Spa Bathroom Colors (18 Best Designer Paint Picks)

From ancient ruins to famous thermal spas and luxury spa getaways, the desire and need for a place of serenity and wellness remains popular worldwide. But you don’t need to travel far to have a calm space. Instead, you can taste the sensory journey in your most personal space, the bathroom area. You’ll have the perfect tranquil retreat in your home with the right spa bathroom colors and other design elements.

different spa bathroom designs

Think of themes that evoke tranquility drawn from the natural colors, such as the sky, sea, forest, and mountain ranges. Below are the recommended paint products, shades that soothe the most, and the best hue options to consider. [toc]

Spa Paint Colors for the Bathroom 

Spa AF-435

Benjamin Moore’s Spa AF-435: Suitably named, the Spa AF-435 under Benjamin Moore’s Affinity Color Collection has a vaporous quality with a light gray color and greenish undertone. The paint color is reminiscent of a serene lake mist in the morning, entrancing and relaxing.

Choose the color under Benjamin Moore Aura Bath and Spa that can resist humidity and mildew. The waterborne interior paint comes in a luxurious matte finish that’s perfect as a backdrop in any bathroom area. 

Dolphin Cove 722

Benjamin Moore’s Dolphin’s Cove 722: When hit by light, this charming soft aquatic color reminds you of glimpses of lights underwater. Like the play of lights on a swimming pool floor, it evokes serenity along the muffled sound from the outdoors and calming weightlessness. With a 66.86 LRV, the paint color has the right amount of reflective surface that allows light to bounce off the walls but is not too bright to maintain visual comfort. 

Shoji White SW 7042

Sherwin Williams’ Shoji White SW 7042: If you’re looking for that perfect white paint for your personal relaxation space, Shoji White is among the best paint choices for bathrooms. With a warm combo of gray and beige undertones, you get a comforting white you can apply expansively in your most personal space.

Choose Duration Home from the Sherwin William collection; the latex paint and primer make applying it easy and faster. The mold and mildew resistance surfaces are also stain-proof. 

Natural Linen SW 9109

Sherwin Williams’ Natural Linen SW 9109: Got wooden elements in your bathroom? The Natural Linen is another warm tone that blends well with rustic elements such as wood and stone. The lovely paint color also works well with white and black elements.

Like the Shoji white, it has a greige undertone. Choose collections from Sherwin Williams that are moisture resistant, such as Duration Home Interior Acrylic Latex. 

Solstice Breeze 8003-31B

Valspar’s Solstice Breeze 8003-31B: Solstice Breeze is a soothing color that works well with neutrals with a tinge of pink and bronze. Works well with both traditional and minimalist designed bathroom styles

Fragile Blue 7004-10

Valspar’s Fragile Blue 7004-10: The calming gray shade has an undertone of blue tinge that’s especially great for small bathrooms, with its soothing color matching well with bold accessories such as bronze and black. The paint color can work well with casual and luxurious bathrooms. 

Soothing Paint Shades

spa bathroom with tub shower and indoor plants

Soft Blues and Greens

Whether combined or that works individually, these paint shades are a favorite choice for bathroom spaces as they are reminiscent of the water and sky. The color blue evokes freedom and spaciousness we experience in nature, such as the sky and natural bodies of water. 

One additional bathroom component with wellness benefits is plant life. Plants add tranquility and reduce stress – they are ideal for a relaxing spa bathroom environment – and they can improve air quality. – Wellness by Design: A Room-by-Room Guide to Optimizing Your Home for Health, Fitness, and Happiness, Jamie Gold

Green paint, meanwhile, similarly has that cool quality and familiar earthy tone that relaxes the eyes. The combination of blues and greens can produce a range of tones depending on the degrees of color each contributes. 

Opal Essence 680

Benjamin Moore’s Opal Essence 680: A close shade to mint but softer and lighter. 

LRV: 75.42 

Paint Collection: Benjamin Moore Classics, Choose: Aura Bath and Spa Interior Acrylic Paint & Primer 

Light Neutral Tones

These colors are great for making small bathroom sizes look more expansive, like white and light gray. You can choose an undertone that suits the feel you are aiming for, like cool or warm undertones. Some beige, taupe, and cream paint colors are considered to have that neutral color quality. 

