Recliner Dimensions (Sizes Guide)

Here’s our recliner dimensions guide, including standard and different lounger sizes and how to measure this type of chair for a cover.
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Recliner chairs are some of the most versatile furnishings a homeowner can give the family. It provides a comfortable seat for work, TV viewing, or playing games. Recliners also make it possible to laze off as one watches the day pass by. For many people, a loungechair is a must-have in the home.

However, people must choose wisely if they want an easy chair that provides the ultimate comfort and functionality. While there are many factors to consider, knowing the correct recliner dimensions is crucial to buying the best chair for the family.

How Are Recliner Chairs Measured?

Recliner chair measuring guide

Recliner chairs have three essential dimensions for any potential buyer: width, depth, and height.


The recliner’s width is the seat’s left-to-right distance and correlates with one’s body width. For example, a person with a 48-inch waistline can have a side-to-side body width of about 34 to 36 inches. Hence, assuming this person should get a recliner with a minimum seat width of 40 inches would be safe.


The second parameter is the chair’s depth, which is the seat’s front-to-back measurement. The seat’s backrest is where the occupant rests the back of the body, while the front’s edge terminates a few inches from the knee pit or the area behind the knee.

Hence, the measurement must reflect the occupant’s thigh length from the body’s back to where the knee bends. 

If the seat is too deep (longer than the occupant’s thigh measurement), one cannot dangle their legs without moving forward. Doing so prevents the occupant from resting his back on the backrest. 

A shallow chair will have the opposite effect. The occupant must press the back against the backrest, which one must support by planting the feet firmly on the floor. 

However, if one prefers inclining the chair’s leg rest while relaxing, it does not matter if the lounge is shallow or deep. Regardless, it would still be best to determine a chair’s depth for optimum comfort.


The recliner’s height is also an essential measurement because it impacts how comfortable the occupant will be on the chair. One must consider two things related to the recliner’s height: backrest height and seat height.

It would be best to get a chair with a backrest height that supports the back of the head. On the other hand, the seat height must allow the occupant to sit and stand from the chair with minimal effort.

Homeowners must also consider the armrest height. The occupant should be able to rest both arms on the armrests without straining or feeling numb.

Standard Recliner Sizes

Standard recliner dimensions

Like beds and other furnishings, lounge chairs have standard sizes for manufacturers to follow and allow mass production. However, some companies customize recliners according to their customers’ specifications. 

How Wide is a Standard Recliner?

A small recliner can be 29 to 30 inches wide, while medium-sized chairs have a seat width of 32 to 38 inches. On the other hand, large recliners will have a width of 40 to 44 inches, although it is not uncommon to find super-sized loungers for those who are big and tall.

How Deep is a Standard Reclining Chair?

Small recliners have a depth of 33.5 to 37.5 inches, while large-sized reclining sofas can be as deep as 42 inches. However, shallower versions (about 39 inches deep) exist. Medium-sized recliners are 33.5 inches to 42 inches deep.

Recliner Chair Height

Small reclining chairs have a minimum height of 39 inches, while medium-sized recliners can be as tall as 43 inches. Some manufacturers keep their medium lounge chairs between 37.5 and 39 inches. Large-sized recliners have a maximum height of 42 inches and a minimum of 39 inches.

Dimensions of a Lazy Boy Recliner

Recliner chair wooden floor

Many people love recliners from La-Z-Boy because of their customizable upgrades, extensive fabric selection, and patented features. The brand also has a lifetime warranty, albeit limited. Homeowners who want to get a La-Z-Boy must know the brand’s standard recliner dimensions.


Ideal for people not taller than 5’4”, Petite recliners are 34.5″ to 38″ deep, 28″ to 33.5″ wide, and 39″ to 39.5″ high.


La-Z-Boy’s Small recliners are suitable for people who are 5’5” to 5’9” tall. These chairs are 32″ to  35″ wide, 36″ to 39″ deep, and 39″ to 41″ high.


The brand’s Tall recliners are ideal for 5’10” to 6’2”-tall folks. The chairs measure 42″ to 43″ high, 37″ to 40″ deep, and 33″ to 40″ wide.

Extra Tall

La-Z-Boy’s Extra Tall reclining chairs are perfect for people taller than 6-foot 3-inches. These chairs are 41″ to 45″ high, 33″ to 40″ wide, and 36″ to 43″ deep. 

Eames Recliner Measurements

Eames recliner dimensions

Eames has provided comfort for many households since 1956, making them a reliable brand. Unlike La-Z-Boy, Eames does not have an extensive reclining product lineup.

The Eames Lounge Chair’s backrest height is 31.5 inches, while its seat height (from the floor) is 15 inches. The reclining Eames chair is also 33.5 inches wide and 35 inches deep, with a 19-inch arm height

It also has a Tall version, measuring 33.25 inches high (backrest height), 33.5 inches wide, and 37.75 inches deep.

Size of Recliner Sofa

Recliner sofa

Reclining sofas often have nearly identical height and depth as the adjustable chairs. They only differ in width to accommodate the number of occupants. 

For example, a standard recliner chair can be 32″ to 36″ wide. A recliner sofa will have at least double the width to accommodate a minimum of two occupants. After all, at least two people must sit comfortably on a sofa.

How to Measure a Recliner for a Cover

Creating a slipcover for a reclining chair requires measuring the outside dimensions. It would also be best to take down the measurements in centimeters and inches if one plans to have a manufacturer customize the cover.

Measure the recliner’s outermost dimensions from front to back, from side to side, and from top to bottom.

It is also crucial to measure the seat’s width and depth and the backrest’s height and width. Measure the armrest’s width, length, and height

Some slipcover makers also require the furniture length from the footrest’s bottom edge to the chair’s top edge. It would be best to measure with the chair in a reclined position.

Knowing the correct recliner dimensions allows homeowners to buy the correct size for their needs. It is the only way people can maximize the comfort the chair brings.

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