Barn Door Sizes (Standard Interior Dimensions)

This barn door sizes guide shares the standard barn door dimensions, interior & double opening size, track length, and how to measure for a barn door.
Bedroom with sliding door side table gray paint carpet floor There are many doors available for any homeowners to use for their homes, and one unique option is the barn door. A sliding barn door is a more stylish option, and the best thing about them is they also have an easy installation process—an all in all space-saving and versatile option. 

There are many types and designs available with sliding barn doors, but one of the most integral features of these doors is getting the correct size.

Luckily, getting the perfect-sized barn door is easy when the homeowners know how to measure the door correctly. Once that is done, getting the perfect one is easy as pie.

Standard Barn Door Sizes 

Standard barn door size Some spaces require more oversized barn doors, while others only need standard sizes. Standard sizes are there to make sure that manufacturers of barn doors have a selection of the measures that will work for standard room sizes.

Many barn doors will fall on dimensions ranging from 36 inches or around 91 centimeters in width, while heights will generally be about 96 inches or 244 centimeters tall. 

There are other dimensions available, specifically made to fit most standard door frames at 36 by 80 inches or around 91 by 203 centimeters. Widths for this size are typically 36 inches or 91 centimeters.

On the other hand, heights could range somewhere from the standard 80 inches or 203 centimeters to something as tall as 96 inches or 244 centimeters. 

There are also sliding barn doors with a width of 42 inches or 107 centimeters for broader doors, while heights will range the same with a standard 36 inches or 91 centimeters from 80 to 96 inches or about 203 to 244 centimeters. 

Interior Barn Door Sizes 

Interior barn door sizes One way that could update any room inside a home is opting for an interior barn door for a chick, fresh and an added character. Sliding barn doors for the interior will not only look stylish but will also add a lot of function and performance inside the home, particularly in a way that is space-saving.

When it comes to interior sliding barn door solutions, it is easy to pick one that would fit the mold, mainly because they are available in standard sizes. That is anywhere with a width of around 32 to 36 inches or approximately 81 to 91 centimeters with a standard height of 80 inches or 203 centimeters.

Bespoke or custom-made sliding barn doors are also there to satisfy any home requirement, with heights going up to 94 inches or 239 centimeters, while widths can be as broad as 47 inches or around 119 centimeters. 

Double Barn Door Sizes 

Picking a double door to go with any home is as easy as looking at single sliding barn doors. Usually, the double entry will be half the size of any door opening and will be able to slide from left to right on the door opening.

Sometimes, there are other modifications like the 60/40 split, which only allows one door to open and close, giving any interior a sense of contemporary design

For door openings that have a width of 36 inches or around 91 centimeters, getting a double barn door with 18 inches or 46 centimeters width will be perfect. The door height will vary according to the door opening height requirement of a specific door opening. 

Barn Door Opening Size

Barn door opening size The standard barn door opening size for a home will vary from one to the other and will depend on the length and width of a particular door opening. Most of the time, the standard width is a door opening of 36 inches or 91 centimeters.

To ensure that a barn door will fit this size, adding a 4 inches overlay to make it 40 inches is perfect for the standard opening door width. 

Barn Door Rough Opening Size

This part will pertain to the wall clearance needed to make the barn door fully functional. A minimum of 40 3/8 inches or around 103 centimeters of space is required on the side to ensure that a 36 inches barn door will slide easily. This entire space will also need to be unobstructed to get the most out of a barn door’s functionality. 

What Size Barn Door For 30 Inch Opening

Thirty inches or 76-centimeter door opening will need a barn door sized at 34 inches or 86 centimeters for the width. This gives it an overlay of around 4 inches or 10 centimeters, ensuring that the opening is covered from side to side.

Heights will vary from one to the other but for standard doors, going for a barn door height of 81 inches or 206 centimeters is always safe. 

What Size Barn Door For 32 Inch Opening

For a home needing a barn door for doors with 32 inches or 81 centimeters opening, the best barn door for this size is going for a barn door around 36 by 81 inches or about 91 by 206 centimeters in size.

This will ensure that it will cover it without any latches from top to bottom and side to side. The 81 inches or 206 centimeters height will ensure that it has that 1 inch needed to cover the top.

What Size Barn Door For 36 Inch Opening

Bedroom with sliding door wooden floor board and batten wall For a door opening at 36 inches or 91 centimeters, the perfect sliding barn door for this size will be 40 inches or about 102 centimeters from side to side.

At the same time, it should keep a height of at least 81 inches or 206 centimeters from top to bottom, perfect for a door with a standard opening height of around 80 inches or 203 centimeters. For barn doors with a higher track, go as high as possible. 

What Size Barn Door For 48 Inch Opening

For a door opening at 48 inches or 122 centimeters, the perfect sliding barn door for this size will be 52 inches or about 132 centimeters from side to side.

At the same time, it should keep a height of at least 81 inches or 206 centimeters from top to bottom, perfect for a door with a standard opening height of around 80 inches or 203 centimeters. For barn doors with a higher track, go as high for the height as possible. 

Barn Door Width vs. Opening

The difference between a barn door width and a door opening is night and day. The barn door width is the measurement of the door from one side to the other, while the opening will pertain to the total size of the door frame where a barn door will be installed.

A homeowner will install a specific barn door with its own width to cover a door opening. The door will provide overlap so that there is no gaps while looking toward the opening.

Barn Door Track Length

Sliding Barn Door Hardware Track Kit See this track kit at Amazon [sponsored link]

In order for a sliding barn door to function correctly, a track is needed to help it slide left to right. The rule is multiplying a barn door’s width by two to get the perfect size track for a barn door.

If the barn door has a standard width of 36 inches or around 91 centimeters, the ideal track length is multiplying 36 inches by 2, giving a product 72 inches or 183 centimeters. This makes knowing the width of a particular barn door essential for correct track measurement. 

How To Measure For Barn Door

Rustic barn door with wooden floor dining set Although many standard barn door sizes are available for any homeowner, knowing how to measure a specific sliding door opening size is always a good place to start to ensure perfect barn door measurement. In measuring, there are four things a homeowner needs: tape measure, pencil, paper, and a step stool. 

The first thing to do is gauge the measurement of the doorway. This will include measuring the height from top to bottom and the width from left to right. This will ensure that the barn door will fit without any scraping of bumping. 

The next is measuring the door frame width, including the available wall space. This is needed because the barn door must be larger than the opening. To do this, measure from left to right inside the door trim. 

With that dimensions, adding an allowance of 2 to 4 inches or about 5 to 10 centimeters will ensure that the entryway is completely covered without even a slight opening. The subsequent measurement is measuring where the door will slide. There should be enough space for the barn door to slide in to be functional ultimately. 

The third is measuring the height. This will include the measurement for the track to be mounted. It can be fixed halfway on the door and the ceiling or on top of the door itself. To do this, measure from the floor to the top of the edge of the door trim or higher than this and then subtract around an inch or 3 centimeters. 

The last is deciding on the track length. This can be determined by taking the barn door width and multiplying it by two. This is a rule of thumb for single barn doors; going four times the width of one door is required for double doors. 

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