Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms On a Budget

Here we share storage ideas for small bedrooms on a budget.
Small bedroom with built-in storageWhen you are living in a place with a small bedroom, you want to make sure that you’re utilizing that space as much as possible. One thing that can be a particular challenge for small bedrooms is that they don’t have a lot of space for storage.

The good news is that there are some tips and tricks you can use to give your room more storage space. [toc]

Organizing a Small Bedroom On a Budget

There are many ways to maximize your small bedroom layouts. Before you begin you may want to consider downloading a bedroom layout software program. There are free programs available that allow you to add your rooms exact specifications. You can also add furniture and decor to help visualize exactly how your room will look before moving or buying a thing.

Now without further ado here’s or list of the best ways to organize a small bedroom.

Decrease the Clutter

Small bedroom with dresser storage white board wallBefore trying to find extra storage, start with something completely free: look at what needs to be stored. Go through what you have in your bedroom and see what needs to go.

This doesn’t mean you have to commit to a completely minimalist lifestyle or design. Rather, just go through your things and see what doesn’t have a use anymore. Many people have a little more than they need, sometimes just because they forgot they had it.

An excellent place to start here is to look through your closet. What do you not wear anymore? What doesn’t fit your current style? These items can be donated to not only help your design but others in need to.

It’s also worth taking a look at other items in your room that don’t serve a purpose anymore. Maybe you have an old laptop sitting around that won’t turn on anymore or some knick-knacks that live their life in drawers. Getting rid of what you don’t want can be refreshing and it will free up room for what you do want.

Install High Shelving

If there’s real estate for storage that isn’t always taken advantage of, it’s wall space. Most people don’t necessarily look at the space on the upper part of their wall. With a little shelving, though, you can take advantage of this area. This is also a great choice because it doesn’t require you to sacrifice any space that you already have in your room.

Floating shelving is also a great choice over a traditional bookcase or armoire. This is because it offers the same function in only a fraction of the space. These types of shelves are also much more affordable than buying a whole new piece of furniture for your room.

Look for Furniture That Doubles as Storage

One of the best ways to maximize storage and space in a small area is to choose furniture wisely. Anymore, this is aided by plenty of available options when it comes to furniture that offers storage.

There are a few good examples of this. For one, ottomans are a great way to offer a place to sit or prop your feet up as well as store extra blankets. It’s also a good idea to choose your bed wisely.

This could mean choosing a bed that has drawers underneath it or a bed that has a high enough clearance to allow you to store things underneath it. If you aren’t looking for a new bed, lifts to raise your current frame up an inch or two can be inexpensive lifesavers!

They’ll allow you to slip some baskets or drawers underneath your bed to use storage space you may not have even thought about having before. If you aren’t a fan of the way storage under your bed looks, it can be beneficial to use a bed skirt. Many sheet sets come with these and it will offer an attractive cloth barrier to cover whatever you’re storing under your bed.

Keep Your Dresser Organized

It can be tempting to just toss clothes in a dresser without a care. However, you aren’t going to make the most of your space in doing this. There are a few ways that you can change things up to ensure that you make extra room.

For one, make sure that you carefully organize your clothes. While many people fold and stack their garments vertically, this doesn’t always free up the most space. When it comes to garments that don’t need quite as much delicacy – such as t-shirts – it can be useful to roll them to minimize how much space they take up.

It’s also cheap and helpful to invest in drawer dividers. These will allow you to organize multiple types of items in a single drawer.

When it comes to clothing, some find that extra measures such as vacuum sealing are incredibly helpful when it comes to bulkier clothing items. This can save a lot of closet space that was previously taken up by winter coats.

Hanging door hamper for clothingHang Your Hamper On Your Door

Most people place a hamper in their closet or in the corner of their room. Either way, this takes up space that could be used for storage.

Instead, hang your hamper up on your door or even on a hook on the wall. This will clear up precious floor space for more room and a neater appearance.

See this hanging door hamper at Amazon

Use a Shoe Organizer On Your Closet Door

Even if you don’t own many pairs of shoes, picking up an inexpensive shoe organizer can be a great help because the pockets can be used for more Behind the door shoe storagethan just shoes! They’re a great place to keep odds and ends that you might not have a place for right now such as makeup and makeup brushes.

For those that do have a lot of shoes, these storage units will save a lot of room compared to lining them all up in a row on your closet floor.

If you have a lot of heels, it can be even better to hang them on rods or molding on the wall if they don’t fit in the pocket of a standard shoe organizer.

See this closet door shoe organizer at Amazon

Pick Up a Corkboard for Jewelry

Corkboard jewelry hangerIf you have a lot of earrings or necklaces, you probably already know that there are a lot of disadvantages to improper storage. For one, it takes up a lot of space but it also leaves you with a tangled mess.

