How to Soundproof a Closet (Best Soundproofing Options)

Here we share our how to soundproof a closet guide including the different dampening options, cheap alternatives, and soundproofing suggestions for closet doors.
Soundproof modern walk in closet with high gloss black wallsThere are many reasons to soundproof a closet. For the most part, recording audio could be one of the main reasons to do so. If it’s not for audio recording, another reason to dampen any noise coming from neighboring rooms, such as in the case of an apartment where a hallway is lined up with an array of rooms. 

It’s a good idea to reduce noise coming from the neighbor, especially if they make too much noise. Have a musician neighbor? You’d probably want to invest in noise dampening. Conversely, maybe you don’t want to disturb your neighbors if you are engaged in activities that may produce too much noise.

Any means to drown out echoes is welcome, but there is certainly a proper way to do it. Retrofitting your closet to be suitable for recording involves some effort in researching the proper materials to use. Getting it wrong can cost you unnecessarily and end up with unsatisfactory results. 

We hope to help you regarding this topic so read on and find out how you could turn your closet into a recording booth.

How To Soundproof A Closet?

Soundproof walk in closet with shoe rack mirror doors

Here we share different ways to soundproof a closet.

For Noisy or Nosy Neighbors – Dampen Noise. If you share an apartment or just want to have a good night’s sleep amidst your musician son’s rehearsals, you can dampen the noise with these methods. 

• Carpets. Cover your closet floor with carpet. This will reduce the sound vibrations that easily travel through your floor especially if you have wood flooring. At least have a 2-inch carpet to effectively absorb sound.

Alternatively, you can layer rugs if you don’t have a section of carpet to spare. Read more about our guide on the different types of carpet here.

Insulated flooring barrier soundproof

Another element that can be added underneath a carpeted floor is a layer of insulation. Apart from preserving heat, it also slows down the transmission of noise.

• Noise-proofing sealant. A quick way to reduce sound coming from or through your closet is with a noise-proofing sealant. The acoustical sealant comes usually in a white color which can be painted (mudded and tape) after 48 hours. Fill in your gaps, joints, and around outlets or switch boxes with the sealant to prevent noise from passing through. 

• Weatherstrips. An alternative to your noise-proofing sealant is your weatherstrips. These are self-adhesive tapes that usually come in rolls of ½ inch wide and ¼ inch thick. The strips can cover gaps and joints to reduce sound. 

• Noise Blocking Curtain. The quickest way to muffle the sound in and out of your closet area is by hanging a noising blocking curtain above your closet doors. This is easy to install, and you don’t need to remove your clothes or shoes from your closet. 

Pieces of insulating foam on wall musical instruments

For Your DIY Sound Booth – Total Soundproof with Panels. Having a complete soundproof booth from your closet is almost a necessity nowadays especially if you need a quiet place for voice recording, online classes, or work conferences. 

• Mass Loaded Vinyl. These are acoustic sheets that are bought in modular panels and are dual-layered, which insulates to improve acoustics and audio performance. It is made up of calcium carbonate or barium sulfate and polyvinyl chloride or PVC. Although is essentially plastic in nature, it is odor-free and non-toxic. 

MLV alone is not enough to completely soundproof your closet, you’ll need to grout on your closet joints to prevent sound from escaping. Furthermore, MLV performs best when sandwiched between panels. So, after placing the MLV sheets on your existing closet and drywall, you should install a sheetrock or cement board over your MLV to increase its soundproofing performance. 

• Acoustic Foam Panels. Like your MLV, you can increase the soundproofing effect of your acoustic foam panels by grouting or weatherstripping the gaps in your closet space. But unlike your MLV, acoustic foam panels are lightweight, making them practical to use, especially if you are building a temporary sound booth.

You can use temporary adhesives to hold your acoustic sheets in place, preventing damage on your closet walls once you’ve decided to remove the acoustic foam panels. 

The acoustic foam panels come in different shapes and sizes and can be cut using a carpet knife to accommodate the shape or edges of your closet. For amateur recordings, a 1” thick acoustic foam panel is sufficient and is cheaper compared to a 2” thick panel version. 

• Spray Foam Insulation. If you’re willing to spend more on soundproofing your closet, you can use spray foam insulation. The sprayed foam effectively fills in gaps and grooves that are hard-to-reach if by simply using acoustic grouts. Furthermore, it creates a homogenous covering. 

Spray foam insulation should not be used around switches or circuit outlets. The sprayed foam insulation is not advisable for hot and humid locations as it can insulate heat easily in a small enclosed space. Read more about our guide on spray foam insulation pros and cons here.

How To Soundproof A Closet Cheap?

sliding closet doors and wood flooringSoundproofing your closet can be effective and cheap. Here are some ways to do it.

Computer station with speakers chair and insulated wallAcoustic Foam Panels. Not only are acoustic foam panels cheap but also comes with a variety of designs to choose from but for a cheaper option choose a 1” thick acoustic foam panel. Per pack can cost around $30 to $50, which usually has 40 to 50 pcs of panels. 

Bass Straps. These are cheap and effective sound diffusers that can be placed on your closet corners using hanging strips.

For a total soundproof closet, you will need additional acoustic foams on most of your closet walls. Bass straps are usually sold per pack with 4 to 15 pc, which can cost around $19 to $30 per pack. 

Thick Blankets. Probably the cheapest way to get your closet soundproof is by securing thick blankets on your closet walls and ceiling. Then, add carpeting on your floors to further dampen the noise. 

You may want to use weather stripping on the gaps before placing your blankets to ensure you get a soundproof enclosure. You can purchase weatherstrips in a 5-meter roll with 1/8 inch thick and ¼ inch width that costs around $6 to $12 a roll. 

Soundproof A Closet Door

Custom craftsman walk in closet with crown molding frosted glass cabinetsWhile installing a moving blanket is quick and easy, it may not be enough to soundproof your closet. Instead, here are more effective ways to soundproof a closet door. 

Door Seal Kits. Eliminate air gaps around your door with door seal kits. These are sold with jamb seals, threshold seal, and an automatic door bottom. 

It is spring-operated with a neoprene seal that effectively seals off your solid door. It may need the usual tools to install the door seals, such as a sharp carbide-tip saw blade to cut your seals to fit, but other than that. It is an easy DIY project for any homeowner. Read more about our guide on closet door sizes here.

Cork. The natural material can be easily bought in any school supply or hardware store and comes in various sizes and thicknesses. Cork can naturally absorb sound, and as a baseline, a 12mm cork can reduce sound up to 48 decibels. 

Since it is lightweight, you can install up to 2 layers of cork on your door to increase sound insulation, add sound-absorbing corner pieces to fill in the gaps around your closet door. 

Egg-crate Mattress. This is a chance to use your old mattress to use, but you can also purchase a new one, you can also find used cheap mattresses sold online. The monolithic material cover on your closet door has an egg-crate surface, which makes it a practical choice if you’re not planning to spend more on your soundproof closet. See more related content at our article about the different types of closet doors on this page.

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