provide enough flavors and options for teas, hot chocolate, and beverages such as cider that your guests are sure to find one they like.

This type of machine also dispenses hot water for guests who brought their own instant beverages.

Choosing the right coffee machines to cater to your needs and preferences is important to have that experience you keep craving when you buy a cup from a coffee shop.

Re-creating that experience or even improving upon it is important to make the purchase of the coffee machines and the investment of the entire coffee bar worth it. Here are some options you can check out.

Keurig Coffee Maker

Keurig coffee maker for home coffee barsA Keurig Coffee Maker is an option to consider to create both a regular coffee pot and a K-cup. If you want something smaller, the K-mini plus coffee maker is also a good consideration since it is compact and only 4.5 inches wide.  

The mini plus version is the ideal choice if your coffee bar dimensions aren’t big enough. It is also the best choice if you don’t really need a full pot of coffee and only want a quick and hands-off cup. 

AeroPress Coffee Maker

AeroPress coffee maker for home coffee barsAn AeroPress Coffee Maker is the gadget you will need if you’re fond of ground coffee. The device allows a simple press of the coffee to brew it and it is well-regarded due to its portability.

You are guaranteed to have a smooth espresso shot in just a few steps. You will only need the ground coffee, together with the hot water and coffee mug. 

Cold Brew Maker

Man pouring coffee using cold brew maker for home coffee barsIf the cold brew is your preferred coffee, a cold brew maker is more suitable for you. With this simple-to-use coffee maker, you will be able to slowly brew a refreshing glass of concentrated and delicious cold coffee. 

Espresso Machine

Coffee bar with indoor plants, grinder, and espresso coffee makerAn espresso machine is an iconic choice and can be ideal for you if you’re a fan of espresso in the first place. The machine may require an expensive upfront cost but it will be a good investment to consider since it is among the best home bar appliances out there. 

This machine will need other gadgets and tools to function more effectively, including the following:

· Espresso tamper: Helps pack coffee grounds tighter into the portafilter to have a smoother and more velvety-textured coffee. This tool usually comes with the espresso machine but can also be sold separately. And its size depends on the portafilter it fits into but it’s mostly small and compact.

· Espresso tamper mat: Usually made in silicone, this helps keep the espresso tamper stable on the table. 

· Espresso portafilter tamping stand: Provides more surface for the portafilter to rest on and can even serve as a rack when you don’t have one. 

· Portafilter wall rack: Helps store the machine’s portafilter and avoids clutter in your coffee bar station. 

Coffee Gadgets

Coffee bar with grinder coffee maker, and built in milk frother More than just the typical coffee maker machines, there are other gadgets that you need to check out and which you might like and add to your home coffee bar.

Coffee Grinder

Coffee grinder and bags of coffee beans on wood surfaceA coffee grinder is an effective device that easily turns coffee beans into coffee grounds. You can use a coffee if you find an espresso machine to be too costly. In addition to that, grinding your own beans means you retain as much flavor as possible for your coffee.

Have a coffee grinder and bags of coffee beans available on your coffee bar. You can replenish the coffee canister yourself, or guests can grind up more coffee as it runs out. Also, some coffee lovers may have brought their own specially roasted beans.

Make sure though that you also have the following coffee grinding tools:

· Coffee grinder cleaning tablets: Also known as coffee grinder cleaning pellets, these tablets make sure that your coffee grinder is nice and clean. 

· Coffee grinder cleaning brush: Usually a soft-bristled brush that helps you get rid of dirt and coffee particles from the grinder. 

Milk Frother

Milk frother for home coffee barsA milk frother is a coffee device that creates thick and foamy milk, making it possible to turn your ordinary cup of coffee into frothy lattes and cappuccinos. 

While it generally won’t heat the milk, it adds more air bubbles to the milk creating its foamy and thick version. And having thicker milk gives your coffee a creamier texture with a more soothing taste. Milk frothers can come as a handheld wand, making it easier and more convenient to use. 

To add a kick of fun and personalization, have a frother or two or three for guests to fancy up their drinks. While you’re at it, having some canned whipped cream will really top off your coffee bar accessories. Frothers plug into electrical outlets and run on USB or battery. Many are made to use rechargeable batteries.

Coffee Supplies

Coffee bar with modern coffee maker, cutting board, and container of coffee beansBesides the machines used that will give you your favorite cup of coffee, you also need to have the necessary supplies and ingredients to make it possible. Some of the standard coffee supplies you need to have in your home coffee bar include the following. 

