What Size Cabinet Pulls For Kitchen Designs?

There are many types of cabinet hardware to choose from, but one of the best options out there is cabinet pulls. Cabinet pulls are obtainable in a variety of sizes, so choosing the perfect fit for a specific cabinet size is essential to ensure the durability, longevity, and aesthetics of the whole room. 

Wide stainless cabinet pull

One of the best things about cabinet construction is picking the hardware to go with it. The perfect hardware pulls will not only complement the cabinet design and aesthetic but will also prove to add to the effectiveness and efficiency of the cabinetry, whether it is located in the kitchen or the bathroom. [toc]

The ideal cabinet pull will depend on the kitchen cabinet size, so knowing the size will make choosing the ideal pull easier for every homeowner.

The generally recommended ratio for cabinet pulls to the drawer is looking at the drawer’s width and dividing the cabinet width into three. The 1/3 measurement is the perfect pull size you need, especially for cabinets. 

Small drawers that are around 12 in. or 30 centimeters will work best with a pull of at least 3 to 4″ or 8 to 10 centimeters. In contrast, larger cabinets will work better with a pull of at least 8 in. or 20 centimeters. 

Standard Cabinet Pull Sizes

Standard pull sizes

There are many types of cabinet hardware any homeowner can utilize for their homes, from bar pulls, which are the most common type of cabinet hardware, to finger pulls, which are the most minimalist and sleek option.

There are many sizes of cabinet pulls, but standard ones are available, ranging from the smaller 1-inch or around 3 centimeters small cabinet pull to the bigger 20 in. or 51 centimeters appliance pull. 

Every pull is not a one size fits all, and considering the cabinetry size is integral to choosing the perfect pull that will work for a home. 

Common Sizes for Cabinet Pulls and Knobs

Different types of cabinet sizes with handle dimensions

Picking the right size of pull can be easy once the cabinetry measurements are determined. Another foolproof way is getting the most common size of pull for a standard drawer size.

Many traditional cabinets range from 12 to 36 in, or 30 to 91 centimeters, and the most effective pull sizes for these sizes are 3 to 4 in. or 8 to 10 centimeters from center to center.

For cabinets smaller than these sizes, a homeowner should instead go for a smaller hardware knob with a diameter of 1 inch or 3 centimeters. 

What Size Handles For 30-inch Cabinets? 

Cabinet with wood handle

The standard drawer size is around 30 in. or 76 centimeters wide. These cabinets usually are about 34 in. or 86 centimeters. If a homeowner is looking for the perfect pull for this size, pulls that are 3 to 5 in. or 8 to 13 centimeters long are ideal. 

If they want to use two drawer handles for an even more modern look, they can opt to use two handles that are 3 in.or 8 centimeters long. Using two pulls for one cupboard is ideal, especially if the homeowners know that they will put heavier stuff inside the drawer. 

What Size Pulls For 36 inch Cabinets? 

Cabinets with three drawers

Sometimes, there is bigger cabinetry with drawers even more oversized than 30 in. or 76 centimeters in width and a height taller than 34 in. or 86 centimeters.

The best cabinetry pulls are around 5 to 12 in. or 13 to 30 centimeters for a furniture piece. These pull sizes will be more proportionate to oversized drawer doors and will add to the aesthetic appeal of the cabinetry unit. 

For cabinets or drawers that will hold heavier stuff for storage, it is best to use two pulls 3 to 5 in. or 13 to 30 centimeters. 

What Size Drawer Pulls For 42-Inch Cabinets?  

Chef's block countertop, stove and stone floor tiles

Cabinetry doors around 36 inches or 91 centimeters in width are already considered a big storage unit. Still, there are bigger doors at 42 inches or 107 centimeters that are usually found in many pantries and built-in appliances like fridges and pullout warming drawers.

For homeowners looking for the best cupboard pull to work with such a furniture unit, it is best to go for pulls that are around 12 inches or 30 centimeters long, or even longer. 

