Choosing Curtains for Beige Walls (11 Options)

The choice of beige is a calming and popular color for interior walls. Its almost universal tone blends with most interior design styles, such as rustic, contemporary, classic, country, minimalist, and even ultra-modern. When it comes time to decide on window coverings, choosing curtains for beige walls depends on your style and what colors go well with this hue.

traditional living room interior with beige walls rug and white curtains

This informative guide explains what colors go well with beige, including lighter and darker-toned walls, and rooms with darker furniture to help you decide what curtains to purchase for your home.[toc]

What Color Curtains Go With Beige Walls? 

Curtains can present decorating challenges based on how many windows are in a room and how much wall space the windows occupy. Bay windows or tall, multiple windows on a wall may mean whatever color you install can make or break the room. 

Beige is a neutral color that has either warm or cool undertones. Warm tones of the hue have shades of yellow, brown, and red, and cool tones have shades of grey, lavender, or blue are cool. Here are some of the best color curtain panels to use for your interior designs. 


modern interior of living room with white sofa armchairs beige curtains and coffee table

Beige curtain panels create a subdued and minimalist look in any room. When pairing these panels with room paint, be sure to choose a hue in the same color family as the wall but in a different shade. 

Using the same color will be monotonous and flat and can make the room feel dull. Go with a darker or lighter shade to create a soft contrast or, you can choose window treatments in an ‘almost beige’ that works with the wall paint. A warm ivory hued curtain or light mocha can create a dreamy look.


White is a crisp, clean color, and white curtain panels give beiges a bit of contrast to highlight the window lines. White window treatments are always welcome and create a soft and relaxing look when hung against these walls.

Nautical Blue

Nautical blue and beige

If the beige wall paint is a cool tone, a darker nautical blue color is excellent for window coverings. Nautical blue panels can be used to tie in other elements in the room with darker colors or match additional design elements and furniture. 

Sage Green

empty room with glass doors sage green curtains and a garden view

Sage green is an earthy color that works well with warm beiges. It brings out the browns in the hue and creates a base color foundation for other earthy tones in the room, such as blues and whites. Read more about earth tone living room designs here.


bedroom interior in dark beige tone with maroon curtains

When the beiges in a room lends its hue to a pink or red tone, maroon-colored curtains complement the warm tone. The rusty red of maroon panels highlights the hue tying the walls and window treatments together. 

Dark Grey and Black

beige bedroom interior with black curtains mirror beige bed gray carpet and wooden floors

If your beige-toned walls have a hint of grey, dark grey, and black coverings will add a rich contrast to the room. These tones are not lost or made to be stark; instead, the darker colors allow the coverings to dictate the room design and tie in with furniture and room décor. This combination is superb for contemporary designs.

Curtains For Light Beige Painted Walls


Light beige paint is toned down with darker beige-toned curtains while still creating a soft and pleasant look. Choose just enough of a difference to create a minimal contrast.


interior of a modern apartment bedroom with beige and yellow green theme glass doors white curtains and an ovelooking mountain view

White panels against light beiges make for a neutral backdrop for any décor in a room. From a beachy country feel to a modern contrast of blacks and dark colors, the white coverings keep the windows from being obtrusive in the room. 

Light Blue

When beiges are a lighter hue, light blue curtains create a bond and set the stage for the room’s design and theme. Light blue panels against light-beige paint work well in a room with country décor, a floral theme, or a room with a parlor look.


yellow curtain in door for decoration

Yellow makes a cheerful color curtain against a beige-toned wall. It looks fresh and clean for a kitchen or bathroom and is an excellent choice for sunrooms. Be sure the light hue has a warm tone with a hint of orange instead of reds or browns. 


beige walls with armchair a white decorative table a lamp and pink curtains

Light beige walls compliment pink curtains with hues of rose, rouge, coral, or peach. Dining rooms with floral highlights and light maple furniture look charming with this combination. 

Light Grey

If your light beige paint is a cool tone with a hint of grey, light grey window treatments create an understated color to keep the walls as the background. This color match is an excellent combination for rooms with numerous pieces of artwork hung, allowing the art to be the focal point. 

What Color Curtains Go With Beige Paint And Dark Furniture?

When a room with beige paint is furnished with dark pieces of furniture, the color of curtains should be in the same or similar color family as the furniture and decor. 

scandinavian bedroom with large window gray curtains brown bed gray armchair and wooden floors

Choose a color from room furnishings or decor and use that hue in a medium to dark shade for the window coverings. They will complement the room and not create a disconnect from the walls and interior. 

What Color Curtains Go With Beige Paint And Brown Furniture?

Brown furniture creates a warm color scheme to accent beige walls. The curtains should be a warm color that brings out the furniture’s design and still works with the wall hue. Read more about what colors go good with brown here.

If the walls are a cool tone and you’re creating an opposite effect, choose a cool color for the curtains, such as grey, blue, or lavender, being sure to connect with a color within the room.

The amount of windows also affects how the room feels and how much natural light enters during the day. Walls painted in lighter tones are a way to add light to a home’s interior, creating the ability to choose from many colors and designs for interior elements. It also helps smaller rooms look and feel larger and more spacious.

Beige walls provide a neutral backdrop for any room, allowing the homeowner to create a theme based on an array of colors. For more related ideas about choosing a color palette, visit our colors that go with beige design guide page.

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