Coffee Beans and Pods

Classic coffee maker with grinder, and coffee beans on top of wood tableWhether you’re going for coffee beans or coffee pods, this is the most important ingredient you will need. Coffee beans will be an ideal option if you have a grinder.

But if you have a pod machine though, coffee pods will be more compatible. Just make sure to choose your favorite flavors to avoid disappointments. 

Cream And Sugar Set

Cup of coffee with cream and sugar set for home coffee barsYou will also need a cream and sugar set, especially if you’re into a cup of coffee that uses them in its brew. It will be also beneficial in giving your guests the option of having cream and sugar in their coffee.

It’s a good idea to set aside a tray with plain cream and sugar for sticklers who just want their coffee ‘ regular.’ Choose a set that complements your inside décor or matches a theme your dinner may be based on, such as country living, European life, or Mexican culture.

Having a cream and sugar set does not only add sweetness but also options to your home coffee bar. Your cream and sugar set can be in jars or have their own respective holders to avoid clutter in your coffee bar and even add value to its aesthetics. 

Coffee Syrup

Individual pouring syrup on cup of coffeeCoffee syrup is another important ingredient to add to your pantry and coffee bar. It elevates the taste of your coffee and adds a specific sweetness to it, depending on the specific flavor you’ve chosen. 

Some of the coffee syrup flavors to check out for your coffee are the following:

· Hazelnut

· Caramel

· Pistachio

· Vanilla

· Salted Caramel

· Mocha

· Lavender

These coffee syrup flavors also come in vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free options and you only have to know where to look.

Coffee Spices

Individual placing spices for coffee inside containerRecreating your favorite cup of coffee from coffee shops might require the use of specific coffee spices so it’s important to have them in your home. A simple sprinkle of these spices can turn your coffee into an entirely new flavor profile.

Coffee spice add-ins enhance the drinking experience, although, in the days of old, cream and maybe sugar were all that was offered for coffee drinkers.

Today add-ins may include bottles of flavored syrups, canisters of powdered chocolate, cinnamon or spices such as nutmeg, allspice, ginger, and even a dash of cayenne pepper.

The coffee spices you need to make sure to have are the following:

· Cinnamon

· Cocoa

· Nutmeg

Toppings include shaved chocolate and whipped cream. Additional add-ins may include vanilla or almond extract, maple syrup, or molasses.

A farmhouse coffee tray provides a contained area to keep your add-ins, and you can line it with nice linen or a taffeta charger.

Coffee Making Tools

House interior with built in coffee bar, porcelain floor, and different kitchenwareAfter the machines, gadgets, and supplies you need to have in your home coffee bar, make sure to check on the tools and utensils you will need. While they may seem basic and insignificant, they are vital logistics for your home coffee bar.

Some popular coffee making tools are the following.

· Airtight coffee container: If you’ve gone the way of a French press, drip coffee maker, or percolator, a coffee canister with a scoop holds the coffee and keeps it fresh. This helps store coffee beans and retain their optimum flavor. (Make sure to store them at room temperature too)

You may need more than one canister to store different types of coffee, including decaffeinated and regular, light brew and dark, Colombian versus French, and flavored coffee beans. Feel free to get creative with coffee bean choices and canister designs.

· Preferred coffee mug: You need a mug where you can enjoy your coffee and you need a lot of it for guests to have something to use when they come over. (From regular mugs to temperature-controlled mugs, your options are endless)

· Coffee, tea, or dish towels: Keep your coffee bar clean by having towels nearby when spills happen.

· Coffee spoons or stirrers: Add class and function to your home coffee bar by getting long-handled coffee spoons or stirrers ready for use whenever you need them or when you choose to add cream or sugar to the mix.

You can also find interesting or decorative coffee stirrers to mix all those yummy add-ins. Coffee Stirrers come in all kinds of designs, shapes, colors, styles, and materials.

Although coffee stirrers can be purchased as disposable, one-use materials, it’s environmentally friendly to offer reusable stirrers you can throw in the dishwasher later. If you want to add a touch of graciousness and class, purchase coffee stirrers, which guests can take home as souvenirs.

· Hot water kettle: While simple, it is vital in a home coffee bar to prepare hot water. Besides your brewer of choice, and if you don’t have a brewer that dispenses hot water, it’s a great idea to have an instant hot water pot with an automatic shut-off once the water reaches boiling.

This allows you or your guests to make tea, hot chocolate, instant hot apple cider, or Chai tea from a mix they may prefer. Hot water pots work on electricity, are powered by USB and battery, and can plug into the cigarette lighter in a vehicle.

