Where to Put a Mirror in Your Bedroom 

Where to put a mirror in your bedroom design guide including placing a full length mirror, dresser with mirror and some feng shui tips to enhance the flow of energy and bedroom living space.
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Whether used for decoration, accurate reflection, or energetic realignment, mirrors are a staple furniture item of nearly every bedroom. 

If you’re setting up your new bedroom and find yourself stumped as to where and how to position your mirror, check this article for helpful tips about mirror placement, size, and orientation.[toc]

Key Takeaways of Where to Position a Bedroom Mirror

1. An optimal location for a mirror is close to the dressing area or inside a walk-in closet.

2. If space is limited, a door-mounted mirror can be an efficient choice.

3. Placing a mirror above the headboard can make the room feel bigger.

4. Consider placing a mirror above a dresser or vanity.

5. If your dresser comes with a mirror arrange the dresser first to determine the best location.

Mirror Placement In Bedroom Ideas 

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One of the best places to put a mirror in your bedroom is close to your dressing area. Directly outside your closet is a convenient location for checking your appearance as you select your outfit for the day. 

Should you be lucky enough to have a walk-in closet, allocating wall space for a mirror is a luxurious decision you won’t regret. A mirror inside your closet elevates the space to a dressing room — consider adding a tufted ottoman for extra storage and a decadent feel. 

If you have a small bedroom with limited floor and wall space, consider a door-mounted mirror. These mirrors can hang over the back of the door, using hardware that rests on the top of the door, eliminating the headache of mounting the mirror on the wall.

The only drawback to this space saving measure is that the mirror can rattle when you open and close the door. 

Perhaps you get dressed in another area of your home and don’t need a mirror to check your outfit. In this case, you can make your bedroom feel bigger by mounting a mirror above the headboard.

This is a great choice especially if your bed faces a window, as the mirror will catch the natural light from outside, making your bedroom feel more open and airy. 

Finally, if you have a dresser, nightstand, chest or vanity in your bedroom, consider mounting a circular mirror above it. 

Best Size Mirror For The Bedroom 

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If you can only have one mirror in your bedroom, make it a full-length or floor length mirror. Full and floor length mirrors are either rectangular or oval in shape, and are generally positioned vertically rather than horizontally. 

Full-length mirrors can be mounted on the wall or on a stand. They reflect your entire body, giving you a chance to check your appearance from head to toe. See our guide to the types of mirrors for more ideas.

Floor length mirrors stand on the floor. In addition to reflecting your body, they display a large portion of the room around you. 

To allow you to see your entire ensemble clearly, your mirror must be at least half your height. Remember to include shoes, products and accessories in this calculation, plus six inches of headspace for good measure. This ensures you don’t have to choose between seeing your footwear and your hairstyle. 

The smallest full-length mirrors tend to be about 43 inches long and 13 inches wide, with larger models standing at 68 inches tall and 32 inches wide. However, there are no standard sizes for mirrors, and you can source them in just about any size you desire. 

Key Takeaway – Full-length or floor-length mirrors are ideal if you only have one mirror in the bedroom. 

Where To Put Full Length Mirror In Bedroom 

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A full length mirror is an essential part of making sure you are looking your best and ready to face your day. While you don’t want to be bombarded by your reflection or distracted by it at inopportune moments, it’s important to take some time before greeting the world to reflect on your appearance. 

The purpose of a full length mirror is to allow you to see your entire outfit at once. For most of us, it’s the only time we spend evaluating our full physique. Save yourself mental energy by making sure your full length mirror accurately reflects your appearance. 

Mirrors are nothing more than silver mounted behind glass. The thinner the glass is, the more likely it is to warp, distorting your reflection and messing with your head. Choosing a full length mirror with thick glass is one of the most important tips you can follow. 

Of course, this may limit your wall-mounting options. Thick glass is heavier than thin glass, and your walls may not be strong enough to support a heavier mirror. 

A stand-mounted mirror is the best solution in this case. You sacrifice a small amount of floor space when using a stand-mounted mirror, but the advantages are well worth it.

For one thing, you can easily move the mirror around the room if you decide to rearrange your furniture. Also, it’s easy to bring the mirror with you when you move house or switch bedrooms.

Finally, stand mounted mirrors tip back and forth, allowing you to adjust the viewing angle and get the most out of your investment. 

Key Takeaway – A stand-mounted mirror provides flexibility as it can be moved easily and tilted for different viewing angles.

Where To Put Dresser With Mirror In Bedroom 

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While it’s not as common as it used to be, some dressers come with a mirror attached. This can make placement and furniture arrangement difficult. See the types of dressers here.

Although the bed is commonly the first thing you think of when arranging your bedroom furniture, you may want to find a place for your dresser and mirror first. 

A tall dresser with a mirror makes an excellent valet station — put leather lined trays on top of the dresser and use it as a place to park the contents of your pockets each evening before you relax for the night. 

Shorter dressers with mirrors can sometimes be used as vanities. Even if you can’t sit in front of the dresser to style your hair and makeup, you can bring that energy into your bedroom by arranging perfume or cologne bottles below the mirror, along with a jewelry stand. 

As a rule, mirrors should be no more than about two-thirds the size of the furniture they are hanging above. If you’re making your own dresser/mirror combination, keep these proportions in mind to avoid overwhelming your space with reflective glass. 

Where To Put Mirror In Bedroom For Feng Shui 

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Feng shui, or Xie Zi Fa in Chinese, is a method for making minor adjustments in your physical living space to enhance the flow of energy, or Xi.

There are many different schools of feng shui, each with their own principles and tenets. We don’t have space to get into the intricacies of feng shui in this article, but we can explain a few common precepts and teach you how to apply them when it comes to placing a mirror in your bedroom. Visit our guide on how to get the perfect Feng Shui bedroom to help you make your bedroom more comfortable.

Command position is one such important concept. When you are in command position, you are in the greatest control of your space. Command position is defined as being able to see any entrances to the room, giving you a view of what is coming, as well as the widest possible view of the room itself. 

If the architecture of your room doesn’t allow you to see the door from your bed, you can use a mirror to correct this. Place the mirror in your line of sight, angled at the door, to move yourself into command position. A moveable, standing mirror makes this easy. 

Mirrors are known to draw and direct energy into a space. If you feel restless or anxious at night, it’s worth checking the placement of your mirrors. 

Try to avoid placing two mirrors opposite each other, as in the case of a full-length mirror and a vanity mirror. If your bed is in between these two light and energy reflectors, experiment with moving one of the mirrors and see if it makes a difference in your sleep. 

For more related topics, visit our mirror above bed design guide. 

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