Brown Exterior House Colors (Paint Combinations)

Here we share our brown exterior house colors guide including the best color combinations, matching shades, and ideal paint hues for light and dark brown homes.
Brown house exterior with stone wall cladding, garage, driveway, plants, and windows Brown is not just a natural color that you can see in wooden houses but it’s also an elegant color that complements well to the outdoor surroundings. With brown exterior homes, you can go from light to dark, depending on your preference and the style you want your home to use.

Rich and classic shades of brown can be used for classic and contemporary styles. And if you want to introduce this impression right off the bat, applying the brown shades to the exterior home can do the trick. 

When you apply brown to the exterior of your home, you’re creating a warm and inviting ambiance to your home. Brown exterior homes are popular with many homeowners because of their low maintenance.

The downside though is that it can be a bit challenging to keep the color brown rich and in pristine condition. Keeping the color cool will be tricky since light brown will look warm while dark brown has the tendency to absorb more heat and so would be difficult to keep cool.

Brown House Color Combinations 

Green and brown house exterior with siding, windows, pitched roof, front porch, walkway, and hedge plants Another challenge you would take on is choosing the right shade of brown, as well as choosing the colors that will look good with it. To help you decide and make a choice with these colors, here are some of the brown exterior house colors and combinations you can explore. 


Monochromatic brown house exterior with pitched roof, windows, front porch, and landscaped lawn One of the most classic color combinations with brown exterior house colors you can use is the monochromatic color scheme. This means that you will go all-out brown but of course, you will need to use different shades of brown to create texture in the look.

Some of the elements you can use as a canvas for the monochromatic scheme style include the following:

Two-tone brown siding (Pair lighter brown siding with a darker brown trim)

Three-tone design that includes different shades of brown on the roof, doors, trim, and siding. 

Natural brown wood and stone with brown types of house siding

Brown wood stain for the home’s siding and trim

Brown fieldstone accents in the home’s exterior

Brown & White

Brown and white house exterior with windows and stone wall cladding White is a classic color choice that looks compatible with all colors, including brown. The color combination of brown and white offers an earthy and elegant feel to the mix. The brown part in the mix offers a welcoming and inviting vibe meanwhile the white part contributes a crisp and clean addition to the earthy hue.

Apply this particular color combination using these elements:

Classic white trim and medium chocolate brown siding

Crispy white stucco and natural wood brown plank siding

Brown And Green

Brown and green house exterior with siding, windows, and pitched roof Another color combination you can go for is a brown and green pairing, the authentic color of nature. If you’re into mimicking the color of nature, the brown and green color scheme is the best step since they are the color of the tree and plants.

One thing you can go for is the combination of rich brown trim with light green siding so that the color is different from the leaves outdoors, elevating the look. 

Brown And Black

Modern brown and black house exterior with glass windows and paved driveway Similar to white, black is a classic color option that will look wonderful when paired with brown exterior house colors. This will offer a different ambiance than when you pair brown with white so make sure you know the style you’re going for in the first place.

The brown and black color scheme is a bold option you can go for in an outdoor space. Some of the exterior home combinations using this color are the following:

Brown exterior siding with black trim accents

Modern black siding with wooden brown trim

What Colors Go With A Brown House

Brown house exterior with windows, chimney, and siding Brown is not a trendy or flashy color but it’s not boring like some may believe it is. The best description for this color is classic and elegant but in order to work this look, you will need to know the right colors to pair your brown house with.

Warm brown is becoming more popular and its versatility with its color pairing is amazing and would even create an inviting and cozy feel. The choice of stunning colors will depend on the style you want to have for your home. White is a favorite for modern style while black is the option for a bold and trendy look.

And if you want to go for something moody and cozy in vibe, go for dark colors, and this means choosing deep brown and charcoal gray. If you want to explore your best color choices, here are the ones that would look good with your brown house. 


Brown house exterior with red siding, pitched roof, and windows If you’re going for something bold and vibrant, red is the color to consider. This color easily stands out and when paired with brown, the color combination will definitely turn heads and catch eyes.

The red and brown color scheme features an inviting, down-to-earth, and warm ambiance to your home. Here are some red and brown elements to add:

Traditional brown siding with red accents (porch column, outdoor decor, shutters, and flowers)

Bold red siding, natural wood brown trim, brown brick, and brown accents. See more colors that go with brick here.

