29 Custom Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen with wood European cabinetryThis gallery showcases beautiful solid wood kitchens with custom cabinetry, high-end natural stone countertops, and elegant finishes. Hardwood cabinets are often constructed from alder, oak, cherry, maple, walnut, pecan, birch, or hickory.

Solid wood cabinetry brings out natural characteristics that look stunning and are sure to increase your happiness while in your kitchen. Rustic and Industrial qualities combine to create a very interesting and gorgeous kitchen design. [toc]

The cabinet design follows a simplified neo-classic template, with flute detailing and minimalist cornices, but with additional details that enhance its industrial appeal, such as the visible nailheads and the black drop cabinet pulls. Giving it its rustic appearance is its natural wood finish, topped with a matte coating to emphasize the natural grains and color of the wood.

Designs for Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Cherry wood kitchen with light granite counter, center island and tile backsplashThis full-sized kitchen used solid cherry wood cabinets all over, with a classic neo-classic inspired design. The overhead cabinets maximize the whole ceiling height, creating storage and display space.

Because of the strong red undertones of the cherry wood cabinets, the countertop material used is yellow granite with matching yellow/cream ceramic backsplash tiles to help tone down the reds.

Kitchen with brick wall, granite island with built in stoveThis contemporary style emphasizes horizontal lines by using horizontal solid teak wood planks for its cabinets. The teak wood lumber was varnished, enhancing its natural grains and color, then fixed with aluminum recessed drawer pulls for a more modern look.

Adding a classic charm to this modern space is its use of beige granite counters with a very polished surface. The brick wall helps attract attention, making it the focal point of the room.


Craftsman kitchen with dark raised panel wood cabinetsThis large semi-open design uses traditional style cabinets using solid redwood and given a light sheen with varnish. This is topped with gray soapstone counters, giving it a soft and elegant look. Adding to the charm of this kitchen are the plant accents above the overhead cabinets, as well as its semi-open layout.

Custom kitchen with coffered ceilingA full-size kitchen that has distinct yellow-orange tones due to its use of solid pine wood throughout the kitchen. The coffered ceiling uses pine wood, and even the cabinets use solid pine. The warm colors are celebrated in this design.

The countertop uses yellow granite, with matching yellow/beige ceramic backsplash tiles, giving it a softer and lighter tone compared to the solid pine cabinets.

Solid Hardwood Kitchen Wall Cabinets

Kitchen with large range hood and wood countertops with solid wood islandRustic elements abound in this kitchen design. Wood finishes are kept raw and natural, emphasizing its natural beauty and finish. The solid wood cabinets are only lightly sanded, unstained, and unvarnished, making their texture and a variety of wood tones pop out.

The countertop is red-tinted concrete for a smooth and industrial-style look. Aside from the cabinets, the whole house has rustic elements and finishes. 

The finishes include the solid wood columns, beams, and planks which keep its natural colors and textures and were only lightly treated and varnished to protect it from termites and other natural elements. A large solid wood island offers breakfast bar seating and a built-in range and sink.

Kitchen with water views and gray quartz countersIt has a rustic-inspired design, but this one has a more polished and modern appeal. The cabinets are all in solid teak wood topped with varnish, making the dark wood grains stand out.

The orange tones of the teak cabinets contrast with the natural matte oak of used on the ceiling and wooden beams, creating a soft balance between different wood finishes.

Since the teak wood cabinets already have a strong color, the countertop and backsplash material used was gray quartz, giving this area neutral surface.

Modern Solid Wooden Cabinets for the Kitchen

Dark cabinet kitchen with pendant lights and wooden stoolsThis layout has a modern transitional look, going for a darker color scheme. It has wengue-stained solid wood modern cabinetry, while the walls are painted in a nice light oatmeal color.

The simple panel design makes it look timelessly elegant, making it look good in any interior style. The white granite counters and the oatmeal glass subway tiles give a nice contrast against the wengue cabinets and make it look balanced.

Craftsman Style Custom Wooden Cabinets

Wooden cabinets with black counter dining islandSimplicity and elegance abound in this traditional style space, featuring solid walnut cabinets with a matte finish, giving it that clean, modern look. The straight, clean lines of the cabinet design give it a more modern and masculine appeal, especially since the island uses a charcoal soapstone countertop. The main counters go for more earthy tones, using olive granite counters and brown mosaic tiles for the backsplash.

