Perfect Complementary Colors to Maroon (Matching Shades)

The rich dark color known as Maroon can be a very alluring hue for your interior design. As an interior designer, I frequently pair it with other complementary colors to create visually appealing design combinations.

Living room with maroon wall behind grey sofa coffee table lamp shade large windows and carpet

The name “maroon” was derived from the French word “marron” which means chestnut which has a deep reddish-brown appearance. It was first used in the English language in 1789. Here are some of the best shades you can use with it.

Colors That Go With Maroon Walls

The maroon color is becoming a popular color in homes, but since it is a very demanding hue it cannot be combined with just any color. However, these combinations would always look good and ensure they balance correctly in a space.


Room with books white open shelves and maroon walls and wooden floors

This is a very classic combination perfect for achieving a simple and clean look. Blending these two colors adds depth to your interior since the shade offers warmth and substance while white suggests comfort. This combination creates a fresh and bright ambiance in the room.


Apartment room with chandelier patterned maroon panel wall

There is a perfect balance when painting the walls maroon coupled with a dark shade of brown. These walls create a rich and warm feeling to a room, while bright, warm beige enhances the wall color, adds life to the space and makes the interior look cozy.


Maroon painted wall in bedroom with golden furniture

The combination of these two colors is one of the most brilliant and elegant masterpieces when it comes to interior decorations. Both colors give a bright and warm feel, so it is best to use gold color for your primary furniture, appliances, and lighting with your walls. 


Small room with maroon & white walls and dark grey curtain

Compliment lighter shades of gray by adding a bit of brightness and warmth by painting maroon on the walls, this also adds contrast for the room. This combination enhances each other and can help you achieve a vibrant atmosphere in your home.


Modern room with black sofa, yellow curtain, carpet in grey and maroon accent wall

Both of these colors are rich, so it is best to use these two colors in moderation to prevent them from overtaking a room. These strong and intense colors need special handling, to keep the balance use the 60-30-10 application rule and incorporate neutral colors like white.

If you have maroon walls in the room in the tune of 60 percent, extend the 30 percent by integrating black for the furniture or appliances, and combine it with white in the range of 10 percent to create a perfect balance of elegance and style, in your interior.


Bright room with white and maroon wall

One approach to combining maroon walls and blue is to use strong dark, royal, or teal-toned blues, incorporated with neutral shades. Intense tones of blue in throw pillows, glass accessories, velvet upholstery, or silk-like fabrics fused with its walls produce a jewel-like or stained-glass effect.


Since the hue is a rich dark color, it blends also well with the cooler or light shades of blue. Teal also creates a nice balance with the lighter tones of blue and maroon walls achieving a perfect ambiance in the design scheme.

What Color Curtains Go With Maroon Walls?

Living area with black curtain combined with maroon textured wall

Maroon is an amazing color for walls that can come off pretty intense, so you may need to go for a light neutral color combination, to keep it light, open, airy, and cheerful.

Seeing how intense it can be, the best colors that can match its walls are gold, emerald-green, and burgundy. But if you are leaning towards a neutral color, then you can bring it together with a white, cream, or grey colored curtain

Living interior with maroon hued wall and green sofa with pillows

Gold curtains go together exquisitely with maroon walls as one of the most popular combinations for royalty. The rich-hued walls and gold curtains carry a regal vibe, this is why interior designs that are inspired by Baroque, French, and Rococo period styles opt for maroon-and-gold color schemes. The overall result of this curtain-wall color combination looks wealthy and is always lavish.

Emerald-green curtains paired with these color walls give a room the same mood as a Victorian garden. Green curtains offer a country cottage look, a wonderful choice for homes that want to adapt to the rural charm.

It is also best to add soft accent colors like pink, cream, or sage green and still keep the garden chic ambiance that the maroon-green combination offers.

Maroon-toned walls are a pretty frivolous color to work with and matching it with burgundy curtains is a straightforward way to add unity to a room. This curtain combination is one of the most modern and stylish ways you can work with the wall color.

White curtains function as an immensely powerful contrast to the deep reds of maroon-hued walls. It is usually a smart idea to have white curtains as an accent color because it brings light and brightness into the room.

If white can be too much for a design concept for you, try something slightly softer than the typical bold white, it might be a clever idea to get some cream-colored curtains.

Cream curtains can open up the room without creating too much contrast the way that white does. Maroon-colored walls with cream curtains give the room a more mellow and warmer ambiance. 

The use of grey curtains paired with these bold walls works out pretty well since grey has a natural capacity for toning down the boldness of maroon.

Choosing grey curtains offers versatility in your color scheme since being a neutral color, it can work with any third color that you want to pair with maroon walls. Grey is also a trendy color for modern interiors.

What Colors Go With Dark Maroon?

Minimalistic interior with grey wall and maroon sofa and ottoman black lamp

Maroon is a very sophisticated color symbolizing ambition, wealth, and power, and so it always looks lavish with other jewel tones such as emerald-green, sapphire blue, amethyst for sharp contrast, or gold. Decor on table cabinet and gold & black lampshades with maroon background and a carpet

For neutral colors, maroon works well with shades of gray, such as light gray or charcoal gray. Darker hues also pair elegantly with turquoise, golden yellow, and umber.

Pastel pink and burgundy cushions on gray couch in room with maroon, pink and white paint wall

It is always helpful to remember that the complementary colors for maroon are the shades of yellow and green, depending on the hue.

Other colors that go well with these dark walls include rose, white, gray, beige, mauve, or even black.

Spacious hotel room with with bed sofa, post & beam and white & maroon color walls

Maroon is a very dark shade of red which sometimes looks similar to brown. The color is associated with intensity such as passion, love, anger, energy, and danger. However, they can also conjure feelings of spirituality, wisdom, or calm. The shade is associated with feelings of control, responsibility, and thoughtfulness. Check out our guide to what colors go good with brown here.

Colorful eclectic style room with sofa armchair cand a wonderful view from the window

Colors that Go With Maroon Walls Infographic

Colors that go with maroon hued walls infographic

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