Small Deck Ideas (Furniture & Design Guide)

Here we share our small deck ideas including construction designs you can apply, outdoor furniture tips & suggestions for budget-conscious homeowners.
White house with wood deck A well-planned deck adds incredible value to your home’s outdoor aesthetics. You can turn it into your own little corner of peace and relaxation. You can even transform your deck into a place for family events, like Friday dinners or picnics. 

If you only have a small space left to work on your deck, there are still exciting and stylish ideas you can do! The trick is to design your deck applying functional ideas while maintaining the requirements you want your deck to have.

Building a Small Deck Ideas

Small deck outside of house with furniture Maximizing the space you have in building your small deck can be challenging. The key to your success lies in knowing what to do. Here are some ideas you can do for your small deck. 

Practice Minimalism When Building Your Deck

Backyard deck with dark brown painted fence with lattice top When it comes to space-saving tips, minimalism takes the cake. With the concept “less is more”, you can design your deck without needing a lot of furniture that can only crowd your space. 

This platform deck features traditional wood deck materials matched with the design of the fence. The minimalistic appeal of the small deck avoids the small space feeling cluttered and disorganized. 

Using minimalism doesn’t take away the functionality of the small deck, especially with the installation of the four-seat table. This small deck is perfect for breakfast or brunch on a beautiful sunny day. 

Use Seating As Border For Your Deck

Small wood deck with sofa table flowers and trees Using seating as a border along the perimeter of your deck is one of the oldest tricks in maximizing space. Since the seating also serves as the deck’s border, it appears like it’s not a piece of additional furniture that can crowd your deck. 

The wooden small deck showcases a good example of using your seating as the border of the deck. With the addition of cushions and fluffy pillows, the deck appears homier and inviting to stay at. 

The designer of this deck didn’t have to buy expensive seats and tables but built them as part of the deck instead. 

Consider The Deck’s Scale By Adding Space-Saving Decor

Modern house with small outdoor deck and furniture One of the basic factors considered before designing a deck is the space it covers. You can’t just randomly choose furniture or decor for your deck. 

You need to consider the size of your deck as you build and design it, from the size of your furniture to your decor. They should be proportionate to the size of your deck.

For a small deck, space-saving furniture and decor are recommended. All furniture to be included needs to be well thought out of. 

Choose furniture and decor that could make your deck appear bigger and more spacious. Read more about our guide on maintenance-free outdoor furniture here.

Having a sliding mirror beside your deck makes it appear bigger. This is seen in this freestanding deck. Having two parts of the deck also make it appear more spacious. The modern look of this small deck adds to its charm, with the furniture matching its style. 

Design Your Deck To Accommodate Multiple Activities

Outdoor wooden deck with canopy and furniture You can do whatever you want with your deck but building it to accommodate multiple activities is a great idea. Design your deck in a way that it can be a place for relaxation and at the same time a place to entertain guests. 

Your deck can even host your family’s monthly dinners or special occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. In making it a multi-purpose venue, you can definitely maximize the space of your small deck.  

This contemporary deck sports a stone pathway and floor. The canopy has steel pillars that make the style appear more modern than cozy. The grass surrounding the deck provides the “nature” appeal to balance out its modern look. 

Appearing to be a standalone gazebo, picnics and fun day times are perfect. And with the installed light in two corners, it can accommodate family dinners. 

Don’t Cram All Your Ideas On Your Deck

Outdoor deck with wood table and sofa Yes, you have many ideas in your head about what you want your deck to be. Make sure to organize your thoughts on your deck and choose the best among them. 

Yes, you can create a multi-purpose deck but you can’t cram all things in a small deck. The key is to plan your deck’s design well. 

If there are things you want to do but your deck is already full, find a corner where you can install your idea (if there is still space available). If no space is available, let the idea go. 

This platform deck is connected to the home through a pathway of wood planks. The L-shape deck is installed with a wooden bench that matches the deck’s design. It’s simple and not cluttered. 

Build A Cozy Corner In Your Deck

Elevated wood deck with landscaped rock features Let’s face it, you want to build a deck because you want your own little cozy corner. And a small deck is the perfect sport to have privacy for your personal time. If you want your small deck to be cozy, choose items that will make it possible. 

