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Loveseat Dimensions (Measuring & Sizes Guide)

Here’s our loveseat dimensions guide including the small, medium, large and standard loveseat sizes and how to measure a loveseat for your living room.
Pink loveseat with modern coffee tables black and white flooringLoveseats are designed initially to be a bigger form of an armchair. This chair will be the perfect addition to a small home, especially for a young couple just starting and they even have smaller ones perfect for college dormitories. 

If you are looking for information about loveseat dimensions, you came to the right article! Here, we’ll talk to you all about what you need to know, from measurements to measuring to how to choose a perfect one for your home.

Standard Loveseat Size

There are more loveseat sizes than one realizes. It’s not just that a sofa’s three-seater and a loveseat sits two people. Loveseats can sit two, some can also sit a single person, and some loveseats can be 6 feet wide to fit up to three people. This only means that the perfect loveseat you are looking for is out there!

As a general rule, the standard loveseat length when measured arm to arm is as follows:

  • The small standard loveseat size is 52″.
  • The standard medium loveseat size is 58″.
  • The standard full loveseat size is 64″.

Average Length of a Loveseat

Standard loveseat sizesA loveseat has no set standard for length because it comes in a variety of dimensions for every room design and space size. It will depend on how long you are getting it and for how many people at one time you plan your loveseat to sit. 

Although there are no fixed lengths for a loveseat, measurements from one armrest to the other could correspond as sizes small to full loveseats. 

A small loveseat is the 2-seater loveseat you might be thinking of, and they come in sizes of 52 inches or 132 centimeters. 

A medium loveseat is only slightly longer than a small loveseat with 58 inches or 147 centimeters. In comparison, a full size loveseat is 64 inches or 163 centimeters from arm to arm. 

There are also loveseat sofas available with a length of 71 inches or 180 centimeters. At the same time, if you want a smaller, more compact one for your apartment, there are twin-sized loveseats with a length of 45 to 51 inches or 114 to 130 centimeters. 

How Deep is a Loveseat?

Loveseat depthTo talk about loveseat depth would account for the width of a loveseat. No matter what length of loveseat you are planning to buy, the loveseat depth would probably range from 30 to 36 inches or 76 to 91 centimeters. If you want a loveseat with more room, opt to buy one with a curved end. 

30 to 36 inches or 76 to 91 centimeters of loveseat width will account for the whole loveseat itself. If we are talking about the actual depth of the loveseat cushion alone, it will mostly range from 21 to 26 inches or 53 to 66 centimeters. Read more about the types of cushions available here.

How to Measure a Loveseat?

Loveseat-measurementA time might come when you need to measure a loveseat, maybe for new cushions or when you want to revamp your living room by having your loveseat reupholstered. Either way, here is a guide on how to measure a loveseat. 

The initial measurement is to measure the loveseat’s entire length. You do this by gauging the chair size from left to right. You can measure from the leg base or the arms of the chair, whichever is more expansive. 

The next thing is measuring the loveseat’s depth. This is done by measuring the deepest part of the chair from front to back. If your chair has a curved design, make sure that you measure the depth from that end up to the seat cushion’s edge. 

The last thing is measuring the loveseat’s height; this is pretty straightforward and measures from top to bottom. However, if you are measuring for a loveseat’s seat cover, 1 to 2 inches or 3 to 5 centimeters shorter will make so much difference for breathability. 

The process is still the same if you are measuring for a loveseat cushion. Although using a carpenter’s measuring tape for accuracy is essential because miscalculation will give you a longer or shorter cushion than the loveseat’s frame. Read more about how to measure a sofa here for larger furniture pieces.

How to Choose a Loveseat Size?

Choosing the right size for your loveseat could make or break the design of your living room. You don’t want a loveseat that would take up the entire room, especially for smaller apartments. At the same time, you do not want it to be so small that it gets eaten up by the other furniture items. So, how do you choose the right loveseat size for your home? 

The first thing to do is to measure your designated loveseat spot with consideration to the other furniture pieces around it, especially if there are different seating options. You do not want the loveseat to be bigger than the actual sofa or smaller than the one-seater or your recliner.

If you are thinking about placing your sofa against the wall, it will be necessary to measure the length of the wall. This will give you a concept of how much space you have for other furniture. 

Measuring the room width will be helpful, especially if you have a reclining loveseat. Measuring the room’s width will also help you to avoid overcrowding the middle of the room. 

Measuring the room’s height, on the other hand, will give you an idea of how tall your loveseat should be. For houses with a higher ceiling, a more elevated seating option would probably look best for the room. 

Leave some space to walk around, plus room for small furniture like side tables and bigger lamps. If you have a reclining loveseat, it will be essential to leave floor space for the chair to be fully reclined, especially if you have a coffee table in the middle of the room. 

What Size Pillows for a Loveseat? 

Sofa with coffee table wooden floor lamp shadeAdding several throw pillows to your sofas or loveseats can add the final touch of personality to your living room. This can enhance the look whether you are going for more blues and brown for a barnyard country cottage feel, or want to decorate with gold and white throw pillows to add elegance. The perfect pillow sizes for a loveseat is 22 to 24 inches or 56 to 61 centimeters on each side. 

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