Pergola with Fire Pit (19 Backyard Designs)

Welcome to our gallery of pergola with fire pit designs for a variety of backyards.
Backyard fire pit pergola with hanging lights

Pergolas and fire pits have been known to improve the overall look an ambiance of any patio or garden. The warm illumination and the comfortable heat, combined with the added protection and privacy given by the pergola, makes it all the more inviting to use.

However, if you want to add both features to your patio & garden, most especially if you plan to place a fire pit under a pergola structure, there are a few things you need to consider. [toc]

Types of Fire Pits to Use With a Pergola

There are many different types of fire pit designs available, and depending on the one you install, a certain minimum clearance between the fire pit surface and the slatted overhead structure must be observed to ensure safety.

Gas fire pits utilize a burner over a media such as lava rock, ceramic logs, or glass to create a beautiful backyard gathering place. A few of the primary benefits are they are easy to start, require no cleanup, provide no smokey smell, and are safe with a controlled flame.

The most popular types of fire pits to use with a pergola are:

Liquid propane needs a clearance of 94″. Verify the minimum clearance indicated by the supplier.

Natural gas needs a minimum clearance of 120″. Verify the minimum clearance indicated by the supplier.

Gas fire tables – These portable units vary in size and design. They typically run 23″, 29″ or 35″ in height.

fire pit pergola with custom wood benches and brick patio

This attached metal pergola uses a portable metal wood-burning fire pit, which can also be used for grilling. This is the best choice for cooking purposes as wood-burning grill gives more flavor depth to food cooked on it. Additional string garden lights and lamps were added to enhance the space’s ambiance further.

Is a Fire Pit Under a Pergola Safe?

The pergola material and the burner type are two very important considerations. If you are installing a fire pit on an existing structure, make sure that the burner you will purchase and install is safe for the clearance and material of your existing structure.

If you’re installing a pergola over an existing gas burner, check the manufacturing details on the recommended clearances to select the appropriate structure. If both are newly installed, then you would have a bit more flexibility on your choices.

Here are some additional precautions to ensure your fire pit pergola is safe to use:

  • Before beginning any construction you’ll want to consult with your local town ordinances about outdoor fireplaces and hearths. Some jurisdictions prohibit any structure above an open flame.
  • Make sure to follow your specific model pit’s rules & safety regulations.
  • Make sure you have proper ventilation to avoid exposure to residual heat of excess gas. Propane gas is heavier than air and can become trapped and accumulate, creating an unsafe environment.
  • Make sure the ceiling and sides of the pergola structure is far enough away to ensure heat can disperse. Excess heat buildup can cause burns and damage to occur.
  • Make sure you install any flame source on a level surface.
  • Wood-burning models can have flames that are difficult to control. They can also put off harmful smoke and excess heat. For these reasons, it is not recommended to use an open flame under any structure. In addition, smoke can cause discoloration and cracks on nearby structures.
  • As a safety precaution, keep an extinguisher in reach.
  • Avoid placing near any trees with overhanging limbs, falling branches, or leaves. Are there any other combustible materials surrounding the area? If so, make sure they are far enough away.
  • Never leave it unattended, and do not allow children to play around the structure without adult supervision.

A fire pit under a pergola can make a great feature for your home’s backyard. By taking a little care to ensure it is installed and used properly, you can avoid potential safety hazards and enjoy it for years to come.

Fire Pit Pergola Ideas

Cedar pergola with hanging lights over bowl fire pit

This is a small propane stone bowl placed under a solid wood overhanging structure. Garden string lights further accentuate this to enhance the ambiance of the space.

Contemporary fire pit in pond under wood pergola

This stunning contemporary paver patio features a block ring situated above a circular pond that is under a large wooden pergola. This design combines flame and water to create an inviting focal point and outdoor living area.