Accessible Beige SW 7036

Sherwin Williams’ Accessible Beige SW 7036: A favorite neutral beige by interior designers and owners alike, this light beige works well with white paints and black accents. If your bathroom’s design has a lot of moldings, this relaxing tone is the perfect spa-like color. 

LRV: 58

Color Collections: Living Well, Top 50 Colors, Top Interior Colors, Colormix Forecast 2022 (Method), Gallery Series

Soft Whites

These room layouts are desired as hygienic spaces, and white paint helps the bathrooms visually clean and makes it easier to spot dirt and mold. The only downside is you’ll spend more time cleaning and maintaining the paint surface, so you need a type of paint that can withstand constant exposure to moisture and brushing. 

Blizzard Fog 7006-18

Valspar’s Blizzard Fog 7006-18: With an LRV of 73.506, the paint color stays bright yet cool. That’s perfect for bathrooms with small square footage and that get no or less natural light. 

LRV: 73.596 

Family: White 

Light-Toned Lavenders

From traditional to ultra-modern, light-toned lavender wall paints are versatile colors to use, but not many homeowners choose the relaxing tone. But if you’re looking for a more feminine, soothing color, lavender paints are perfect. 

Gentle Lavender

Dulux Gentle Lavender is a sooting paint surface that creates spa-like spaces. The paint, like lilac, has that relaxing quality but is much darker due to its purple undertones. 

LRV: 63 

Dark Neutral Tones

These are perfect paint colors for homeowners who are ready to invest in a good lighting design in their spa-like bathroom. Darker bathroom spaces create that meditative atmosphere reminiscent of the quiet and calm of the night. 

Night View 4007-4C

Valspar Night View 4007-4C: A soft black paint color close to the charcoal tone, Night View is a cool tone perfect for a mood-provoking space. 

LRV: 6.7

Best Paint Colors for A Spa Style Bathroom

Palladian Blue HC 144

Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue HC 144: According to Jillian Shaible, principal at Susan Hayward Interiors, it’s the perfect combination of green and blue. You’ll find the paint tone agreeable for modern spaces with clean and sleek designs, as it showcases the forms while contributing to the ambiance without overwhelming the space. 

Rich Cream 2153-60

Benjamin Moore’s Rich Cream 2153-60: With this familiar classic sun-kissed color, the Rich Cream paint color eases your senses and cozies you up into your bathroom space. Like true neutral colors, the warm paint color can settle with any room, making it easy to apply to other functional spaces. 

Kind Green SW 645

Sherwin Williams Kind Green SW 6457: Works well in making a bathroom feel more open and rejuvenating. This harmonious green-hued paint color can be combined with gray and silver with a touch of complementary colors such as orange and yellow. Matte black hardware or accents also work well with this beautiful tone.

Rain SW 6219

Sherwin Williams Rain SW 6219: For that cool spa paint, the paint color Rain is a gorgeous tone that automatically reminds you of that afternoon drizzle that’s invigorating and melancholic state. Match this bathroom spa surround with smells of the rainforest or grass mint candles to complete the ambiance. 

Cameo White MQ3-32

Behr Cameo White MQ3-32: Another enveloping spa paint is Behr’s Cameo White. This timeless shade has a soft quality to it with a warm undertone and a high LRV of 81 that makes it perfect for that soothing ambiance. Moreover, you can generously apply the color in the bathroom since it has that creamy tone. 

Gray Cashmere 2138-60

Benjamin Moore’s Gray Cashmere 2138-60: An uplifting gray shade that shows hints of the calming tones of blue and green, making it look a very light teal. The light color creates soft shadows and light, making an interesting interplay of the elements’ contrasting effects. 

Blue Nova 825

Benjamin Moore’s Blue Nova 825: Evoking mystique and intrigue, the night sky color Blue Nova is a subdued blue paint with violet undertones. As Benjamin Moore’s marketing and development director puts it, it’s a magical and otherworldly paint color simulated by nature’s blue hour.

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