8 Home Office Door Ideas (Best Styles to Consider)

Home offices have risen in popularity and with this has come the need to select the perfect type of office door. We know what you’re thinking. Doors are pretty boring and dull, right?  But the thing is, they really don’t have to be.

Home office with luxury vinyl plank flooring leather chair sliding glass window ss

There are plenty of office doors available in different sizes and designs and offer different functionality. Keeping a door installed in your home office ensures that you will have the privacy you need.  It keeps out the sounds of children, housemates, pets, and so on.

Choosing the right style of door can also give your space the look and feel you want for your home. Here are some of the most popular home office door ideas.

French Doors

Home office room with french doors beige paint rug is

French doors have been around for centuries now and they’re still around up to this day. That comes with a pretty good reason. It’s classic.

French doors are the perfect marriage between a window and a door and they can be the perfect means to let a lot of natural light into your office space.  They have double doors and they either push out or push in, depending on how your space works.

French doors make it easy to enter and exit your room.  They markedly space out your room from the rest of the house and are incomparable in terms of appearance and décor beauty.

French doors feature frames with glass panels that let in an abundance of natural light and don’t close you off completely from the rest of the home. If you desire more privacy you can use frosted glass panels or attach a curtain to obsure the view.

Additionally, in most cases, French doors almost automatically increase the overall real estate value of your home.  Read more about the most popular more about French door sizes on this page.

Jib Doors

Jib door

At some point in our childhood years, we’ve all dreamed of having a secret room that’s hidden from the rest of the house.  This is something you can have for your home office.

Doors fashioned into hidden and frameless jibs are concealed, meant to look like the rest of the other wall panels.  This adds a certain sense of mystery and decadent style to your office space. 

Unlike other regular styles, jib doors don’t have visible casings, hardware, or frames.  Because these main features are removed, it effectively hides the door’s distinction from the rest of the wall, making the said jib doors stand flush alongside them.

Glass Office Doors

Room with glass doors light green paint is

Honestly speaking, if you can afford it, you ought to seriously consider getting glass home office doors. They’re all the rage in workspace design mainly because of the airiness and brightness they bring to the space.

It provides the space the look and feel of openness which is usually a good vibe to cultivate around the workplace, where ideas are thrown around and communication is highly encouraged. They are stylish and work with traditional, rustic, or modern designs.

A common misplaced fear about glass is the issue of its durability.  Theoretically speaking, yes, glass could break.  But you have to keep tabs on the fact that modern technology has turned glass into a relatively safe material.

The rule of thumb is that the thicker the glass is, the stronger it technically is.  Tempered glass is the best material as it only crumbles instead of breaking off into sharp shards when it breaks, making it safer for you and the rest of your home’s inhabitants in the event of a breakage.

Double Sliding Doors

Aside from the obvious fact that double sliding doors are aesthetic options to add to your home office space, they’re also known for maximizing light or allowing the most amount of natural sunlight in. 

They also make a huge difference when it comes to giving your work area the circulation and airflow required so that you don’t end up feeling suffocated.  You have the option to open them wide open or to just open them up a chink. 

They come in eco-friendly and energy-efficient options and can be the perfect option to go for instead of a regular door for your office.

Single Sliding Doors

Home office with sliding glass door brick accent wall

A single slider may be a better option for those with particular room layouts or who want to preserve wall space for home office essentials such as cabinets and shelving.

Using a single sliding door can provide a contemporary or modern design depending on the frame style. Those with glass panes allow light to help keep the space bright and help maximize productivity.

Sliding Barn Doors

Room with sliding barn doors talo green paint is

Getting a home office set up means that you require a little bit of visual separation from the rest of the house.  It brings in a distinctive slightly upscale twist to the typical barn doors.

They’re great for a home office because you don’t really have a lot of space to work with most times for a full-functioning door.  It’s not distracting and it serves its purpose of providing a screen of separation and privacy for your home office.

Most sliding barn doors have rails at the top and this is how the door gets to slide in and out.  If you aren’t too picky about soundproofing your home office, this can be a great option for you to consider. 

Solid Soundproof Door Hinged Door

Hinged teal soundproof door with white wall counter table with stool ss

Depending on the type of work you do remotely, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll be taking some calls or attending some meetings that would require complete focus on your end.

This can be a little difficult to do if you have kids running around and screaming in the house.  Even if these aren’t things you can exactly control, you have to admit that this can put a bit of a damper on your meetings.  This is where a solid soundproof door comes in.

When purchasing a solid soundproof door, make it a point to look out for its STC ratingSTC or Sound Transmission Class assigns a unit of measurement for the acoustical performance of household materials like a door.

The higher the STC rating is, the higher its resistance will be when it comes to the transmission of sounds.  Here are the common STC ratings so far:

STC 25: Normal talking can be clearly heard

STC 30: Loud talking can be clearly heard, normal talking sounds intelligible

STC 35: Loud talking can still be heard but not understood

STC 41: Loud talking now just sounds like a bit of a murmur

STC 45: Loud speech can barely be heard

STC 50: Loud banging (like a drum set, for example), can barely be heard

Visit this page for more tips on how to soundproof a home office.

Pocket Door

Pocket door

If you fancy the concept of a really open layout for your office but at the same time, would value some sense of privacy every now and then, the perfect solution for you would be to install pocket doors for your office space.

The minimal apertures given out by the frames of pocket doors also provide the perfect backdrop to minimal office space as well.  They have a rather wide and clean backdrop which can be quite perfect for an office space.  

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