Backyard pergola with paver stone fire pit

If you’re concerned with safety and do not want any discoloration or burn marks on your patio structure, this above example is an excellent idea. The brick paver fire pit was placed outside the overhead solid wood pergola structure so the natural gas would be less likely to burn.

Contemporary deck with pergola and portable fire pit

If you don’t have space for a built-in structure, or if you prefer a more mobile fire pit, you can opt to use a portable propane table. This example uses a coffee table with a built-in propane with lava rock, helping it blend in and making it mobile.

Diy wood pergola fire pit with paver stones

This small corner patio uses a wood-burning block design, in which half is directly under the patio structure and the other half on open air.

Modern backyard patio pergola with fire pit

Since this sitting area is placed under a patio structure with additional plastic and fabric materials, propane was the fuel of choice as it provides a more controlled fire/heat output, making it safer and easier to adjust.

Modern backyard with pergola fire pit and stone bench

This fire pit is placed under a wooden overhead structure, which is supported by a concrete and stone masonry foundation. Since the cover and the surrounding built-in bench seat are made of stone and concrete, is safe to place the seat closer to the flames.

Small backyard patio with fire pit under wood pergola

A lightweight wooden pergola structure is attached to the house’s yard to give more sense of privacy to the small space. A round fire pit made from concrete and stone masonry is placed right at the outer edge of the structure.

Stacked stone fire pit with white pergola above on grass

Since this pergola is placed on the lawn, it is fairly easy to make built-in fire pits like in the photo above. The white pergola is made from metal, which is why the clearance between the hearth surface and the overhead structure is lower than usual. The metal material also makes it more mobile.

White vaulted ceiling pergola with concrete fire pit

The unique gable shape of this wooden pergola structure makes it look like a skeletal structure of a roof. A fire pit is placed right outside the structure, as the concrete bowl is a bit large and produces larger flames, so placing it a bit away from the wooden posts and slats makes it safer.

Wood deck with pergola and firepit

Another way to build a fire pit is to make it built-in with a pergola structure. This design was built recessed on the pergola’s wooden deck and is covered by stones so that the heat doesn’t directly come in contact with the wooden deck. The recessed structure also makes the fuel source lower, making it safer for overhead structures.

Wood pergola next to fire pit on concrete patio

Wood fire pits typically produce bigger flames and more smoke. Because the small pergola structure is a bit low and made from wood, the structure was placed a bit away for safety.

Modern propane fire pit on deck with lounge chairs

This butane gas fire pit has a more modern look to match the overall aesthetic of the patio space. The small linear flames definitely adds a more romantic ambiance on this small outdoor lounge.

Large pergola with rock fire pit and concrete patio

This fire pit is made from a concrete structure built into the concrete flooring of the patio. The pergola, on the other hand is made from metal support columns and fire-retardant wood overhead slats, making it safe to use.

Backyard with gas fireplace and wood pergola

This is a nice idea for people who have very little garden/yard space. Just right outside the door, a linear LP gas design is built into the concrete fence structure to set a gorgeous ambiance to the small garden. Fire-treated wood was used on the overhead structure to add shade and privacy to the small space.

Pergola Swing Fire Pit

If you want a more unique feature in your yard/garden, adding a swing is a great and fun idea. To make it even better, why not add a swing under a pergola so that it would be inviting even when the sun is high?

Pergola swing fire pit on backyard flagstone patio

This small bench swing is attached to a pergola with a concrete foundation, making it very sturdy and safe. Right in front is a stone structure to help keep you warm on colder days or nights spent in the yard.

Diy wood pergola swing firepit

This is a unique 3-sided swing. It is attached to solid wood posts and surrounds a small stone fire pit, making it an ideal private hang-out space when you want to relax and be one with nature. See more pergola ideas on our gallery page.

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  1. We are renovating our backyard and we want a fire pit where my daughters could roast marshmallows on the weekends. Thanks for the idea of incorporating a swing into a pergola to create a fun and inviting structure into our patio. I hope we would be able to purchase the right equipped equipment for this idea.

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