Bathroom Rug Sizes (Dimensions Guide)

Here’s my guide to bathroom rug sizes, including different types of bathroom rug dimensions. I’ll cover the standard, small, large, runner, and bath mat measurements.

different rugs for bathrooms

No longer limited to living rooms and bedrooms, I’ve discovered that bathrooms can be adorned with beautiful rugs as well. With their soft cotton and wool materials, rugs provide a plush and comfortable surface that protects my feet against the cold and wet floor.

A warm, comfy rug outside of the shower has elevated my bathing experience, but I’ve learned that not all rugs are created equal. In this article, I’ll dive deep into the different rug sizes and how they can best fit any space.

Light bathroom with Scandinavian interior design with tub and rug

While these rugs can evoke a welcoming vibe in your interior setup, getting the wrong size may work against your design goals.  Below are the different sizes from standard to extra-large.

Standard Bathroom Rug Sizes

Bathroom rug dimensions

The standard rug size runs between 20 and 24 inches wide by 30 to 36 inches long.  This dimension is proportionate to the average bathtub size of 60 x 30 inches

A happy medium between small and extra-large rugs, the standard rug size covers a decent amount of your floor space.  You can also place it in other areas, like your vanity.

When in doubt about what size rug to choose, check your bathroom dimensions and layoutStandard rugs fit snugly in an average space of 36 to 40 square feet.

Small Rug Size

Small rugs measuring around 17″ x 24″ are perfect for a small bathroom layout. Rugs measuring 20″ x 30″ are another popular size for those who want more coverage.

For bathroom rug runners, a size of 24″ x 60″ can cover a longer, narrower space, which is useful for covering cold floors.

Make every inch count when working with smaller spaces.  That said, a small rug size may suffice for a less spacious bathing area. Prioritize placing a rug or two in areas that often get wet, like at the foot of your vanity, pedestal sink or outside your tub or shower space. 

Small rugs with captivating patterns and shapes can still make a big impact on your interiors. But more than the design, they need to be absorbent and fast-drying. Check out low maintenance memory foam rugs that deter molds and unpleasant odor. Installing exhaust fans also help reduce the humidity.

Large Rug Size

Bathroom rug dimensions

Want to make a statement? You can do so with large rugs. With a dimension of at least 27×45 inches, they can add a splash of color to your floor while keeping it dry. 

More appropriate for bigger bathrooms, the vibrant hues and patterns of large rugs can bring a luxurious appeal. If you’re not a fan of intricate details and vibrant colors, neutral options are also available to complement your beautiful bathroom engineered wood floor or art déco tiles. 

Rugs of this size are also enough to cushion you in case of a fall. With over 200,000 bathroom injuries each year in the US, investing in a large rug is worth every penny, especially if it has anti-slip properties.  You can use rectangular, round or oval bath rugs depending on your choice and flooring design preferences.

Extra Large Rug Measurements

Master bathrooms can look boring because of their bare overly spacious floor. One way to bring balance is to install an extra-large rug.  

With a dimension of at least 32×47 inches, a well-designed extra-large rug becomes the focal point, especially when placed in the center. Think boho-chic, Nordic, and other prints. You can also order personalized rugs that can be as large as you want.

Another upside to extra-large rugs is it may eliminate the need for different bath rug sets or different length area rugs. Again, for a more attractive layout, do not cover the entire floor with a rug. 

Bathroom Runner Sizes

Bathroom with freestanding tub white vanity sink runner rug

Runners have rolled from the hallway to modern bathrooms and are perfect for installation above hardwood floors or other slippery high traffic surfaces.

By comparison, runners are narrower than other rugs and are a good choice for use under vanities or sinks.

Typically measuring around 24 x 60 inches, runners are well-suited for elongated spaces, big or small. You can also find longer runners reaching 71 inches long (about six feet). If your bathtub is across your shower area, you can place a runner in between to cover your base.

Using beautiful hallway runners with Moroccan or Persian textiles is tempting, but runner materials need to be more absorbent and less prone to molds. Fret not, as varying patterns and textures of runners abound home depots and other shops.

Bath Mat Dimensions

Bath mats are more functional than decorative compared to rugs. They absorb water and help in making your bathroom less accident-prone. For these reasons, bath mats work best if placed at the foot of the bathtub.

Bath mat products vary from 17 to 21 inches wide by 24 to 34 inches long. Since they are placed in specific areas, like the sink, bathtub, or shower, they typically come in smaller sizes

When choosing a bath mat, it is crucial to factor in its grip, absorbency, and mold resistance. Keep your flooring hygienic by washing your bath mats once a week. 

They also come in different materials. While cotton bath mats are popular for their comfort and absorbency, vinyl or polyester mats are easier to dry. They are also cheaper and widely available but can be dull. 

If this is a concern, you can opt for more decorative premium pieces that use a combination of microfiber and memory foam that feel great on the toes. There are also wood and bamboo mats that are eco-friendly and are not slippery, but lack absorbency. Read more about polyester rugs pros and cons here.

Double basin white vanity with rug large mirror

Wrapping Up Tips

The best designs integrate elements that balance function and aesthetics while putting your mind at ease in terms of safety. After all, your bathroom can be one of the most dangerous places in your home, particularly for kids and the elderly. 

Rugs and runners are great when satisfying your decorative needs. Who can say no to cozy and stylish rug designs? However, bath mats are more conducive for safety and functional purposes.

Before buying, make sure to measure the space to determine the amount of coverage you’ll need. Use runners for longer floor plans and contour rugs for that unusual area around the toilet.

Consider the material as well and select those that are absorbent, fast drying, washable, and resist molding. Options like cotton, bamboo, micro-fiber, chenille, and polyester all work well. Make sure that they have non-slip backing to help keep them in place.

You can always use a combination of rugs and sets of carpet mats, especially if you have wider floor space. Although hefty, there is also a rich selection of rugs or mats that are well-designed and use high-quality materials.

For more related information on how to upgrade your bathroom interiors, you can see our bathroom remodel ideas on this page.

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