Hammock Stand Dimensions (Measuring & Best Sizes)

One of the most manageable ways to hang a hammock is by using a stand. By using a stand, all it will entail is hooking and unhooking the material whenever you please, and knowing how to tie sturdy knots on tree trunks or posts will no longer be a requirement. 

Hammock with wooden stand in backyard

Aside from the convenience of setting it up, many types of hammocks can also now be moved anywhere you want. This is perfect for if you wish to catch the breeze on your front porch, or bask in the morning sun in your backyard. [toc]

What Size Are Hammock Stands? 

There are many stands available to choose from, and aside from being highly mobile, stands are also lightweight, and there will be no measuring distances between two anchor points.

Typically, stands will be two to three feet more extended than a hammock to allow it to hang comfortably. If you manage to buy one that is much longer than you need, a good remedy is to use chains on both sides to compensate for the missing length. 

Stands can come in sizes from the smallest at 5 feet or 60 inches long to longer ones at 15 feet or 180 inches long. 

Standard Hammock Stand Dimensions 

Standard hammock stand dimensions

Standard hammock stands will have a length of around 9 to 10 feet or 108 to 120 inches. At the same time, there are widely utilized stands that will be about 15 feet or 180 inches. The width of a standard support platform will usually be 4 feet or about 48 inches. 

The standard stands can usually support weights ranging from 350 to 500 pounds. However, there are also double-capacity designs that can support more weight. 

It’s essential to know the stand’s weight specification first before deciding on which one is perfect for your household’s use. A foolproof measurement for one, is it should be able to support the weight of two average persons. 

What Size Stand Do I Need? 

Hammock stand measurement

A surefire way of deciding what size platform you need is to look at the size of the hammock you are looking to buy. Usually, the perfect stand for a particular hammock should be at least 2 feet or 24 inches longer than it.

Let’s say that the hammock you are planning to buy is 8 feet or 144 inches; with this size, add 2 feet or 24 inches, and the ideal stand for you is 10 feet or 168 inches. 

When measuring for stands, be sure to start measuring one foot from the end loop on both sides. 

How To Measure A Hammock For a Stand?

The foremost thing you need to measure is the entire length of your chosen hammock, and then add two feet to the total measurement. 

The perfect stand for a 13 foot or 156 inch seat will be 15 feet or 180 inches. On the other hand, if you have a 15 foot one available in your home, subtract 2 feet, and you get the value of 13 feet which is the ideal size for the hammock’s seat length. 

How To Measure Stand Length 

The best thing about purchasing a stand is that you don’t have to measure on the spot since most will come with factory details like the length and recommended hammock size for specific stands.

However, if you want to measure for yourself, simply take a tape measure and measure one long end to the other. 

Most stands will be 5 feet or 60 inches for most chair hammocks and 9 to 15 feet or 108 to 180 inches long for a standard spreader or Brazilian style. 

What Size Hammock Fits A 10 Foot Stand? 

Stylish room with hammock decorative hats white paint

The best size for 10 foot or 120 inch stands are 8 foot or 96 inch hammocks. Simply follow the rule of adding or subtracting 2 feet or 24 inches from the hammock’s length, and you can have a foolproof and comfortable fitting platform for your home. 

Another size perfect for smaller yards and spaces are 12 foot or 144 inch stands. Most 12 foot products will carry a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds and will be able to support different types of hammocks, from the spreader bar to Brazilian style. 

What Size Hammock For 15 Foot Stand?

The best size for 15 foot or 180 inch stands are 13 foot or 156 inch hammocks. Again, this size follows the rule of subtracting 2 feet or 24 inches in the total length to determine the optimum size. 

What Is The Best Hammock Stand?

Hammock Stand Dimensions

The best product will depend entirely on what you want and need for your home. Hammocks are a great addition to many outdoor areas, and getting one for your home will be an excellent experience for you, especially if you have kids at home. 

The highly versatile multi-use stands are a foolproof choice that will cater to all kinds of products, from the Brazilian to the hammock chair

These stands will have dimensions of 124 inches or 315 centimeters for their length, a width of about 40 inches or 102 centimeters, and a height of 52.5 inches or 133 centimeters. This platform will have a weight capacity of up to 550 pounds for maximum use for a single or even a couple of persons at one time. 

A multi-use stand will be able to accommodate any hammocks from the smaller 9 feet or 108 inches to a more extended lounger at 14 feet or 168 inches. This size will accommodate many different products, even the standard spreader bar types, and the Mayan styles. 

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