An easy way to free up drawer space and keep your jewelry in order is to pick up a corkboard and some thumbtacks. This is another way to use your wall space as storage!

Just pin the corkboard up and use the thumbtacks to hang your jewelry up. Pegboards are a great choice for this purpose too.

See this wood jewelry organizer at Amazon

Use Binder Clips to Reduce Cord Clutter

If there’s one thing that can take up a lot of space when it doesn’t need to, it’s cords for electronic devices. Whether you have a complicated setup or just a couple chargers, it can go a long way to keep those cords in order.

An easy and inexpensive trick for this is binder clips. You can clip these to your desk and run cords through them to keep them right where you want them. They’ll be held in place by the metal loops so that they don’t slide out.

Hang Your Clothes Effectively

Closet organizer for hanging clothingSee this closet organizer kit at Amazon

We already touched on how to make the most of the space in your dresser, but there are steps you can take in your closet to create more effective storage. Specifically, there are steps to take about the way you hang your clothes up.

When you are hanging up a shirt, use the bottom of the hanger to hang a pair of pants with the shirt. There are two big reasons to do this. First, it reduces the space that’s being taken up in your dresser. Second, for clothing such as suits, hanging your slacks with the shirt can prevent wrinkling, so they’re ready when you need it with no worries.

There is also the concern of other garments that may be taking up more real estate in your closet than necessary such as scarves. You can pick up special hangers for these items but it’s just as useful to tie your scarves side-by-side on one hanger. This will help to prevent them from piling up or spreading out to take up space in your closet that can be used for something else.

Use a Dresser as a Nightstand

It’s essential to have a surface beside you at the end of the night. This is a place where you can turn on a bedside lamp on and off or even place important items like a cup of water, glasses, or your phone while it’s charging.

The paradox in this is that while a nightstand provides storage, it also takes up space in your room that could be otherwise utilized.

An interesting workaround for this is to place the dresser near the bed and have it serve double-duty as a nightstand. This is especially useful if children are sharing a room and a dresser can be put between two beds rather than a pair of nightstands.

The best part about this is that it isn’t just a way to save space, it’ll also help you save when buying furniture for a bedroom.

Use Behind and Under Bed Storage

Bedroom with behind and under bed storageSee this bed headboard with storage at Amazon

Utilizing the space directly behind and under the bed for storage is a great way to maximize your space. You can purchase a platform bed with storage underneath or a headboard with built-in storage compartments to hold your items.

Use a Bedside Caddy Instead of a Nightstand

Another solution for the nightstand dilemma is to opt for a cloth caddy rather than a nightstand at all. These can even be homemade DIYs rather than store bought for even more savings.

A bedside caddy is a cloth piece of decor with pockets for everything you need. This could include a pocket for glasses, a place for your phone to fit while it charges, or even a large pocket for that book you read before bed. They can be as big or small as you want and usually attach by part of it being inserted between your mattress and boxspring. In a pinch, they can also be hung on the wall beside your bed.

Get a Space Saving Bed

By cutting down on bulky furniture with a space saving bed you can save space and implement storage at the same time. Good picks are trundle, Murphy and folding beds that can free up valuable space.

Add Additional Tension Bars to Your Closet

Closet tension rodsSee these closet tension rods at Amazon

Going back to the use of vertical storage space, you can add extra storage to your closet by adjusting the tension bars in your closet. Tension bars to hang clothes on are relatively inexpensive and easy to find. Since they’re adjustable, they’re also simple to fit your closet no matter what size it is.

An extra tension bar will give you more space to hang clothes up. This is a great trick for individuals with larger wardrobes who are running out of space.

Add Storage Baskets to Your Bedroom or Closet

Adding wicker baskets to a room can help make things look much more presentable. On the topic of organizing a bedroom closet, adding drawers underneath your clothing racks can make space for the storage of items like extra pillows, handbags, and more. It doesn’t cost a lot to pick up some baskets and it can be as simple as sitting them on the floor.

You can go for something more decorative like a wicker basket or even something as simple as a plain plastic one. Either way, you’ve added organized space that wasn’t there before.

Add Shoe Storage to Your Closet or Room

Another item that takes up way too much room are shoes. You need to be able to see what shoes you have while simultaneously keeping things organized. Adding a rack for shoe closet storage can help provide valuable real estate for other items.

Take Advantage of Corners

The corners of rooms aren’t always used to their full potential but when you’re working in a small space, you want to make sure every inch of it is considered.

There are a few creative bedroom corner ideas that can be used to create space. They are often used in the sense of placing floor lamps out of the way or leaning items like a guitar up against them. To get the most out of the empty corners of your room, you can add shelving or even used a curved tension bar. Items like these will give you a place to hang extra clothes or store odds and ends that don’t currently have a place.

If you’re looking to maximize the space you have when you don’t have much, these are great tips to help you get organized and make the most of what you have without breaking the bank.


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