Ceiling Bed Canopy (11 Designs & Hanging Options)

This gallery shares ceiling bed canopy design options, including what they are, ceiling-mounted curtains, and hanging ideas.
Cozy ceiling bed canopy under wood beamed ceiling with sofa and table in spacious room

The bedroom is your haven, where you’re supposed to feel most secure, comfortable, and free. Many homeowners focus on the bed’s comfort through thick mattresses and soft bedding.

It doesn’t mean you can’t focus on the aesthetics and just let your room be bare. You can always add elements to your room that can spruce it up. 

If you’re a romantic and want to add this part of your character into your bedroom, one of the quickest and simplest ways to do it is to add a ceiling canopy by your bed. You can even feel like a king or queen when lying down on your bed (which is what you are in your bedroom!)

What Is A Bed With A Canopy Ceiling?

Bedroom with ceiling bed canopy and same designs of bedsheet and curtains

The best way to add some vibrance and romance to your bedroom style is to hang a lightweight and pretty canopy on top of your bed. And this is not a new thing since canopies date way back to Medieval times, providing privacy to the intimate spaces of European nobles since then. Its addition to your bedroom can make you feel like royalty.

Bed canopies are a popular bedding accessory that offers a serene ambiance and can spruce up your room into a sleep sanctuary. This is not to be confused, though, with canopy beds.

A bed canopy or veil is an accessory you hang above the bed. On the other hand, a canopy bed is a piece of furniture, that features a tall frame where the veil can be hung. 

If you plan to install a bed canopy, there are different ways to do it. The installation will depend on how you want the drapery to look, and if you have a bracket, you can use it to hang it. You can use a rod or rails to help you with its installation. 

Canopies offer several advantages once you choose to use them, including the following:

Can be made from different types of fabrics – You can choose the fabric to use for your drapery depending on your preference. The most popular fabrics for canopies, though, are lightweight and sheer ones. 

• Features elegant and serene aesthetics – This accessory does not swallow your bed whole but actually can make it stand out. The drapery features a theatrical look for the bedroom and can deliver contemporary or transitional aesthetics to your home. 

• Ideal for different types of people – While canopies started with European nobles, they have become associated with nurseries, couples, and girls of all ages. For couples, it adds a romantic feel to it and for girls, it creates a princess feel to the bedroom

• Comes in different styles and designsCanopies have different designs and styles you can choose from, and you can match them with the theme of your bedroom and bed types.

Bed Canopy From Ceiling Designs

Bohemian bedroom interior with canopy bed attached to ceiling

Bed canopies that hang from the ceiling can also have different designs. You can’t just hang it on a rod, drape it over your bed, and call it over. There are many designs to choose from and for sure, you’ll be able to find the ideal style to match your bedroom.

Some of the most popular bed canopy from ceiling designs:

Rectangular Canopy – Also popular as a four-poster veil, this type usually has a wooden frame and beam, making it possible to form a rectangular shape at the top. With its structure, it is durable but can be costly.  

Wall or Frameless canopy – A single hook is enough to hang this drapery. The materials are attached to the wall and draped over the bed’s corners. This typeis considered one of the best and most popular options because it is affordable and easy to install.

• Crown canopy – Known as half canopies, this type covers the upper parts of the bed from the headboard area up to the middle part of the bed. These crown canopies are semi-enclosed and ideal for children. 

• Dome canopy – While frameless, this style is draped over the entirety of the bed like rectangular canopies. It can easily be installed by hanging it on the hook on the ceiling. They are also affordable and come in a round form that creates a dome shape.  

Besides these types of canopies, there are also some canopies based on other factors like the type of ceiling and other accessories that come with it. Here are other designs to check out. 

Canopy Bed On Low Ceiling 

Light bedroom with low beamed ceiling and canopy above bed near window with armchair

Low ceilings won’t stop you from having a canopy on your bed. You need to make sure that you’re using the right length of the fabric so that it won’t drag down the floor and get dirty in the process.

There are also specifically designed bed canopies for a low ceiling , so you can first look for them in the market. And just like any style, you can customize how it looks. You can choose a fabric with creative designs or popping colors to create the dramatic effect you want your bedroom to have.  

If you’re going for a canopy bed and you have a low-ceiling bedroom, it might not be easy since it usually has a frame to accommodate the drapery. So, it’s better to choose a free-flowing fabric for low-ceiling bedrooms.

Bed With Canopy On A High Ceiling 

Cozy light bedroom in a minimalist Scandinavian style bedroom with ceiling mounted canopy bed, blanket, pillows, and plant on the side

Bed canopies look wonderful on a high ceiling, draped from the top and elegantly flowing from above. You can even go for a canopy bed with a four-poster frame since this type needs to be in a room at least 8 to 9 feet tall.

However tall the ceiling, make sure that the fabric won’t hit or touch the elements there, whether the light fixture or fan. The good thing about installing a canopy in a bedroom with a high ceiling is that you can choose the canopy you want to match your room’s style. 

Bed With Mirrored Ceiling And Canopy

Canopies are elements of the past and can be traced back to the nobility in Medieval times. The bed accessory screams rustic and vintage, and antique mirrors will add to this vibe. 

If you have a mirrored bedroom ceiling, though, this will be an entirely different matter. Installation of the canopy over the bed may be a bit difficult if you plan to use a hook to hang the accessory. Ropes might be a good option, and you will need to be creative in hanging the fabric without ruining the effect you want your mirrored ceiling to have. 