Rich red-brown siding with crispy white trim

Brown siding with bold red types of shutters, doors, and railings


Brown and yellow house exterior with garage door, stone wall cladding, windows, front door, and lawn If you’re going for something warm and cheery at the same time, yellow is the ideal color to consider for most brown exterior house colors. The vibrant yellow color adds liveliness to the calm and elegant brown so they balance each other when paired together.

Both brown and yellow are warm colors and if you want a joyful ambiance to be the first impression your guests have from your home, you can combine natural wood brown shingle siding with yellow siding as an accent. 


Beautiful green and brown house exterior with dormers, windows, pitched roof, hedge plants, and trees Green is the color of the leaves and when it comes to the perfect combination, nothing falls short of the color of nature. Green, similar to blue, is a cool color while brown is a warm shade so this color pairing will work since the combination won’t be overwhelming.

With a brown exterior, you can add the following elements to the mix:

Green window panels

Sage green siding

Natural green trim

Cream & Beige

Beige and brown house exterior with stone cladding, front porch, windows, and pitched roof If you want to go for something subtle and elegant, you can pair your brown house with the colors cream and beige. These neutral colors offer a calming yet warm look that can turn your home into a sophisticated dwelling.

Beige has a more red undertone while cream has a yellow undertone but both of these neutral colors look wonderful with rich chocolate brown.

To help you figure out which elements to add, here are some to consider:

Sandy beige blinds and window panes

Beige siding and trim

Cream trim accents

Cream-colored doors and windows

Dark Brown House Color Combinations 

Dark brown house exterior with dormer, driveway, windows, hedge plants, and front door When it comes to elegance and class, dark brown is the timeless option for your exterior home if you’re looking for something to add sophistication to it. Dark brown works perfectly from traditional to midcentury modern styles, depending on how you choose this color and what shade you pair it with.

The dark and rich neutral hue easily stands out and this can also have different shades, from warm caramel to rich mahogany. The downside though with dark colors is that compared to lighter ones, they need regular repainting since they do not last long and have the tendency to peel faster.

Dark Brown Paint Colors for Home Exteriors

Here are some dark brown paint colors to explore and consider. 

Benjamin Moore Mink (2112-10)Benjamin Moore Mink (2112-10)

Magnolia Elemental (JG-129)Magnolia Elemental (JG-129)

Farrow & Ball Etruscan Red (No.56)Farrow & Ball Etruscan Red (No.56)

Benjamin Moore Chocolate Truffle (2096-20) Benjamin Moore Chocolate Truffle (2096-20)

Warm Paint Colors to Match With Dark Brown Home Exteriors

With all of these dark brown paints, you will need to match them with the right color. Here are some of the colors that would look wonderful with dark brown and the paint color options you can also consider.

Warm hues: These colors add a vibrant feel to your sophisticated dark brown come and can easily capture the hues and feel of autumn. To give you options right here and now, these are the paint colors with warm hues you can consider. 

Farrow & Ball Cat’s Paw (No.240) Farrow & Ball Cat’s Paw (No.240)

Benjamin Moore Golden Bark (2153-10) Benjamin Moore Golden Bark (2153-10)

Behr Amber Brew (MQ4-10) Behr Amber Brew (MQ4-10)

Benjamin Moore Fireball Orange (2170-10) Benjamin Moore Fireball Orange (2170-10)

Sherwin-Williams Prairie Grass (SW 7546) Sherwin-Williams Prairie Grass (SW 7546)

Purple: This color easily adds drama to your home and can either come with subtle lilac to deep plum and set the vibe you want to have. Check out the following range of paint colors to pair with dark brown.

Sherwin-Williams Inspired Lilac (SW 6820) Sherwin-Williams Inspired Lilac (SW 6820)

Benjamin Moore French Lilac (1403) Benjamin Moore French Lilac (1403)

Behr Powdery Mist (650C-2)Behr Powdery Mist (650C-2)

Valspar Purple Davenport (1003-3A)Valspar Purple Davenport (1003-3A)

Farrow & Ball Brinjal (No.222)Farrow & Ball Brinjal (No.222)

Pink: This helps add a feminine touch to the classic and traditional color of dark brown. This color will soften the bold dark brown look of your home and some of the paint colors you can go for are the following. 