This size will ensure that it is proportionate to the drawer size as well as provide durability for cabinets like pantries, which are usually at full capacity. 

Cabinet Drawer Pull Size Chart 

Size of Handles for Small Drawers

Inches Centimeters 
3″ 7.62 cm
5″ 13 cm
12″ appliance pull 30.48 cm

Handle Dimensions for A 22 by 6 inches Drawer

Inches Centimeters 
3″ 7.62 cm
5″ 13 cm
12″ appliance pull 30.48 cm

Large Handle for Drawers (32 inches by 11 inches) 

Inches Centimeters 
3″ 7.62 cm
5″ 13 cm
12″ appliance pull 30.48 cm

Handles For Small and Large Cabinets (13 inches by 23 inches to 16 inches by 39 inches) 

Inches Centimeters 
3″ 7.62 cm
5″ 13 cm
12″ appliance pull 30.48 cm

How to Choose the Right Sizes for Kitchen Pulls 

There are two things a homeowner needs to consider when choosing the best drawer handle for their cabinetry: consistent sizing and aesthetics or design.

There is no correct or wrong way to choose, and they can mix and match sizes if they want to, but the most advisable thing is to opt for cupboard pulls 3 3/4 inches from center to center or the distance of one screw hole to another for standard cabinetry. This pull will look great for a cabinetry unit and will be large enough for them to grip comfortably. 

How To Measure Handle Size for Cabinets

Measuring a specific drawer handle from side to side is as easy as pie, and anyone can do it. All it requires is taking the center-to-center measurement of a drawer hole with a ruler or tape measure. This measurement is the distance between one and the other screw in the center of a drawer handle.

To measure this size, take a ruler from one hole to the other. Be sure that it is right in the center when being measured for the most accurate calculation. 

Should Drawer Pulls Be Centered? 

Black kitchen cabinets with quartzite backsplash

There is no correct or wrong way to install a cupboard handle, but there is an advisable way to install them, whether they will be installed on a drawer or a furniture door.

If a drawer handle is being installed in a drawer, it should be placed horizontally. It will also depend if the drawers are long, and if that is the case, it is best not to center them on the cupboard but instead install two drawer handles for both sides. 

For furniture knobs like the kitchen cupboards or overhead bathroom storage spaces, drawer handles should be installed vertically and more on the bottom to ensure that the average person can reach them.

What Size Drawer Needs 2 Pulls?

A homeowner can use two cupboard grasps if the width of a cupboard extends beyond 18 inches or 46 centimeters. If the furniture width is below that point and is narrower, they can opt to acquire one handle.

Storage units requiring two cupboard grasps should be installed around 1/6th of the cupboard or drawer length from one side to the other. This will ensure that the weight is distributed when the drawer is opened. 

Should Handles For Cabinets Be the Same Size? 

Like choosing the right size of cupboard grasp for a home, choosing a drawer handle can mix and match according to the homeowner’s personal preference. One thing that will also dictate the pull sizes is the width of a specific cupboard itself.

For kitchen drawers that are the same size and stacked on top of one another, it is best to keep the measurements of each pull the same, but they can mix and match for other cupboards with different widths. It’s all about the overall aesthetic and the look they are going for. 

Mixing Differently Sized Cabinet Hardware

Kitchen with white and blue cabinets with pulls and wooden flooring

There are two reasons to mix and match drawer hardware, and it all comes down to function and personal preference.

Opting for mixed fixture hardware adds character to a kitchen and avoids repetitiveness, especially in a larger kitchen. Choosing different knob hardware is also functional since some kitchen cabinet styles or widths require two drawer handles. 

Cabinet Screw Sizes for Pulls

Many pulls and knobs for the cupboard and drawer units are readily installed with a standard set of screws at 1 3/4 inches or around 4.45 centimeters. Such screws are easy to find whether the drawer handles are purchased in the store or even online. 

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