Kitchen with carved motifs and solid dark wood bi-level countersThis design definitely demonstrates the classic elegance of traditional style kitchens. You will see lots of period-style motifs on the carvings and detailing of the cabinets, as well as elegant finishes and accents.

Dark oak wood was used for the cabinetry and topped with white granite and ceramic tiles for the backsplash. The large island has two-level surfaces, one of which is made of solid dark oak as well, used for the bar and the lower surface is for the preparation area.

Pure Wood and Old World Style Cabinets

Cabinets in golden walnut finish, light cream tile backsplash and L-shape kitchen islandPutting emphasis on the natural beauty of wood, this space uses solid wood cabinetry painted in golden walnut and varnished to perfection. It creates an elegant color scheme, combining blacks with wood tones and some light cream colors for balance.

There’s an L-shape island in the middle with round bar wooden bar stools with black leather seats, matching the combination of wood and black granite of the island.

Kitchen with custom wood cabinetry and beige granite countersThis country-inspired design is placed in a small space that uses solid beech wood cabinetry. The lighter wood color helps to make the space look brighter despite the small space.  

This is combined with a granite countertop with gold and yellow flecks, matching the overall tone of the cabinets. The woven bar stools with bent rattan legs also help give the space a more country vibe.

All-Wood Cabinets in the Kitchen

Kitchen with solid pine wood material and center island with wine storageThis space goes for an all-wood look, using solid pine wood and maintaining its natural color tone; it creates a bright and refreshing look for this full-sized kitchen.

The wood is only lightly varnished with a matte top coat, making it look as natural as possible. For the countertop, white is the color of choice, while the island goes for an all-wood look, using a solid wood butcher’s block countertop.

Kitchen with dark oak floors, gray walls and drum chandelierThis layout embodies a classic design, emphasizing contrasts and dark wood tones. In this design, the dark oak floors were paired with light, warm gray walls for a balanced background and, at the same time, also combined a similar contrast for the surfaces.

Solid redwood cabinets were paired with white granite counters and white beveled subway tiles for the backsplash. To add a bit of glamour, an accent chandelier was placed right above the center island.

Kitchen with mural ceiling, ash colored counters and white ceilingWith a gothic-inspired ceiling mural design, the design of the cabinets also follows the same style. It uses solid dark walnut cabinets topped with ash-colored granite counters for that dark and rough look. The overall ambiance has a mysterious feel to it, making it a perfect period-style culinary area.

Kitchen with solid walnut floors, cabinets in white finish and taupe countersThis design goes for a more modern, transitional-style aesthetic. The floors are solid walnut paired with light brown walls.

The built-in furniture is all made of solid wood with a white-painted finish for the main cabinetry and dark walnut for the island. All counters use taupe-colored quartz, consolidating the look of the entire space.

Open layout kitchen with teak abse cabinets and custom handles with brick walls This open layout style goes for a modern rustic look. It uses solid teak wood for the base cabinets, combined with industrial-style custom drawer pulls/handles, and topped with dark charcoal-colored satin finish quartz.

The cooking area’s built-up side walls were finished with bricks to give it that rough, rustic look, while the hammered iron cover for the range hood and the black iron chandeliers give it that industrial vibe.

Kitchen with knotty pine cabinets, horizontal wood sidings and stoolsThis design has a more country, rustic vibe with its natural wood finishes and color scheme. The beauty of the wood is emphasized in the cabinets, as its natural knots and grains are very much visible.

It uses solid pine wood and is stained in golden walnut color, matched with natural-cut beige granite, giving it natural-looking rough edges.

One side of the walls also has horizontal wood sidings, which use the same pine wood and finish. To keep to the natural warm scheme of the other finishes, the walls are also using a light brown color.

Rustic Country Style Cabinets

Kitchen with portable island and large masonry columnsA rustic country-inspired space matches the interior architectural details of the space. It has exposed wooden beams, planks on the ceiling, and large masonry columns.

To balance out the rough, natural finishes, the walls were coated in an off-white color. The cabinets placed against the wall use the same wood as the window frames.