Farrow & Ball Sulking Room Pink (No.295)Farrow & Ball Sulking Room Pink (No.295)

PPG Ballerina (PPG1183-1) PPG Ballerina (PPG1183-1)

Behr Courtesy (S560-1) Behr Courtesy (S560-1)

Benjamin Moore Pink Starburst (2004-4)Benjamin Moore Pink Starburst (2004-4)

Valspar Rachel Pink Valspar Rachel Pink

Light Brown House Color Combinations 

Light brown house exterior with driveway, garage, windows, front lawn, door, and pitched roof If you want to go for something brighter than dark brown, light brown is the best step to take. This particular color range from tan to taupe, depending on the undertone used in the color.

These neutral colors can be regarded as light brown, along with beige (yellow undertone) and even greige (gray undertone). And just like dark brown, this lighter counterpart is simply timeless and classic.

Light Brown Paint Colors For Home Exteriors

Here are some of the light brown paint colors you can explore. 

Farrow & Ball Buff (No.20)Farrow & Ball Buff (No.20)

Sherwin-Williams Ligonier Tan (SW 7717)Sherwin-Williams Ligonier Tan (SW 7717)

Farrow & Ball Oxford Stone (No.264) Farrow & Ball Oxford Stone (No.264)

Benjamin Moore Grant Beige (HC-83) Benjamin Moore Grant Beige (HC-83)

Farrow & Ball Stony Ground (No.211) Farrow & Ball Stony Ground (No.211)

Pastel Colors that Go With Brown Home Exteriors

Light brown is a neutral color and serves as a canvas that’s easy to pair with other colors. It allows other colors to stand out and add personality and texture to the mix. Here are some colors that would look good with light brown and some paint colors under them. 

Pastel Colors: These wonderful pale shades offer a soft and sophisticated touch to your home and will contrast well with the neutral light brown color. Check out the following paint colors you can use along with the light brown exterior house colors you’ve chosen. 

Benjamin Moore Warm Blush (892) Benjamin Moore Warm Blush (892)

Valspar Icy Mint (6001-7A) Valspar Icy Mint (6001-7A)

Sherwin-Williams Farraway Blue (SW 7133) Sherwin-Williams Farraway Blue (SW 7133)

Behr Firefly (P310-3) Behr Firefly (P310-3)

Benjamin Moore Inner Peach (1150) Benjamin Moore Inner Peach (1150)

Bright Colors That Go With Brown Home Exteriors

Yellow: This color brightens and adds warmth to your light brown home and can even serve as a wonderful accent to the aesthetics. Here are popular yellow paint colors that designers love using for home renovations and projects. 

Valspar Lemon Twist (3006-2B)Valspar Lemon Twist (3006-2B)

Sherwin-Williams Cheerful (SW 6903)Sherwin-Williams Cheerful (SW 6903)

Glidden Lemonade Slush (BHG605) Glidden Lemonade Slush (BHG605)

Behr Morning Sunlight (360A-2)Behr Morning Sunlight (360A-2)

Benjamin Moore Sunbeam (328)Benjamin Moore Sunbeam (328)

Orange: if you want more edge than just sunny yellow, this color can add personality and punch to your light brown home. Compared to yellow, orange is stronger and bolder. Here are some bold orange paint colors you can go for. 

Farrow & Ball Estate Eggshell Charlotte’s Locks (No.268)

Portola Paints Summer Squash (022) Portola Paints Summer Squash (022)

Ace Paint Yuma (B21-6) Ace Paint Yuma (B21-6)

Farrow & Ball Orangery (70) Farrow & Ball Orangery (70)

Benjamin Moore Autumn Orange (2156-10) Benjamin Moore Autumn Orange (2156-10)

Brown Metal Roof House Color Combinations

House exterior with brown metal roof, dormer, garage, windows, and small trees When talking about applying brown color to your home’s exterior, you can do this by choosing a brown metal roof. From there, you can play with the color pairings of the trims and some shingles to add sections and details to your roof.

Here are some of the compatible colors to add to your brown metal roof. 

Gray: If you’re going for a dark brown metal roof, gray is a good consideration not just to add a cool tone to your home’s exterior but also to add contrast to brown’s natural color.

Consider the following elements to pair with your brown metal roof. 

Gray ceilings and beams along with a brown porch 

Gray sidings with rich brown roof

Blue: Another cool color you can pair with your brown metal roof is blue. The color blue adds a refreshing hue to your brown home and complements the brown roof you’ve chosen.

Add the following elements to your brown metal roof. 

Bold blue windows and doors

Blue and white accent

Sophisticated blue siding

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