Bed With Curtain Canopy And Ceiling Fan

One of the issues you will encounter when installing canopies is ensuring that elements mounted above won’t be hindered in the process. Installing a canopy can be tricky if you have a fan mounted there.

But you can make it so that it’s safe for the ceiling fan to operate and for the drapery to remain aesthetically pleasing. Here are some hanging tips to follow:

Cream white bedroom with half canopy above the bed, side tables with lamps and a standing mirrorChoose a half-canopy

For a room with a ceiling fan, a half-canopy like a crown canopy is the better option. This will free up enough ceiling space for the fan to operate safely. You can easily cover the top half or third of the bed , so in this case, it will be possible for the ceiling fan to be installed at the center of the room without the danger of the fabric entangling with the fan. 

Choose a hollow canopy

Another option is a hollow canopy to free up the center to install the fan. A hollow style is open at the top, where you can fit the fan in.

The best thing about this option is enjoying the ceiling fan even when inside the covered area. But you have to make sure that the hollowed space is big enough to accommodate the fan and safely operate. 

A beautiful classic style bedroom with half canopy above the bed, gray carpet and a bedroom bench

Strategic placement of the fan on the ceiling 

One way for the canopy to be installed, even with a ceiling fan, is to separate the two elements on the different ends of the room. This might seem like a forced solution since you won’t be able to enjoy the fan fully, and installing it off-center might look awkward. If you don’t have any problem with those issues, though, this solution can work. 

Ceiling Mounts For Bed Canopies

Ceiling mounted canopy bed in minimalistic Scandinavian white and gray bedroom with bench

When installing drapery above, you will need a mount allowing the hanging accessory to drape over the bed from the top to the floor. It will also depend on the type of canopy you choose to install. 

A dome canopy is perfect to be installed at the dead center of the bedroomand the bed. If the design has a round frame, a sturdy hook is enough to be installed in the ceiling.

Other mount tools you can use are rails, rods, and wire ropes. You can match your chosen canopy with the mounting tool to showcase the drape effect you’re going for. 

Here are the popular ceiling mounts to use for overhead drapery:

Mount Type Description
Ceiling Hook Single hook to hang canopy fabric
Track System Ceiling-mounted track to slide the drapery fabric
Ceiling Bracket Fixed arms from which fabric is draped
Ring System Suspended ring for draping fabric
Recessed Track Track that is recessed or set into the ceiling
Four-Poster Frame Mounts Aligned with the bedposts and attached to the ceiling
Tension Wire System Discreet wires for a low-key support structure
Floating Frame Frame hanging above to hold the canopy
Corona Semi-circular mount to drape fabric at the bed’s head
Panel Systems Fabric panels hung for a modern style
Chandelier Mount Mount that hangs from a chandelier fixture
Adjustable Rail System Movable track for flexible curtain positioning

How To Hang A Canopy From The Ceiling 

Rustic charming bedroom with draped canopy bed hanging from the ceiling

Hanging a bed canopy from overhead will highly depend on several factors. But you can always start with the basics. To help you effectively install your drapery, here are the steps to take:

1. Choose the canopy

There are many types of canopies, from the fabric and materials used to the colors you prefer. There is also a variety of styles and designs to choose from. Some options to consider are the following.

 One-spot hoop canopy

 Four-spots canopy

 Mosquito net drapery

 Dome canopy netting

2. Choose the mounting accessory to use

The next step after choosing a canopy style is to match it with a mounting accessory. The accessory will be highly dependent on the type of design you choose.

A one-spot hoop style can be used together with a hook. For other types, you can go for one of the following:

 Wire ropes





Bedroom with curtain rod canopy bed

3. Pick the placement of your canopy and attach the accessory

Choose where you want to install your canopy and carefully attach the mounting accessory to the ceiling. The best placement is at the center of the room and the bed , but you always have the freedom to choose wherever you want to install your drapery. Read more about bedroom layout planning here.

4. Attach the canopy

One by one, attach the fabric loops to the mounting accessory you’ve chosen (If you will be using more than one hook or ring). Make sure that it’s even from all sides so that it won’t look awkward and imbalanced. 

5. Customize the veil however you want

Add embellishments and flair to your canopy, from fairy lights and pinned butterflies. Integrate your personality into it and add your personal touch. You can only be limited by your imagination and available materials. 

Ceiling Mounted Bed Drapery Tips

Medieval style bedroom with ceiling mounted canopy bed, a chandelier, and a bamboo armchair on the side

Here are several simple tips you can note when dealing with a hanging overhead drapery.

 Choose a fabric that will fit the style you’re going for (traditional and vintage looks can be achieved by velvet and silk canopy, but if you’re going for a romantic and dreamy look, lightweight mesh or linen is better.)

 You can also choose a fabric depending on the climate in your location (go for heavier fabric like satin or bamboo to keep the warmth in your room during winter nights.)

 Use a canopy post or frame for high-quality materials like satin.

 Choose a highly flexible fabric material that can be adjusted whenever you want or need to.

 Consider your budget when choosing a canopy since it can set you back as much as $300 if you choose a high-quality fabric.

If you enjoyed this article and want more, you may want to check out our guide to Parisian style bedroom ideas.


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  1. I’m looking for the piece that hold the arms on a canopy bed. What are they called, where can I find them?

    1. This may be the post connector, or canopy rail. Do you know the manufacturer of your frame? They might have the exact parts you need to order.

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