The bar island, however, uses the same style of storage units but is painted in a light gray color for a more shabby chic look. Both are topped with gray granite, while the top of the bar counter uses solid wood plank with a natural edge.

Kitchen with exposed beams, stone walls and tile flooringAnother country-style interior space, but this one has a more polished, elegant look. The overall ambiance is very warm and cozy, mostly due to the warm white lights used.

The ceiling has solid wood beams in a zebrano color, while the floors are natural stones in a running bond pattern. The cabinets are of solid cherry wood, giving it a nice orange tone, and topped with gray granite to help neutralize and balance the colors.

Kitchen with exposed wood trusses and granite island opening to dining roomThis is a very traditional-inspired interior space, adapting finishes such as marbled paint and masonry on walls.

The cabinets are all solid wood, in a combination of dark walnut and ash wood for the island. The solid wood island is topped with a beige granite countertop, basin sink, and breakfast bar.

The fixtures and door handles are all in black, matching the black-painted iron on the pendant lamps, giving it a unified look.

Paneled cabinets with brass knobs and coffer ceiling with cove lightingAn elegant traditional style culinary design with paneled solid mahogany cabinets and brass cabinet knobs. You will also notice the coffer ceiling detail, with cove light accents, relief plaster motifs, and wrought iron details, giving it a very unique look.

It also uses lovely cream arabesque tiles for the backsplash, adding a very elegant Moroccan pattern to the wall, which matches well with the white and gold granite counters.

Redwood Kitchen Cupboards

Kitchen with redwood cabinets, travertine backsplash and brushed steel faucetThis design has a red-orange tone due to the redwood cabinetry. These paneled furniture pieces kept their natural color and were only lightly varnished, giving them a soft sheen.

This was combined with gray antiqued finished cupboards, like those surrounding the hood and the island. The two different finishes help neutralize each other and create a more balanced look.

Kiitchen with opal brown marble counters and dual ovensSolid wood kitchens like this one, with their small traditional style, can benefit from a lighter color scheme to create a bright and refreshing cooking and food prep space.

The built-in furniture pieces are all solid maple wood, keeping their natural color and only lightly varnished. Light cream granite was used on the countertop to match the tone of the drawers, while the backsplash used pale stone bricks.

Solid Oak Kitchen Cabinet Design

Kitchen with butcher block dining island with white baseThis is a nice, full-sized traditional-style cookspace that has a good balance of plain colors and wood tones. Natural oak cabinetry matched the window frames and were topped with a white granite countertop.

The island contrasts the styling of the main overhead cupboards, as the former uses a natural oak countertop and a white-painted cabinet base. At the ceiling are wooden beams in dark wengue, creating pattern and texture on its surface.

Pure mahogany kitchen with wooden barstools in dark wengueThis space has a unique layout and some neo-classical details. It uses solid mahogany that is varnished to perfection.

The main built-in furniture placed against the wall was paired with light taupe granite counters and backsplash, while the bar counters use dark brown granite. To add a bit of contrast, the wooden barstools used were finished in dark wenge, making them pop out from the pure mahogany backdrop.

Kitchen with hardwood plank flooring, narrow island and slate tiles for the backsplashThis culinary space uses solid beech wood for its cupboards, stained in a mahogany color and varnished to add a soft sheen. Since the main cabinetry applies this mahogany color, the countertop used is light yellow granite to help balance out the dark tones and reds of the wood.

The center island, however, uses a taupe-painted base with a black marble countertop, making it look unique from the rest of the design elements.

High End Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen with curved island, chairs with red seats and arched doorwaysCustom solid wood storage units often use walnuts because they are both beautiful and durable. This traditional style uses elegant golden walnut cupboards topped with yellow-gold granite counters.

The soft orange tones of the wood give a natural warm glow to the room despite its use of bright, pure white lights. There are also barstools that match perfectly with the design.

Galley style kitchen with three counters and slate accent wallThis is a fairly large open-plan area with three parallel counters. Going for a classic elegant look, it uses light oak cabinet panels with beige quartz and cream soapstone countertops.

No overhead cabinetry were used to help maximize the amount of natural light coming into the space, creating a lighter and more airy feel in the kitchen. The 3 parallel base storage units make up more than the storage space lost due to the lack of overhead cupboards.

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