White Kitchen Cabinets With Black Hardware

The good thing about white cabinetry is you have a wide range of color options to mix and match with it. Thanks to its universality, you won’t find any difficulty looking for the right hardware and color for your cabinets.

Black and white kitchen with large island, herringbone tile backsplash, and cabinets with black hardware

Although rubbed bronze and gold are popular with white-toned cabinetry, pairing your white kitchen cabinets with black hardware presents its own charm.

It’s not hard to imagine using black-toned knobs, handles, and other hardware with your all-white cabinets. After all, black-and-white finishes complement each other perfectly. Just like the Beatles song says, “Ebony and Ivory work together in perfect harmony.

What’s good with this combination is that you can also use the same color — which is black — for your kitchen furnishings, like your faucet. But if you choose to use a different color, that’s still okay.

You can definitely mix and match the finish for a contrasting look. What’s important here is not only about the aesthetics of your kitchen but its functionality as well. 

Do Black Finishes Go With White Cabinetry?

Modern kitchen with floating shelves, sky blue fridge, white cabinetry, and small white island

Black is similar to stainless steel when it comes to versatility. It can go with any color and you’ll still get an amazing overall design.

More so, black is the opposite of white; thus, pairing your white cabinetry with black-toned hardware creates a clean and calming contrast in your kitchen. The contrast also provides a coherent look to the overall design of your kitchen. 

Aside from the hardware, you can also choose black-hued appliances. The combination of white-and-black finishes gives your kitchen a minimalist feel. Whether you choose a metallic or matte finish, you’ll give your kitchen a wonderful ambiance. 

Are Black Finishes Timeless?

Kitchen with wood countertop island, white cabinetry with black finishes, and windows with blinds

Have you ever wondered by women always have that little black dress in their closet? Black is not only timeless but modern, fresh, and edgy as well. You can do anything with it and will always have the same fabulous effect. 

The same goes true with using this dark hardware in your kitchen. Black is rebellious, charming, and stylish. Trends come and go but this hue never fades away. You can always see a kitchen with this hardware, appliances, trims, walls, and doors. In fact, the shade adds a level of sophistication to a room. 

White Kitchen With Black Hardware Designs

Bright farmhouse kitchen with large windows, white recessed panel cabinets, large island, and, a grey bench

Aside from using black handles and knobs, here are other design ideas for using the hue if you have a white kitchen.

• White accent grid cabinets and drawers with long matte-black pulls

• Pair together oak cabinets accented with darker hardware and light quartz countertops. Then, place a black-and-white rug runner in front of the cabinetry to complete the design.

• Make the room even more sophisticated by adding a soapstone backsplash and matte black-hued pull out faucet to your white-painted cabinets with matching dark hardware

• Adding dark pegboard doors and matching matte handles to your white-toned cabinetry is a must-have if you want this color combo. 

• A black and white kitchen that features a light kitchen island with dark hardware and a matte countertop is a classic. See more kitchens with white cabinets and dark countertops here.

• Create an edgy design by putting a door with dark chevron patterns on your light-hued cabinetry. 

• If you have white-painted cabinetry with dark knobs and handles, complete the look by adding a red vintage runner in front.

Small kitchen with chess flooring, wood countertop, and white raised center cabinets with black pulls

White cabinets serve as a canvas for different types of hardware. And when it comes to color, black is on the top list along with brass, chrome, nickel, and iron. 

But it is not limited to white cabinetry alone. It gives your lighter-toned cabinetry a stylish edgy, yet classic look. It’s also bold but not overwhelming. It is most popular in farmhouse-style kitchens

So, what type of black finishes look good with your light-toned cabinetry?

Oversized Pulls

Modern style kitchen with wood counters, subway tile backsplash, and white recessed cabinets with oversized pulls

Oversized pulls have been popular since 2020. And black-toned oversized pulls give your white cabinets a classic look. There are different pull shapes and designs to choose from. 

• Curved pulls – perfect for kitchens that want softer, curved lines in their design.

• Straight pulls – suitable for traditional and contemporary kitchens

• Concave pulls – ideal for traditional and industrial kitchens

• Drop pulls – best with traditional kitchens


Black solid cast brass flip latchSee this latch at Amazon [sponsored link]

Latches are the in-things in cabinetry finishes these days. They add character to your white kitchen cabinets. It’s also a good choice if you have small children in the house. 


Kitchen with white shaker cabinets, pendant lights, and island with marble countertop and farmhouse sink

When it comes to kitchen cabinet hardware, it’s always knobs versus pulls. If you decide to go with darker knobs, here are some of the knob shapes to choose from.

Round knobs – perfect for cabinets and drawers. It comes in a wide range of designs from plain-looking to decorative knobs.

Square knobs – slightly less traditional than the round ones, they give your kitchen cabinets a contemporary feel. 

Oval pulls – works well with both drawers and doors. It’s also the right choice if you have a traditional or contemporary kitchen design.

T knobs – designed for people who have difficulty gripping a knob. It makes opening cabinets easier.

Ornate knobs – these are for you if you like intricate designs

Novelty knobs – it channels your personality into your kitchen cabinets

White Cabinets with Black Pulls

Modern farmhouse kitchen with waterfall island, pendants, and white painted cabinets with black knobs and pulls

Dark pulls on white cabinets are trendy these days. Here are a few ideas for different pull designs for your kitchen cabinets:

Contemporary pull – it’s a metallic pull with a matte finish that features clean lines. Choose this if you want to make a bold statement.

Transitional pull – it’s a crossover between traditional and contemporary. It’s simple and less ornate.

Traditional pull – features designs that are reminiscent of different eras of history. It’s classic and elegant. 

White Shaker Cabinets With Black Handles

Shaker cabinets with black handles are versatile and timeless. A lot of interior designers choose this style because it can flexibly adapt to your changing tastes. If you decide in the future that you don’t want dark hardware, you can easily replace it without changing your cabinetry; thus, it’s a winning situation. 

Visit our guide to knobs or pulls on cabinets for more related content.

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