· Coasters: Coasters should be an essential accessory for your home coffee bar. Hot coffee mugs can damage many surfaces and don’t have to be plain or fancy. The holders offer protection from the hot surface and help to avoid spills.

If you don’t want circles on your table and the coffee bar’s countertop, use coasters underneath the coffee mugs or glasses. Find ones with a design to match your dinner theme or décor, and be sure to have plenty. Coffee cup holders come in shapes, sizes, colors, designs, and materials.

· Coffee tray: This tool will be very important especially if you’re entertaining guests.

· Espresso knock box: An espresso knock box gives you or your guests a place to knock used coffee grounds into from a French press or espresso machine or to drop in the filter with coffee grinds from a drip maker. Everyone will be glad you provided a knock box, and you can later add the grounds to your compost pile.

· Mini countertop trash can: Your guests and you will appreciate a mini countertop trash can to throw away spent stirrers, empty packets, used napkins, and other garbage they may have.

You can also place a floor-size garbage can to the side of the coffee bar if you run out of room on your credenza. There will always be some garbage, so a garbage pail helps keep your coffee bar clean and organized.

· Napkins: Your coffee bar wouldn’t be complete without napkins. Coffee bar napkins are also known as bar or cocktail napkins and come in a standard size of 5 x 5 inches. Choose decorative napkins that reflect a coffee or party theme or match your dinner theme.

Coffee bar napkins also come in seasonal, holiday, and special occasion designs. It’s also a good idea to have rolls of paper towels nearby for spills and accidents.

Home Coffee Bar Station Elements

Supplies, gadgets, and tools for home coffee barsOf course, you will need to have the area and space to set up your coffee bar and if you’re going all out and want to feel that ambiance you get in coffee shops, you need the right elements that can bring that element into your home. 

Some of the elements of a coffee bar you can add at home to help both in its organization and aesthetics are the following.

Coffee Cabinets/Floating Shelves 

Floating shelves with coffee related accessories, supplies, and indoor plants on itYou will need a coffee organizer that will store coffee supplies, tools, and gadgets neatly and this will avoid clutter in your home coffee bar station. Coffee cabinets can store items you want out of sight.

Meanwhile, the floating types of shelves can display items you believe can still add to the coffee bar’s aesthetics. You can display your trendy espresso machine on your floating shelve and keep your supply of coffee beans and pods inside the cabinet. 

Coffee Bar Table/Countertop

Minimalist coffee bar with wood floor cabinets, floating shelf, countertop, coffee maker, and pendant lightsA flat surface is necessary to prepare a cup of coffee and this is the reason why installing a coffee countertop or bar table will be a good option. Make sure that you have enough space where you can work in. 

Coffee Bar Decor

Wood coffee bar with countertop, floating shelves, tile wall, high stool, and wooden floorsThere are different elements you can integrate into your coffee bar in order to reproduce the coffee shop ambiance that you enjoy whenever you buy your favorite coffee.

Popular coffee decor ideas are:

· Fun and trendy coffee sign

· Trendy and colorful LED lights

· Coffee table books

· Coffee bar wall art

· Coffee-related quotes and prints on the wall

You can also use your coffee machines, tools, and supply as part of the bar’s aesthetics. But make sure to display them in a way that they won’t look like clutter. 

If your coffee bar is up against a plain wall, purchase whimsical or traditional art décor that reflects your taste for coffee. Hang the items at eye level or a bit lower to accent the coffee bar’s ambiance.

Chalk boards – Coffee shops and cafes often have a decorative chalkboard on the counter, displaying the quote of the day, daily specials, or other pertinent announcements. A chalkboard allows you to erase and change the message each dinner party or day, adding to the coffee bar’s authenticity.

Choosing what decor to use on your home coffee bar is the fun part of building and installing one. You always have the option of imitating your favorite coffee shop. And you can get as creative as you want and customize your home coffee bar to showcase your personality.

This list includes coffee bar accessories but isn’t exhaustive. It’s fascinating how many coffee bar accessories are available for all coffee lovers and baristas. Take the time to evaluate your space and decide what accessories are the most important.

Then you can create the perfect coffee bar for yourself and your guests and always have it ready to use for any occasion. With the right equipment, coffee lovers will find it easy to create rich, tasty, flavorsome coffee, tea, and beverages. A well-apportioned coffee bar also saves you trips to your favorite coffee shop and will likely save you money.

And once you design and set up your coffee bar, you can easily use your accessories for other occasions, parties, and backyard BBQs when you have access to a mobile cart. If you love coffee or want to serve your guests personalized beverages, gather the coffee bar accessories you need and start the brewing.

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