Backyard Ramada Designs (Types & Pictures)

These pictures of backyard ramada designs include what it is, what it’s made of, the different types of pavilion structures, cost, and tips on how to build a ramada.
Outdoor area with swimming pool deck, palm trees, table, chairs, and backyard ramadaIf you are considering adding a nice outdoor structure to your garden or pool area, you should consider a backyard ramada. A backyard ramada provides an inviting space where you and your friends and family can relax and enjoy the outdoors together.

The most attractive feature of a ramada is that it provides shade and protection from the elements. Depending on the outdoor activities you plan to indulge in, your ramada could be the perfect “final touch” to your garden or pool area.

What Is A Ramada Structure?

Outdoor area with backyard ramada, concrete walkway, bench, and tableA ramada structure is sometimes called a pavilion, and it is a backyard feature that is meant to add shade. In that regard, it’s similar to a pergola or gazebo design.

A ramada is a closed roof structure that can either be freestanding or an extension of your home. The key feature of a backyard ramada is that it has a pitched roof structure that provides you with a complete patch or shade. 

While shade is the primary function of a backyard ramada, its closed roof ensures that it also shelters you from the rain and snow. The closed roof also allows the structure to retain heat, making it possible to hang out in a ramada in rainy weather or during the cooler seasons.

A ramada is usually either rectangular or square. Some people like their ramada to have one or more walls. This provides you with more shelter and allows you to add other features, such as a fireplace or a place to mount a television. A ramada is a good choice for a backyard structure if you want an outdoor kitchen or an entertainment area with electronics.

What Is A Ramada Made Of?

Backyard ramada with pitched roof, benches, table, and walkwayTypically, ramadas will have tiled roof types. Usually, the ramada roof is made to resemble or match your home’s roof. The other structure parts are typically made of weatherproof material, such as natural stone.

Popular  materials are brick, stone, and concrete – though some people also like to build their structure out of wood or incorporate aluminum or steel.

Types Of Ramada Designs

Backyard ramada with paved walkway, pitched roof, table, and chairsSince the ramada is a relatively simple structure, the types of ramada designs are also relatively simple. Your answer to the following questions will determine the ramada design.

1. Will your ramada have walls? 

The most basic ramada design comprises four columns upon which there is a closed roof. This type of ramada design, one with no walls, is called an open ramada. If you choose to build a wall or two between the columns, you follow the closed ramada design.

Suppose you’re considering using your ramada as an outdoor kitchen or an entertainment center. In that case, you should consider a closed ramada as it will provide you with more shelter from the elements, dust, and dirt. This is especially important if you plan to have electronic equipment, such as a freezer or a television set in your structure.

2. Is your ramada connected to your home?

A ramada is among the types of outdoor structures that can be built as a stand-alone or an extension of your home. If your ramada is stand-alone, built in its area separate from any other structure, it follows the free-style ramada design style. 

The add-on ramada design is another type of design. An add-on ramada is built close to another structure and may share part of the wall or roof of that structure.

Backyard Ramada Cost

Backyard ramada with wood deck, couch, table, chairs, and outdoor cloth shadeThe cost to build a backyard ramada will depend mainly on the size of the structure you want and the material you choose to build with. On average, a basic backyard ramada should cost about $4,000 to $8,000. 

How To Build A Backyard Ramada

Outdoor area with brick wall, backyard ramada, chairs, plants, and concrete walkwayWhether you’re building your backyard ramada yourself or thinking about hiring someone to build it, you should know the building steps. 

1. The ground where the ramada will rise needs to be leveled as you need a level surface to create stability. You might need to dig up the area and then fill it again to create a foundation. You are also, of course, going to need to clear any grass and greenery or big rocks from the site.

2. The second step is to add the columns that will support the structure and the roof. The columns will also help your ramada take shape. The flooring material is also laid down once the columns are placed.

3. Once the columns are up, you have the structural support you need to start thinking about putting up the rest of the structure. If you plan to have a wall or two in your ramada, this is the time to build them. If you’re going for an open ramada, this is when you’re going to add the roof.  

Video on Building a Timber Frame Ramada/Pavilion

Ramada Vs. Pergola

Outdoor area with pergola, hedge plants, trees, and outdoor furnitureThe significant structural difference between a ramada and a pergola comes when we look at the roof. Both structures are usually rectangular or square and have roofs supported by columns. However, while the ramada has a closed roof, a pergola design has an open or latticed roof.

When deciding between a ramada vs. a pergola, the fundamental consideration is, how much shade do you want or need?

Because of the open nature of a pergola’s roof, this type of structure only provides partial shade. If you want an outdoor kitchen or are furnishing the area with items that may be sensitive to the weather, a pergola’s partial shade might not be enough. In this case you could use a retractable pergola canopy when needed.

A ramada provides a more sheltered structure, which allows you to do more in the space. However, a pergola offers a more picturesque shelter. The latticed roof allows sunlight in, while still providing you with shade.

Many people like to train vines or other types of pergola plants to grow on the trellis structure that supports the pergola roof, leaving you with a charmingly ” natural shelter.”

Pavilion vs. Ramada

Luxury tile swimming pool with pavilion, wood deck, sofa lounge chairs, and palm treesThe terms pavilion and ramada are often used interchangeably. As long as it is an open or semi-enclosed outdoor structure with a covered roof, then you can call it either a backyard ramada or pavilion.

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