Your definition of cozy is your own. Whether this means soft throw pillows or a simple yoga mat, it’s up to you. Get a cup of coffee and make this corner in your deck your spot.  

This raised traditional deck is made from wood or woodlike materials. It is spacious considering how little furniture it has but has this little corner you can call your own. 

Installed with seating as its border with a few soft pillows, it can be cozy when you want it to be. 

Make Sure That Your Deck’s Design Matches Your Home’s Architecture

Outdoor area with small deck and cozy furniture pieces Your deck’s style and design should not be different or at least complement your home’s design. Besides that, take advantage of your home’s architecture to be complementary to your deck. 

If the deck is beside the kitchen, it will be a great place for breakfast or dinner. If your room opens up to the deck, it will be the perfect location for your daily yoga exercises or sunbathing needs. 

This contemporary deck is connected to the part of the home with only a glass door panel between them. The wooden design of the floor showcases a homey and comfortable ambiance, as well as the complimenting furniture in it. 

The pathway from the home directly to the deck offers convenience and functionality. 

Add Greenery Or Take Advantage Of Existing Shrubbery And Trees

Wooden outdoor camping deck Decks are technically outdoors and making the most out of nature as aesthetics is a smart thing to do. Even more than for looks, shrubbery and trees can be used for shade and additional ambiance. 

If you have an existing tree near the location where you plan to build your deck, you’re lucky!

In case you don’t have the support of nature at hand, you also have the option of installing pots of plants on your deck. You can even choose the color of the planters and what plant you want to have. 

This mountain-style deck showcases the best way to integrate nature into your deck’s design. It has a wooden deck floor with a canopy held down different sizes of logs, making it feel more rustic. It has an unfinished and rough feel to it, adding more to its charm. 

The tent-style deck features a stone pathway and is surrounded by trees and shrubbery. The design of the deck itself is perfect for nature. 

Small Deck Furniture Ideas 

Louvered roof pergola with outdoor furniture under A small deck requires a well-thought-of set of furniture and decor. Since the space is limited, you need to be sure about your choices. You would want your deck to feel refreshing and not cluttered and stressful!

Before choosing any furniture for your deck, visualize what you want your deck to look like. Do you want it to be your own personal sport with fluffy pillows and rugs? 

Do you want to use the deck for entertaining guests and dining? If you are still unsure, let us help you. 

When it comes to your choice of furniture for your small, here are some ideas you can consider. 

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Nice view of villa with outdoor wooden deck patio furniture and cute string lights If you don’t know what furniture to choose, check out multi-purpose furniture as an option. This furniture has a double-duty functionality, depending on its design and purpose. Some examples of the furniture are the following:

  • Garden stools for sitting that can transition into a dining table
  • An umbrella stand that is at the same time a side table
  • A cooler that can be used as a table

Comfortable Furniture

Wood outdoor furniture with cushions on deck Whatever furniture you choose, make sure you are comfortable with it. Choose a color palette that fits your personality and add soft pillows to add comfort when you’re drinking your cup of coffee. 

Avoid bulky furniture though that can take up too much space. 

Space-Saving Bench

Outdoor furniture with pillows One piece of furniture you can consider is a space-saving bench. A small deck can quickly feel cluttered after bringing in few pieces of furniture. 

With a space-saving bench, you get to add more seating without adding more chairs. You can also use the bench as a border to the perimeter of your deck. And you can always add fluffy pillows to make it cozier. 

Hanging Chairs

Whitewash outdoor furniture swinging bench Hanging chairs are space-saving and at the same time stylish for your small deck. Just make sure to install the hanging chairs where they can maximize the space of your deck instead of taking up space. 

Outdoor Rug

Outdoor sectional sofa with area rug and wire coffee table An outdoor rug is not just for your deck’s aesthetics but it can also cover the entire deck floor, defining the space of the deck. 

It’s also the opportunity to put in your own spin and personality through the rug you choose. Just make sure it is not expensive and is built to last. 

Outdoor Lighting – Hanging Lights

Wooden pergola on patio with string lights and outdoor furniture To add to your small deck’s aesthetics and functionality at the same time, install outdoor lighting. It can be hanging lights or mini lanterns, whichever you prefer. 

The lighting will set the ambiance and mood of your deck so choose well. Read more about our guide on outdoor deck lighting ideas here.

Small Deck Ideas On A Budget 

Construction of small elevated deck Let’s face it, you don’t want to empty your pocket just to build your dream deck. And honestly, you don’t have to! 

A small deck is an excellent addition to your home and you can create new memories and experiences just in that little extra space you have. Even if you are on a budget, there’s something you can do!  

One way to drastically lower the budget for your small deck is by building it yourself. But before you start hammering away, make sure you know some DIY tricks up your sleeves. 

It is a good investment to know how to build and decorate your own deck. A good example of this is building this small deck. 

This raised deck is easy to do if you have the tools and materials to use. Wood is one of the most basic materials used for a deck. 

Some of the most popular wood used for decks include cedar, pine, and Ike. Choose the wood you would want to use.  Read more about our guide on cedar vs. composite decking here.

Here are other small deck ideas you can do when on a budget (besides building your own deck).

Use Colors That Complement Your Home

Marine grade polymer outdoor furniture table chairs on small wood deck Being on a budget does not mean sacrificing aesthetics and having a good-looking deck. Simply making sure that your deck has a complementary color with your house can help it look more polished. 

Your deck needs to have harmony with your house. This is why you should also make sure that your deck is in scale with it. 

This wooden platform deck complements the house’s color theme. The deck’s wooden floor complements the house’s floor. The color of the deck’s canopy also complements the color of the house’s walls. 

Add Some Greens On Your Deck

Small wooden deck on concrete One way to spice your deck up without costing you too much is through plants. You can use existing trees and shrubs surrounding your deck for additional aesthetics. 

If you don’t have those, you can also install your own potted plants. You can even choose the design of the pots to use and the type of plants to install. You can choose the low-maintenance cactus or the double-duty insect-repelling plants. 

This simple platform deck is improved in ambiance and style through these potted plants. The wooden deck would have been bare but the addition of the greens helps give this deck an edge and character. 

Incorporate Built-In Seating

Small wood deck with white curtains Built-in seating is one of the techniques used to maximize the space on a small deck. Integrating a bench into the deck’s railing makes it a double-purpose design. 

Compared to chairs, the built-in seating won’t take up much space. It offers more standing room and saves you a lot of money from buying more chairs. 

This platform deck has built-in seating that also serves as its railing. While it may appear small, the deck is completely stylish with its see-through curtains and potted plants. 

It also feels like a standalone deck, considering its deck floor uses a different kind of wood as the floor it’s attached to. 

Choose To Be Low-Maintenance

Small deck idea for homes Going on a budget when building and designing something can be limiting. One thing you can do is to choose to be low-maintenance. 

Don’t buy it if you don’t need it. If your small deck doesn’t need cushioned seats, don’t buy one. 

This platform deck is a low-maintenance addition to one’s house. Using the combination of wood and stone, it has a DIY charm to it. 

While it may be bare save for that little potted plant in the corner, it serves its purpose as an extension of the home. 

Choose A Color Palette That Reflects Your Personality

Small deck with dainty decorative elements and chair This is the time to use your creativity! Reflect your personality by choosing the color palette you like for the pillows, cushions, and rugs. 

Choose bold patterns if you want to just make sure not to forget the neutral palettes. 

This traditional platform deck is as cozy, rustic, and homey as it gets. The neutral colors used in the deck are calming to look at while the addition of pink adds personality to it. 

Make Sure to Anchor Your Seating

Modern deck design with sofa chairs Rugs are both functional and fashionable. Anchor your seating to the rug and choose one that can cover the entirety of the deck. This will protect the deck and keep it clean at the same time. 

This contemporary-looking deck uses bold designs for its rugs and pillows. With wood/woodlike material used for its floor, this deck shows to be a good extension of the home. The rug used also covers most of the space on the deck.

Install Chairs In Diagonal

Contemporary white house with small deck If you are going to use chairs, make sure to install them in diagonal. With a small deck, there might be an instance where a chair might fall off the edge. Installing them diagonally will help avoid these situations. 

This wooden platform deck is a simple extension of the home. Chairs are installed diagonally with the table right in the middle. 

This deck is perfect for your morning coffee and personal conversations with family and friends. See more related content at our article about deck designs on this page.

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